‘Dexter’ Season 8 Premieres in June; Season 9 Still Possible

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dexter season 8 premiere date Dexter Season 8 Premieres in June; Season 9 Still Possible

The wait for Dexter season 8 just got much shorter this week, when Showtime Entertainment President David Nevin revealed that the premiere will be moved up from its typical fall debut to this summer, Sunday, June 30. But don’t expect the series to end this year, because there’s still no official answer.

While speaking at the TCA this Sunday, Nevin announced that Dexter will be getting an early start this year, likely to help to bolster the series premiere of Ray Donovan, which stars Liev Schreiber as a “fixer” for the Hollywood rich and famous. The Showtime Entertainment President went on to continue not confirming whether or not this will be the final season of Dexter.

Here’s what he had to say about the possibilities of Dexter season 9:

I’m not making any announcements about when Dexter will end. Before Dexter goes on the air for their next season, there will be a clear end game in place, but I can’t talk about it. The decision of when Dexter will end is ultimately a creative decision and made on creative reasons.

If what Nevin says is true, Dexter will be coming to an end – something series showrunner Sara Colleton already confirmed during season 7: “We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender.” In fact, it’s the two-season series-ender plan that’s allowing the show to air early without affecting production. However, Nevin isn’t the only one speaking of a possible season 9.

dexter season 8 3 Dexter Season 8 Premieres in June; Season 9 Still Possible

Last month, executive producer Scott Buck said, “I don’t have an answer to that because that’s a Showtime decision.” If Showtime is saying it’s a creative decision and Dexter producers are saying it’s Showtime’s decision, what does that mean? That it’s probably Showtime’s decision. Probably. And if so, it’s likely thanks to Homeland’s success.

Showtime has a wonderful collection of original series, most which never receive the acclaim that they deserve. Since Dexter has proven to be a great lead-in, which helps to drive more eyes to new series, it’s no surprise that they’ll want to use that to their advantage while they still can. With Dexter airing early in June, before Ray Donovan, Dexter season 9 could be ready to air in January 2014, when Showtime premieres their winter series. And since the potential ninth season would air six months later, audiences aren’t likely to complain about the storyline being extended.

Although the Dexter season 7 finale certainly set things up for a likely finale, and the newly cast characters certainly point towards an ending, fans of the series will have to wait for an official announcement on the fate of Dexter Morgan and his series.

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Dexter season 8 airs Sunday, June 30, on Showtime

Source: TV Guide

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  1. Oh,please continue the Dexter story line past season 8, this has been my absolute favorite show since season 1. I have watched every single show, and I am left wanting more after each episode! I am a true Dexter Morgan fan, and certainly not the only one by far! I need my Dexter fix to continue for as long as possible. Seasons 9,10,11, etc. Keep them coming please, Dexter has many faithful followers that would be overjoyed in the continuing story! The story lines are awesome, the characters are awesome, the writers are awesome, the show is awesome! Please take this request to heart, for mine is not the only one!

    • Dexter is not only ingeniously written, but extraordinarily entertaining. From moments of wit and humor, to disturbingly tantalizing episodes of gut and gore, this show has only proven to get progressively better! This “creep”, is more alluring than any main character I have seen in awhile (possibly ever). Whether this is due to the fabulous writers or Michael C. Hall’s astonishing acting abilities is unknown. However, I feel it’s safe to say, they chose well for not just Dexter, but the entire cast. Although I know this show “will” have an end, I hope that none of it’s fans are willing or ready for this to happen. With every twist and banter between Dex and Deb, this show is proving it’s merit season after season. I, as I hope many others, would find it tragically missed. If it does end soon, I can only hope it’s ending is as satisfying as it’s beginning.

    • Lol u are Dexter Morgan true fan.. PLS dont tell me u’ll start doing things like him :D

  2. Dexter needs to stay.

  3. Dexter is easily one of my favorite series from the past decade. Hearing that it’s going to be back in June instead of at the end of September definitely gets me excited, as does the fact that it might continue past season eight.

  4. Big fan of Dexter but I feel the show has run it’s course, S7 was an excellent set up to start the walls crashing down and end the series after 8. The show was feeling like it was stretched out with the Lumen and Doomsday, that it was just a quite good show, and not excellent like I’m accustomed to. This last season was a big return to form, each episode important and tight, and has seen it ramp up in storyline progression and I’d much rather quality than quantity. One last excellent season please.

    • I love this type of post. “I’m a big fan , but let’s end it.” LOL. Are you serious? Do people think they’re being clever when they make posts like this?

      I say keep it going forever until Dexter is gray and Debbie as false teeth!

