‘Dexter’ Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series – No Season 9

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dexter season 8 premiere date Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

After months of contradictions regarding the future of Showtime’s hit series, CBS Corp. president Les Moonves confirmed this week that Dexter will come to an end after season 8. But even with news coming from the top, is there still a chance that everyone’s favorite Dark Passenger could return for season 9?

While speaking at the Access Media, Internet & Telecom Conference in Palm Beach, CBS Corp.’s longtime boss referred to this year’s June premiere of Dexter as the “last season.” Although this news goes against what Showtime president David Nevin has been saying, it does fall in line with what producers of the show have been saying for over a year.

In December 2011, Nevin kicked-off the final season confusion, saying that the show’s writers and producers were already working on a way to bring Dexter to an end in season 8. As we now know, Nevin’s initial comments were a result of an agreement he made with producers to push the final season of Dexter to season 8 instead of season 7, which was the original plan. One month later, Nevin began trumpeting the possibility of a Dexter season 9. It wasn’t until June 2012 that Dexter producers finally weighed in on what’s really happening.

dexter season 8 3 Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

Five months after Nevin’s comments, longtime Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton revealed the fact that, after agreeing with Showtime to delay the final season by a year, the show would absolutely end in season 8:

From the very beginning, when I first started developing the pilot, I always knew it would be a seven-year arc for this series. I feel easily that we can be an eight-year show, but I never want it to get old and stale. I want us to go out on a high and everybody on the show is determined to keep the level of it up to the very end. It’s always wise to know when it’s time to leave the stage before you’re asked to leave the stage.

After Colleton made her comments, what followed was a series of back-and-forth, contradictory statements from Nevin and Colleton about the future of Dexter, essentially creating a confusing non-battle between the people who make the show and Showtime, the company that pays for the show. Considering Dexter was one of Showtime’s first to receive such high acclaim, it soon became obvious that the cable network didn’t want to let go of their golden goose, even if producers (and fans) knew that it was time to exit.

So what about the future of Dexter? Is season 9 still a possibility?

dexter season 7 buck the system 3 Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

Even though word came down from the head of CBS Corp., which owns Showtime, there’s still a slim chance that television’s trend of uncommon “sweetheart” deals (Charlie Sheen & FX; Robert Kirkman & FIC) could lead to Dexter returning for one more season. Although Dexter season 9 is highly unlikely, whatever events are likely to happen in the upcoming (now final) season will certainly draw fans – old and new – to the series, raising ratings. So with the possibility of being able to show the “aftermath” of whatever might happen in season 8, you can’t completely count out Showtime from continuing a good thing. After all, Nevin spoke about Dexter season 9 just two months ago.  

That being said, with Showtime set to roll out two new series, Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex, in the coming months (among other projects), it’s likely that Nevin and others will begin to focus on their other (hopefully) hit series and allow Dexter to exit as planned. But if there’s anything that seven seasons of Dexter has taught us, it’s that you can never guess what the Dark Passenger will do – or be “forced” to do – next.

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Dexter season 9 premieres Sunday, June 30 @9pm on Showtime

Source: Broadcast & Cable [via: Entertainment Weekly]

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  1. I miss Deb. Now what am I going to watch?

    • I almost passed this must see series because of the plastic wrap on Dexter’s face advertising it. I thought it looked different so I started to watch this show like it was an obsession. I needed to see what happened next and now that I’m coming of what appears to be the end of the show on my Netflix, I am so disappointed. It would be awesome if Dexter continues on.

    • She flat lined in the hospital. By the time they were on the boat, her skin was already growing pale. The air bubbles were just what was left in her body making their way out. It sucks because Deb was one of the best characters on the show. But it made sense. Dexter banishing himself made sense too, it’s just that the final episode could have used a bit of better writing so it didn’t come off like it did and leave this sour taste in your mouth.

  2. i used to pass this show up all the time until one day i decided to watch it and it became like an addiction i couldnt shake lol. well after watching the final episode it was rather depressing to know this awesome shw would finally come to an end. now with the way the show ended really left me speechless. in all honesty i couldnt see dexter living like that for the rest of his life at all so even though i know it will never happen please bring dexter back for one more season because i want to know what happens with hannah harrison dexter and everyone else. i want to also know if they finally find out that dexter was the bay harbor butcher!! other than that this show was awesome

  3. After reading the articles above I was confused because at the very bottom it said season9 premiers on June 30th at 9pm

    • That’s exactly what I’m wondering about. Typo? Did he mean season 8?

  4. I would love to see a season 9! I was so addicted I watched every season on Netflix and need to see more of Dexter. I want to know if he will ever see Harrison, Hannah and hopefully Deb again!

