‘Dexter’ Season 8 Details Revealed – How Will it End?

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'Dexter' Season 8 Details Revealed - How Will it End?

Dexter Season 8 Details


-In the Dexter season 7 finale, audiences were shocked as Debra killed LaGuerta to protect her brother from capture. But what happens next? Will Dexter and Debra get away with murder? Fortunately, there's no need to wait until next year, because executive producer Scott Buck reveals what fans can expect to see when the series returns next year, as well as what, exactly, is going to happen as a result of the death of Maria LaGuerta.Speaking with TV Guide and The Hollywood Reporter, Buck opens up about the planning of Dexter season 8, how Dexter's origins will be explored, the (possible) return of Hannah McCay (Yvonne Strahovski), how next season's big bads could change everything, and much more:

The Twist

"There's so much of this season we've seen Deb try to cover for Dexter and lie for Dexter and gradually going down a darker and darker path. But I don't think she or Dexter ever imagined it would suddenly take this turn. We didn't want to shy away from what it means to cover up for a serial killer. We just took it as far as we possibly could.It's definitely a turning point for the two of them and that's going to be a lot of what we explore in Season 8. This is going to have a huge effect on both of them. They're not just bonded in their complicated brother-sister relationship anymore. Now, it's imbued with this tragedy they both share."

The Aftermath

"He might have to make a few quick changes there, but this is someone who has covered up a lot and is a forensics expert and will know how to deal with this — especially if you're the forensics expert on the scene collecting the evidence and interpreting the evidence.""At this point, we're not following that story line in a big way. Towards the end of Season 7, no one was believing anything that LaGuerta was saying about this and it looked like Dexter has effectively put that to rest.""Dexter is so smart about it. He handled LaGuerta better than anyone possibly could have. Ultimately, it was a very tragic way, but I think he was able to divert everyone's attention away from him at this point, so I think when we begin next season, he's in the clear."

The Reactions

Dexter:"I think he's going to have very complicated feelings when we come back to him this next season. I think he might feel worse for what he's done to Deb than for what happened to LaGuerta. He's killed so many people that adding one more that is outside the code so dramatically is fairly big deal to him, but I don't think anything is as important to him as his sister and the effect that he as on her.""I think that will cause him to examine exactly why he kills. He did a kill in Episode 10 that was completely outside the code that was done for love to protect Hannah. So he's willing to step outside the code; he's just doing it in a more mature way and accepting responsibility for what he does, rather than just simply blaming it on some Dark Passenger within him. The code is something that's always been very valuable to him and I don't think he's going to step away from it." Deb:"Knowing who Deb is, this is going to be a very difficult thing for her to deal with. She's not at all like Dexter; she's not a killer like Dexter is -- she's just the opposite. She's someone who believes in good so I think this is obviously going to be something very difficult for her to try and process and deal with."

Dexter Season 8: The Origin of Dexter

"We've heard Harry's version of what happened and we've seen some flashbacks, but I think we can widen the scope of that and see that Dexter had a slightly different beginning than even he imagined. I think it became a very interesting story and it's not just flashbacks, but it's how all of that impacts and affects his life as it is now. It's not just looking backwards; it's actually very much moving forward in an interesting way."

What about Hannah?

"I think Dexter has far exceeded anything that Deb may have done to her, so if Hannah comes back for anyone, I think it's going to be Dexter first and Deb would just be an afterthought.""Hopefully Yvonne will return, but we're also talking about a couple other big characters who will have a huge affect on Dexter next year."

Season 8's Big Bad

"If the plan that we're starting to incorporate now goes through, it will be a very different type of big bad than we've ever seen before. It'll be someone unlike anything we've seen in Dexter's life before."

What About the Warrants?

"The fact that the warrants were still on her desk meant that they had not yet been filed."

How will it end?

Dexter Season 8"When you examine any serial killer, there are only so many endings you can have and serial killer's don't generally end on a happy note."


Dexter Season 8 Details

Dexter Season 8 premieres in 2013 on Showtime.Source: TV Guide; Hollywood Reporter
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  1. I bet the ending will be teen Dexter in a psychiatric ward that imagined all this.

