‘Dexter’ Reveals the Brain Surgeon, Vogel’s Secret Threat – Who Will Survive?

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dexter season 8 vogel ‘Dexter’ Reveals the Brain Surgeon, Vogel’s Secret Threat – Who Will Survive?

The familial theme in Dexter season 9 continues in this week’s episode, “Make Your Own Kind of Music”, in which the identity of the Brain Surgeon is finally revealed, bringing to light Evelyn Vogel’s darkest secret – a secret which she was unaware of until now. Will it be Dexter Morgan or Evelyn Vogel who survives the battle and is able to live happily ever after with the family they’ve always hoped for?

After 9  episodes of exploring many of Vogel’s former patients, it was finally revealed that Oliver Saxon who, as it turns out, is really Evelyn Vogel’s supposed-to-be-dead psychopath son, Daniel, is the Brain Surgeon. Unfortunately for Zach, he lost life to Daniel, but not before he was able to hide a DNA sample for Dexter to find, which helped him connect the Brain Surgeon to Vogel – which in turn allowed Daniel to finally reunite with his mother, albeit under the threat of death.

So now it’s all about family, at least for Dexter and Daniel. The two master serial killers – one birthed by Vogel, the other reared by her – are now at an impasse, as their desire to have a family will be pitted against their desire to kill. If both sides walked away right now, they would each have what they’ve always wanted and would be able to build a future. But Dexter simply cannot allow Daniel, an unruly killer, to walk free after the deaths of so many; and Daniel cannot allow Dexter, the child his mother chose over her own, to take him away from the experiencing the maternal relationship he now has.

dexter season 8 hannah1 ‘Dexter’ Reveals the Brain Surgeon, Vogel’s Secret Threat – Who Will Survive?

Vogel, too, will have a decision to make, or at least a revelation to come to. Though she now has her son, Daniel, back, he will never be like Dexter. As Vogel told Dexter, it’s his ability and desire to feel emotions that prevents him from being “the perfect psychopath.”  Since it was by her “rules” through which Dexter was able to evolve and grow beyond his murderous desire – something that Daniel never received – she will never be able to have the same type of relationship that she now has with Dexter. But at the same time, she cannot allow her son to kill Dexter, her most successful case, who has a promising future ahead of him, either. What’s a mother to do, right?

At some point soon, Vogel will likely admit to herself that she’s unable to love her son, and she will have to face the repercussions of allowing Daniel back in her life. But will it be too late? Dexter is in love with Hannah and is looking to start a life with her, and the two are ready to pack up the family (minus the “other” kids, Cody and Astor) and move away. The only thing standing their way is Daniel, or Dexter, depending how you look at it.

Though Dexter has grown and evolved into something more than just a monster, he still has his rules that he must follow, which may very well be his downfall. When faced with the choice of creating a new life with his family or following Harry’s rules, which will he which will choose? If Dexter did allow Daniel to live, would he be able to live with himself? Debra, Quinn, Angel and even Masuka are now looking to move on to the next stage of their lives. If given the chance, will Dexter be able to do the same?


Dexter season 8 returns next Sunday with “Goodbye Miami” @9pm on Showtime. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. As someone whose watched every season of this show, a big part of me is glad its ending. 5,6, and this season have been very under impressive and at points this dialogue is just awful and ridiculous. I do hope they can give these last 3 episodes a proper send off for the show and wrap it up the best way they can.

    • id say this season has actually picked it up, but i see where your coming from….Breaking Bads final season is only 3 episodes in and im hooked and going crazy waiting for the next episode, but i was surprised to realize Dexter was so far into the season, considering how little has happened in terms of a final season

    • Well said…I feel the exact way about the show. They should have ended the show after season 4. It has been a roller coaster of good and bad the past seasons. This season has been the worst writing ever. 3 episodes left…I’m keeping my fingers crossed we get a decent ending.

      • Truth, this show went so wrong after season four which for me was the high point of the show. So many directions they had open for them after killing Rita and they just played it safe. The worst part was dex banging a chick just weeks after Rita’s death that just didn’t feel right. Not to mention how horrible the finale was, why have Deb come so close to catching him just to literally be in the exact same position next season? They could’ve saved us the trouble of how horrible season 6 was by having Deb catch dex in season 5. I’m not sure what the writers are thinking but I really hope they have enough smarts to pull off 3 amazing episodes and wrap this season up nicely. Another thing is how stupid the whole Hannah love story has been, she tries to kill your sister dude, if your willing to kill your brother to protect her than it should be a cake walk to kill a girl you barely know.

