‘Dexter’ Season 8 Premieres in June; Season 9 Still Possible

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dexter season 8 premiere date Dexter Season 8 Premieres in June; Season 9 Still Possible

The wait for Dexter season 8 just got much shorter this week, when Showtime Entertainment President David Nevin revealed that the premiere will be moved up from its typical fall debut to this summer, Sunday, June 30. But don’t expect the series to end this year, because there’s still no official answer.

While speaking at the TCA this Sunday, Nevin announced that Dexter will be getting an early start this year, likely to help to bolster the series premiere of Ray Donovan, which stars Liev Schreiber as a “fixer” for the Hollywood rich and famous. The Showtime Entertainment President went on to continue not confirming whether or not this will be the final season of Dexter.

Here’s what he had to say about the possibilities of Dexter season 9:

I’m not making any announcements about when Dexter will end. Before Dexter goes on the air for their next season, there will be a clear end game in place, but I can’t talk about it. The decision of when Dexter will end is ultimately a creative decision and made on creative reasons.

If what Nevin says is true, Dexter will be coming to an end – something series showrunner Sara Colleton already confirmed during season 7: “We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender.” In fact, it’s the two-season series-ender plan that’s allowing the show to air early without affecting production. However, Nevin isn’t the only one speaking of a possible season 9.

dexter season 8 3 Dexter Season 8 Premieres in June; Season 9 Still Possible

Last month, executive producer Scott Buck said, “I don’t have an answer to that because that’s a Showtime decision.” If Showtime is saying it’s a creative decision and Dexter producers are saying it’s Showtime’s decision, what does that mean? That it’s probably Showtime’s decision. Probably. And if so, it’s likely thanks to Homeland’s success.

Showtime has a wonderful collection of original series, most which never receive the acclaim that they deserve. Since Dexter has proven to be a great lead-in, which helps to drive more eyes to new series, it’s no surprise that they’ll want to use that to their advantage while they still can. With Dexter airing early in June, before Ray Donovan, Dexter season 9 could be ready to air in January 2014, when Showtime premieres their winter series. And since the potential ninth season would air six months later, audiences aren’t likely to complain about the storyline being extended.

Although the Dexter season 7 finale certainly set things up for a likely finale, and the newly cast characters certainly point towards an ending, fans of the series will have to wait for an official announcement on the fate of Dexter Morgan and his series.

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Dexter season 8 airs Sunday, June 30, on Showtime

Source: TV Guide

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  1. Correcting my previous message.
    Dexter should make season 9 and a happy ending.Dexter has worked hard enough and finally become the human hoped.The show has been amazing from day one.I sincerely think that the fans of Dexter wish to see him happy.

    • absolutely agree

  2. Dexter has been a great I feel for many people,I know it has been for me,and I honestly feel that there should be a happy ending for the man who has worked to feel “normal”. Normal is a way we all want to feel and I think all the fans including myself would love to see a happy ending,because the ending we have now is not a happy one.
    Hopefully we will see that in a season 9 and we can leave dexter on a happy note and put Deb and Harry to rest!

  3. I just found Dexter last month and have watched it round the clock for the first 7 seasons…just starting season 8. As a HUGE FAN of the show, my selfishness hopes there is a season 20! I hated when MASH went off the air, Sons of Anarchy is fading off after next season, and this just doesn’t sit well with fans. If the actors want to move on to other projects, I fully get that, but ending a show just for the sake of ending it always feels like an empty space.

    • I agree with Steve please don’t end the show Dexter unless Michael C. Hall starts feeling ill since he did have cancer. But if he’s feeling well he should continue to be the fictional character Dexter Morgan.
      Nearing the 8th season I was feeling sad because Dexter was all alone no Hannah, no Harrison, and of course no Deb. Please let Dexter find happiness.

  4. Can’t Pull Myself From Watching Dexter. The suspense and psychology is awesome. For me it has revealed insights into my life and the lives of those around me.

  5. I really wanna see dexter happy I wanna see that ending with Hannah and Harrison that it is suppose do be because it just broke my heart that Debra died I really love this show it’s the only one I use my Netflix for so yes please make a season 9

  6. If u guys remember the series Sherlock made by bbc, bbc confirmed that it shouldnt be any more seasons. the fans was complaining and now they have an new season. this is what will happend to thiis series ;) Showtime will loose “fans” on not doing it, an tv companys main goal is to follow the community for advise ;)

  7. Best show ever

  8. Me and my boyfriend has been PRAYING that there will be a season 9 I watched every single season and absolutely loved it! It keeps you thinking “What’s gonna happen next” I looooveeeee this show and I really hope there is a season 9 this year ! I wish I could just call the actor whom played dexter and convince him into doing another season ! Lolbs!