    • I sure hope not, that would be a horrible, un-imaginative ending… Kinda like something that somebody in 3rd grade would write because they can’t come up with an ending… Like they say in the review here, serial killers rarely end well, life in prison is usually the best… But I don’t even think they would end it like that.. Dexters fan base is too extremely massive. Either dexter is gonna be murdered by somebody… I dunno, maybe Hannah, maybe Deborah, who knows, angel or quin??? Quin and dex alway had their beefs… Not outta the realm of possibilities…

    • If it ends like Tony thinks it’ll be an unforgivable cop-out. Are they taking their cues from “Breaking Dawn Part 2?”

      • I think we need to understand the dynamics of the episodes that past. There some twisted that could happen like Lumen coming back into the picture or potentially Dexter and Deb could end up gettting together.

        I beleive that Dexter’s fan base is too large for a major trajedy like death to occur. There are still secrets that Deb is not aware of like Dexter killing his brother to save her. Knowledge of this will only bring the two of them together. look at the facts, no relationship has ever worked for either of them. Deb posseses good and dark qualities. This is inevitable. I will also suspect Angel and possibly Quinn to start looking into their Bosses murder. And look for ol Tommy Mathews to play an important role. just some of my ideas.

        • my thoughts exactly

    • Or may be he’ll just move to Argentina with Hannah and live happily ever after

    • I thought Dexter and Deb were going to get together but I think the moral majority would have been in an uproar. My take on the ending will be Dexter getting a transfer and relocating to another city. His time is limited there, too many people beginning to clue in on him. He would need to get out of the city. And this way the story would not really have an ending. Add something like, him being met by Hanna at the airport. Lumen is not going to reappear even though the chemistry between them was great. Her dark passenger has left her, she has no need to continue. Another ending is Dexter finding Harrison hurting animals the way Debs dad caught Dexter and started the whole thing. He does the same and starts to train his son.

      • In addition, and after some thought, I see Deb getting killed at the end of the season, that’s how Dexter can relocate. Another possibility is that she dies mid way through the season and of course Dexter is after her killer. And now SHE starts appearing to him the same way her dad (his stepdad) does.

    • I also have a wierd feeling of this happening i dont know why but that seems to be a probable ending

  2. If Dexter is going to be murdered (and I think that’s the most likely outcome), I’d like to see them have Harrison witness Dexter’s death… like father, like son.

    • Dexter may miss Hannah but she also tried to kill his sister and he will do ANYTHING for his sister, even put his own feelings aside. Now that Dexter and Deb have taken their relationship to another level because they murdered La’guerta I think Hannah is going to take out more people if she doesn’t try to take out Deb and Dexter together. Gurantee Dexter and Deb take out Hannah, esp because Deb hates her. As gross as it sounds, what if Dexter falls in love with Deb because now they have connected on a whole different level that has never been introuduced in the series.

      • Also…Don’t forget that Deb confessed her love for Dexter and her feelings were kind of drawn out throughout a few episodes. I believe that is some important information in this series and they wouldn’t just let her out her feelings for Dexter for it to NOT go anywhere. You saw at the end of the Season 7 finale how she was holding his arm…look at their body language and face. Yes they were shocked and confused of what they just did, but when walking into Angel’s party, they looked like a couple…

    • I see this as the best possible ending, A whole new Dexter is born type of thing.

  3. Dexter & Hannah make up & open up a nursery together with Harrison.Deb takes over La Guerta’s job.Quinn got the blame for shooting La Guerta.

    3 years from now,The 1st Episode of Harrison! 😉

  4. I want Lumen back I wanted them together sooo bad

    • me too!!

    • I can almost see Lumus returning to “save” dexter from Hannah and they ride off together with Debra being Chief of Police and quinn getting nailed as a crooked cop , as for the big bad I would love to see a jack the ripper esq character I mean old school legends not the bad rip offs so many others have done put the worlds Greatest Evil Serial Killer vs the Worlds only Heroic SK and see what happens

  5. Always had this idea of ending it like ‘Perfume’. They kind of did in a ways at the end of season one, an imagined crowd reaction of cheer towards Dexter for all his good work. But there is only one way for all this to end, although a Romeo and Juliet kind of deal between Dexter and Hannah would be nice…

  6. Based on a reliable reference, Dex kills his own sister at the beginning of season 8, and suddenly an alien comes and turns Dex into a cow, then, Maria comes back from after life and kills the cow, then…. you will find out, whatever!

