‘Dexter’ Season 8 Teaser Trailers: It Isn’t Going to Be Pretty

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Despite a solid viewership as well as overall positive reviews from fans and critics, Dexter season eight is expected to be the last we see of the Bay Harbor Butcher. Showtime executives were interested in keeping the show on the air for season nine and beyond, but series producers opted to end Dexter on their terms – with one final storyline. The decision is obviously bittersweet for fans of the show but, even though we’ll surely miss the serial killer with a heart of gold, it’s better for everyone involved to see the series end on a high note – before Dexter becomes too convoluted or, worse yet, stale.

Dexter has seen plenty of intriguing story lines over the years but with an endpoint in sight, the writers successfully upped-the-ante last season – driving toward a rich closure for the character in season eight. Now, with only a few months left before the series premiere, Showtime is ramping up marketing for what is likely to be one of the most anticipated (and bloody) final seasons in cable history.

Dexter Season 8 570x356 Dexter Season 8 Teaser Trailers: It Isnt Going to Be Pretty

In the latest teaser trailer “The Full Picture” (which you can view above), Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) reflects on recent events and admits that his attempts to become “more human” and gain control of his “Dark Passenger” have over-complicated his life. More people see “the full picture” than ever before – meaning that if Dexter intends to keep hunting and ritualistically executing other serial killers, he’s going to need to tie-up some loose ends.

In case you missed it, here’s the other season eight teaser (titled “Victims”) that was released a week back:

The remainder of this post will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for prior episodes of Dexter (seasons 1-7 to be exact). If you’re not all caught-up, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!



Dexter has taken-down an expansive gallery of killers – with Earth-shattering consequences. Yet, while the death of his wife Rita and loss of friend Brother Sam have caused Dexter to experience conflicting emotions, his actions in the season seven finale splattered blood onto the hands of his sister, Deb. In order to protect himself, Dexter had decided to ignore the strict code that had kept him safe (and free to kill) since he was a teenager by murdering an innocent person –  Captain Maria LaGuerta (who was hell-bent on uncovering Dexter’s secret). However, when Deborah suddenly interrupted Dexter in the act – she was forced to choose between killing LaGuerta or condemning her brother to prison.

Unable to turn on Dexter, Deb executed LaGuerta in cold blood.

As hinted in the teaser, the death of Maria LaGuerta leaves loose ends – giving friend and former lover, Angel Batista (David Zayas) and colleague Deputy Chief Thomas Matthews (Geoff Pierson) reason to suspect foul play. Recent casting reports also indicate the Dexter will be faced with two additional threats – a former cop turned private investigator, possibly hired by Angel, Matthews, or Maria (prior to her death), and yet another F.B.I. agent that specializes in profiling killers (likely to be keeping a close eye on the men and women of the Miami Metro Police Department).

Dexter Season 8 Blood 570x356 Dexter Season 8 Teaser Trailers: It Isnt Going to Be Pretty

Then, of course, there’s lady-serial killer Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), who was last seen placing a black orchid plant on Dexter’s doorstep – after escaping police custody. Unlike the band of police officers and private investigators set to pursue Dexter, it’s unclear at this point whether Hannah will ultimately be friend or foe in season eight. After digging into her backstory, the character has a lot more layers than Dexter’s season two black widow love-interest Lila West – meaning it’s possible that Hannah could learn to forgive. Still, Dexter and Hannah did not part on good terms. Could she be the one to kill Dexter Morgan – and free him from the Dark Passenger’s torment?

It’s hard to know for sure at this point. Let us know what you’d like to see happen in the comments and by voting in the poll below.

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Dexter season 8 airs Sunday, June 30, on Showtime.

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  1. Dexter should go on past season 8 its just to awesome to end it

    • Well, that’s a stupid idea.
      You know why?
      Season 9 and sequential seasons will be hated as they won’t have a direction.

      • If the writers are talented and viewership warranted renewal, theyll figure something out.

        • You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Agree its a terrible idea to keep the show going. Just end it already. He will probably commit suicide, last season hinted that as a possible scenario for Dexter. Whatever happens they need him to face justice or die, it would be garbage for him to just ride off into the sunset.

            • Why do u think it was a terrible idea?

  2. Love it, want it to last more, but it has to end otherwise we will be left with another Smallville that overstayed 5 seasons.

    • Amen to that

    • Smallville overstayed but the last 5 seasons were way better than the first five.

  3. Monologue clearly has an end game feel about it. Which would be fine with me. Really enjoyed this show (odd misstep aside) and have been with it since episode one, but we’re coming to the end now. Or at least should be.

