‘Dexter’ Season 8 Characters Reveal New Plot Details

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Dexter Season 8 Plot Details Dexter Season 8 Characters Reveal New Plot Details

Now that Dexter season 7 has officially concluded, fans are left to speculate about how any dangling threads will be addressed (and possibly expanded) when the show returns in the fall of 2013. Showtime faces a tough challenge with in-development season 8, as many viewers considered this last season to be a welcome step up for the series at the very same time that showrunners are attempting to wrap-up the Dexter Morgan story.

While producers maintain that audiences could see Dexter return for a season 9, at this point, we’re still under the impression that the writers are currently mapping out the final 12 episodes in the series. Where do they intend to go in season 8? Future Dexter plot details have been very scarce but a fresh casting call provides intriguing insight into two new characters set to arrive in Miami as well as what challenges await everyone’s favorite serial killer.

It goes without saying that the rest of this article will contain MAJOR spoilers for Dexter season 7 and very MINOR speculation about the direction that the series will head in season 8.

The final episode of season 7 saw Dexter slip out of another tight spot – with a loved one once again paying the price for The Dark Passenger’s blood lust. In a fateful turn of events, Deborah is forced to choose between shooting her brother Dexter (guilty of countless murders) or her colleague Maria LaGuerta (an innocent cop) who was prepared to expose Dexter’s indiscretions. In a not-so-shocking twist, Deborah executed LaGuerta – a high profile murder that will, no doubt, be noticed by the Miami Metro Police Department.

Thomas Mathews Dexter Dexter Season 8 Characters Reveal New Plot Details

While executive producer Scott Buck previously claimed that Dexter shouldn’t have too much trouble covering up the death of police Captain LaGuerta, it now sounds as though the murder has substantial consequences that will plague the Morgans throughout the season 8 arc.

TV Line has the scoop on two new characters set to join Dexter – both seemingly hinting that a new hunt for the Bay Harbor Butcher (or at the very least LaGuerta’s murderer) is on:

First up is Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a formidable and whip smart neuro-psychiatrist in her late 50s who assists the law in profiling criminals.

The show is also on the hunt for a 40ish actor to play Jacob Elroy, a handsome and straightforward former cop who now owns his own private eye business.

It’s likely that both characters will play similar to past Dexter challenges with one operating in an official capacity (Dr. Vogel) and the other resorting to shady and illegal means (Elroy). The Vogel character could provide a dynamic reminiscent of Agent Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine) – who came close to outing Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Still, Lundy’s focus was on hard evidence where as Vogel, following the death of LaGuerta, could keep a close eye on the internal Miami Metro staff. As a result, Deborah might be a major liability in the presence of a “whip smart neuro-psychiatrist” – considering she has trouble hiding her emotions from others.

Frank Lundy Dexter Dexter Season 8 Characters Reveal New Plot Details

Elroy on the other hand should see shades of Sergeant James Doakes (Erik King), Detective Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington), and Stan Liddy (Peter Weller) – who each resorted to unlawful investigation of Dexter at one point in the series. Although, fans shouldn’t expect a character that is quite as twisted as Liddy this time – as the character sounds like a shadowy (and more physical) version of former Deputy Chief Thomas Matthews (Geoff Pierson) – who could even be the man that hires Elroy. That said, former LaGuerta husband, Angel Batista, is probably the most likely character to employ the private investigator.

Of course, Dexter’s season 8 challenges are not limited to justice-seekers as he’ll also likely be faced with the escape of everyone’s favorite lady-serial killer, Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski). Though, it’s unclear at this point whether or not Dexter’s “true love” will ultimately be a foe or reluctant friend in season 8. Despite her loathsome attempt to harm Deborah and a telling (i.e. twisted) nip on Dexter’s lip, it’s still possible that the character could ultimately have a change of heart – especially if Dexter’s life is threatened by Vogel and/or Elroy.

How will it all end? The showrunners have a tough job ahead of them – since fans remain split on whether or not Dexter should face justice for his actions, be killed-off, or remain free to wrap future serial killers in plastic.

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Dexter season 8 premieres in 2013 on Showtime.

Source: TV Line

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  1. “will dead in season 8.” spelling error alert lol l instead of a d just so you know

    have a great one

    • Cheers! I was so focused on all the “dead” people in the show I hit the wrong key! Fixed.