  2. I agree with both of you I mean nothing really has happened yet but it did start off good like the first 3 ep but since has been kind of blah

  3. Yeah, I’m surprised by how little of anything important has happened in this season, and only now is something starting to happen. Season 7 was decent, Season 6 sucked, and Season 5 was sub par, and the seasons before were all great. This Season started off decent, but the plot became so muddled I wondered what the hell was going on and what plot they wanted to stick to (is the Hannah McKay fugitive story line still going on or what?). I’m not sure if it’ll improve, or if this is going to be a worthy finale. Because Breaking Bad is F’ing awesome right now, and everybody is talking about it, but the Dexter buzz has seriously dwindled.

  4. Finally you guys are reviewing Dexter again. Now if only you review Burn Notice again…

  5. Dexter is paying the price for it’s lazy writing style over the past few seasons.

    Now they have all of these useless 2D characters that nobody cares about. What’s worse they are starting all of these useless story lines. Mazukas daughter? I you kidding me?

    It’s pretty bad when 90% of the fan base has your “twist” figured out 2 episodes before it happens. I don’t see how they can make up for this mess in 3 episodes, but I guess I’ll be watching.

  6. As someone whose watched every season of this show, a big part of me is glad its ending. 5,6, and this season have been very under impressive and at points this dialogue is just awful and ridiculous. I do hope they can give these last 3 episodes a proper send off for the show and wrap it up the best way they can.

  7. So how do you guys think its going to end

    • maybe daniel kills hannah and dexter kills him and his mother, and maybe quinn will die and, of course, harrison and deb will be in danger.

    • Someone is going to die!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It is a horrendous final series. Of course I will stick with the final three, but after season 7 to some extent brought back its wink the audience, this has just been designed to ignore and annoy. I could point to a list of things that have been wrong with it (not least the core story of Dr Vogel and Dexter, which basically renders everything to do with Harry worthless), but Hannah and Debra having dinner together and the Vogel twist (itself even more predictable than the “big” twist in season 6) are the latest two.

    It is no longer a wish for it to end well as I don’t think the writers have had any clue from episode one. But I do hope it finds enough dignity in the last three.

    Oh, and if there is a spin off, make it ‘The Adventures of Joey Quinn’s P*nis’. There has to be some point to his existence, right?

  9. So far I didn’t think that Season 8 was that bad, but last episode was beyond hokey. The dialogue was terribe, Dexter and Deb behave way out of character and Charlotte Rampling’s performance was atrociously bad. You could tell that she’s only doing that gig for the money. And don’t get me started on the Hannah storyline…

  10. The show runners really missed the boat here. This is just more useless plot exposition that is only there to “kill” (no pun intended) time. They have marginalized characters we’ve grown to love over the last 8 years (Angel, Vince, even Quinn to a degree) They still continue to focus on Character development when the viewer already knows just about everything there is to know about these people. And they continue to force feed the viewer new characters we are supposed to care about or fear… To me there hasn’t been a “Big Bad” that truly evokes fear since Lithgow, Even Jimmy Smits was great because he was so unstable. Season 2 was great because Lundy was great and the pursuit was intense, Lyla Sucked but hey. And on top of that the story is just plain stupid. The acting is comical, there is no edge, no intensity, it feels very produced, and safe, basically everything that once made this show great is gone.
    I wish they had taken a page out of Breaking Bad’s playbook. There are no real sub plots to their final season, it’s mostly just Hank vs Walt or Jesse vs Walt, But it’s dark and to the point it’s bringing everything to a close. And that’s how it should have been for Dexter, Either make it Deb vs Dex, or Miami Metro / FBI tracking Dexter. This whole show has been predicated on the notion that Dexter will eventually get caught. And here we are with 3 episodes left and no one really has a clue. Deb finds out and turns into a serial killer too… ok fine I’ll bite, then she gets blasted with the guilt and turns into a depressed alcoholic time bomb… I actually liked that, thought that would have sent HER into a killing spree and had Miami Metro chasing her, leading to a final confrontation with Dexter where she blames him for making her that way and kills him… Great ending in my book, but after a cup of tea and a nice chat with the Alien from “Fire in the Sky” (vogel) she’s all better… SERIOUSLY !? If The show runners wanted to really do things right, they would have had Deb so distraught that she kills herself from the guilt and weight of Dexters secrets, Which in turn sends Dexter into a emotional frenzy causing him to be sloppy, thus leading to his eventual and inevitable pursuit and or capture. Leaving the view to reflect on all of the Damage he has caused over the last 8 years. The lives he’s destroyed etc.
    Instead we have this horrible love story. Which they can’t even get that right. Instead of seeing the beautiful Hannah McKay naked, we see Dexters pale ass… DAMMIT SHOWTIME !

