‘Dexter’ Producer Teases Season 9 Possibility (Again)

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dexter season 7 episode 11 Dexter Producer Teases Season 9 Possibility (Again)

If you absolutely thought that Dexter was ending after season 8, think again – maybe – as executive producer Scott Buck reveals that, while Dexter season 8 will be treated as the final season, there’s still a chance that the show could continue into season 9. If you’re not confused yet, stick around.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about the Dexter season 7 finale, Buck attempts to confirm that Dexter will end in season 8. Unfortunately, he’s not able to do that… because, as of right now, he’s not even sure that it will end.

Here’s what Buck had to say:

I don’t have an answer to that because that’s a Showtime decision. As far as I know, no actual decision has been made yet. I wish I knew so I could plan my life accordingly but I don’t really know (laughs).

We are absolutely writing it with an end in sight but if we get told otherwise somewhere along the way, we’ll take it in a different direction but we are definitely working toward the finale of the series. We are indeed, yes.

For those not familiar with the continuous confusion that has followed the end of Dexter, here’s a quick rundown: executive producer Sara Colleton, who has been with the series from the beginning, said that season 7 is when they originally wanted to end the show, except that Showtime talked them into pushing it to season 8. Colleton said numerous times that the show will officially end after season 8. During all of this, Showtime president David Nevin continued to push for the show making it to season 9.

While it’s true that, like Buck said, Dexter will most likely end after season 8, the continuous back and forth about its possible future means that Showtime may not be too keen to give up its Dark Passenger, even with Homeland’s popularity continuing to rise.

What fans of Dexter should be concerned about, however, is how a last-minute move to continue the series into season 9 could impact the story producers originally intended to tell. Now that we’re on season 8, the original tale of Dexter has already been extended to make use of the additional season.

dexter season 7 buck the system 3 Dexter Producer Teases Season 9 Possibility (Again)

With Dexter season 8 currently being planned, not having a definite end established has to impact development of the stories next season in some way, even if Buck is earnest about their “working toward the finale of the series.” Unlike network series, Dexter has a 12-episode season, requiring a much more defined storyline since they don’t have the additional episodes to write in or around certain elements.

And while what Buck said about a potential season 9 is true, that they could simply write towards another direction, the fact that there has to be “another direction” in the first place means that ending of Dexter, whenever it may be, will still need to include additional areas for producers to possibly explore, if needed. The drastic shift in focus for Fringe season 5 is the result of a similar move that was needed after the show was ultimately renewed after season 4.

To find out whether or not Dexter officially comes to an end at the end of season 8, fans will just have to wait and see. However, if Dexter season 7 is any sign of the quality of the eventual ending, perhaps one more season wouldn’t hurt. Maybe.

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Dexter season 8 premieres in 2013 on Showtime.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. yes, another season, or more, please!
    i would not mind seeing the show go in a different direction – imagine dexter – hardcore series – where he lets go of so much hunt and goes in for a more hardcore kill spree. in south america. its perfect. id also love it that season 9 would have cut scenes with some s*** going on in miami for all or maybe just a few of the original cast, and make it somehow connected with dexter’s story in argentina. then, have him come back. the idea is to keep the story of dexter ‘alive’. maybe in season 10 he comes back to the states and other stuff can happen. id really hoped dexter would stay in miami, like we could see him as an old serial killer. so yeah, keep the show!

  2. Glad to see this thread is still going strong. I posted a few comments about a year ago about how I thought the show might continue…Basically I postulated that it simply came down to a willingness to continue coupled with exceptional writing. My opinion has not changed. There’s still no reason this show can’t go for as long as they want it to as long as all the major players are on-board and not burned out.

    It seems like the show will probably go one more season. Dexter seems to be losing his desire to kill, he’s not faking his empathy anymore. Perhaps this is the direction the writers are taking us. Will the series have a happy ending with a reformed Dexter? Our fate is in the hands of the producers and writers. If they keep it real, I’ll keep watching.

  3. I would looovvve to see dexter go on to season 9 and more please loove the show .I would like to see henna, harris, gang at Miami, see how it all plays out, how dexter adjusts to his lonely life far away from harris, henna and deb.what will he do, how will he cope life.OMG!!!!sEASON 9 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND MORE SEASON!!!!!MICHEAL C. HALL IS THE BEST.!!!!!!from Australia born in Fiji.

