‘Dexter’ Season 8 Trailer: The Hunt Begins – How Will it End?

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All good things must come to an end. And if the first official, full-length trailer for Dexter season 8 is any sign of what’s to come, the fall of Dexter Morgan may soon be upon us.

In the 3-minute trailer (above), Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” eerily plays in the background as flashes of scenes from the upcoming final season sets the tone for what will likely be one of the most suspenseful tales the series has ever seen. And if Dexter thinks that trying to control the aftermath of what occurred in the season 7 finale is going to be difficult, the inclusion of a new character, Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), will certainly complicate matters further.

Vogel is similar to the Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine) character in that that they’re both experts of the criminal mind; however, unlike Lundy, Vogel is a neuro-psychiatrist whose expertise is in psychopaths. Lundy may have had the street smarts, but it’s Vogel who is able to dissect the mind of a serial killer with science, meaning that Dexter will have a difficult time dodging her once she has her sights set on him – which she does early on, apparently.

And if Vogel’s appearance isn’t enough of an issue for Dexter to deal with, Deb’s downward spiral surely will be. After killing LaGuerta in last season’s finale, it appears that Deb is unable to handle taking a life in the same way that her brother is, which forces her to turn to drinking, drugs and strange men to help numb the emotions she’s dealing with.

dexter season 81 Dexter Season 8 Trailer: The Hunt Begins   How Will it End?Is this Dexter’s fate?

At first glance, the trailer makes it seem as if this upcoming season will be an action-packed adventure throughout; however, after taking a look at what Vogel’s character to will bring to the series, it appears that a truly compelling exploration into Dexter’s psyche will occur, albeit forcefully.  But with Jacob Elroy (Sean Patrick Flanery), an ex-cop turned private investigator, joining the series, as well as the return of Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), there will certainly be more than enough action included to satisfy any bloodthirsty fans.

But after so many years on the air, how will the tale of Dexter Morgan come to an end? In the trailer, Deb is shown walking into police headquarters to make an official statement. Could this be the way Dexter is brought down? Unlikely – though it could be a hint at what might eventually occur.

In Dexter season 7, Deb finally realized that she’s unable to be happy with Dexter (and his secret) hanging over her head. And though she did, in fact, kill LaGuerta to save her brother, the repercussions are proving to be too great for her to deal with. Could this mean that the only way for Debra to truly be happy is to “deal with” Dexter herself, thus releasing her from his control and allowing her to be happy? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Dexter season 8 premieres Sunday, June 30 @9pm on Showtime

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  1. I think the only way this ends is either Dex kills Deb or she kills him.

    She clearly cant live with what she’s done and she is spiraling out of control on drugs and alcohol and is getting into some sh*t.

    She has become a liability and Dexter might have to take care of her. Or she kills him to be free.

    I think thats the only way it can end, its not gonna be her turning him in.

    • Maybe Dexter has Deb on the kill table but is unable to go through with it and ends up killing himself. Living Deb to take care of Harrison

    • If they end the series by killing Dex or Deb I’m gonna be pissed!!! I’m really gonna hate if they end it with Deb not herself and so much hate for Dex…. I want them to live happily together!

    • Dexter would never kill deb. deb is in love with dexter so I doubt one would kill the other. However, deb is a good person and has trouble carrying the burden dexter left with her. She may tell someone on accident or on purpose. Then dexter will have the options of running cooperating or suicide. He most likely will not cooperate. Running would be too typical. But in the case deb keeps her mouth shut dexter may stop killing. We see he is different from other serial killers because he is capable of love I.e. Hanna Debra an Harrison. His dad never gave him the chance to try to get help so we do not know if he is capable of recovery. In my personal opinion dexter will work his way through whatever disaster he gets himself into. There is a new character who is a neuro-psychiatrist in season 8 who specializes in serial killers. Maybe she helps him to recover. But hopefully there is a season 9:)

  2. Awesome cant wait. Its gonna be either Deb or Dex dies at the end. Cant wait to see Hannah again.

  3. The song is actually a cover of “Run on” by Blues Saraceno.

    • Its actually not.

      • Youtube the song. It is “Run On” by Blues Saraceno.

  4. Cant wait till june

    • Dexter is the main villain – Never thought about it that way. Genius!

      • They kinda did that with season 2.

  5. ahhhhhh whatever ill watch cause ive invested so many hours into the books and show. by the time the show ends another book should be hitting shelves. i prefer the books over the show. i wanted more the last season. season six was good but should have been written a bit better.

  6. Deb: “I wanna make an official statement.”

    Despite Vogel coming in to the picture, will Deb be the one who officially brings Dex down? I think that have Vogel uncover the truth about Dexter would be too clique. He’s had the big, bad FBI on him before. I think the twist would be having Deb, exhausted from the life Dexter has caused her to endure, making her brothers secret known.

