‘Dexter’ Producer Teases Season 9 Possibility (Again)

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dexter season 7 episode 11 Dexter Producer Teases Season 9 Possibility (Again)

If you absolutely thought that Dexter was ending after season 8, think again – maybe – as executive producer Scott Buck reveals that, while Dexter season 8 will be treated as the final season, there’s still a chance that the show could continue into season 9. If you’re not confused yet, stick around.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about the Dexter season 7 finale, Buck attempts to confirm that Dexter will end in season 8. Unfortunately, he’s not able to do that… because, as of right now, he’s not even sure that it will end.

Here’s what Buck had to say:

I don’t have an answer to that because that’s a Showtime decision. As far as I know, no actual decision has been made yet. I wish I knew so I could plan my life accordingly but I don’t really know (laughs).

We are absolutely writing it with an end in sight but if we get told otherwise somewhere along the way, we’ll take it in a different direction but we are definitely working toward the finale of the series. We are indeed, yes.

For those not familiar with the continuous confusion that has followed the end of Dexter, here’s a quick rundown: executive producer Sara Colleton, who has been with the series from the beginning, said that season 7 is when they originally wanted to end the show, except that Showtime talked them into pushing it to season 8. Colleton said numerous times that the show will officially end after season 8. During all of this, Showtime president David Nevin continued to push for the show making it to season 9.

While it’s true that, like Buck said, Dexter will most likely end after season 8, the continuous back and forth about its possible future means that Showtime may not be too keen to give up its Dark Passenger, even with Homeland’s popularity continuing to rise.

What fans of Dexter should be concerned about, however, is how a last-minute move to continue the series into season 9 could impact the story producers originally intended to tell. Now that we’re on season 8, the original tale of Dexter has already been extended to make use of the additional season.

dexter season 7 buck the system 3 Dexter Producer Teases Season 9 Possibility (Again)

With Dexter season 8 currently being planned, not having a definite end established has to impact development of the stories next season in some way, even if Buck is earnest about their “working toward the finale of the series.” Unlike network series, Dexter has a 12-episode season, requiring a much more defined storyline since they don’t have the additional episodes to write in or around certain elements.

And while what Buck said about a potential season 9 is true, that they could simply write towards another direction, the fact that there has to be “another direction” in the first place means that ending of Dexter, whenever it may be, will still need to include additional areas for producers to possibly explore, if needed. The drastic shift in focus for Fringe season 5 is the result of a similar move that was needed after the show was ultimately renewed after season 4.

To find out whether or not Dexter officially comes to an end at the end of season 8, fans will just have to wait and see. However, if Dexter season 7 is any sign of the quality of the eventual ending, perhaps one more season wouldn’t hurt. Maybe.

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Dexter season 8 premieres in 2013 on Showtime.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. The show is awesome. This is TV, it never has to end, i.e, The Simpsons. It simply comes down to one single factor that determines whether or not it should continue…(the writing.) Simple as that. Soap Opera’s don’t end, why should this. If everyone’s on board and the creative team can keep coming up with intelligent and provocative content, then keep on crankin’ em out. Who are these people that could argue to the contrary. “oh, it just has to end because…” B.S. It can continue on as long as everyone has the heart and passion for it. Keep ‘em guessing and keep it going, Drew out!

    • Uh, this show HAS got to end. Last night’s finale was good and set it up for a potential epic final season. There really is no more they can explore with this show and with Dexter getting away with EVERYTHING. I am hoping next season will be the last.

      • If you have a good enough imagination, anything is possible, they keep making new Star Trek’s. (Although, like new releases of Microsoft Windows, it seems only every other one is any good.) All you need is a good idea, and good writing. Seinfeld didn’t have to end, it just did. The whole show about nothing was successfully resurrected in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Take another show I’ve currently become a fan of, The Big Bang Theory, under what circumstance MUST a show like this have to end. I can imagine any number of circumstances that could keep a show like Dexter afloat, after all, it ain’t Shakespeare, it’s and adult drama/soap-opera. If people keep tuning in for this show (which they’re doing big-time,) why on earth would you put an end to it.