  7. I’ve seen the last episode of season 7.

    All I can say is, you’re all wrong. 😀
    Strange turn, but definitely entertaining.:)

    • Season 7 or Seaon 8? We’ve all seen last episode of season 7

  8. Before episode 10 of season 7 (when Hannahs father was killed), Dexter was like a judge who used to make things right instead of police. But after that episode, he became like a villain. And the support of Deb for her brother exceeded the limit which also portraits herself as a bad person.

    I dont think that Dexter and Hannah can be a couple any more. Rather, I think the possible ending of the character Hannah is being killed by Dexter. If Dexter inclines to the darker side of him any more, then I think Deb will not be able to tolerate this any longer and she will kill her brother. Howerver, everyone has to pay for their bad deeds so, Deb may be will end up quitting police force and do something else, may be go to Argentina 😉

  9. i am really curious to know what will happen to Dex n Debra… i was so shocked when Rita’s death… One has said YOU CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING, I AM SURE THAT DEXTER WILL BE END WITH MORE SUSPENCE AND MORE MISTERY… MUST END WITH ALL WENT WELL…….

    • I guess Harrison has been kidnapped by Hannah, so the chase is in. Deb will claim she tried to stop La Guerta from killing Dex and will get away with it.

    • I think that when the police raided trinity ‘s house and took away his family, Harry told dexter that could happen to him and then in the end Rita died. Imagine if at the end of season 8 it goes back to that moment and it was all just a thought in dexter’s head and he stops killing for his family and for the best and rita never really dies! Now that would be amazing!!! 😀

  10. I think its like romeo and juliet. After hannah poison dexter. She will commit suicide. :)

    • Or Debra(and/or Hannah) will kill herself thinking Dexter killed himself… would be a good love twist on a Romeo and Juliet cliche.

  11. oh man i cant wait for season 8 im one of the few ppl that would love to see a deb/dex love relationship since they married in the books that be great

    • This is exactly what I kind of pictured out in my above comment. This is going to take their relationship to another level.

    • i too want this

    • they married in the books?

  12. When does Season 8 start, Sept 2013 ?

    • Its been moved up to june or july :) with possible (just rumors) season 9 with the finale being split into 2 seasons which would be great also hope deb and dex get together (dont see the big deal not related by blood and have never thought/been led ti believe otherwise) so glad la guerta got it, might seem bad but she annoyed the s*** outta me lol no idea how it will pan out personally i hope he gets away but stops killing (and is at peace with it) but like others said most likly wont be a happy ending for dexter

    • june 30

  13. I just hope Deb and Dex don’t become romantically involved, although they have no blood relations, it’s still highly repulsive. I would have liked to have seen Hannah and Dex become united but I think they’ve ruined any hope for that. I’d rather see anything else except Debra and Dexter becoming “more” than family.

  14. The big bad is going to be Harry!!! he’ll come back by possessing Harrison and Jaime. Dexter will suddenly gain the ability to shapeshift and pose as LaGuerta so no one will know she’s dead except Angel will suspect so she/dexter sleeps with him (which leads to some awkwardness around the office). Debra starts hunting serial killing Albino circus midgets. Quinn buys a honda, only to discover it’s a serial killing transformer that speaks only in espanol. Hannah returns to exact her revenge by having a sex change and leaving an upper-decker in Dexter’s toilet before fleeing Miami again with the plant she/he gave Dexter.

  15. I do feel this will probably lead to a Deb/Dex romance… sort of gross… but hey… it works for Bobby Christina (sorry… bad joke).

    What I don’t get is in the last ep, there was a big deal made about Dexter killing someone outside of the Code… didn’t Dex already do that? There was Hannah’s father and then that random guy in the bathroom.

    Season 8: Dexter teaches Debra the Code.

    • The point is not the killing outside Harry’s Code, but the killing of an innocent.
      The guy in the bathroom was a jerk: taunting someone just telling his wife died the same week is an invitation to be killed.
      The child molester was to protect Astor (and he gave him warning to stop, desist and move away).
      The photographer was a mistake.
      Hanna’s father was selling her daughter for money (his only offspring) and sending her to jail where she could not have children. In the Old Testament this is treated like one of the biggest sins. In essence Hannah’s father is the anti-Harry.