    I for one am truly disappointed. and even with a strong finish this show has lost it for me. I split it into two categories. seasons 1-4 and everything else…

    Rant Ended :)

    • Thank You for saying how I feel about the show. :-)

  11. Seeing the last episode I am now starting to see how it’s all coming together. Yes, it’s been a slow season but based on what I am seeing it’s all going to tie together with Hannah, Deb, Saxon, Dr Vogel, Quinn, and Dexter. The writers and showrunners know it’s a slow season based on interviews around the web but according to them it’s all to set up the final 2-3 episodes. They also said, which concerns me, that the end of the series may not satisfy some fans but that they felt it was a jutified ending to the series. So based on their comments I have a bad feeling on how it’s going to end. The good thing for Showtime is that they at least have Ray Donovan to fall back on when Dexter is done. I actually like the show better than Dexter at this point.

    • If it’s going to be a happily ever after ending with Dexter driving into the sunset with Hannah and Harrison I’m gonna puke.

  12. I think the writers are desperately trying to get the viewer to make an emotional bond with Hannah and it is failing. My prediction, Hannah is the reason Dexter wants a life without murder and that is who ultimately gets killed (possibly Harrison too but I think that’s a big FU to the audience). This throws Dexter into the spiral to be fully his “dark passenger” just in case they want to do mini series or movies int the future. Should’ve ended at season 5. Have Rita’s death throw him into the spiral, Deb finds out and takes care of Harrison and the conspicuously absent Astor and Cody.

  13. I have to agree that the show started to wear after season 5. I think the show became far too formulaic after that, however, it still had some high points and redeemable qualities. The one consolation to the series ending is my wife and I can finally start reading the books, we agreed to put that off, then compare the too like the media snobs we are.

  14. Oceans of blood, losing control, painting a masterpiece, False Advertisement! The only reason I’m watching this season is because of the time I’ve invested in the show. I’ve wanted the show to end for a long time now. What they’ve managed to do is make me not care about any characters in this show, I don’t even care what happens to Dexter in the end. I wanted him to lose complete control and go out with a bang. What a shame.

    -Breaking Bad is soo good!

  15. I feel like the show should be extended another season simply because this one has been such a let down and I dont want the show to end on bad terms. I am SHOCKED that this season is so bad, I really dont know what the writers were thinking here on this one. There was more suspense in the first 4 seasons than there is here in the last season. After recovering from the mishaps of seasons 5 and 6, the seventh season was a breath of fresh air and I thought that this would have trickled into this season. However, I though wrong.

    The main problem is that there is too much going on and that the story is not entirely focused on Dexter, particularly Dexter’s end.
    I would have enjoyed some character resolution with veteran characters but lets face it nobody cares about Masuka and his daughter. The Quinn getting promoted angle could have been played off much better if it led to him catching Dexter.

    Vogel was not needed to the capacity that she has been involved. Fans don’t care about the brain surgeon.

    The writers should have had the main characaters be more involved in exposing Dexter. Made things tie and fit together, make Dexter the big bad like in season 2. Totally wrong approach here.

    As bad as Dexter got thats how good Breaking Bad got. Every episode thus far of BB has left me gasping for more. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Dexter

  16. This season isn’t “bad” like season 5, but it’s weak. Side stories all all not as interesting as Dexter’s life, then they mishandled Dexter’s emotional development. Predictable twists, weak dialogue….this show overstayed its welcome.

  17. I think the reason so many people aren’t liking this season is because they had the wrong expectations for it. I feel like most people thought the final season would be a “Dexter on the run/evading police investigation” kind of final season. Two problems with that…one, it’s been done before. Season 2 was that season, to do it again would just be dumb. Two, that’s assuming that the show is ending with Dexter getting caught or dying or something similar…and assuming is just a bad idea. Ever think maybe they’re going for some kind of happy or ambiguous ending to the show?

    I’ll admit this hasn’t been one of the best seasons of Dexter, definitely below at least half of them. But I just don’t think it’s bad like everyone is making it out to be. I still enjoy it and I’m really looking forward to the final three episodes. I just don’t think some people can be pleased. First people complain about side characters like Quinn feeling useless because they never have anything to do, and now when everyone’s getting their own storyline, people complain about that. I’d like closure on all of the characters, not just Dexter.

    • So the reason we don’t like the season is because we are dumb? That’s basically what your first paragraph is saying.

      I don’t like the season because it is an amateur presentation of a show I used to love. To add salt to the wounds, this is the last season and it’s going nowhere after 9 episodes. There is no recovery as far as I’m concerned.

      This show and the writers deserve all of the criticism heading their way. If you want to accept it, fine, but I don’t have to and I’m not dumb for not liking it or expecting a good ending.

  18. This was episode 9 of the last season, season 8, not “season 9″ Jeez