‘Dexter’ Season 8 Details Revealed – How Will it End?

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'Dexter' Season 8 Details Revealed - How Will it End?

Dexter Season 8 Details


-In the Dexter season 7 finale, audiences were shocked as Debra killed LaGuerta to protect her brother from capture. But what happens next? Will Dexter and Debra get away with murder? Fortunately, there's no need to wait until next year, because executive producer Scott Buck reveals what fans can expect to see when the series returns next year, as well as what, exactly, is going to happen as a result of the death of Maria LaGuerta.Speaking with TV Guide and The Hollywood Reporter, Buck opens up about the planning of Dexter season 8, how Dexter's origins will be explored, the (possible) return of Hannah McCay (Yvonne Strahovski), how next season's big bads could change everything, and much more:

The Twist

"There's so much of this season we've seen Deb try to cover for Dexter and lie for Dexter and gradually going down a darker and darker path. But I don't think she or Dexter ever imagined it would suddenly take this turn. We didn't want to shy away from what it means to cover up for a serial killer. We just took it as far as we possibly could.It's definitely a turning point for the two of them and that's going to be a lot of what we explore in Season 8. This is going to have a huge effect on both of them. They're not just bonded in their complicated brother-sister relationship anymore. Now, it's imbued with this tragedy they both share."

The Aftermath

"He might have to make a few quick changes there, but this is someone who has covered up a lot and is a forensics expert and will know how to deal with this — especially if you're the forensics expert on the scene collecting the evidence and interpreting the evidence.""At this point, we're not following that story line in a big way. Towards the end of Season 7, no one was believing anything that LaGuerta was saying about this and it looked like Dexter has effectively put that to rest.""Dexter is so smart about it. He handled LaGuerta better than anyone possibly could have. Ultimately, it was a very tragic way, but I think he was able to divert everyone's attention away from him at this point, so I think when we begin next season, he's in the clear."

The Reactions

Dexter:"I think he's going to have very complicated feelings when we come back to him this next season. I think he might feel worse for what he's done to Deb than for what happened to LaGuerta. He's killed so many people that adding one more that is outside the code so dramatically is fairly big deal to him, but I don't think anything is as important to him as his sister and the effect that he as on her.""I think that will cause him to examine exactly why he kills. He did a kill in Episode 10 that was completely outside the code that was done for love to protect Hannah. So he's willing to step outside the code; he's just doing it in a more mature way and accepting responsibility for what he does, rather than just simply blaming it on some Dark Passenger within him. The code is something that's always been very valuable to him and I don't think he's going to step away from it." Deb:"Knowing who Deb is, this is going to be a very difficult thing for her to deal with. She's not at all like Dexter; she's not a killer like Dexter is -- she's just the opposite. She's someone who believes in good so I think this is obviously going to be something very difficult for her to try and process and deal with."

Dexter Season 8: The Origin of Dexter

"We've heard Harry's version of what happened and we've seen some flashbacks, but I think we can widen the scope of that and see that Dexter had a slightly different beginning than even he imagined. I think it became a very interesting story and it's not just flashbacks, but it's how all of that impacts and affects his life as it is now. It's not just looking backwards; it's actually very much moving forward in an interesting way."

What about Hannah?

"I think Dexter has far exceeded anything that Deb may have done to her, so if Hannah comes back for anyone, I think it's going to be Dexter first and Deb would just be an afterthought.""Hopefully Yvonne will return, but we're also talking about a couple other big characters who will have a huge affect on Dexter next year."

Season 8's Big Bad

"If the plan that we're starting to incorporate now goes through, it will be a very different type of big bad than we've ever seen before. It'll be someone unlike anything we've seen in Dexter's life before."

What About the Warrants?

"The fact that the warrants were still on her desk meant that they had not yet been filed."

How will it end?

Dexter Season 8"When you examine any serial killer, there are only so many endings you can have and serial killer's don't generally end on a happy note."