  2. Dexter should end with this season. Its good but becoming not on the level of other more realistic shows

    • I agree. I would rather have it end a season short and go out on a high note than to stretch it for 2 seasons in which some episodes feel like filters.

  3. nooo dexter has to go on!!! plz dont end ittt

    • I don’t like Dexter anymore, he deviated from the code by letting killer lose and killed the inocent.

      • He evolved from the code. IT was keeping him from being his own person instead of being the contained monster that his dad taught him to be. Yeah he’s killed innocent people. So did superman at one point or another. s*** happens. In my opnion this show gets better with age. Every new season is an even better thrill ride than the last

        • agreed

  4. Deborah gets the Captain’s spot. Batista comes out of retirement and gets the Lieutenants spot. I dont think any officer needs to hire a PI, when they can easily do it themselves. My guess is the LaGuerta was no dummy and left some breadcrumbs in place leading towards Dexter. Dexter will get rid of LaGuerta’s body in a different manner, as to limit his body count and point it at someone else. Dexter will ultimately stand trial only for Laguerta’s murder because of her high profile.

    • Yeah but think about how close everyone is to debra. Hiring a PI is the best way to get a non-biased view if the situation. I think batista is sending this guy to investigate dexter since hes a part of the miami metro family hes too close to dexter for him to see it from another POV other than dexter is the nice lab geek who brings donuts to everyone and is related to the boss

  5. Given the fact that by the end of Season 7, most had thought La Guerta had lost her mind accusing Dexter and was holding on to her past indiscretions with Doakes, her death will be made to look like self-defense on the part of D and D. The P.I. will be someone who was either A.) hired by La Guerta pre-mortem, or B.) hired by Hannah’s attorney, in an attempt to make a deal for evidence on the Bay Harbor Butcher. Everyone seems to forget that La Guerta helped cover up the death of a hooker as a favor for the previous Captain a couple seasons ago as well, which could come to surface, especially if Deb gets the nod as captain, further discrediting her as detective.

    • Good theory but Deb and Dexter both went back to the party after LaGuerta was killed so there is no way to make it look like self-defense without them reporting it.

  6. Scott Buck said in an interview that all strands concerning the Bay Harbour (British spelling) Butcher were closed. I don’t think it was an attempt at misdirection either. So I’m thinking more connected to LaGuerta. I still think Deborah poisoned herself (it seemed less a confession from Hannah and more a, “Okay, Dexter. I’ll let you believe that and store what Deborah did in the memory bank for a rainy day.”. Something about her smile), so that is also something that could carry over.

    Anyways, long ways off. If this is the last season, fingers crossed for a good farewell.

    • I hope your right i really liked hannah the most, and deborah did say she would do “ANYTHING” to put behind bars which includes drugging herself. hannah said she would never lie to dexter and while she may have killed and lied to others she hasnt to dexter. i would like it to end with dexter hannah and harrison all together and deborah finally leaving her alone. possibly deb tries to help dex gets in over her head and hannah is given a choice to kill her or save her and saves her and it turns to her turning a “blind eye” for her and dex to get away.

  7. I’m going to stick with my theory that Dexter should die and it should be Deb that kills him.
    Otherwise the only end for Deb will be with her in a straight jacket or Dexter kills her and IMO that will unsatisfying. Even if Dexter ends up in Argentina with Hannah and Harrison it still leaves Deb left alone in Miami as a total basketcase. So again, IMO the only way Deb can eventually live anything close to a normal life is with Dexter six feet under. 😉

    • Nice reference at the very end there. You played that well.

    • or deb dies saving hannah and dexter? that could be possible that way deb is a hero to us leaving dexter and hannah to live with each other and harrison. its a long shot but still a possibility and something id be happy with. or deb did poison herself and gets sentenced for trying to frame hanna, or put somewhere for those who hurt themselves. either way i really want hannah and dex to stay together.

  8. This last season was a bit lackluster, though the season finale was nice. I hope that this final season (and good god let it be the final season) will take the show back to its season 1 goodness, i’d love to see what the writers cook up when they enter the end game and anything could happen.

