‘Dexter’ Season 8 Details: Hannah Returns to ‘Shake Things Up’

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Hannah McKay Dexter Season 8 Dexter Season 8 Details: Hannah Returns to Shake Things Up

[WARNING: This story contains MAJOR spoilers for Dexter season 7]

Yvonne Strahovski’s Hannah McKay was a Dexter season 7 highlight – tracing the twisted and captivating dangers presented in love and serial killing. As a result, it should come as no surprise that Strahovski is now confirmed for a return in season 8 of the series – especially considering the ambiguity surrounding Hannah’s intentions in last season’s finale.

Hannah’s return was never guaranteed, as other key characters have been limited to a single story arc (Julia Stiles Emmy-nominated turn as Lumen Pierce for example), and it was always possible that the writers could choose not to include the character in Dexter‘s final season. Still, the return of Hannah (and subsequently Strahovski) is not exactly shocking, given that producers are now completing the last segment of a pre-planned three season finale arc. Since Dexter is set to conclude this year, even though Showtime was interested in future seasons, fans should expect to see the writers tie-up a number of loose ends.

EW was the first outlet to confirm Yvonne Strahovski will play a part in season 8 of the show. Now that Hannah is set to return, the questions becomes: what are her intentions for Dexter?

Yvonne Strahovski Dexter Dexter Season 8 Details: Hannah Returns to Shake Things Up

The last time we saw the character, she lashed-out against Dexter for turning her over to the police – after Hannah attempted to kill Deborah. When Hannah escapes custody by faking her own death, she takes the time to place a potted Black Orchid on Dexter’s doorstep before disappearing – leading many viewers to speculate that she would return and try to kill her serial killer soul mate.

In the EW interview, which was conducted via a back and forth with the actress on Twitter, Strahovski asserted that she’s known “forever” that she would be returning – implying her arc was in place before the writers set to work on season 8. However, the actress refused to comment on whether Hannah was out for blood or love – only asserting that the character will “shake things up“:

Given the thorny relationship between Hannah and Dexter, it’s reassuring to hear that Strahovski’s character will exist in a more complicated middle ground – not a just black or white/friend or foe dynamic. After all, despite their mutual love, Dexter and Hannah went to pretty gruesome extremes to ground their killer instincts in a functional and “normal” partnership. Maybe the second time around, they’ll have better luck finding a conclusive ending – as lovers or enemies in a cat-and-mouse game of death.

dexter season 7 finale hannah Dexter Season 8 Details: Hannah Returns to Shake Things Up

In addition to the role Hannah will play, Strahovski also commented on the possibility of a spin-off series following her own serial killing exploits:

It’s hard to imagine that a Hannah spin-off is actually in the cards – as most viewers expect the character to finish out her storyline in one of three possibilities:

  • A victim on Dexter’s table.
  • Dexter’s true love. Happily (killing bad guys) together ever after.
  • Dexter’s killer.

Prior Dexter teaser trailers promise that the final chapter “isn’t going to be pretty” and it’ll be interesting to see what other surprises the show has in store – before the story of Darkly, Dreaming Dexter concludes.

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Dexter season 8 airs Sunday, June 30, on Showtime.

Source: EW and Yvonne Strahovski

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  1. I really dont like Hannah. but this is needed to end her story.

    • Whaaaaaaat, she was one of the best things about season 7.

      Happy to see her coming back, can’t wait to see what she’s up to!

      • Seems like she might want revenge on Dexter for choosing Deb over her.

    • I liked her personally. I thought she took Dexter in a different direction as we’ve been through the same cycle over and over again after Rita died.

      • That is very true

    • You are not supposed to like her. I liked the ordeal she put Dexter through.

      • Why do you say that?

        • Because who wants to see Dexter doing what Dexter does all the time, thats not interesting, thats plain boring.

          • Lol….But isnt that the point people watch Dexter to see him do what he does best and the troubles he gets into because of it. Hannah is part of that trouble for him.

          • No it is just perfect.

    • Why dont u like hannah? shes like the combination of Lumen,Rita, Lila combined with only the good stuff.

    • They are perfect for each other and if wasnt for stupid jealous Deb, they would have been happy.

      • sooooo true

  2. I’m surprised show time is not hyping up the final season by saying this is the last season. I have showgirl,e and none of the promos say anything about it being final.

    • Cause maybe they say its the final season to attract some viewers when in reality they plan to extend the series

  3. i actually want her and dexter to end up together. But im pretty sure he’s gonna kill her.

    • He is not gonna kill her, he already tried that once and looked how that turned out. Probably scored a kid as well considering how spontaneous it was and it didnt seem like they used rubber for rounds 1 or 2. Maybe not even round 3 when Hannah thought Dexter came over for a “booty call”.

    • He will not kill Hannah, she will be the reason for his downfall.

  4. Yvonne is such a good actress. I am a huge CHUCK fan and there is such a difference in the way she plays Hannah to the way she played Sarah. I have just started watching CHUCK again and her role in Dexter does not take me out of the show in any way. In whatever role I am watching her play I believe her as that character.

    As for the return of Hannah to DEXTER it could have gone either way for me. But now that she will for sure be back I hope there is a satisfactory ending for her character. I am torn between wanting her and Dexter to ride of into the sunset, having Dexter kill her or having her kill him. Something tells me tho, its gunna end with both of them killing each other.