      • people say these kind of posts because we want to see a quality show. i wish dexter wouldnt end, but after season 7 i dont see why dexter would continue. at least in the same setting.
        how would batista go about knowing laguerta died just a few days after she accused dexter of being the bayharbour butcher? would dexter kill batista too? would he have to kill mathews as well? everyone in the station would be suspicious. dexter couldnt keep working in the stationthe series would have to make a major turn in another direction to be good.
        anyway this is what happens when you change the cast of a series (by killing them off). the series changes into something other than it was. either you do the same show and it sucks (two and a half men) or like i said the show changes direction and who know how its going to end up.

        i say give us a great ending while you can and let us curse the producers for ending a good show, forget about dexter and rewatch all the seaons again in 2 years. in the meanwhile, keep looking ou for other great shows ;)

      • Agreed! Dexter should stay on the air and return each season forever and ever :) I cant get enough. Its addicting and I need my Dexter Morgan fix anually! Please don’t take Dexter away from its fans, and for anyone saying it’s run its course PLEASE keep it to your self you can just change the channel. True dye hard fans disagree and say dexter should stay!

  5. Dont forget his step kidw become serial killers thats season8. They even said its gonna be unexpected

  6. My gf and I have watched this show from the start and though we like it, it’s disappointing to hear they would consider a season 9. It’s been a good run but they’re going to suck the life out of the show if continues past 8.

  7. Why not leave season 8 open for it to go out with a Movie. like maybe have Dexter deal with all that’s going on in season 8. then toward the end start showing these kills. but Dexter isn’t the Killer. and this Killer is calling him out with these kills. Dexter finds out the code that’s being said through these kills and it say’s to “Come out and play” but even that was a code. it spells out to be “Hunt me down or be Hunted.” so that’s how season 8 would end. then maybe a year or two later a Dexter movie would pick up called “Dexter: the Dangerous game”. The movie could make so much money. maybe even start the next series about Harrison.

    • That is a great idea, although i still don’t want it to end, but a movie would be FANtabulous!

  8. Yes!! Please continue Dexter!!!! I love this series and have hooked all my friends on the series. We watch Dexter all the time now. I actually had to buy older seasons just to bring them up to speed where I am just so we could have Dexter night (instead of “girl” night) It is one of the few series that I actually keep up on. All the other shows around are predictable and boring. Dexter on the other hand has twists and surprises that you don’t expect. You can never guess what Dexter Morgan is going to do. So we beg…Please don’t take Dexter off. Bring a Season 9 on. Can’t wait for 8 to start in June.

    Thank You!!

  9. Please continue Dexter!!!! Not only have I grown Extremily fond of the show but I also have learned a lot about forensics, this helping me in my criminology class. Continue the genus.

  10. Do as much dexter at possible!!!!!

  11. I can not even handle thinking about one more season of Dexter. The show has clearly been going towards the finally, and I think I am ready for it to happen. It needs to happen soon. If done well enough, 9 seasons would be fine, but 8 would be better.

    I recently rewatched the entire show, and trust me the end is coming.

  12. Dexter is the reason i have showtime. Atleast go to an even ten seasons before cancellation.

  13. one possibility for next season is that debra and hannah have a common ground now. they are both killers, so maybe dexter ends up with his future after all.


  14. So now Capt. Laguerta is killed by Deb who seems to be saving her brother’s life, therefore, she has embarked the branch where Hannah had just left. Hannah indeed has had a great influence on Dexter and may get back with him in Argentina. It is without doubt that Miami Metro Police Department will now need a new Capt and Batista will just have to choose between his restaurant and police job. Quinn hopefully will be able to settle with his misfortune with women, hopefully with Deb as they seem to still having some budding feelings. Masuka will get all the sexy interns that he wishes to hit upon and eventually become a professor.

    I think that Season 8 should be the last one whereby all emotions are salvaged. Dexter needs a life too and his dark passenger needs to disappear with a healthy life along with Harrison and presumably Hannah.

    Without doubt Showtime has one of the best TV shows ever and in order to retain the beauty of the creation and performance of Michael Hall is just outstanding, howeve, all great series need to have an end unlike few ones who just do not know where to stop (Grey’s anatomy or bold and the beautiful).

  15. Dexter has great clarity, that’s why people keep coming back. The whole production is predatory and seems to cross all kinds of moral lines. As everyone who likes this show, it is top quality. The folks behind the series care about what they are doing and pay attention to details. The show is natural even when it’s over the top. The style is wonderful, clean and original. Dexter can continue, perhaps even in another location. I think it’s just a rather hard series to keep doing, especially at this high level. It is generating a great revenue, so money seems not to be an issue. It all depends on creativity and the actors want to continue. Ultimately if the production goes on, the core of the show must remain true to itself, allowing it to grow once again in another unexpected direction.

  16. I see no reason to consider ending this series at all. The basic mechanic where Dexter just tries to outsmart the police, murder murderers and avoid detection is entertaining by itself.
    Why would it have to end?