Dexter Season 8 Details

Dexter Season 8 premieres in 2013 on Showtime.Source: TV Guide; Hollywood Reporter
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  1. the hannah mckay story has to end. that was one of the crappiest characters in dexter. S8 will be a disaster, it seems obvious at this stage.

    • Screw you, Dexter will rise above, and season 8 will be a triumph.

    • Hannah plays a pretty legitimate role. besides Rita, Hannah is the only other women Dexter has never felt so affectionate about. Deb says herself when he sees a blonde lock of Hannah’s he instantly turns stupid. that’s why they brought her back, she is actually important to how the ending will play out!

    • Hannah plays a pretty legitimate role. besides Rita, Hannah is the only other women Dexter has never felt so affectionate about. Deb says herself when he sees a blonde lock of Hannah’s he instantly turns stupid. that’s why they brought her back, she is actually important to how the ending will play out!

    • I think the focus should be on the good doc. Either DR. Vogel IS the real brain surgeon or is working with the TBS. Yates was definitely not the brain dissector. He was a sicko with a foot fetishes, and notice how easily the Doc controlled him, even drawing blood from him. As far as Dexter dying in season 8,i don’t think so.. Not one bit. He will live on and retire whether he gets someone to carry on his legacy of disposing other morally corrupt killers. Who will take the rains? Deborah? I doubt it’s her but who else can do what he does? And wow, Zack dead by the elusive TBS, didn’t see that happening! It all points to Vogel but that seems to easy as well.

      • i think u got a point

      • My wife and I think the TBS killer will be the boyfriend of the dead lady that lived next to Dexter (who will also be Dr. Vogel’s long-lost son). Quinn showed him a picture of Zack. We believe Quinn was setting up Zack to get his promotion and the guy killed Zack because he thought Zack killed his girlfriend. Quinn actually was the one that killed her. Dexter and Hannah run off to live together and Deb falls for Quinn again (just her luck… she is now dating another serial killer).

        What do you think?


        • Oh yea, I forgot to say Dexter and Hannah kill the TBS killer, end their need to kill again and live happily ever after with Harrison. The end!

      • The good doc.? Am I the only one out there that sees Vogel for what she really is? Vogel’s the “big” for this season! She’s the one who holds the scoop. I’m not sure what exactly her motives are aside from mere fascination, but I’m like 95% sure she’s our killer. I had a feeling from S8E2 that her intentions were less than pure, and that she was up to no good, and the fact that she had Zach’s jarred scoop in her hand at the end of the episode only further supports my theory.
        In show, you have to look past the character’s looks of dismay and whatnot when you’re foreseeing a possible twist in the ending because that’s one act of imperfection they commit for their greater plans. In real life they wouldn’t exist, but in TV it seems to be the only way they feel they can go about making the layup for the twist. Set aside Vogel’s looks and whatnot and you’ll see that she’s the big bad apple of the season. If you think back about it, we’ve always seen the villians from the very start of the season, even if we didn’t know for certain at the time that they were bad. That’s why I’m like “f**k Vogel!”

        • Her face with the jar in hand was fear and surprise.
          And Dexter was calling her when she had the jar in hand.

          Dr. Vogel can not be the BSK because she is old and frail, so she can not move bodies around or hang them to hooks. Or she has an accomplice.

          From what we know, BSK killed normal people with feelings (empathy) after he forced them to kill someone else (they were force to suppress their empathy), then sent the brain scoop to Dr. Vogel and the brain scoops were for the part of the brain used to feel empathy).

          What is the BSK telling to Dr. Vogel?
          Why did he sent a brain scoop in a jar to Dexter (by Dr. Vogel)?

          Now, BSK know where Dexter live so Dexter in in a real danger, like anyone around him.

          My opinion is Hannah will die by the BSK hand to save Dexter, Deb will save/be saved by Dexter and will be there to take care of him (and will need to reconsider her feeling toward Hannah).

          Or maybe Astor will come visiting Dexter and save the day.