  9. Oh my god. I love this show so much and I get why they had to end it the way that they did but it was seriously terrible having to watch that finale after all of the time I’ve spent on this show… I seriously say alone bawling my eyes out.

  10. Dexter definitely did not fulfill the viewer in its conclusion. The finale was entirely too rushed along with having no true closure. The show must go on

  11. Showtime has good entertainment but for some reason every time they have a new show coming out they manage to cut the one that you like why Dexter if it had some much good reviews and everyone loves it. Please bring another season a least.

  12. there should be a season 9 and a happy ending for dexter and deb i think season 8 finale should be a dream for dex with a season 9 including deb

  13. I would love for there to be a season 9 . It was a great show and season 8′s ending was honestly a disappointment I love this show and was praying for a happy ending with Hannah and Harrison to live as a family in Argentina and be happy and I was upset this wasn’t the ending even though I know it’s what every fan was hoping for. This is why I wish there to be a season 9 where dexter finds and goes back to Hannah and Harrison

  14. I just finished season 8. I’ve watched every season in about a week and a half. Couldn’t stop. I hope they put out a season 9. Dexter needs a happy ending with deb in it. I did not like the end of 8. Maybe they Need to get new writers for the finale.

    • in season 8 … deb must kill dexter !!!!
      this is the best final table for morgan’s life..
      but where is loumén in this end of story ————) i like here , she need to be part of the end!!!

  15. I would subscribe to Showtime if they bring back Dexter. The ending was so rushed it was so anti-climactic. Showtime is more interested in bringing in new if not unproven shows that they’re willing to get rid of one of the better shows on TV. There needs to be a season 9 with a better ending than the one they produced.

  16. I love the Dexter show!! The way season 8 ended makes me think they will make a season 9. I think it’s the best show ever and would love to see more. PLZ MAKE SEASON 9!!!!!!!

  17. I might be greedy, but I want to see more season 9,10, 11,12 and more if possible..I love this show

  18. Dexter is by far the best show I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it should end with him losing everything and being away from his son. There should at least be a follow up season with him reuniting with Hanna and his son Harrison. He’s worked so hard for a happy ending and to be normal that I feel we deserve to see what he’ll make of it.

  19. Will season 9 start

  20. dexter needs a better ending, dexter has come only so far he deserves better.

  21. I hope they make a season 9 of Dexter and bring Deb back to life,,,,,, With Jennifer Carpenter playing the role again

  22. Please make another Dexter that’s my favorite tv show I haven’t watched nothin else since I started that so please post back on my question ….keep faith for season 9

  23. I really hope after this difficult Dexter will have to watch another series

  24. Please!pleasePlease bring Dexter back! I am obsessed and can’t think that I have watched the final episode! I was so taken by the finale I just burst into tears and honestly could not stop. Michael C. Hall is a phenomenal actor; he draws you in and you just can’t get enough of him! I know Deb can’t return but I am truly going to miss her character! She is also a master at her craft. As a matter of fact the entire cast was so well casted for their parts and characters….an amazing job of putting this series together.
    But…….we need more Dexter; please don’t let this be the end.

  25. You just have to have Dexter. I have to have Dexter. I enjoyed that show ever since I happened upon it changing channels. A serial killer who kills serial killers, was absolutely unprecedented. I am a movie buff and I haven’t watched a series in years. They were always predictable. New ideas had seemed to be in the past. When I saw Michael I fell for him because he had a heart in even though he would murder people. There was something about the rest of the cast in their roles and they all seemed to fit just right. I love all of them. If you can watch this show with the understanding that of other serial killers need to be killed except Dexter, you will enjoy this TV show immensely.

    Who ever is bringin’ it, keep up the good work.


    Pastor Partin Lawton

  26. I hate to burst everyone’s bubbles, but I think the show should end in one of two ways: Dexter eventually gets caught and is put to the death by law; or, he randomly gets killed in action by karma. Otherwise, great show!

  27. I want season 9 to come as the end of season 8 was just a dream and deb lives and him and Hannah and Harrison live on or kill on but a good ending none of them die GRRR

    • hahahahh thts what i was thinking when i saw the end we need more seasons tho:(

  28. Ok we want Dexter to come back and Debra too.
    The very last episode when Dexter put Debra’s
    body in the ocean could just have been a bad dream
    and when Season 9, episode 1 comes out Dexter can
    be waking up out of a nightmare. Then we will
    have them both back.

  29. Please make a season 9.. The ending was terrible please redeem yourself this is the best show tv/Netflix has ever had to offer. Please and thank you