    Yeah, Deb saying this could just be about the DUI, seeing as she is clearly still intoxicated when arriving at the station, but what if the clip is from the last episode of the series, and what if she is the end-all-be-all?

    • Chances are its about her DUI. Every year when they release the trailor it seems like they are showing a bunch of crazy things from thoughout the whole season, then every year everything they showed actually takes place in the first episode or two.

      • I agree, and I am being wary to not fall in to Showtime’s trap. Regardless, I think Deb will be the one to bring Dex down.

      • They only shoot about 4-5 episodes before the actual seasons start do its not likely that scene is the last episode…. All that stuff we saw happens at the beginning of the season…

  7. I always thought of Dexter dying to protect someone would be great.

  8. wanna know my prediction? neither dexter or debra dies or goes to jail for life (maybe for a few years of decades though). the writers have already said theyve had the ending planned from the since the beginning of the show. and they are writing season 8 as it it were the last. which would mean that if there was at all ever a chance that season 9 (or a spinoff for debra which was being rumored) could have been considered that means showtime was well aware that the ending did not involve a death for dex or deb. you cant have a show called dexter with a dead dexter. basically the writers were writing “the end” and showtime would decide if they could add another season after “the end”.

  9. Deb and Hannah should get together and take Dexter out (Kill him) and then they become the serial killers. Dexter comes to them just as his father did him. Deb takes care of Dexter’s son and raises him just like her father raised Dexter. To be the next serial killer.

  10. I hope they will let both dexter and debra live. People should live bearing consequences of their actions. Letting them die will not give us something to learn from. Life is not as simple as killing someone off but as this is fiction, I still hope dexter will not go to jail. He is not a regular psychopath, just let him win over himself and finally able to change to the better. Don’t we all need a bit of him in term of fighting bad people. Just don’t lose to the dark side dexter!!

  11. I would love to see Debra transform into all destroying kind of personality which mercilessly kills Dexter in the end. That would be some ending.

  12. This show (in my mind) ended with Rita’s death. That was the true punishment for Dexters crimes. Everything afterwards sucked because there was no story to tell.

    • lol, the character of Rita was boring…the show just began after her death!

    • I certainly agree with you though I feel they haven’t really done justice to Rita’s death by remembering her enough in the subsequent seasons.

  13. As I’ve said for a while now Deb will kill Dexter so I won’t go on again about that.
    I’m now also thinking that at some point during the finale we will see a scene of one of two things.
    1. The very last shot is of Harrison either looking at the camera and winking or doing something that makes us think he will one day continue his fathers work.
    2. We see a scene set in the future with Harrison discovering what his father did and we see some omen that makes us think he’ll take up Dexters work.
    Either one of these events or a combo of both leaves the door open for Showtime to spin-off or continue the story if they decide to. We already know Showtime didn’t want the show to end so I’m sure a deal was made that gives them those options.
    I don’t think it’s a good idea at all, at all… But Showtime will try somehow.

    • Wow. I hadn’t thought of that but it makes a LOT of sense. Even if there is no spin off, just leaving us with that thought in mind will be simply mind- blowing.

  14. First off, I don’t think Vogel will be much of a problem in the end. Generally these season trailers only show stuff from the first few episodes, so I think she’ll be a problem that’s dealt with early on. If anything, I think it might be the private investigator Elroy that poses more of a threat to Dexter in the long haul for this season.

    I wonder about Deb too. I do think the whole official statement thing at the end of the trailer is just something meant to throw us off, but I’m really not sure what’s in store for her. In season 7 it seemed like her feelings towards Dexter and what was going on changed almost every other episode, so I wonder if she’ll stay in this bad state of hers the whole season.

    As for how Dexter will end, I don’t think it will end with Dexter dying or going to jail. First of all it’s what everyone expects, so unless its executed in an unexpected way, I don’t think they’d do it. I think Dexter will live on. I think a big recurring theme of the show is that Dexter always manages to be smart enough to win and survive, but it always winds up being at some huge cost (such as killing Trinity at the cost of Rita dying). I think we can expect the same from the series ending. We’ll see Dexter triumph whatever obstacles he’s facing in some spectacular way, but it will cost him something big that he’ll be punished to live with forever, maybe to the point of him questioning whether it was worth it to save himself. I could see Deb dying for something that is Dexter’s fault.

    All speculation, but no matter what I’m so excited! Just a month away!

  15. Deb is out of control and will either try to kill Dexter or kill herself, resulting in dexter going crazy and getting caught or murdered! And Hanna will raise Harrison!