    Who needs a conclusion? Its still fun to watch.
    THAT is all that matters.

  17. Please continue the serieus. Because of Dexter I know how to cover up my murders and I want to continue doing more.

  18. Make another season, or you’ll see the plastic sheets in your house.

  19. I love Dexter so much. This is one of my favorite shows. I would love for there to be a season 9.

  20. Absolutely LOVE Dexter!
    PLS do season 9!!!!!!!!! Pretty please?????

  21. Dexter.. The series that gives moral dilemmas and internal processing of viewer emotions from every angle. Brilliantly written. Not sure if there will be a season 9, nobody is, but yes it is true that there would have to be a major shift in the storyline to continue it.. ie: Dexter and deb are on the run and change their identity through a secret contact in the bureau who has ties with the CIA, and end up in Amsterdam.. or some such other European country. Little did they know that their benevolent benefactor is indeed working for the CIA and ends up sending Dexter on ‘errands’ in europe or risk losing their cover.. Dex finds himself in a double bind, wanting now to take out the black ops agent who indeed turns out to be CIA, but at the same time protect deb from more chaos, her now thinking that she and dex are OK having Dex’s son now being looked after her and strangely a romance developing between dex and deb .. (the ultimate mind bending semi taboo relationship we have come to expect from the dexter series) While Dex is running ‘errands’ around europe .. Deb is holed up in Amsterdam finding plenty of surprises.. and ending up finding her own form of justice to deal with what appears to be petty street crime and strange characters taking advantage of others.. which of course can only get her into a world of trouble.. a world that she hates.. but now with deb working to clean up her neighborhood and find justice for ‘the little people’ as well as learning to ‘lighten up a little’ Dex has bigger problems on his hands.. he must use every resource at his disposal to fight… What could only be described as an International Underground wahere the lines between politicians, morally corrupt war criminals and people who are stuck in a system where they cant get out. Episode 1.. Going Global. ;-) Meanwhile.. Batista is on the trail of La Guarda’s murder.. and something is leading him to Europe.. he just does not know what. Will Batista take the plunge and search for answers.. will dex be able to fight the powerful new enemies he finds himself facing.. wil dex and deb finally get it on~! Only time will tell. Lol .. Fanfic. Such a frustration it isnt a real script ;-)

    • that really makes a good fanfic .. lol

  22. Oh.. and .. In season 9 episode 2 .. Batista does find and catch up with Morgan.. wanting revenge.. but upon finding out that it was in fact Deb and not dex who did the tragic deed.. as well as getting caught up with some mafia types while on the trail of dex.. a strange new alliance is made.. with batista calling in a favor from agent quinn. Rival segments of the underground are now at war and those who would seek a successful solution within the higher up agencies depend upon these four to take out the crime bosses similar ti Isaak Sirko who dex had a run-in with previously. Dex and this unlikely band must now, with the help of rogue CIA agents and mysterious helping hand for their bank accounts.. change things which effect the future of the planet. Leading them on a journey which even see’s them visiting the most unlikely of places, dramatic locations, far east, Russia, Africa… Hmm. :-D

  23. Dexter is f******* amazing hope they keep goin ahhhh f****** awesome don’t want it to end ahhhh!!!!!

  24. ok forget my last message imagine a bunch of naughty words and me lovin this show and a lot of words starting with the sixth letter of the alphabet lol this show rocks have lots of people hooked.

  25. haters you know what off and lover lets roll with it wish i could speek my mind sjdfksdfjaslkfjs; ers ahhhh love to meet face to face kitties ~~~~

  26. i believe that dexter is one of the best shows ever on tv. it is so creative, entertaining, and shocking- every episode. i pray it stays on much longer than just one more season. the cast is unbelieveable and are some of the best actors on tv history!

  27. I am in love with this show but as much as I love it we all know it is to come to an end at some point…I’m going to hate when the show ends but I am hoping so much it will be an awesome ending!

  28. best show ever the more I watch, the more I want. Dexter forever.

  29. A lot of American shows don’t know when to quit. I love Dexter too, but I’m starting to dislike the character of Dexter so much that I’m no longer invested. In my opinion the writing has become weaker since the end of the fourth season. Three was a bit of a lull overall, but a nice complimentary character-developing middle piece. The end of season five was rushed and sloppy, and it just continues in that strung together fashion from there. Six had its highlights, and some interesting characters, but I don’t feel challenged as an audience member anymore. Seven was strange – great acting – mediocre writing. It seems the show is just spinning its wheels – definitely as far as Dexter’s arch is concerned. I don’t feel like anything is bubbling anymore despite the monumental “things” that occur from time to time. (sigh) Ah money makers… impeding on what was once really good art.