‘Dexter’ Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series – No Season 9

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dexter season 8 premiere date Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

After months of contradictions regarding the future of Showtime’s hit series, CBS Corp. president Les Moonves confirmed this week that Dexter will come to an end after season 8. But even with news coming from the top, is there still a chance that everyone’s favorite Dark Passenger could return for season 9?

While speaking at the Access Media, Internet & Telecom Conference in Palm Beach, CBS Corp.’s longtime boss referred to this year’s June premiere of Dexter as the “last season.” Although this news goes against what Showtime president David Nevin has been saying, it does fall in line with what producers of the show have been saying for over a year.

In December 2011, Nevin kicked-off the final season confusion, saying that the show’s writers and producers were already working on a way to bring Dexter to an end in season 8. As we now know, Nevin’s initial comments were a result of an agreement he made with producers to push the final season of Dexter to season 8 instead of season 7, which was the original plan. One month later, Nevin began trumpeting the possibility of a Dexter season 9. It wasn’t until June 2012 that Dexter producers finally weighed in on what’s really happening.

dexter season 8 3 Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

Five months after Nevin’s comments, longtime Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton revealed the fact that, after agreeing with Showtime to delay the final season by a year, the show would absolutely end in season 8:

From the very beginning, when I first started developing the pilot, I always knew it would be a seven-year arc for this series. I feel easily that we can be an eight-year show, but I never want it to get old and stale. I want us to go out on a high and everybody on the show is determined to keep the level of it up to the very end. It’s always wise to know when it’s time to leave the stage before you’re asked to leave the stage.

After Colleton made her comments, what followed was a series of back-and-forth, contradictory statements from Nevin and Colleton about the future of Dexter, essentially creating a confusing non-battle between the people who make the show and Showtime, the company that pays for the show. Considering Dexter was one of Showtime’s first to receive such high acclaim, it soon became obvious that the cable network didn’t want to let go of their golden goose, even if producers (and fans) knew that it was time to exit.

So what about the future of Dexter? Is season 9 still a possibility?

dexter season 7 buck the system 3 Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

Even though word came down from the head of CBS Corp., which owns Showtime, there’s still a slim chance that television’s trend of uncommon “sweetheart” deals (Charlie Sheen & FX; Robert Kirkman & FIC) could lead to Dexter returning for one more season. Although Dexter season 9 is highly unlikely, whatever events are likely to happen in the upcoming (now final) season will certainly draw fans – old and new – to the series, raising ratings. So with the possibility of being able to show the “aftermath” of whatever might happen in season 8, you can’t completely count out Showtime from continuing a good thing. After all, Nevin spoke about Dexter season 9 just two months ago.  

That being said, with Showtime set to roll out two new series, Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex, in the coming months (among other projects), it’s likely that Nevin and others will begin to focus on their other (hopefully) hit series and allow Dexter to exit as planned. But if there’s anything that seven seasons of Dexter has taught us, it’s that you can never guess what the Dark Passenger will do – or be “forced” to do – next.

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Dexter season 9 premieres Sunday, June 30 @9pm on Showtime

Source: Broadcast & Cable [via: Entertainment Weekly]

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  1. For the fans of the entire WORLD, any UFOs currently flying over Area 51. And me. You have to bring bac anther Dexter season 9. What afantastically MIND BLOWING Show. When Rita died. I was in megger mind melt down mode. But now with the fantastic Hanna. We all need MORE.Dexter could be hiding out as a canadian lumber jack! Camaflarged beautifully. UNTIL almost found out and tracked down like a wounded animal by. Canadian in red ranges. BUT escapes 7eral times. Slowly makeing his way to The lovely Hanna, and Harrison in…. Argintina. Producers and money men.The WORLD wants this… Lets just DO IT. The fans will love ya. Trev on goldcoast.

  2. Dexter has just had the worst nightmare of his life. When he wakes up, he rushes to the hospital and Deb is still alive. She never took a turn for the worse and never went into a coma. Now, Hannah and Harrison don’t have to leave the country because everyone that was looking for her is dead. He keeps his apartment and his boat and gets his job back at the police dept. Enter……season 9.

    • now this ending is what id expect or atleast dexter to get to hannah ,throwing deb in the water i thought shed wake up and sy dex wtf this is a huge let down worst ending so glad i watched the whole 7 seasons at once otherwise id be more upset!!!come on this show has more to give even maybe a movie for a end anything better then him a stupid lumber jack??

    • agreed deb need to be in season 9

    • I have to say this is not a bad idea for a come back. Love the show. Bring it back and finish it with a movie that would be an awesome idea. Come on SHOWTIME people want this.
      People will love you for ever.

  3. Dexter show is a very exciting 18 need to continue on with the season 9 what season 10 season 11 and so for that is one heck of a show Dexter is the man let it continue it is a very good oneif anyone gets in trouble Dexter know how to get out of it very good that what makes the show a very excellent in one keep it going please I beg of you or Dexter will get you next.

  4. Please!please!please! Bring Dexter back!! I have enjoyed many a dramas, but there’s always been a time for them to go, with the exception of Dexter!! It’s amazing!! There’s always the unexpected factor that plays out and makes this series so addicting. Please don’t leave me in wonder about what happens next… Being back Dexter!!


  6. I don’t think Debra should have died. A little disappointed with the ending. I would love a season 9 only if Deb had lived. To bad the ending kind of ruined my love for the show.

  7. Super pissed terrible ending to season eight there better be a season nine I want dexter and Hannah to be together or somthing because everyone is not gonna be satisfied intill they are

  8. I think that Shotime should go for a season 9, don’t worry you won’t be asked to leave the stage.

  9. Only a person like Oliver would end Dexter this way. The corporate mentality that smiles like a deranged psychopath had to be the one to discontinue this fine show. It’s one that could go on forever like Lucy, The honeymooners, Archie but no, ya gotta shoot yourselves in the foot and get us all pissed off at you!
    C’mon, at least do a season 9……… PLEASE!