  4. Pleaseee pleaseee season 9 :)))))

  5. please only one more season please im so depressed i have been moving to another contry in real life and seeing today the end made me more depressed please bring dexter back only for one more time

    • The show begins with view of Dexters hands and arms in a death grip on the wheel of The Spice of Life . The camera pans in backward rotation to settle Dex’s face ,his eyes closed intermittently his right opens to the smallest of smallest slit . The winds carrying so much water and sand that Dexter can barely hold aim on center of the storm . His determination to save has family from the dark passenger is being tested by his uncontrollable need to survive . Battered and bleeding from the debris on on vicious winds his rersolve had held , Until [veiw changes to a shot high from above that reveals the wall of the massive storm and Dexter's tiny boat, as well a number steel buoys lashed together by the steel cable rigging that at one time anchor them to sea floor ,, the veiw changes to to port side of the slice of life.] the sound of the storm drowned by rumble and smash of steel. The cluster buoys drive threw the port side of the hull in console , the whipping sounds of rigging mix with the storm ,and clash of steel as the cables slice threw boats fiber glass hull . Dexter thrown from the wheel by impact of the collision finds his arm has been lodge just past the elbow between the side hand rail and starboard hull . His struggle to rip his arm free so he can complete the task at hand ceases and left hand grips the rail . [The view rolls around and up to reveal Dexters left profile , his eyes affixed on what . The camera stop it pan and pulls back to reveal the a 10 foot section of the starboard hull still intact ] { the view flashes to the tatters of fiber glass as it pulls back to reveal the word life just below the rip of the hull as well the bloodied emotionless face of Dexter.] The dark passenger has succeeded again.

  6. I think the show went down hill since season 6. I hated Travis Marshall, his sister, their acting was awful and it bled into the other cast. Deb falling in love with Dexter that was pointless and then witnessing him kill Travis was I admit well done but you can’t put something like that back in the box.
    I loved watching Dexter, I really felt like we as the audience were along for the ride and in on the joke, that all these homicide cops were working with serial murderer but now we had to share that secret with Deb and debate it over and over again with Deb. Unfortunately she couldn’t accept that fact as well as we the audience all did and run with it so we were all stuck listening to the endless moaning from Deb. When Dexter narrates in his mind and to us it was always witty now it was just exposition after exposition. “I’ll picking up a pork sandwich after I dispose of body” etc. and that is lazy. I watched the finale of season 8 last night and I’m not satisfied I hope they come back for season 9 with a good script, lose Dexter’s self pity bring back the killer of killers who enjoyed his work who we all know and love. The reason we all watched the show and keep in mind Dexter is only as good as is adversaries. second rule: Dexter always wins.

    • I don’t agree with u I mean I liked watching dexter self pity.it sort of created a depth of the character and him falling in love with henna, deb falling apart. I thought season 8 was really good loved it. I agree with u on one thing season 9 n more. Peace!

    • Apparently you’ve never read the books. Deb knows about it from the beginning she’s just not a little b**** about it.

  7. please one more season, please please please…

  8. If show time and dexter
    Produces have ANY worth they will make a 9!! Chickens if you don’t!! I’m depressed sorry…dexter was my life!!!

  9. Pls One More Season! I Miss Dexter Yet…

  10. they should not. it is one of the best sitcoms ive ever seen so far. it should stay like this.

    • “Sitcom” really, you think it’s a sitcom…You obviously have no clue about the subject matter at hand and any opinion you espouse should be discounted out of hand…Sitcom?

  11. I just finished watching season 8. Literally just ended. I have to say that I expected more out of the finale. I am also heartbroken like all of the other fans that it ended in such a way. Deb wouldn’t have wanted him to sacrifice his happiness because she died. She told him to “go, be happy. It’s what I want for you. The last word I want to hear you say is goodbye” or something to that nature. I feel that he needs to honor her death wishes and do exactly that. He’s waited his entire life for the chance to be, live, love like a normal human being; he finally has that with Hannah and Harrison. I’d like to see that character unfold and of course a long the way, stir up some trouble within the plotting of the show and give Dexter the need to want to kill someone really bad. Somehow incorporate his new life with his old life and make it safe for him, Hannah and Harrison to return to Miami. I want to see him in his kitchen, cutting that darn orange, and eating his bacon with his super tied too tight shoes on. Lol. We’ve all waited it out this long. Give us a happy ending. Gradually turn him in to a creature that is too happy to kill anyone and provide us with the chance to see him be who he always wanted to be. Thennnnnnn end it.

  12. I’d like to see what happened with other (Batista, Masuka, Quin ,… ).
    So many characters have been pushed to the background and they were also a part of the show. So one more season please.

    • Damn! The end of season 8 was crazy<3 season 9 hell yeah!