  2. I agree with the metamorphosis of Dexter’s perception of his life. At first he was a sham, a shell, someone faking reality and emotions. Now he realizes that he has a real life. He doesn’t want this real life to be jeopardized or compromised. We know that because he would have killed LaGuerta if Deb hadn’t. He was able to relate to the guy he killed who said he was just doing what he had to in order to survive. So, season 8 will become Dexter’s worst nightmare: choosing to protect his life against ALL threats. Deb will gradually emerge as a threat to Dex. Not because she intentionally wants to bring him down, but because of her inability to reconcile within herself what she’s done and how she’s changed. Dexter will “put her out of her misery” sort of thing like he fed the key lime pie to his friend. However, we and Dex will be torn by this act, and question he true motives. Was he being selfish? Was he protecting Deb from certain ruin and jail time? After much, much soul searching, Dexter will contact Lumen and ask her to adopt Harrison. Then the final scene is of Dexter lying in a pool of his own blood. He has to be put down.

    • How do you know this?
      Do you have insider information or something?

  3. I miss Rita :(

    • I am heart broken about Maria… and also about Debra… All i wanted for Dexter was to be redimed… to find light… Not Deb to fall but Dexter to find a way out!

      • Maria was a b****! she had to go. couldn’t go another season with her just watching Dexter haha. she figured out who he was and had evidence. she would of taken him out.

    • :( Me too :( It’s like Dexter didn’t even care about Rita , it’s like she meant nothing to him :(. he falls for Lumen, 2 weeks after he loses Rita. And i absolutely hate Hannah and Dexter together

  4. They shouldn kill his brother, he should be last boss in final season and sometimes make appearence in others, it would be awesome if he and Anna united and Dexter have to fight both of them and police that started getting to close.

  5. i hope they will make a season 9 so they can realy out do there selfs
    hanna is not a series ending person kill her off or let her go away focus on dexter his child debrah.

    Make season 8 about deb who is turning her self in debdex(killer with emotions)

    and let the whole season 9 be about dexter on the run so you have a realy good drama and a realy good trhill

  6. Damn, I’m sure glad all of you people don’t write for the show! I wouldn’t have made it through half an episode!

    I think Hannah will be back, but she won’t be the primary evil in season 8. After all, the producer even said, there will be a new bad the likes of which we have not seen.

    I also think Dexter and Deb will blur the lines of their relationship even more…not to the point of becoming sexually intimate, but just to keep the interest going in that part of the show.

    Also, Batista will not retire, but will stay on to solve the murder of La Guerta. Quinn will continue to be a f*ck up.

    Harrison will start to show the early signs that he has inherited his father’s genes.

    Oh, and I’m so happy La Guerta died! What a b****!

    • Dexter told Hannah how to kill right? So dexter die’s some how and hannah tell Harrison how to kill and the Code.

  7. I think dex should go to jail and get credit for all the lives he’s taken and saved. Then spend life in jail and be surrounded by murderers and rapists where he can continue to satisfy his need to kill. The last line of the show should be him walking through the yard at prison repeating the very first line of the show.

    • “Tonight’s the night. And it’s going to happen again, and again. It has to happen…”

      • <3 <3 <3 <3 we are all going to miss that quote

  8. DEx and Deb would be gross; Hannah was the only one who Dex really loved. His only chance to quit the murders is to be toghether with Hannah, and make Deb accept it (if she would have accepted it before, Hannah wouln’t have had to poison her and they would all be much happier by now).

  9. I really hope dexter stay alive… must have some different way to deal with his story…

  10. If dexter was to die I feel like they would reference earlier in the seasons where dexter was forced to watch someone being executed. Except this time it will be Harrison and deb watching dexter being executed and deb teaching Harrison the code that dexter lived by due to him being like his father after being covered by Rita’s blood earlier in the seasons. Of course deb and dexter get together somewhere near the end of the season.

  11. This is how it will end. Batista doesn’t retire he stays on and figures out the secret. Hanna will eventually get shanked. Dexter gets caught but right before hes taken to jail the government takes him and recruits him to be an assassin. Debra will probably or or blow her brains out. Tada!!