  9. What will happen to the search warrant that La Guerta had signed by a judge for GPS data on the Morgans during the Doomsdays Killer’s killing? Someone will probably pursue that – probably Batista coming out of retirement. Quinn still has a photo of Dexter dumping trash bags into the Bay. Other possible loose ends, including Hanna, will factor into final outcome. I see Deborah taking a shot at Hanna with Dexter intervening and taking the bullet – maybe – and both Dexter and Hannah dying together. Seems fitting since they both loved and understood one another.

  10. it’s DEBRA, not Deborah!!!!

    • Debra? Tell that to Jeff Lindsay. 😛 It’s spelled Deborah in the books. Neither spelling is wrong, technically. 😀

  11. Hannah is Dexter true love? Please, every time he meets a new woman he feels like he’s in love, that she’s the only one who ever understood her, the only one he can be himself with. Every single time. Remember lumin, Lila and now Hannah. He’s fooling himself every single time. His true love was Rita because he was truly human with her and sincere.

    • Yes, my thoughts exactly.

  12. my bet is that this mcelroy PI person will be the guy that deb end up with but he’s investigating her on batistas behalf. hanna will be back if not to not leave any loose ends. hopefully she will be with dex in the end. harrison seemed to take a liking to her

    • i think hannah should end up with dex as well, im hoping hannah does something awesome to get deb to stop hating her and gets her away from the law/proves her being innocent possibly arlene being the real culprit or deb admitting she poisoned herself. who knows i just hope its a happy ending.

      • Hannah was perfect for dex. so im glad yvonne strahovski is back. i hope things end well with dex and her. I loved hannah shes the only one who will understand him. Dexter and debra together is a disgusting thought and should be a disgusting thought to atleast everyone with a sibling. even dexter thought she was outta her mind. DEXTER for the love of god!!! THE SERIAL KILLER! He was like “bitches be crazy”.

        • I want to see Deb and Dexter together

  13. Time to wrap Dexter up. It’s been a good series, but its starting to feel tired.

  14. I stopped watching at S3, but have kept up with the storylines. A young lad who works upstairs from me has just watched the S7 finalé and we’ve been discussing it this morning.

    He tells me that Deb shot the Captain with her (Deb’s) own gun.

    How can Dexter get her out of that forensically?

  15. I would like to see him die or face justice. IF HANDLED RIGHT. I have loved dexter forever and i think they can do unhappy ending well, amazing. If they do it right it would be perfect but if they do it wrong they could ruin Dexter

  16. @ julie, boy are you gonna be disappointed with next season. Not only did scott buck say that they are approaching next season as if it were the last but they also said debra’s feelings for dex were but a mere catalyst plot for debra to shoot laguerta to make her easier to manipulate on dexters part. in other words debra wont feel the same way next season after the purpose of the plot was carried through. Dexter manipulated her for the purpose of survival ( like Hannahs ” do what you gotta do” which he borrowed). He does love her but not enough to sacrifice his freedom over (because of harrison). And he does still love hannah but she was a danger to debras life so he chose debras life over her.

  17. the story for S8 will SUCK BIG TIME!! enough time has been spent on putting dexter in hot water. the show was more interesting in S1 where there was a pretty good foe. in S2, the bay harbor butcher case should have been pretty much closed, yet it culminated to S7, which was incredibly dull without any major foes and some crappy criminal to deal with. S8 will be about dexter trying cover for himself and la guerta’s death’s investigations. dexter had been going downhill for a logn time. S5 was rubbish. S6 had some interesting moments, but nothing substantial. s3 was dull. s7 was absolute crap in the storyline. S8 will probably be the worst.

    • all seasons of Dexter were amazing. I feel they were very well written. I would love for Dexter to continue for another few more years.

  18. A message to the writers: you will really make me angry if you let Dexter flee. I love him, too. But OTHER ending that his punishment in any possible form will make the whole series very unrealistic. It will harm the story if you let dexter live. He should be caught, sentenced and eventually killed off.

  19. I would like to see chemistry between dexter and deb as they are not blood brother and sister. Can’t wait until June, there should be a season 9.

  20. Why wasnt Dexter should run away with Deb and Harrison on the list?

    • Maybe it’s misdirection and he will run away with them

  21. How about option #5: Dexter beats the Dark Passenger and finally manages to find a normal life? This seems to me to be what the show has been leading up to throughout all seven seasons. I really hope they stop it while it’s still good – it doesn’t need a ninth season.