        • people would want resolution for everything they’ve had to sit through. There’s nothing worse than a show staying on tv longer than it should have.

          • obviously your not passionate about the show atm. a couple more seasons wouldnt hurt. unless some twist happens seeing dexter just go to argentina seems pretty lame if you ask me

        • You mentioned Star Trek and sitcoms. Star Trek is over, the new movies are reboots. And sitcoms are the worst argument you could give, right behing reality shows. Sitcoms barely have a continuity. Sure, some have more than others but the ones that have the most have to end. Look at How I Met Your Mother. That’s got to end, we have to know who the mother is. Now look at the simpsons. Look at it’s description. “The adventures of a suburban american family”. It’s just stuff, happening every week, it doesn’t have continuity. AND EVEN THAT needs to end now.
          Are you actually imagining Dexter going the Simpsons route? With the kill of the week? The weekly awkward conversation? The daring cell phone call escape? It doesn’t work and it should be over already.

          • How about a spin-off then:

            Dexter Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)
            Dexter & Shirley (Happy Days)
            Mork & Dexter (also Happy Days)
            The Dexter’s (Archie Bunkers Place)
            Dexter’s Different World (The Cosby Show)
            The Facts of Dexter (Different Strokes)
            Dexter’s Place (Beverly Hills 90210)

            • What about:

              Astor & Dexter (also 60′s Batman & Robin)

              The Morgan Family (also The Addams Family)

              The Morgan’s (also The Bradford) Dex and Deb have a lot of babies (many females also) and must avoid the kill each other and exterminate the city population.

              I Love Deb (also I Love Lucy)

              Tru’ Dex (Vampires came out of the Coffin and Dex discover a new world of blood splattering)

              Dex Run (also The Fugitive) Dex is escaping a false accuse of homicide and move from city to city helping people (and disposing of a lot of killers) until he is able to prove he is innocent. In the mean time Miami homicide rate grow exponentially as the rest of the US homicide rate plummet).

              • Love it!

      • No way, not me. I would be jumping up & down if I found out that this show will be made past season 8. I really, really hope it will be, being this is my all time favorite show. I have seen every episode at least three to four times over the years. There’s always stuff for them to explore. Especially after last season. PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW GOING SHOWTIME!!!!!

    • Dexter’s finally made a comeback from being absolute crap to being great this season. Hopefully they don’t try to extend it beyond season 8, because it’s just going to lead to a convoluted and probably piss-poor ending. And after seasons 3-6 being as piss-poor as they were, Dexter definitely deserves to go out on top.

      • 3rd season and fourth was super still
        if u watch 3 again u will realize its good
        but because second season was really good
        it pulls 3rd down a little since its right after

      • Piss poor? Every season was absolutely amazing! Every episode too! I have yet to see an episode that I didn’t think was awesome. I guess I’m just a true Dexter fan.

    • Drew ur right about how it never has to end ,
      but wont the good stuff run out eventually ?
      dragging it on because someone wants money?

      Sad seeing it go but if they dont end it looks like we will miss out on what they set up for.

      plus there was that 2 seasons before this which seem like they are running out of the goods

    • I think its extremely important that it end. I love the show and have watched since the beginning. I would hate to see it go down the path of endless seasons til the ratings drop and showtime cancels it without a proper finale. As much as i would hate to see Dexter go, it is important to tell the story that the writers want to tell and not draw it out for the sake of ratings.

    • There’s a key difference between shows like Dexter and soap operas though – soaps have continuously changing characters and only become part of key storylines every so often as is believable. Dexter focuses on one character and the people close to him, there’s only so far they can drag out his stoyline before it becomes unrealistic, especially as the suspicion around Dexter’s actions become greater every season.

      As much as I love Dexter I think it would feel contrived if it was taken any further, the main storyline arcs have been brought to a natural end point and it’s the time to bring it to an epic close. For some shows like this a spin-off might work, but for Dexter I’m not sure what it could be about. Maybe his son has a dark passenger too?

    • Please carry on to season 9 or maybe even season 10.. It’s not getting old or repetitive :( so don’t worry about that. I’ve never been as obsessed with a programme as I am with this! Everyone wants a season 9! Give the people what they want!!