    • I like the Hannah thing. I don’t like Hannah. but no offense , I don’t think a very last episode of Dexter is going to care much about Batista. just my opinion…

  12. SHO is showing us certain past episodes for a reason. They mean things much differently to us than they did when we first saw them. LaGuarta/Bautista–you know once Bautista finds out Dexter offed LaGuarta, he’ll be after him. Same with the guy who set the Russian stripper free, Masouka, he’s got Deb to worry about, and ultimately, remember that Dex found Harrison lying in his dead mother’s blood–just as Dexter was found by his father. All foreshadowing what will happen this season.

    Dexter is going to start not giving a sh*t, and I think it’ll be Deb who takes in Harrison after Dexter is dead. As for who knocks off Dexter? I dunno, but he’s made a lot of enemies and recent mistakes along the way. I can’t wait for this season!!!!!!!

    • Oops, I forgot the theory if LaGuarta finds out Deb killed his wife. Now THAT would make for good television.

      • i forget what season, probably 5 after Rita died. but the psychologist that Dexter went to see regarding Harrison being traumatized by witnessing his mom being murdered was already ruled out. Harrison was too young when that happened, he won’t remember. Dexter was at that age where he was traumatized, where he can even recall sitting there in his mom’s blood. so I highly doubt Harrison will have any effect from Rita’s death.

      • Um…Laguerta died..

  13. How I would like the series to end is with Dexter helping Debra to control herself, by teaching her the ropes of the code, due to the fact she has been killing it will be risky not only for Deb, but for Dexter if she gets caught killing without the code.

    After Dexter has taught Debra the code, I think she will off Dexter, and adopt Harrison, leaving Deb the new ‘Dexter.’

  14. Dexter dies but Harrison is there to carry on his legacy with the help of Vogel.

  15. Here is my theory. Hannah will come back and get intimate with Dexter again, Deb will be enraged and come back and kill Hannah, this will prompt Dexter to further think about Vogal’s words on “why haven’t he/Dexter killed Deb yet?” So I believe more light will be shed on that, and the season close will be him prepping Deb’s apartment for his latest kill, contacting Lumin and sending Harrison to live with her, and the box of “trophies” of Dexter’s and possibly writing describing the Code, trusting Lumin to teach Harrison the way and continuing his legacy, at which point I think Dexter Morgan will take his own life or stage his death and just disappear.

  16. I’m going to tell all of you all how the season and Dexter should end if its a must. But its going to end with Dexter laying on his own table with deb standing over him with the knife with Dr.foggle. teaching deb the code and how to kill. And as the knife goes in to Dexter’s chest screen goes black. Now if that’s not an ending that all of you would love then idk what else to say

  17. This is just a theory but I think Dex is Harry’s biological son. I know about the blood samples in season 1 but there are always loopholes. I also think Captain Matthews knows but keeps quiet for some reason. Maybe Harry saved his life at one point but Harry is the father. He and his brother looked nothing alike and why only take Dex in. Plus look at the names. DEB DEX DEX DEB. I think Vogel will win him back by showing Harry saying in of the recorded sessions. I also think in the end Deb is going to kill Dexter. It’s poetic. He’s often referred to being on the run or being in jail as pitiful and frankly I think those are beneath Dex. I think death is the most honorable way for it to end for him. I think will Quinn will find out before the show end and will be a part of it in some supportive way for Deb. I’m not sure if everybody else will find out or if Dex will only be remembered as a friend and co worker and I am sure there will be a lot more drama then this but it sounds like a good way to go.