    • it would be interesting for him to overcome his killer instincts and live a normal life with hannah and harrison. it would allow deb to live with herself and not worry about dex and everyone is happy in the end.

  22. Some great comments. I am always sad when a great show ends, but they can’t go forever. I think if Dexter and Deb got together, that would need longer than a season to develop. Very hard to make a satisfying end that is both realistic and allows viewers to feel that their love of the character has been honored. Can’t wait till the premiere.

    • in all honesty if deb and dex got together id be repulsed. dex and deb may not be blood siblings but they’re as good as. hannah accepted him for what he is both parts of his life, he didnt have to hide his past his side job his human side or anything, he could be 100% honest and she would still be there. i think deb poisoned herself and hannah is out to prove herself innocent.

  23. I think Dexter should end with his true love Hannah. she would be good mother and there so much passion between themXD

  24. Carpenter is an awesome actress (and might pretty to boot – but that’s secondary). She has the power to make you believe her character – which is quite absent in many nowadays lesser actresses more
    prone to “presentation” and “meaningful dialogue”. Her depiction of Debra has been a logical development of time and events and maturity throughout
    the series. As far as the script development goes, if she’s still in love with Dexter (as we are to believe) and it’s an unrequited and non-reciprocated love, what should happen next? A beauteous fairy-tale
    follow-up to the grand finale of season 7 would be for her to now seize the moment and insist upon a quid pro quo from “brother” Dexter.

    To explain. It’s apparent that Debra has a good handle on the fact that brother Dexter has a finite future. If, after the (necessary and almost predictable) LaGuerta killing (by
    Debra) he (Dex) goes into apologetic mode again (likely), then she should blandly accept his offer of reparations and apology …. and state very
    determinedly what she wants in return. She had said, frustrated and sobbing: “I know you don’t feel the same”….. so she’s accepted that her love
    for Dexter is irretrievably one-sided. A determined Debra might see an alternative solution to her dilemma. It’d be in character.

    Explaining to Dexter that she (Debra) will be bringing up Harrison in the increasingly likely event that Dexter has to run or is killed, incarcerated or executed, she
    should demand that Dexter now father a child with her so that she has a baby to remember him by (and a brother/sister for Harrison) – and, more
    importantly, something to show for her love and loyalty. It’s a theme of concern for the future that she (Debra) broached midway through Season 7.
    That claim by Debra, Dexter’s rationalised reluctance, Debra’s insistence (and the eventual consummation of the relationship) that would be a sensible and popular direction for Season 8. A budding love theme development would be a challenging opening for a writer to scope out a genuine mutual romantic love relationship to then blossom between the
    two notional siblings….. Dexter having been developing his human traits of compassion and responsibility all throughout seasons 5 and 6 and then coming to terms
    with the human depths of Isaac’s love story (and the challenges of his own ill-fated tryst with Hanna) during season 7. The intrigue would be then to have Debra develop a baby bump
    but to never admit publicly that Dexter is the father of her child.

    Whilst it might be getting away from the underlying premise of retributory gore, it would continue the direction in which Dexter has been
    progressing – albeit slowly. He fleetingly flirted with God and faith beliefs in his concerns about Harrison’s burst appendix, his son’s education
    and Brother Sam’s fate. In season 7 he discovered another dimension to himself and the frustration of having to discard the sacred code in order to
    survive and protect Debra. He discarded his dark passenger excuse for his blood-lust and abided by his promise not to take cases from Miami Metro. He took on board Isaac’s last word advice about there “being hope for him yet”. If Dex was to go on in Season 8 to suffer the torment of entreaties from escaper Hanna Mackay to scarper to Argentina and from Debra to father an “entitled” child with her, that would be to now “fund” all the simmering background now established in seasons 5 through 7 – essentially the story of a
    ritualistic killer who is ultimately developing a human character, sensibilities, sensitivities, an awareness of his failings and then relegating his dark passenger to a departed and sealed corridor of his life.