  2. Watering down the vision,man…money and greed !
    Please just let the writers stop where they intended to !

    • Every good movie comes to an end , dexter has gotten away with so much s***. Things will get too predictable if it goes on too long… Maybe Dexter can retire like Batista!!! Lol. Don’t jump a fence unless u know what’s on the other side!!!

  3. Season 10: Dexter fakes his death, Learns how to play football, kills Tom Brady, assumes Brady’s identity, leads the Patriots to the Superbowl, Lots of dead NFL players.

    • Rothlisberger is the new big bad of season 10… it’s the barrel girls killer scenario all over again.

  4. hell yeah!! dexter needs to keep going its just getting so good frikin love this show

  5. I’ve said this more than a few times here but Dexter needs to end sooner than later…
    I love the show but seriously, how long can it go on?
    But, there’s one thing people are forgetting about and that’s Michael C. Hall. He’s only signed on for one more year and has been vocal before about the show needing to end. Yeah, Showtime will offer him even more money then he got for these past 2 seasons but isn’t he already making around a million per episode and isn’t it better to end on a good note when the show is still thriving rather than taking a chance of another season like season 6?

  6. Season 9, I dunno I mean the last couple episodes was exciting and the whole La Guerta thing was great. I wish season 8 she collected more evidence to prove Dex is the BHB then he kills her. I know for a fact Deb will kill Hannah dex style and maybe she gets a dark passenger Who knows but lets see how season 8 plays out. The fact someone was on to Dexter brought a different dimension to the show.

  7. every story has an ending. Dexter needs to end, prolonging a tv show stagnates the story. I suggest quit while you’re on top before the fandom turns against you, better to go out with a bang than to be cancelled because no one is watching.

  8. This show, as much as I have enjoyed it, must end. When creative people do things just for the money we end up with Britney Spears watered down noise that is labelled music :( Dexter has already had a few downs, this is the storyline that has to be completed. I say, have Hannah kill Harrison, frame Deb in dexters eyes And have the whole cat and mouse thing between the two; of course Hannah would be a casualty.

  9. Love the show can’t get enough. Should it continue? If the writers can do it good, why not, but sadly I don’t know if they can, you can almost see the end in sight with this last season its obviously headed toward the end.

    I think it will end tragically for Dexter and Deb in a way that will displease some but still awesome in the typical Dexter show way. I also think Dexter and Deb will grow closer in their feelings for each other. Anyway best show on TV nothing else even comes close.

  10. Dexter should end on Deb’s table and season 9 should be a duel between Hanna and Deb with Dexter as their hallucination.

  11. Dexter should have ended this season. How a police department in a major city hasn’t figured out that Dexter is who he is makes them look like a bunch of idiots. Seasons 5 and 6 were so bad Dexter should have killed them.

  12. 1) Dexter leave near no traces, so the PD of Miami Metro (and neighboring PDs) have near nothing to work over.
    2) As Harry said, killers leave no one to worry about their disappearance.
    The only killed with a family left to mourn them are Miguel Prado (season 3 – the guilt placed on the Skinner), LaGuerta (framed on Estrada).
    3) The best trace of something wrong in Miami should be a big reduction of the homicide rate (given Dex have killed at least 100-150 killers, mainly serials) in just 15-20 years.

    What would they explore in Season 8 is Astor-Dexter relation.
    Astor is the best candidate to win a DP. Unfortunately I think no writer/producer want go down this road.

    • @micro
      Regarding point #3 “3) The best trace of something wrong in Miami should be a big reduction of the homicide rate (given Dex have killed at least 100-150 killers, mainly serials) in just 15-20 years.”:

      It’s arguable that each person Dexter kills prevents that person from continuing on with their murderous ways. Thus, the homicide rate would actually go up. Dexter as “vigilante psychopath” is the best thing that ever happened to Miami in keeping the overall murder-rate down.

  13. Fair warning: I have never been satisfied with the quality of this show, and I think it has passed its prime years ago. It is consistently frustrating to see guest actors with real talent get squandered and outclass the material they are taking part in. Lithgow did a fine job, and Jimm Smitts cool stint was mercifully brief and cool, but Edward James Olmos and the new Punisher/(Titus Pullo from Rome) were great additions to a weak cast that were criminally underutilized. What a shame that instead of elevating the material, they were bogged down by it.