  13. I don’t wanna see dexter end. I wanna see more but if those plots in the final episode didn’t play out like it did there wouldn’t be a opening for season 9 in the end. if dexter had gone with henna then that would have been the end cause he would have lived happily ever after The End. His need to kill for was not there anymore cause of henna.this way there is a chance for season 9.


    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the end of season 8 was AWFUL. I mean truly horrible, like someone was smoking the serious Drano-level Wal-Mart brand crack. The whole of season 8 was leading up to what could’ve been a fantastic ending. But do we get to ride off into the sunset? No, we get ‘zomg I can’t wait to start my life–wait nevermind, screw it, I want to be a ****ing lumberjack.’

    Showtime, this rests on you. Yes, I know you like money, and money is great and all.. but after exhuming the body for one more season (which I actually liked until the last 5 minutes of the final episode) your greed has gotten the better of you. The now actually rotting and kind of stinky corpse of Dexter should be left to rest in peace. Even if you leave the whole sailing into the hurricane thing in place, for all of our sake, let us forget the stupid lumberjack. I for one will not be watching any potential next season whether it happens or not.

    • there is alot of potential for next season.
      dexter is now in an angry state of mind in a south american (usually means hardcore) country, so i can imagine him going onto more visceral kills, probably facing some maniac, mean ass argentinian killers.
      he should definitly end up in prision for an episode or two. yeah call it pop fluff.
      after hes spent an episode in prison he can leave…
      for the rest of the season we could have hanna talking with people in the us regarding dexter (bring in some old, familiar characters back), plus hanna could try to find dexter in south america (because she’s not stupid, she knows about fake deaths), possibly some old serialkillers ‘friend’ wanting revenge on dexter; going after hanna and the kid, and have dex go to their rescue (‘i have the power to destroy everyone around me, but i also have the power to save everyone around me’). there, a new end, happily with hanna and the kid, back in miami because hanna’s charges where dropped or taken care of by quin (who became baptista’s right arm – lew tenent or whatever) . quin also had a secret he ment deb to know – he killed someone kind of by mistake but he blames himself, so he tries to make emends by helping hana. also, this is why quin was so ready to forgive deb for her terrible actions. so yeah. there is alot that can be seen. elroy, or whatever deb’s former boss’s name was could come to argentia, get mixed up with the mean ass argentinian killers and be a) killed. b) saved by dexter. c) saved by hanna, soothing over their conflict. there is alot that can be though about – if the writeres want to end things a little more tied they can – its just a matter of them having their s*** together and not coming up with another bland ending. i should say: dexter should end up in miami again, living his life.definitly can see hanna living in his old apartemtn with him and the kid as a family, in sunny miami.
      we didnt get to see masuka in the end..i mean..come on! there Will be a season 9!
      le me telepathicly moves dexter writers to write

  15. I would cant wait for season 9

  16. The way it ended could a totally become another season or seasons with a better spin . If we had another season like season 4 , that would make it amazing .

  17. i just saw the finale, and i was so disappointed!
    at first i didnt even know that it was the very end. and when i saw debra dead in the boat my first thought was that dexter was having a bad dream.

    i have been following dexter every week since 2009 and i think this show deserved a better ending, i feel like the writers got tired at the end and just wrapped something up which became the ending..

    i always thought the show would end with everyone finding out about him and feeling stupid, and he would commit suicide cause he was to proud to live in jail or something. like some big grand ending.. i am really really disappointed..and i really really hope there will be a season 9

    • It was very disappointing:
      1) Deb died like a B-character.
      2) Dex discharged Debs’ body in the ocean, like a common kill!!!
      3) He caused the death of Deb but he should be unable to kill her even if he wanted. He loved her without limits, he would be unable to kill her even in a desperate situation like it. The ultimate irony.

      The interesting parts were:

      1) when he is questioned about the killing of BSK and they come out with “it is obviously self defence, no question”. I would say, both of them didn’t really believe it but would not charge him anyway.

      2) when Dexter take up the fork and charge against the BSK with the gun (this was a good way to end the show: he kill the BSK and end in coma)

      3) when he kill the BSK with the pen on tape claiming self defence

      4) Hanna sedating the PI on the bus.

  18. I can’t get enough of dexter.. please continue the show its like a drug to me

    • season to come. I believe Michael c hall should always be dexter till the day he dies cause he plays it the best. don’t change him. I would like to see Christian bale in dexter he would be a great (American psycho)good movie.