  4. i would love a season 9
    but i think dexter will be joining his under see buddy’s

    deb will kill him and drop him should be a nice closing to the series
    see dexter sinking as from his point of view seeing deb’s face fade away with his/her father beside her.

    and all the ghostly (or body parts)of his victems grab him pulling him under
    or that could be a perfect nightmare dexter will have more than once\s

    • @ Mark
      I’ve been saying for a while now that I think Deb will end up killing Dexter and she’ll raise Harrison.
      For the past 7 seasons the show has been just as much about her and IMO she’s the only one that deserves a some what happy ending. As morbid as killing her brother sounds there’s no way Deb can lead any sort of happy life as long as Dexter is around. Even if he’s in Argentina with Hannah, Deb will be haunted by what he’s done.

  5. I look at Dexter a lot differently now, He no longer abides by his rules concerning only killing evil (bad) people, innocent lives are now on his hands, he has now become the very thing he hunts….. there really is only one way out, he must kill himself!

    The moment he violated the sacred rule (Only kill those how deserve it), the ending of Dexter was already written, the last episode of episode of season 7 has now shown us a new kind of Dexter, one without rules…. I’m not sure if I’m going to enjoy season 8, I may not even watch it…. to me he’s just a killer now who has to be stopped!!!

  6. As much as I’d love to see him walk away unscathed, it’s a safe bet that it wont happen. It really does seem that Dexter is on borrowed time, he has increasingly come closer and closer to being caught and I don’t see him regaining any order, his predicament has become too complex, and I don’t think it can be kept under wraps. Unfortunately by the end of S8, Dexter will be locked up or dead. But who knows what the writers have up their sleeves, one thing is for sure and that’s that I will enjoy it, as usual – and I’ll be sad to see in my opinion the best show end.

    I think the show has moved from a dark comedy, so I think the ending will be hard hitting and quite a bitter pill to swallow. If it was still quite a laid back black comedy I could picture dark twist on a Romeo & Juliet type ending with Hannah poisoning Dexter at dinner, but Dexter had also slipped some poison in her meal, setting up a rather funny ‘oh sh*t’ moment as they both look at each other and realise they poisoned each other… :)

  7. What’s with Dexter and having all of these poorly photoshopped posters?

    • they all about the visual metaphors m*********er! sharp lines, clear f***in definition; submerged in blood but still clean and untouched. he is supposed to be separate from his surroundings and s**t. the fake/bad photoshop look is intentional.

  8. End with season 8..
    i dont want it to end but its best to go out on a high!

    but you never know, the writers could have a change of heart. Anything is possible.

  9. I love endgame seasons, from a writing stand point they get to destroy everything with no worry about consequences. I think this season will be very much a return to what made Dexter a great show in the first place.

    • Gosh I hope so! I loved Dexter early on, when he had to fake his emotions. I liked how well organized he was, really he was OCD. He was meticulous about everything, even the way he would try to casually blend in. Awesome.
      It was fairly grating when emotions started to play in. I liked Luman, but was glad she didn’t want to hang around to be the other half of the super slayers team. Hannah…I despise that character-have from the first episode she walked in wearing those silly boots (in Miami? Really? Every single hour of every single day?).
      I did not like how sloppy Dex became in season 7. It really took away from who his character really is, and required you to take in this new persona, one totally different from the character we all came to love to watch.
      Now it’s time to turn the lights out on Dexter. If not, it will turn into something resembling the Young & The Restless,,,

  10. “Free him from the torment of his dark passenger?”

    Didn’t you watch the season? The dark passenger doesn’t exist.

    • I’ve always viewed the Dark Passenger as a metaphor for his urge to kill. Just because he takes responsibility for his actions now – doesn’t mean that we can’t still refer to the Dark Passenger as a metaphor for his blood lust.

    • You haven’t learned by now that Dexter has an imperfect narrator? He often says things in his head (or out loud) that don’t pan out to be true. Just him trying to make sense of things.

  11. Honestly, what I really want to see is and end scene where Dexter has been killed and Harrison is sitting in a pool of his father’s blood. I love Dexter to pieces, but I think that sort of ending would just be perfect.

  12. i guess they had to end it sometime! im really really sad to see my favorite show of all time go! all is fair in love and war i guess! im gonna go cry alone in my room now :(

  13. I really want him and Lumen to be together again:’(

  14. Personally, I thought that the first 3/4 of season 7 were great, but once the Ukrainian storyline ended, things got kind of crazy and contrived. Hopefully they can get the show back on the rails, so to speak.

    Remember LaGuerta from the first couple of seasons? She was an incompetent nincompoop. What happened there?