    I maintain the same criticisms tht I always have with this show. I expected a very adult-oriented story, but it’s more like a wannabe adult story for people who are finally allowed to watch Showtime and think its the most hard core show ever. I think that, like Fringe, this show does not aspire to be well structured and planned out. These shows feel like they are planned one episode at a time, with evidence of a plan being nearly nonexistent. The show is supposed t be tightly structured on account of the short seasons, but that is not the way it feels to me. The only thing that might motivate a more focused quality of story is an impending finale. Even that may not result in better shows, but it may be the best choice regardless. I have always wanted to really like this show, but usually felt let down. It feels like the creative choices are lazy and cowardly on a regular basis, not to mention dull and misguided and pointless. Why can’t a show about a serial killer on Showtime manage to make the life of a murderer look distasteful? Sure, it’s complicated at times, but it’s also antiseptic and that means it lacks integrity. A simple improvement would be to remember that what Dex does is, among other things, really gross and requiring a tremendous internal focus to overcome the shear brutality and messiness. When all we see is a victim in celafane getting a bloodless knife to the chest, where is the ugly truth? We know he cuts up those bodies, but we never see it, because that’s too nasty. As a result the show feels dishonest and lacking in courage.

    I wish that the murder element of the show made me squeamish, made me want to look away, and reminded me how sick this man is. Instead it all seems so neat and simple and clean that we really all should probably be doing it, even the clean freaks out there! As is it seems like if Deb saw how sanitized and simple it all was she would probably stop complaining and start helping. That’s how false the killing has become: a reasonable, lawful person would have little reason to balk. Way to neuter the bold premise of the show, folks. Why do I get shown all these bloodless deaths and never once sense the gruesomely distasteful reality that is being so vaguely implied by the garbage bags. The occaissional, deeply disturbing image of dismemberment or shocking gore of cleaning up might lend an air of truth and honesty to the subject, and remind us that Dex is a warped guy to be capable of witnessing such things, much less participating gleefully. The audience would be forced to look at him the way he really is instead of the easily accepted “clean” version we see in between nebulous implications of horror.

    As for the finale, it nice they had the balls to violate his code, but it’s too little and too late. They completely dropped the ball on this when Peter Weller guest starred as a reporter who was on to Dex. The whole time I wondered how they could deal with him when he was in fact not a villain or a vile criminal, but just an obstacle to Dex’s freedom and secrecy. Rather than address the huge mess that was being built towards, and the question of what happens when murder is not justified but merely a convenient solution, they skipped all of that subject and just treated this kill like any other without even acknowledging the complexity in the slightest. Killing his “passenger” and the lady in the finale seems like small potatoes compared to larger questions of justified murder. The show is simplified to the extent of losing its integrity, and stretching it out doesn’t do the writers or audience any good. Finish with some strength, for fooks sake!

    breaking Bad, for all it’s general lack of gruesomeness, implied more disturbing truth in the dismemberment of a dirt bike last season than Dextr ever has with its consistent murders. The atmosphere and actors’ demeanors lent dark credibility without even showing any blood! Some of that, and the more obvious solution of depicting truly off-putting savagery, could make the show feel truer, and keep me from forgetting that Dex is a sick man no matter how you look at it. Why are we so encouraged to gloss over that? Because the realer the show goes the less we can side with the “hero”? So what if we can’t root for him anymore? I’d prefer to dispise him as the villain than to side with him out of narrow perspective. How about that for a great end to the show? Make him become the villain who has to be stopped, and let us dislike the man he has become while siding with his enemies for once! That could be a lot of fun. Fat chance though. Sorry to offended fans. Try a more complicated show, like Breaking Bad! Your standards will go up while you encourage better television. It’s a win win.

