‘Dexter’ Season 8 Premieres in June; Season 9 Still Possible

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dexter season 8 premiere date Dexter Season 8 Premieres in June; Season 9 Still Possible

The wait for Dexter season 8 just got much shorter this week, when Showtime Entertainment President David Nevin revealed that the premiere will be moved up from its typical fall debut to this summer, Sunday, June 30. But don’t expect the series to end this year, because there’s still no official answer.

While speaking at the TCA this Sunday, Nevin announced that Dexter will be getting an early start this year, likely to help to bolster the series premiere of Ray Donovan, which stars Liev Schreiber as a “fixer” for the Hollywood rich and famous. The Showtime Entertainment President went on to continue not confirming whether or not this will be the final season of Dexter.

Here’s what he had to say about the possibilities of Dexter season 9:

I’m not making any announcements about when Dexter will end. Before Dexter goes on the air for their next season, there will be a clear end game in place, but I can’t talk about it. The decision of when Dexter will end is ultimately a creative decision and made on creative reasons.

If what Nevin says is true, Dexter will be coming to an end – something series showrunner Sara Colleton already confirmed during season 7: “We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender.” In fact, it’s the two-season series-ender plan that’s allowing the show to air early without affecting production. However, Nevin isn’t the only one speaking of a possible season 9.

dexter season 8 3 Dexter Season 8 Premieres in June; Season 9 Still Possible

Last month, executive producer Scott Buck said, “I don’t have an answer to that because that’s a Showtime decision.” If Showtime is saying it’s a creative decision and Dexter producers are saying it’s Showtime’s decision, what does that mean? That it’s probably Showtime’s decision. Probably. And if so, it’s likely thanks to Homeland’s success.

Showtime has a wonderful collection of original series, most which never receive the acclaim that they deserve. Since Dexter has proven to be a great lead-in, which helps to drive more eyes to new series, it’s no surprise that they’ll want to use that to their advantage while they still can. With Dexter airing early in June, before Ray Donovan, Dexter season 9 could be ready to air in January 2014, when Showtime premieres their winter series. And since the potential ninth season would air six months later, audiences aren’t likely to complain about the storyline being extended.

Although the Dexter season 7 finale certainly set things up for a likely finale, and the newly cast characters certainly point towards an ending, fans of the series will have to wait for an official announcement on the fate of Dexter Morgan and his series.

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Dexter season 8 airs Sunday, June 30, on Showtime

Source: TV Guide

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  1. Truly the best show can’t wait until next season wife and I are counting down the days

  2. Should ‘Dexter’ continue to season 9? Yes, only of Debra ia taken out. Can’t stand her anymore, as a LT she is utterly unbelievable and the endless f** and suffering is getting extremely tedious.

    • Yes! I dislike her! Especially in 7.

  3. Dexter season 9. No.
    I love the show! And I can’t wait for season 8,
    But I prefer to see a good show with a great ending, and say, man that was a good show!
    Than watching a show season for season until they have no ideas, a bad ending, or get shut down.

    • “IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU PREFER” ..”so know your role and”….

      • Totally agree. Its the right time to end. Go out while still up there. Exit in style

  4. Hi it would be so cool if dexter made it to season 9.. I don’t really watch t.v but i watched a episode on netflix after that I had to watch them all then I keep up on t.v..

  5. I love dexter. michaul really plays the character well. I will be so gutted when dexter comes to an end. I think it should go on for as long as possible, who’s to say they will run out of ideas and finish badly. it’s done really well at the mo and it could be one of the first shows that does last forever, always ending each season making you want more!
    from uk fan

  6. cant wait to see dex

  7. Unbelievable series!! Love it. Series 9 would be an outstanding announcement!!

    Prior to Dexter I could never follow through and watch a full series of anything, but with Dexter I have watched every episode loyally and even watched earlier seasons again & again.

    Every single one of my friends are now also hooked!

    Cant wait for series 8.

    • I need for Dexter to end! I am so in love with this show that I have watched all shows in the DVD format at least twice. I really need to get back to my life. However, season 9 would work for me. Unfortunately Dexter will have to die at the end. Love him or not, morally a person like this cannot live happily ever after. Sorry Dexter, but you will have to be killed off. I will miss you.

  8. I think it should go to season 9 to me it is one of the best tv shows in a long time. People just cant waite to keep watching. I know I cant

  9. I think it should go to season 9 to me it is one of the best tv shows in a long time. People just cant waite, to keep watching. I know I cant

  10. I absolutely love Dexter! I fell in love and fall more and more everyday! So happy with 7′s outcome. Now to get rid of Deb for a little while! Geesh!