    Now that he has been “outed” as a possible Bay Harbor Butcher, Dexter must discard his sanguine preoccupations and concentrate upon the essences and attractions of
    a normal life that he has been latterly exposed to (his mortality, love, fatherhood, his responsibility for an increasingly unnerved and angst-ridden sister and the attraction of an elusive
    old-age future that he’d foresaw as a possibility with Hanna). It would only be fair to Carpenter and her considerable acting skills, if she was to be the ultimate redeeming influence upon Dexter and guide him to a reciprocal love and a much more humane persona.
    There are many more than three possibilities for a satisfying conclusion for the Dexter series. It could end on a suspenseful but ultimately unsatisfying level (the bathos of the Sopranos final cafe family gathering). The end could be a court sequel (always overdone, whether condemnatory or exculpatory). A court saga would just be too complex and superficial. The silliest (but likely) ending could be the death of Dexter in an unlikely circumstance. But if the Dexter writers were to exploit all that’s gone before, it could also be an uplifting birth of a son or daughter (or even one of each) to Debra and Dexter amidst his ultimate realisation that he’d always been in love with (and loved by) his adoptive sister. Would (or could) this ever be seen by dedicated Dexter fans as a credible turn of events?

  25. Part of me has been waiting all this time to see everybody react to finding out the truth to Dexter so, it’s a good thing all the “loose ends” havent been tied up, and yes, some kind of court scene (altho.. it’s hard to see Dexter DOING the court scene thing) or interrogation or jail thing would be interesting. It’s very hard to imagine any ending to this show :(

  26. Here is my theory….

    Dexter’s son is about the same age that Dex was when his mother was murdered in front of him. Dex has to die, this is inevitable. At whose hands is the question….

    The hitman who watched Deb leave in the season premiere could be the culprit. After all, Dex’s mom was killed by “hitmen”. Maybe he gets too deep. He is really losing his grip this season. He is lashing at and losing control of his usually compelling demeanor. I do think his son will witness the murder, thereby allowing the dark passenger’s legacy. He will manifest in Harrison.

  27. First off, let me say that I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this show over the past few years. I won’t lie and say I was a fan since day one, but the first day I started watching the show, I didn’t stop until I was fell asleep, until I inevitably “caught up”.

    That being said, I am one of the 7% that thinks Dexter should face JUSTICE, not necessarily die, I’m still split on that.

    I saw someone wrote a really long post, I’m curious to read that after this and hopefully get some good theories on how it will end.

    I believe Vogel created multiple “vigilantes” and all of them, excluding Dexter, broke the “code” and Vogel is now using Dexter as a means of cleaning them up. One thing I’m 100% certain of, Vogel is playing Dexter like a fiddle.

    Back to the wanting to see him face justice, my reason for this is, despite him (for the most part) maintaining the code, and being a great character, he’s still a murderer. He still terrorized and murdered PEOPLE, even if those people were murderers themselves. I don’t believe that anyone is above the law, even Dexter. I also want Walter White to face justice, even more so than Dexter.

    Not to mention if you took away all the people Dexter killed according to the code, he’d still be a serial killer. At least 4 innocents (Oscar Prada didn’t meet the code, the guy he bludgeoned to death at the rest stop for saying “your dead wife can suck my dick” didn’t fit the code, the guy his Rudy hallucination killed, the pot dealer, didn’t fit the code, Liddy didn’t fit the code (I don’t think, I may be remembering that wrong, but Liddy didn’t kill anyone, maybe he was close to exposing him though. Still “not getting caught” isn’t justifiable homicide in my opinion. Jonathan Farrow didn’t fit the code at all, Dexter had the completely wrong guy, it turned out to be his assistant.

    Anyway, this show is great. I forgot most of what I wanted to say. I know this is old as s***, but I was looking for theories on the end.

    If this season ends and they tell us there’s gonna be a season 9 (similar to how Breaking Bad promised us one more nice, long, final season, and then split it into two shorter-than-all-the-others seasons excluding season 1) I’m going to be really pissed. As much as I love the show, I can’t agree more that it’s time to call it quits. It’s felt really stale with the exception of Deb finding Dexter, and the LaGuerta killing. I’d say season 4 it started falling off. I will say though, this season has been a lot fresher than it’s recent predecessors.

  28. Wow, I scrolled up to read that comment, read “Deb should demand Dexter get her pregnant” and immediately scrolled down, lol, complete s***.