  14. I am a big fan of the show, and own the first 6 seasons (and will get the rest of course, in due time), but I think season 8 would be a proper ending. That’s actually a very long time for a TV show. Personally, I thought seasons 5 and 6 were substantially less quality that the previous 4, with season 7 being an improvement. Let’s end this fabulous show on a great note in season 8! (That being said, it’s not like i wouldn’t watch season 9 if it actually did happen. lol) :D

  15. I say finish the story line in 8 but bring it back for #9 if 8 does well I won’t quit watching, season 6 made me cry as it was horribly written but it didn’t turn me away, I was still interested in it then, it just felt like a spin off, almost “comicbookish” ill watch till the very end

  16. I see the potential that season 8 or 9 can be leading to Dexter’s arrest, I mean, frankly he has shown he has planned for a scenario of him being on the run, so 8 can lead to him taking off and 9 could be the capture of dexter. I see the potential for a season 10 with Dexter in jail ultimately ending with his escape and the end of the series. Most shows shoot for a season 10 as the ultimate goal to help with syndication (with 10 seasons you got 120 episodes which is plenty for a couple episodes a week to show reruns without having to get too heavy on the repeats. This is a business and the possibilities of potentially extending the monetary lifespan of the show is always a goal, just have to accept it and move on. I for one wouldn’t mind a season 10, just nothing beyond it because then it becomes too clingy.

  17. Personally, I’d love for Dexter to reach 100 episodes(Season 8 will make 96), and Season 7 definitely made me think the series could pull off one more season, but I want them to know soon, so they can plan accordingly. But I don’t want them to tell us, just say “We know what the plan for this season is” and surprise us with the ending

  18. Honestly I think it should end but I also think what they should do to if they want to keep a version of the series going is continue with an alternate storyline using a New character it would probably be better and pull a new group of people in for example make Dexter’s son the new serial killer

  19. I loved Dexter up to season 5 & 6 which were not upto standard we came to expect from the show. But all was forgiven with an epic season 7 which had all the horror, Tension & yes the pitch black humor by the one & only Micheal C. Hall which to my mind means yes they could pull off another season & maybe beyond. Long live Dexter Morgan & his Dark Passenger ;)

  20. g****** you Showtime, why not just end it at Season 8 why always trying to milk series out, unbelievable.

  21. This is dumb. This show should of ended a couple seasons ago. They are over-running, thus ruining an amazing series/story. Season 7 was the first season that was predictable. Bad sign already.
    Just let it die. End on a descent note.

    BEST SEASONS 1,2,3,4,7.

    I find the show to be fantastic, just don’t you ever bring Lumen, and Hanks jr. back. EVER! Don’t you ever remind of seasons 5 to 6. EVER!

    Bring back Sgt. Doakes, Dukes! THIS TIME REALLY, SURPRISE MOTHERF*****! :)

    I lov3 Dexter, please don’t let me down, make it past 100 episodes for me!

  23. I would love to see season 8, 9, 10

    A cool twist would be to have Doakes come back, and pursue Dexter etc. but then we find out it was just a haullucination. Like we don’t know at first, we discover how he escaped, where he fled to etc etc it would be such an unpredictable and possibly not looking real ending (only if they dont manage to give a proper story to it) it would be so good. Or he could actually come back…. I loved Doakes he was my fav character in the whole of Dexter… I hate Lumen and Miguel

  24. They should make it more and not one plot for season every episode should have its own plot kill for 1 or 2 episode

  25. I will be so disapointed if Dexter ends. I love the show and so does everyone else I know. The cast is amazing and I love the way Dexter actually beleives that he is heartless and so unfeeling when he has a big heart and he loves children. I know it is suppose to be so dark, but it is a feel good show for me. Every time you think the show can’t get any better it supprises the hell out of you!! IT IS THE BEST SHOW I’VE EVER SEEN!!! I am a Dexter finatic. PLEASE CONTINUE!!! and why stop something so good. It would be a shame to end it, and I beleive I speak for a lot of people when I say this. I could watch it forever.


  26. Dexter is an awesome television series and should be allowed to air for at least a couple more seasons. I would love to keep the Dark Defender alive and on the hunt for those deserving criminals who always seem to get away with murder.
    To end Dexter short of anything less than 10 great seasons would be criminal and worthy of him coming after you guys.

  27. Showtime subscriber only in Dexter seasons