    • Have Zach Levi cameo as Chuck from Buy more. He flew to Miami to get away from burbank and gets hired by Joey to spy on Dexters work computer. Zach has a total deja vu when he sees hannah who reminds him of Sarah. XD

      • Thats funny and kinda makes sense but a really stupid idea.

    • Totally agree with you. She’s an amazingly versatile actress. I was fortunate to see her perform on Broadway and she was incredible. All the rave reviews were so well deserved.

  5. 1. Hannah helps Dexter kill Debra after Debra tries to turn Debr in, and Dexter will commit suicide after realizing what he has done and is umable to live with the guilt. Called it first.

    2. Laguerta’s death reactivates Joey’s Dexter investigation and ge finds out that Debra’s working with her Brother and convinces her to turn against her brother.

    • Debr= Dexter

  6. Dexter is like Batman, he already knows how to handle virtually every situation. She will end up on his table if she plays him.

    • Dexter is nothing like Batman except the crazy part.

  7. She is such a fascinating character. And likeable! I really felt for her when Dexter betrayed her. Glad she’s back!

    • Like me too. I was totally crying when he gave her the judas kiss. It was sp sad.

  8. Like everyone else I expected Hannah would be around for this final season but IMO it would be disappointing to say the least if she killed Dexter.
    If Dexter is going to die it has to be Deb who does it. I just can’t see a situation where this seasons big bad (whoever that is), a member of the whofully inept Miami Metro or Hannah kills Dexter and it feels like a satisfying conclusion.

    • What i Said

      1. Hannah helps Dexter kill Debra after Debra tries to turn Debr in, and Dexter will commit suicide after realizing what he has done and is umable to live with the guilt. Called it first.

      2. Laguerta’s death reactivates Joey’s Dexter investigation and ge finds out that Debra’s working with her Brother and convinces her to turn against her brother.

  9. Season 8 predictions:

    1. Hannah will try to kill Dexter and Lumen will save him.

    2. Doakes’ twin brother comes back to investigate his brother’s and LaGuerta’s deaths and ends up putting Dexter and Deb behind bars.

    • At least mines are plausible, yours are just…..yours.

    • stupidity at its finest…………….2. Doakes’ twin brother comes back to investigate his brother’s and LaGuerta’s deaths and ends up putting Dexter and Deb behind bars.

      • @BCBC:

        Relax… it’s only a joke, a way to get the Doakes character back on the show but I doubt it’s going to happen.

        The internet is such a humorless place sometimes.

        • thats why it is stupid if they actually did do that. They already used the best way to bring Doakes back, and that was through a flashback.

          • And it’s still a joke… unclench a little.

            • a joke implies that it is funny and urs is not.

  10. Hannah was fine as played by Strahovski. It was the hoops they made Dexter go through to hook up with Hannah that grated.

    Season 7 belonged to Carpenter. Deb had the best character arc of the 7th season

    • No..just great acting. Her arc just drew outt.

    • Season 7 belonged to Hannah and Dexter’s love

  11. I don’t know why, but this particular voting on Hannah’s Fate feels a lot like the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books :).

  12. I am sure i missed a lot of the last part of season 7 because I kept fast forwarding over Hannah’s parts. She is pretty and all but she wasn’t the kind of bat sh*t crazy that I like in these kinds of twisted shows. She just irritated me. No offense to the actress since I’m sure she is great in other shows or movies. It looks like I’ll be missing a lot during the next season as well. bummer since it is the last season :(

  13. Dexter has been devolving since season 1. He is becoming disorganized and out if control. What he and Hannah have is pure chemistry, not love. Following the trajectory of Dexter, things should not end well.

  14. For some reasons, I just don’t like Hannah. I feel like she was put into the show just to push Deb’s buttons and stir up unnecessary drama. She’s obviously a Mary-Sue with the messed up childhood, beautiful looks, and tragic relationships. If she doesn’t wind up dead in Season 8, I hope she finds some closure with Dexter and move on.

  15. Last option is out.. because hanna will leave on 9th episodes, so 3 episodes left. That leaves as True love, or dexters table.. I think neither. Deb gonna kill her. That is my bet.

  16. 6 episodes left. Hannah is billed for 3. The last few episodes show that a us Marshall will be involved. Possible husband to Hannah? Or dexters prime capturer? A boat buyer, probably going to be buying dexters boat. Why? An anchorman. Reporting on dexters capture/death/on the run? An the last episode has a neonatal nurse and a paramedic. Someone is pregnant and someone needs immediate help! This is going to be an epic 6 weeks that’s for sure.

  17. What’s wrong with all of you. Hannah was a terrible character. She was the worst of all of dexter’s love interest. Her whole story was super predictable and boring. Her acting took me out the story constantly. I honestly had to stop watching the allure cause of her and the terrible writing. After trinity the story died to me. Hannah was more of a pretty face than good acting. Maybe she did better in other roles but as Hannah she was horrible.

  18. I’m watching the 7th season now on Netflix…I have to say I get tired of Dexter’s choices in women..always going for the “DID’s” (Demsel’s in Distress)…getting a little bored with that. Just sexy (and blond) gets VERY BORING…I find myself hoping most of their characters get killed off in the series. Every time he meets a DID he says the same thing…”I never thought I could share these things with anyone…but she excepts me completely for who I am..without judgement”. So much more appreciate his relationships with some of the serial murderers he developed along the way but the women are so one dimensional, except for his sister Debra…she is cool and I find myself liking her more and more.
    Almost to the final Season 8….so will see how this all plays out…been very graphic that’s for sure. No trips planned for Miami soon..ugg!