      Maria was the first to be simply an asshole but innocent of anything really bad. He was doing her job, like other policemen. Dexter would have not killed her or framed her if he didn’t need to protect Deb. He would have followed the Code. But there is no Code, no Law, when his family is at the stake. And this is because the interaction with Hannah and the “survival of the fittest” meme and the last chat with his mother killer are needed.

      He arrive to understand that family (Deb, Harrison, Cody, Astor) come before anything. Life come before everything. His life come before everything, because his life is real. Until season 1 Dexter life was a dream without connections (apart Deb and it was thin connection). Then he remembered his mother’s death, he meet his brother, etc. And he slowly awakened from the dream in a real life.

      • From what I gather, the Code isn’t about not killing innocents, it’s about only killing those who have killed and may kill again. I don’t remember Harry saying anything about killing people who may “deserve it” although they haven’t killed, or killing anyone who endangers you or your family.

        Although I guess you can extrapolate “don’t get caught” to that… but I believe Harry preferred flight over fight.

        When Dexter killed Hannah’s father (and previously when he didn’t kill the Phantom Arsonist), I thought Dexter had come to a realization that he can kill and not kill whoever he wants.

        • … but my point is that Dexter killing LaGuerta is not such a big deal as they are making it to be since he’s already done that before.

          Deb killing LaGuerta may seem huge, but we already know that Deb would do anything for Dexter, she’s almost as messed up as he is.

          • The code for Dexter was to kill those who have killed and harmed the innocent. It’s like Dexter was always living 2 personalities because he always stated his dark passenger was the one that would come out. Hannah pretty much shattered and opened his eyes to that and he doesn’t have a dark passenger so now he going outside of the code. He realized there was no dark passenger once he killed Hannah’s Father. He will kill anyone who steps in front of the people he loves or in order to protect himself. Aka Hannah’s Father and La’ Guerta. Even though Deb killed her, Dexter would have if Deb didn’t show up. I can’t wait for Season 8…this is going to be good to see how this turns out!

            • IIRC, Harry talked about not to kill common people because they have families and someone that love them, so there would be people searching for them. Killers usually are not looked for when they disappear. And would not be right to kill someone that don’t deserve it.

              The first is a practical reason (not get caught), the second is aesthetic (if you must do, do it right and as good as possible).

              Dexter, probably because of his past, prefer to kill killers preying on weak and defenseless people.

              IMHO, the next season should see the “Sal’s pencil” disappear. So Hannah will be free again to walk under the Sun. She can not run long as a fugitive, she has not money enough and no connections to stay undercover.
              I would like to be Deb to steal the pencil to allow Hannah and Dex to be reunited (and something will go surely wrong just after).

              They will do something with Quinn and Batista’s sister where Dex will save the day and will earn the lasting goodwill and silence of both.

              Captain Matthews will take back the position of LaGuerta.

    • its too late for any code, apparently is kill at will.

  16. The final episode should show Dexter in his 60’s, aging and still at large . His death should ironically be exposure to contaminated blood…contracting a lethal virus. Thus his death is the opposite of his life–non-violent–where the killer who never made a mistake makes one fatal error in his own field of expertise. His whole life has been marked by violence. It would be interesting to see him done in by contracting a deadly disease rather than a big bad villain. Irony.

  17. I cannot believe after killing laguerta anyone could want a happy ending for dex or deb they are villians now. I think this season has taken dex and deb way out of character. dexter seem to have some morality even though he made some mistakes. but to kill laguerta for doing her job how does deb justify that or how does dexter think he could be a good role model for his son now. I thought season 6 was an opening for dexter to go on a possitive path,but hooking up with hanna, bringing yet another killer into his sons life. I am so done w/ dexter. morality has gone out the window with both deb and dex they both deserve death row.

    • If you’ve been watching Dexter for 7 seasons, morality was gone long ago.

      • yes but he was trying to live a moral life, each season he was evolving that way especially since becomming a father, but now there is not chance of that.

      • 1.its a tv show so chill with the whole “morallity” balls
        2. f*** la guerta i fist pumped when she copped it
        3. Its a show about a serial killer, if you cant rooy for the bad guy or go on the internet to b**** about morals dont watch it. Go watch some f****** friends or how i met your mother (nothing wrong with they shows just ridiculus that ppl actually moan about the show when they could easily change the channel)

    • I absolutely agree. I’ll be disgusted if they walk off into the sunset. He needs to be caught, and if not, the reason has to be better than “he’s the hero of the story”!