  18. Ok this is how I see it going down: over the course of the next few episodes (starting with ep 5), Deborah will come to realize that she can’t live without Dexter. Dexter will slowly, but surely, rebuild trust for Deb (Hannah and dexters new gf will play into this). they will bond over locating the missing Dr. Vogel and killing this brain surgeon guy. But this will be drawn out over a few episodes, obviously with her toe being sent to Dexter. The brain surgeon is nothing more than a pawn for the real villain of the season–wait for it—-Dr Vogel. Vogel is a psychopath (it takes one to know one). She has her own code, hide out in the open. She has dedicated her life to her craft so she can manipulate the mentally deranged to do her bidding. Clearly she is salivating over the idea of trying to condition Deb. problem is, deb truly loves Dexter. And I do picture Deb playing Vogel up to the last episode where Vogel is revealed as the killer and Deb is gonna take her out instead of Dexter (most likely with Dex taped to a bed). In terms of side stories, Bautista is going to Eventually fire Quinn for a huge mistake. But Quinn will get his job back after he figures out that Dexter and Deb are behind LaGuertas murder. The Old police chief (who’s name I can’t remember at te moment) will b e revealed to not be as inept as he has lead on, and he will most likely reveal that the reason he cares for Dex and Deb so much is bc he owed Harry a life debt. Most likely, Harry will be the reason he got to where he is today. Hannah will make her return, obviously, and be upset to see Dexter with his new gf, the One Tree Hill chick. Upon seeing her and Dexter together, expect that Hannah will try to take her out, but most likely be thwarted by Deb (a move that will bring Dex and her closer, while the entire occurrence will drive away Dexters new gf and out Dex and deb as not what they see to be on the surface. This is most likely how Quinn will fall into their murder of LaGuerta. It’s just too weird that Dex is gonna date the friend of Quinn’s gd and she won’t spill the beans). Bc of it being apparant to Miami Metro that Dex and Deb are killers, and Dex is the BHB, wxpect for them to go on the run together, as the final solution to remain alive and free. This is all filler for the real issue, tho. Vogel is this seasons killer and in a theory of mine that has very little bearing, Dexter or Debs real life mother. But that is a slim chance. Once Vogel is taken down, this is where Dexter and Deb will run away together, most likely, with an ending scene of Deb telling Dexter she also sees Harry, and has for a while now. The irony is Dex this season hasn’t seen Harry once and he will realize Harry no longer speaks to him, but to Deb. thus Deb will adopt Dexters Dark Passenger. Thoughts?

    • Oh good, I thought I was the only one who saw through Vogel from the start. I can definitely see Deb being redeemed by taking Vogel out in the end. I was thinking she was going to use the rig of I9 (or whatever it’s called) she got off Dexter when the two of them were trying to subdue Deb in that interrogation room, then I remembered that Dex had used in to knock her out, though I still think she’s going to have to use some of Dexter’s methods if she truly hopes to get him strapped to a table.
      There’s only two possible endings I see for our friend Dex. He’s either going to live on either with Hannah, or he’s going to die saving Deb. I highly doubt he’s going to get arrested or be gunned down by his colleagues at the MDPD, due to the fact that the writers have already stated that they’re trying their best to wrap the show up favorably and these would be the two scenarios that least jived.
      One last food for thought, though I like Hannah and feel she’s hot as hell, for a while there I truly felt she was trying to set Dexter up. Not only do we still have no idea what she did with Dex during the time she’d put him under, aside from killing her husband she seems to be being very careful with her words as if she were trying hard to incriminate Dexter while keeping her clean. Though I like her style for the most part, I whouldn’t be surprised if she was out to get him as well.

  19. Dexter and the psychiatrist teach the code to that rich guys son, rich guys son takes It on board but he isn’t dexter doesn’t care for the “code” amd is a cold blooded psychopath and he kills dexter the way he killed his prey…on a table wrapped in cling film.

  20. Spot on Carlos, Dexter will die at the hands of his student. After mogel and hannah you think dexter would have realised not to train people up. For a smart guy, he makes the same mistakes through and through. With that being said shame to see him die, but it has to finish one way or another.