    • I felt exactly the same way…
      Up until episode 8 I was shocked by how great the season was. Especially after seasons 5 & 6. But once the The storyline with Issack wrapped up things got messy IMO. The phantom storyline and everything leading up to the final moments of the finale were pretty bad.

  15. Everyone wants Dexter dead and Debra to kill now that would be a nice way to end the season the only living person to know about his killings dye

  16. Id really hate to see Dexter die. the Season 8 can end it but Dexter should be free to continue hunting down serial killers and making the world a better place. Killing Dexter would make the show seem kinda sad… I mean although suspicions might force him to move outta Florida, but he could possibly get sent to prison and breakout somehow only to relocate and start his routine all over again with a new identity..

    I honestly dont feel bad about him killing La Guerta. yes she wasn’t a serial killer like his code would agree upon, but she was a terrible person who ruined many peoples careers… and if we remember correctly Dexter did strangle a child molester back in Season 3 or 4 just because he was looking at Rita’s kids.

    I hope season 8 gives the show a grand finale… and doesnt muck it up.

    • I completely agree Dylan A. I actually looked forward to La Guerta biting the dust more than Isaac.

  17. Probably a good thing they’re ending it. The show has never been able to live up to season 1 and 2 since the season 2 finale… and it has been predictable ever since then as well. The writers paint themselves into corners or take something as far as it can go (like the relationship with Rita) and then go for the only possible way out. It’s still a good show… just saying I don’t know how much longer they could keep up what they’re doing without it getting extremely silly or repetitive and boring. Also, Dexter has become less and less sympathetic as the show has gone on. He killed that one poor guy who’s only crime was taking photos of children at the beach (though I know, given how insanely bloodthirsty people become when they smell “pedophile”- that’s probably the one murder that the audience was most loudly cheering, even though it was totally unjustified and didn’t fit “the code” at all). More and more he has been compromising police cases for his own selfish needs- often leading to innocent people dying like Rita and many others. Early in the series when the police were on to him he was ready to just turn himself in and accept the consequences of his actions… very different from the guy who was about to murder LaGuerta simply for doing her job when he had the option to run away.
    Incidentally what’s up with the actor who plays Joey? Did he get cancer or something? He looked very healthy in the season where he debuted… since then he got so thin and sickly looking his cheekbones are sticking out his skin looks bad… and also he has had an awful haircut ever since then as well.

    • He killed LaGuerta, not to save himself from prison, But to save the one person hes cared about since season 1, Deb. LaGuerta wasnt going to just take dexter down, she was taking deb down too. with that video footage of deb puttting gas in the can before the huge church fire. Dexter Wants to do right, but he has to know deb is safe in order for that to happen. Hes already chose Deb over hannah once too. He needs to make sure shes ok and free from the crap hes put in her into now before he can kill himself, or whatever hes got planned for himself.

      • He was going to kill laGuerta, My bad…Deb Did it when she came in, But You know what i meant.

  18. He should go to jail and his last words shoul be. This place is full of serial killers”….. Perfect!

  19. I’m dying to see Dexter run to Argentina with Debra ánd Hannah McKay and see how they can or cannot build up a new life there. Maybe they get new identities and come back to a different state in the US, or who knows what.

  20. I really really love this show its def my all time favorite.. I want to see him keep on hunting down serial killers! I mean that’s what makes the show. It would suck ass to see him kill himself or have deb do it or some sh*t like that. They should continue with at least one more season ( season 9)! I’m kinda glad that Maria is gone I mean yes she was innocent and was doing her job and didn’t fit his code but isn’t the first rule of the code ” don’t get caught”?

  21. We are addicted to DEXTER! Please don’t let it die!
    We have watched all eight seasons back to back in the past two weeks.

  22. i think he should exit like Anthony Hopkins did in Silence of The Lambs…and Harrison should go and live with his Mother’s Family, so we can have a DEXTER n the Future.

  23. …and what about the psychiatrist? She looks like a plot twist that could spin into a threat for either/both Dexter and Deb. She knows too much. She may have her own dark passenger(s). If the first rule is, “don’t get caught,” then ditching LaGuerta may not have been a code violation. There’s a dark shadow in the American justice system. With our frontier history, we appreciate and admire the vigilantes among us. We find an essential justice in those purging actions. Dexter is doing what the complexities of the legal system cannot always accomplish — he’s protecting innocents. Jeff Lindsey’s Dexter is a three-part personality that plays convincingly to many people — Hannibal Lector, any Clint Eastwood protagonist, and Jerry Lewis!