  10. It would be a discrase to the show to let such a good series end with such a crappy season season 8 was boring and i mean it was just bad they really should make a season 9 to make up for it

  11. I think they should make season nine where the bay harbor butcher comes back and since dexter is not a forensic guy no more he can not throw him off and they eventually catch im and he gets the electric chair like when harry took him to see that one guy

  12. I;m so saddened by the fact that Dexter has ended at season 8. I think there is plenty of life for more and more seasons! There really needs to be a season 9 of Dexter. Maybe have season 9 be Dextre being unable to find Hannah and Harrison.. he’s on the search. They both think he’s dead but when he finds then months and months later Hannah has already moved on! Be creative people..! Dexter shouldnt be over.

  13. How could this be the end? It is most defiantly not in Dexters nature to abandon his son, even if he thinks he is the problem! He knew that he was changing and he would always try to fix something. If they don’t bring back Dexter they should make a new show called Harrison and he can take over and learn the code from Hannah! I would be fine with either.

  14. I actually don’t want a season 9 unless it involves something along the lines of dexter waking up and deb is still alive as the ending of season 8 gutted me like a fish i can’t still believe the writers would do some thing like this to such a major character as sad as it sounds I’m still in mourning as they didn’t need to kill her off killing rita was bad enough without killing deb.

  15. Make a season 9! For the fans please, you just can’t let dexter live a lonely life ! He should find his way back to his son & to the women he loves ! Hannah

  16. How is this even right? little Harrison ends up with Hannah in Argentina. Bad choice! Hannah is a serial killer and fugitive. How is that doing to play? What was Dexter thinking in leaving his son with Hannah. Eventually, Hannah can get extradited. Deb dead. Please Season 9. It needs to happen. Season 8 went completely wrong all the way once Dexter lost his focus when Hannah came in to the picture.

  17. Please bring back dexter for season 9

  18. If there is a way for the public to help urge a new season, any way at all, I’d do it.

  19. lets just take a minute to think about this. Dexter drove his boat into the storm. some how survived. he then took in the identity as a candian. he left his son and hanna for them to be safe from him simply because he truley believes that his way of life does nothing but destroy the lives of those he cares so much about. But here is the flip side that i dont know if all of you had remembered. when dexter was speaking with his father he ended up saying the need has lessened whilst he is with hanna. now one way to look at this is that he can change the way he is and be a normal person. and another way to look at this would be that he now has formed an unhealthy attachment to her and if he stays around her will be able to nothing but kill including innocent people. he has done it before so what is to stop him this time. sure he only killed an innocent if it ment that he might get caught but he still did it. lets get back to my first point the being a “normal” person. Now ask your self this one question. be be truthful to yourself. do you really want to see dexter as a normal person sipping coffee in the mornings taking his kid to school driving in car pool and all that pother boring regular day to day life crap. or would you like to see dexter give into his dark passenger again? really think about this people. i know i have. my solution to this great yet upsetting ending to season 8 of dexter is to go into the future. think about harrison. his father was a killer. mentaly unstable. whats to say that little harrison didnt inherit this part of his father. or was reta such a good person that it destroyed any chance of harrison obtaining this part of his father?i think not. i think like father like son. and on that note i think there should be another season. one where the father teaches his son at a young age, just like his own father did for him, the code. yea i know its a long shot but think of the possibilities here. think of how many other shows/seasons can be created with this idea. i know id watch it. and im sure true die-hard fans would do the same. there is alot of back and forth on wether or not there should be anything after season 8. i think why not. just go for it you will make money you will have thousands of fans cheering you on as you make another season.

    for now i am off. i thank all of you who took the time to read my little thought train here. if you have anything to say or add to this then by all means say it. id like to get as much feedback as possible if you are all so inclined.

    Michael Pevie

  20. Dexter is no way near done! so many great possibilities for another 1 or 2 or 3 series. pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase! :)

  21. Dexter Boinks Deb

  22. Dexter Dank’s Deb and she bears his Ginger fruit..

  23. Dexter gets Deb pregnant and moves in with blondie . They both are cool with dexter s darkppassenger. And dexter wipes out some latin serial fools

  24. Season 9 or Dexter movie!

  25. This is my idea for Dexter season 9. As Harrison gets older and still being raised by Hannah, Hannah starts to observe traits of Dexter and ponders the possibility that Harrison might become some type of killer/serial killer. Hannah desperately tries to locate Dexter for guidance. Hannah also finds out she’s pregnant and traces it back to the last intimate encounter will Dexter. Knowing that she’s carrying Dexters baby knowing they both have killer DNA, Hannah is torn whether to keep the baby. Still running from the Law the Marshal is getting close to finding Hannah.
    Thank you for reading,

  26. Dexter never leaves things undone-the last episode was done in such a way to obviously leave the door open to a sequel or spin-off. So, let’s get going! Dexter fans are chomping at the bit. Oh yeah-the beard has got to go!!

  27. I believe that the way in which Dexter was decidedly an utter disappointment. The series and season were fantastic but this story is left with unanswered question like does Dexter no longer kill, does he reunite with Harrison and his love in argentina, and just in general”what happens to him!!!” Simply leaving him as a logger alone in some unknown place is a very sad way to end this killer of a series.

  28. shows like bonanza ,gunsmoke.examples went on for years, why not dexter breaking bad was my favorite show .since I watched dexter that became no 1.why quit now keep the show going.

  29. Best series on tv