  21. Dexter will train the new kid, but the new kid is def gonna die. My guess is The killer is gonna Wack him once dexter gets close to him. Same will go for Hannah. Once dexter begins falling for her again, she’s gonna get killed too. Don’t forget, everyone dexter gets close to gets destroyed. Can’t say this enough, Vogel is this seasons killer! And she is on a rampage to unmake what she has made in Dexter. So she will drive him to the brink of insanity so he snaps and becomes what she really wants… a story for a new book. Psycho b**ch!

  22. Dex will kill McCay and will die somehow or kill himself, as McCay tries to finally kill deb. That is what I think will be the conclusion

  23. Can’t say much but the final scene should be DEX in a pool of blood! It should end where it all started. Given they really want to end the show.

  24. The key is the in the dinner table chat between Hannah and Vogel.

    Then, how could the Brain Surgeon Killer know how was the Norma Rivera crime scene? To reply something accurately he need actual knowledge.

    Cassy allowed someone to enter her apartment when alone, who a young woman would allow to enter her apartment when alone?
    Someone she know and trust or some authority she trust or do not oppose.

    Cassie boyfriend can be ruled out: BSK do not leave traces and do not associate with victims. Then even if he did, he would have told Quinn he saw Zak outside Dexter apartment (he did so much to frame Zak, why not put another innocent nail on his coffin?) or he would have told him nothing (instead he told “he is familiar but…”.

    Quinn can be ruled out: too easy to anger and not good at planning.

    From the video, we could suppose he is high as the hunter he killed and strong enough to move bodies around. This rule out the Captain.

    The most important thing is BSK is killing killers associated with Dr. Vogel, so Hannah, Dexter and Deb are potential victims.

  25. I believe that the Dr. is the brain surgeon. The Dr. took the boy home or where ever she took him. The brain surgeon would not necessary know where he was at. Another thing, what were they eating at the dinner party with the boy, Hannah and Dexter? What was the meat? The Dr. made it a point to say “Well I guess we are all not vegetarians”. That made me go “ummm”.

  26. i belive that at the end of season 8 dexter will leave the country and move to argentina with hannah and Harrison. they might want to bring the show back in a few years and if they do this that will be possible.

  27. At this point, I don’t know what to think. I believed from about episode 3 that Vogel is the brain surgeon but now I’m thinking that she is gonna die this week. From the previews, it seems like Dexter is holding someone and crying, perhaps a dead Vogel or Hannah. I thought I made it out to be Vogel, but that doesn’t really make sense. So maybe it’s Hannah that gets offed this week.

    Either way, I feel like it will end with Hannah dead, dexter and Deb running off to raise Harrison. And justice served by Vogel’s son dying, perhaps Vogel too. But everyone will know Dexter was the Bay Harbor butcher. I picture a scene of Batista and Quinn letting then get away bc they appreciate that he wiped out the evil in their city and bc they are friends.

    Honesty, at this point, I can’t make a certain distinction. Anything can happen.

  28. I am excited for this season. I hate Hannah/Dexter though. I hope there is not too much Dexter/Hannah stuff. This feud between Dr. Voger and Dexter seems addictive. Maybe Dexter should have internal conflict about teaching Harrison his own code. because I think he’s starting to feel interested in killing innocents. I mean he might be careless about killing innocents but at least he doesn’t get depressed anymore when he does. I think he kind of doesn’t care, and he thinks he should kill innocents on some very specific reasons. like he wanted to Kill Laguerta and he really wanted that kill when he killed Hannah’s dad. I think in these last seasons he kind of had feels somewhat connected or excitement in killing innocent people. but I think the season will be sad just as well as exciting. The show we’ve all became attached to is coming to an end , it’s going to be sad to see Dexter end because it is such a good show

  29. My thought on how things will pan out..TBS will despatch Jamie. Dex will naturally be devastated. Dex, Hannah and Harrison will go overseas and Dex is going to be suspected of killing Jamie. Before heading off for his new life esewhere, Dex is going to take Oliver Saxon aka Daniel Vogel out of play. In an act of vengence Dexter’s “spiritual mother” the fiendish Dr Vogel, will go after Dex and try to end his life for killing her son. lets wait and see…