    • Their is a chance Deb could come back for Dexter and Harrison

  5. None of the options happened…
    Dexter should continue with season 9
    Dexter should be left free to continue hunting serial killers
    Dexter should die
    Dexter should face justice for his crimes

    Instead he lives a worthless, crappy life in a disappointing ending.

  6. Dexter needs to come back there is no other tv show that can compare or come close to it. Ever since season 8 finished my husband and I have nothing to look forward too. We were so down and disappointed when the season came to an end and the the finale was announce. We have high hopes of Dexter returning it would be amazing;)

  7. I love the Dexter series. It was the only reason I paid for netflix and I don’t watch tv but the show was different and I loved it, would hate to see them stop showing it ;(

  8. ;_;
    R.I.P Dexter series 9, truly missed.

  9. Oh my god… I just watched the end of the final episode of season 8… I would have picked anyone but Deb to die save for Dexter… I have a hate/love relationship for the ending of my favorite show but nontheless, it was a thrill and quite a ride over all these years to see Dexter from into a human being with feelings. They were always there.

    • I have recently watched the last series of Dexter not realizing that there have been seven series already made, i will purchase these on Amazon. I think Dexter is a fantastic series and i was glued to my sofa and watched 93 episodes within three weeks. Please, please showtime bring back Dexter.

  10. Put dexter back on air!!!!!!! Beat series I’ve ever watched and I cried at the end when the series was over. LET DEXTER HANNAH AND HARRISON COME BACK!!!!!

  11. The saran wrap and blood spatter used in the promos creeped me out, so I never bothered watching ’till I started watching on Netflix 3 months ago and became hooked. Final episode left me devastated. The whole cast, especially Jennifer Carpenter did an awesome job of acting.

  12. There is no way dexter can end like that! It’s to good of a show for it to just end like this. You guys need to make a season 9.

  13. Wow. Sad to see them end Dexter like that. He should reunite w/ his son and Hannah. But leaving the ending like that was smart. That was an epic ending. Especially w/ the storm.. 1 word. Epic. 9/10

  14. I know I speak for many many people who have discovered this wonderful show. And that is that it is an addiction and frankly I am really saddened that it has to end. I really really hope they continue this show. Think about this, they only had 8 storylines since there is one storyline per season. Why would the “quality” have to suffer if they continue on? The show gets better and better every season. There are so many interesting characters on the show which make the show even more interesting. There is so much holding this show together that it should continue. It’s been a very very long time since I felt this way about a TV show. I think the producers of the show grossly underestimate their huge fan base. Showtime has a huge money winner here. Why would they want end it now? For those of who only watched it on NetFlix those 8 seasons went so fast and we are begging for more. They need to seriously reconsider bringing back the show for the fans and for the wonderful actors who deserve to continue on.

    • I agree. Maybe the writers of the show needed to take a break and allow for some time to re-charge.

  15. I have been watching this show since I spotted it during the release of season 2, every new season I have tunned in for ever episode, and have been hooked in a way that few other shows manage to do. Now that the show has come to an end, I wish I could follow Dexter on but if it has to end its as good a way as any. Very sad though, the show will always have a special place in media for all who enjoyed it.

  16. I am very big fan of dexter it has to be continue i am from PAKISTAN people watch dexter trust meee season 9 am waiting

  17. You guys need to do season 9 plissssssssssssss

  18. there should be a 9th season to really see what happoned
    when deb died and how that affected dexter.
    dexter had a change of mined to leave and lead a clean
    life so i want to see how that goes after being possessed with

  19. Bring dexter back!!!

  20. I have been addicted to this show for so long. Now that’s it’s done I feel like I lost my family! Why did they end it! Grr it was a great show with great characters. Nothing else will compare! :(

  21. I need more dexter.. I am begging.. I can’t be left with not knowing.. Please..

    • Your 100% right im only 17 and its my favorite show ever ive seen every episode twice i would like to see what happens to dexter,Harrison,and hannah

  22. Greatest show I have ever watched hands down. Nothing will ever compare to dexter. I am praying for a season 9 to come out or even a season 10 11 12 and so on … Please don’t let us down. I have no desire to watch anything else !!!

  23. Anyone noticed the “Dexter season 9 premieres Sunday, June 30 @9pm on Showtime”
    At the bottom?

  24. This show was better the prison break, breaking bad, sons of anarchy.
    Honestly this wasn’t the ending I was looking for and the
    Producers know this. Other that this is by day my favorite
    Show. The cast is great. Jennifer and dexter were great. I
    Wonder if debs personality is the same on real life.
    Season 9 please, trust me people will watch. Just make it
    A good ending.

  25. I see it this way. The writer/producers created this character that became ridiculously popular that they don’t want to risk another season. Leave it a 8 I think it’s the best. Greatest show

  26. Please put dexter on air. It’s the only show I can compare my life with.