    • My daughter and her boyfriend have been fans since the beginning. I, however, became one about 2 months ago. I’m so hooked that I’ve watched every single episode in just a few weeks. I love this show as well, but that has to do with Deb as much as Dexter and the others. To lose Deb would be to change the format of the show we love. Have to say,she’s as talented as the other actors.

  11. I hope Dexter goes longer than Sapranos! Longer than Mash! I love love Dexter!!! Only reason I have Showtime!!!! Please keep him going!!!!!!

  12. The best show ever

  13. I think if they have enough ideas and a quality storyline to drag it out for 2 more seasons, season 8 & 9 by all means go ahead, any further I think you may be pushing the show as much as I would like it to continue forever I would rather the plot not go stale and die in mid flight.

  14. Yes! The show shouldnt end period. this sow has been the best show i have watch in a while. Ending it at season 9 would be crazy, there is plenty of shows thats go on and on why can’t this be one of those. Dexter is awesome and should go on and on like other season series television shows. Yes! Debra should die in one of these series, shes annoying with her constint badmouth and blameing Dexter for her mess ups.

  15. I love DEXTER I hope you guys make a new season cause I love that show and me and my dad love ur show

  16. yes! i love this show and i think it should go on! I think its a great show and i dont want it to end haha

  17. I seriously hope it doesn’t end in season 8 because i got into Dexter about 7 months ago and have watched all 7 seasons, it looks like it will end by the 8th season trailer but not too sure yet. I can’t wait for more Dexter though! Watching Hannibal for now, if you haven’t had a look at it and you’re a Dexter fan I highly recommend taking a look, it’s a similar type of story line but not the same as Dexter.


  18. You are going to piss off alot of fans is you end Dexter now !

  19. We love this show!! I must say it opened my eyes to the shows on Showcase. Would love to see a Season 9. Oh ya we totally love Debra, she cracks us up.

  20. I watch one series on Showtime DEXTER! By far the greatest All-time series Showtime has ever aired. When the season ends I start counting down the days until the next season begins. Why would you end a great thing? We need a Season 9, We must have a season 9, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, SHOWTIME GIVE IS A SEASON 9!

  21. They should show Dexter try his best to get away with it all by covering up as much as possible killing off people who get in his way and breaking his code then go on the run because the FBI are on to him for killing innocent people (like Deb?)
    And season 9 should be Dexter on the run ending in a big finale/maybe him taking his own life or being killled because thats what he wants any way as he cannot live with himself for what he,s done to the innocent and guilty/ its been playing on his mind any way.
    With a massive kill spree (innocent and guilty)

  22. I think it should end in season 8, probably will with maybe 16 episodes for the final season, although there seems alot for Dexter to do to just finish ion 1 season, he needs to rethink his code he was taught, tie up some loose ends hes already left obvious he is the BHB.

    Cpt. La Guerta needs to be dealt with, and debera’s spiralling out of control, taking drugs and f***ing random dudes (in a preview I saw).

    We’re set for another AMAZING season nevertheless, Can’t wait!

  23. There is nothing better
    Let it continue.

  24. Yes they should continue with Dexter season nine and they should never end

  25. I only started watching Dexter in February this year and I’m now watching
    series 8. I’m totally hooked, Dexter he is fantastic. I love it when he talks to himself and the black humour conversations he has with his father Harry, whose facial expressions are brilliant.

    Debra is ace and the bad language she uses makes her stand out amongst her male work colleagues, you just don’t expect it a bit like not expecting a blood splatter expert to be a serial killer!

    I hope they do more seasons I don’t want Dexter to end, not for a long time thoroughly enjoying it.

  26. YES TO A 9TH SEASON! I LOVE this show and it is the only reason I keep Showtime. I don’t imagine it would affect the quality of the show if they continue it for one, even two more seasons. with the exception of the season cliffhanger, season 7 was disappointing but I see them only getting better . ‘getting rid of deb’ as some people suggest would be a colossal mistake and it’s a terrible suggestion. Would love to see Lumen return with her Darkness intact :) she was the only love interest of Dexter’s who I found to be likeable/ genuine, and lets face it, Stiles is a hell of an actress.

    showtime should cancel Homeland …it’s drivel and WILL NEVER be be fit to replace Dexter- the whole notion that Dexter is ending to make way for that show is insulting.

  27. I love this show me and my girl watch it all the time