  16. i think the ending should be as great as the tv series DEXTER.
    it should be like dexter is forced to kill himself (by saving his sister from questioning or something like that) or it could be like dexter loses his dark passenger as he realizes that he created it himself and not wat harry said.
    he lives happily thereafter;-)

  17. has it already been suggested that dexters first human kill was harry morgan for obvious reason. it make sense why he took on harry’s persona in his mind the way he did after he killed his brother and after travis marshall killed prof. gellar. he supressed the memory due to his guilt for taking debra father away and leaving her emotionally broken is why he feels responsible for her. if so, will he confessed this to deb or will she find out then shoot dexter and have emotional brakedwn and kills herself. then dexter wakes up in hop.

    as for bringing back hannah mackay big mistake little harrison will never be safe with two serial killers raising him and dexter already learned she is unpredictable and he could never trust her.

    and this new character vogel who is an expert on the criminal mind, if she is, then she would discover that dexter is the real victim in all this, and might try to help him but not by effing him like every other woman in his life but by being his friend and help to reveal the truth about his sociopathic mind.

    if it doesnt end like this I would be terribly disappointed.

  18. harry morgn was obsessed with hunting serial killers so obsessed that he used dexters mother as bait to catch Joe driscal dexter bio dad, it would also make sense why he took dexter not his brother dexter was younger and easier to control, brian was more rebellious and protective of his little brother. he isolated dexter in his childhood and had complete and total control over him. training him to be a killer so that some day he would grow up to kill his own father. that was harry’s plan. that if he dint live long enough to catch him he traIned dexter like a dog to kill. that’s why dexter killed the neighbors dog because the thoughts and feelings started to surface that harry saw him as not a son but A animal that needed to be kept on a leash. harry must have revealed all this to dexter and dexter snapped and killed harry in a fit of rage. and buried the truth in his subconcious mind.

  19. brian moser searched for his little brother for years he was a prostetic genious and never harmed a fly til he discovered what harry morgan turned his little brther into. he went into a psychotice rage and started killing in the m.o. of the bay harbor butchter and his victim were serogatges for harry and debra morgan because he blame them for what dexter became, he was no longer able to think rationally he believed by killing harry’s daughter deb, that it would brake the bond between dex and deb so he could get his brother back, but found out the hard way that dexters stockholm syndrom was stronger. more guilt for dexter for killing his bro.
    I really hope this is where the story line is going, if not I been watching the wrong series.

  20. so many questions need to be answered before ending this series. dexter is not a bad person he is lost in his own mind and trapped in a prison tht harry mnorgan built for him, debra has severe daddy issues and deep down blames dexter for her fathers neglect and in many ways treats dexter like her father did, keeps him on a short leash, and expects dexter to fill the void her father left. this causaes dexter alot of stress and conflict which brings on his killer urges, which is actually a need to be in control but he interprets it as a need to kill. he believes by killing other serial killers he prevents himself by becoming one of them is what harry taught him. its catharic, killing them is like killing the monter in himself.

    his atraction to hannah has more to do with wayne randall than dexters own feelings. he took on the persona of wayne randal after he killed himself in front of dexter after revealing how he felt about her. dexter was just mimicking wayne randals emotions. so enough with hannah mckay already!

    dexter cant end up with dedra cause she’s more screwed up than dexter and dexter can only see her as his little sister. so get over this love connection between them. its sick! dont u think their sick enough?
    the love of dexters life is his son, not any woman except his mom who was killed. dexters a sociopath he doesnt feel emotions like other people he needs to discover truth about himself so he can control his own mind and life. hoping this new character will help him.

    all these crazy people need to get out of dexters life. so he can raise his son in piece. happy ending for dexter. luv him over and out!

  21. I believe it will be none other than Hannah to turn Dex in as he had betrayed her by killing her father. The END!

  22. Come on

  23. Has everyone forgotten Lumen? I can’t help but get the feeling that she might make a come back.. that would be great :) Maybe she’ll save Deb? Could Deb’s alcohol and drug problems be interpreted as her very own dark passenger? Lumen has felt this too, but was set free; maybe she’ll help Deb? As for the ending.. I’m not sure yet. I really don’t think either Deb or Dexter will die, perhaps the attention is so focused on them at the moment that maybe some third person will end the season? Who knows!

    • Lumen ought to make a comeback, for sure. :)

  24. I think Deb actually shot and killed Dexter, not La Guerta, in Season 7.

    Season 8 is mostly an imaginative manifestation of Deb’s psychotic break with reality. The end will come not with a bullet to Dexter’s brain, which has already happened, but with Deb realizing and perhaps coming to terms with what she has done. And that may take place on Dr Vogel’s couch.

  25. I think the best most shocking ending would be if Harrison kills Dexter. I know he’s young but what would be a more shocking and perfect way to end this amazing 8 seasons of Dexter?

  26. Hello everyone, I came up with a conclusion to how Dexter will end. Saxton is Dexters other half that has broken free. Dexter finally snapped since the only other person that has seen Saxton was Dexter and the Dr…. No one else has seen saxton. Everything is so good leading to a possible happy ending… but we find out that Dexter and Saxton are one individual and Dexter ends up putting Dexter Down or season 9 was just Dexters life flashing through what would have happened if Dexter was not shot instead of Laguerta. Season 9 ends with Deb shooting him instead of Laguerta.