      • How about: It´s more true to the show if Dex as well as Deb survive. Not in Prison, not on the run. Surely beat down, nearly drowning by all that´s been done and probably is going to happen in S8 – but I`d really like to see them struggle to get a handle back in their life. Along with all the obstacles that will come flying. With Dex the audience always accepted what he was doing, kind of clinging to the “Code” right along with Dexter, but still taking his killings for “given” and expecting that. I think with Deb that s*** really hits home for audiences – and I´m exited about that! Up until now “the code” and Deb were the “Morality”. She was seen and sees herself as the good guy – now the good one has to face facts and I don´t think she´s just gonna give up, turn herself in or anything like that. Gonna be a rough ride (hopefully 😉 )….

    • Dexter did not kill laguerta deb did so..

  18. this could also be one of debras dreams (killing laguerta) which reveals to her the love she feels for dexter is toxic and needs to be destroyed. kills dexter when he tries to run away with hannah and not her. she should have killed hannah when she found out about dex relationship w/ her. now its all going to hell in a basket just like the critics said it would. I hating where this going. like the season finale of lost, what a dissappointment

  19. Deb will kill Hannah and Dexter will give himself up for Deb.
    The final scene will be Dexter in an orange jumpsuit in his cell….
    Next scene: Dexter taking a slow mo walk to the chair for death by lethal injection.
    He sits. Deb, Angel and others will be watching.
    The camera pans to a seated Dexter. He closes his eyes.
    Fade to black…..

  20. If dexter doesn’t have a good ending all these late nights watching the episodes will be a waste of time in my life :@ I hope they don’t make us fans, feel in the end that it was all worthless to watch. I would like dexter to change for deb. To become a better person for his son before it’s really too late. After all he is trying to be a good father and everyone deserves a second chance. Harrison is his only light, but strong enough to change a man. I hope digging into his past in seasson 8 can bring him the peace he needs to release his dark passenger! That way he will feel relieved and with no more need to kill.

  21. I think it’ll end very dramatic like just like in the end of the Death Note anime…I would like for it to end with him somehow getting over what he does(while getting away with it of course), and have him sailing off in the distance in his boat with Deb.

    • Yes you are right. Death note fan

  22. hi! When will season 8 begin?

    • june 30

  23. what if deb and dexter run away and have a kid and hanah murders deb infront of the kid and then the kid becomes a more sneaky and well rounded serial killer and dex helps him learn the ropes

  24. I reckon Dexter and Deb will start to become the villains themselves, killing more and more people that don’t fit the code. Angel finds out that they killed LaGuerrta and then kills Dexter because of it, Deb kills Angel and Deb ends up getting away with it all but living a sad life. Quinn goes to jail or runs away sometime as well or goes to Vegas to be with his stripper girlfriend. Vince continues making jokes and maybe gets killed by dexter at one point to give the audience a moment to cry and make Dexter a bigger villain.

  25. But Harry already witnessed his mother’s death and was swimming in her blood. He must be already disturbed, no need for another similar storyline: that was already done and covered.

  26. My guess is Dexter and deb will get together or something… Hannah will try to come after them. She will be one of the main villains which implies there probably would be another serial killer or villain or whatever like trinity or ice truck killer to keep the Miami PD on their toes. As far as ending goes I’d like it to be a happy one. Dexter’s dark passenger disappearing and he doesn’t feel the need to kill and finally settles down with Deb or may be Hannah if she turns out to be good which is less probable and for the tragic part Harrison will inherit the dark passenger and Dexter takes the role of Harry to teach his son the Code. Dexter’s Code!!!

    • I think a the movie fugitive like ending will be nice and dex expects his fate , and leaps into the unknown , season eight will end as foll; Is dexter alive.

    • thinking the same

  27. In Season 7, Hannah left a posionious plant outside of Dexter’s apartment door. I think Dexter will feed the posionious plant to Debra, kill her then move out of town with Hannah and Harrison.

    Quinn will remember that he have those photos of Lumin and Dexter desposing bodies at sea and decide to go after Dexter.

  28. I want Debra and Dexter together!!!! they are soulmates or something like that!! also maybe at the end dexter will die or debra

    • me too!!!

  29. What if Dexter is killed by another vigilante who kills people that kills people that would be a twist