  19. There is nothing to continue from..he choosed to live alone..which means that what will it be about ?? Dexter waking up staring choping trees for 50 min then go to bed..there will never be any interaction with Dexter and other ppl anymore..so the Director must be reall mentally retarded, if he thinks there is something to continue from…

    • the end was not the end it was a to either finish the show or a opening for season 9.this is how I see it dexter all alone falling apart going mental. cant stop thinking of henna, he really wants her. He cant believe deb is dead that drives him even more crazy. he goes on a rampage, he tries to control his anger his dark passenger is back and worse than ever, the urge to kill is back. but every time he thinks of deb he goes insane while doing a kill. His world his crumbling down he dosent care about the code anymore he cant help it but to kill anyone. while back in Miami the old gang discovers dexters true identity by going through debs house because of her mysterious disappearance. Her dairy tells it all. They put on a hut for henna and harris all over the world. that’s how I see it. I want more seasons of dexter. later introduce Christian bale to the best show ever I reckon he will be a great psychopath in the show. revenge is back season 3 so my urge to want to watch dexter is on a low for now. peace.

      • hunt*

  20. Love Love Love Love Dexter! There has to be more. I am watching every season again and it is even better than I thought. I am at Season 8(for the second time) and I am so sad that it will all be over. I really think they could get a couple of seasons more out this show. Maybe season 8 didn’t really happen. Maybe Deb isn’t really dead. They could come up with something. Maybe it could of been like Dexter was just imagining what it would be like or maybe it was all just a bad dream. I don’t know but you guys have to bring it back. It is one of the best shows I have ever seen and I don’t know if I can stand it if you don’t!!!! MORE DEXTER PLEASE!!!! P.S. Michael C. Hall is FABULOUS and I don’t think anyone else could do that part as well as he did!!!! He is extremely convincing and you know you have a hit when everyone falls in Love with a serial killer. LOL….

  21. The show must go on.. Dexter deserve a happy end, cuz like everyone knows ‘showtime’ wants to make him a human again, but they didn’t. So yeah.. Dex must be human and live a good life like all humans, with feelings, wife /Hannah/ and a normal son. Maybe he will live in Argentina with Hannah and one day he wants to kill again or something.. idk, just everyone dexter’s fans want one more season. Please make this tribute for me and them. Sry for my bad english, im from Bulgaria. Go on now.

    • poly wants to know what you think

  22. the fact is i like dexter , main draw for me is not that he is animal overwhelmed with the need to kill , but a damaged human with a mangled sense of self preservation . To me Dexter should be story of redemption . A story of how the hart and souls ability can overcome horrors that the world inflects on all of us . This premiss has already been put in the play, when deb attempts to drown them them [her hitting rock bottom} as the loss of would for dex , and the motivation of the love of son to bring him back in to the light . The writers have already done the back story and could continue without having to stretch the story thin in order to carry on the show . The story of his inability allow his own death inside a hurricane would be quite powerful in its self . The bent and twisted story of dex working his way to becoming human ,so that he could have whats left of his true loved ones in life again with out them being endangered by standards of The Dark Passenger is the ending dexter should have . The story could and probably should take us threw to the end season 10 . R.I.P.

  23. the log yard is the perfect place for Dex to come back to the world . The work is as brutal and torturous as people that do it a lot times. He would fit right in ,his fear of freaking at work and letting people see his violent nature would fade, as it not all that uncommon for those to do , for those that do that kind work in Appalachian Mountains of Virginia or North Carolina . He’d blend right in with the descendents of inbreed Hillbillies trying them selves to cope in world that has left little to no room for own battered upbringings but yet have have ability value community , trust ,and love in there own way . Its perfect tell me what you think . “shoot fire fellers i’d be happyer en uh, pig s#!t”

  24. The story of Lumen wanting see the body only to find there isnt one to witnessed, could open up a nice split story ,that could create a companion for dex without venturing in to hannas territory . If anyone might fathom Dex’s uncontrollable need to survive she could. The actress herself would be a plus for the season and my opinion better than split story hanna pining away safe in south America. Its a little stretch but the right writer could make work very well.

  25. Please don’t leave us this way that wasn’t how it was saposed to end! Season 9 is very much needed and s*** imagine how many people would watch it!!!!

  26. yes need more dexter its my crack for real lol such an awesome show I cant live without.

  27. With writing like this and a fantastic cast, how could you not do another season, or two?
    Hanna is fantastic… fell in love with her on Chuck, but she’s even better with Dexter and her own background in murder… what a delicious pair. There must be more… please.

  28. I really think that season 8 was left unfinished it’s not fair that Dexter stays alone with out Hanna and hes son he needs to have a happy ending and deb cant die. It could all be a dream that either Hanna or Debb have to start season 9. That’s just my opinion but i really hope they do make a season 9.

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