‘Dexter’ Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series – No Season 9

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dexter season 8 premiere date Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

After months of contradictions regarding the future of Showtime’s hit series, CBS Corp. president Les Moonves confirmed this week that Dexter will come to an end after season 8. But even with news coming from the top, is there still a chance that everyone’s favorite Dark Passenger could return for season 9?

While speaking at the Access Media, Internet & Telecom Conference in Palm Beach, CBS Corp.’s longtime boss referred to this year’s June premiere of Dexter as the “last season.” Although this news goes against what Showtime president David Nevin has been saying, it does fall in line with what producers of the show have been saying for over a year.

In December 2011, Nevin kicked-off the final season confusion, saying that the show’s writers and producers were already working on a way to bring Dexter to an end in season 8. As we now know, Nevin’s initial comments were a result of an agreement he made with producers to push the final season of Dexter to season 8 instead of season 7, which was the original plan. One month later, Nevin began trumpeting the possibility of a Dexter season 9. It wasn’t until June 2012 that Dexter producers finally weighed in on what’s really happening.

dexter season 8 3 Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

Five months after Nevin’s comments, longtime Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton revealed the fact that, after agreeing with Showtime to delay the final season by a year, the show would absolutely end in season 8:

From the very beginning, when I first started developing the pilot, I always knew it would be a seven-year arc for this series. I feel easily that we can be an eight-year show, but I never want it to get old and stale. I want us to go out on a high and everybody on the show is determined to keep the level of it up to the very end. It’s always wise to know when it’s time to leave the stage before you’re asked to leave the stage.

After Colleton made her comments, what followed was a series of back-and-forth, contradictory statements from Nevin and Colleton about the future of Dexter, essentially creating a confusing non-battle between the people who make the show and Showtime, the company that pays for the show. Considering Dexter was one of Showtime’s first to receive such high acclaim, it soon became obvious that the cable network didn’t want to let go of their golden goose, even if producers (and fans) knew that it was time to exit.

So what about the future of Dexter? Is season 9 still a possibility?

dexter season 7 buck the system 3 Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

Even though word came down from the head of CBS Corp., which owns Showtime, there’s still a slim chance that television’s trend of uncommon “sweetheart” deals (Charlie Sheen & FX; Robert Kirkman & FIC) could lead to Dexter returning for one more season. Although Dexter season 9 is highly unlikely, whatever events are likely to happen in the upcoming (now final) season will certainly draw fans – old and new – to the series, raising ratings. So with the possibility of being able to show the “aftermath” of whatever might happen in season 8, you can’t completely count out Showtime from continuing a good thing. After all, Nevin spoke about Dexter season 9 just two months ago.  

That being said, with Showtime set to roll out two new series, Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex, in the coming months (among other projects), it’s likely that Nevin and others will begin to focus on their other (hopefully) hit series and allow Dexter to exit as planned. But if there’s anything that seven seasons of Dexter has taught us, it’s that you can never guess what the Dark Passenger will do – or be “forced” to do – next.

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Dexter season 9 premieres Sunday, June 30 @9pm on Showtime

Source: Broadcast & Cable [via: Entertainment Weekly]

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  1. It can’t end….let Dexter continue… I not know how but the storm not kill him then nothing can

    • It can’t end. :( at least, not the way it did in S8! So open ended. So many possibilities. How could one of the best shows to ever air to stale in a 9th season??? Bakana. Impossible.

    • please please please continue to season 9, i no the storm is suppose to be the end of dexter but then you see him come back to that apartment and sit down and then it just finishes. so your leaving it open to continue from you cant just leave it ending like that!!

  2. Dexter needs to continue until the viewers are done with the series. It’s to much of a hit to not continue..

    • Let Dexter continue to season 9

  3. It just can’t end. Theres more to it I can feel it. I’ve been hooked ever since I started watching this show. Cant say how many times I’ve watched the older seasons while waiting for new seasons, but It has become like an addiction. Everyday I need some Dexter or I’ll collapse. I’ll be looking forward to season 9. I cant wait! Don’t let us down ending the show on season 8! It just can’t end! IT CAN’T END!!!!

  4. Dexter is a super hero with no costume kills for justice i have been a fan of dexter. i would love to be even an one episode of Dexter hit me up if you guys make season 9..

  5. Just saw the finale episode. Not much left for Dex in Miami, but pleease, just one more “Dex goes Argentina” anything, just to tie things up.

    (Written by one addicted Dex fan begging for scraps)

  6. If Dexter changes his identity for his lumberjack S09 lifestyle.. Maybe just give the show a new name too!
    That way you don’t tire out or tarnish the success of the Dexter brand but lead on us followers old and new to a brand new chapter of hero/killer mayhem. Either way.. Great show guys. Will defo buyo the box seto!!! Congrats again!

  7. I loved the show very much to where Dexter become my code. Please do not end it, or I won’t know how to hide my things up. My life all depends on him. So longing for season 9 and please do not let me down. Sincerely from Japan.

  8. You guys have no idea how much I want a season 9!! Pleease!

    Feeling empty inside. :c

  9. It’s hard for me to follow any series show from beginning to end. Dexter kept my attention all the way through. The finale was sad for me. No more Dexter to look forward to…. Maybe a movie encore to bring it all together? No recaps, just moving forward, and ending with a definite feeling of closure for the fans.

  10. Anyone think that maybe Michael C. Hall doesn’t want to do it anymore?

    That would suck.

    • Wow, I’m from the Netherlands and Dexter is the best series I’ve ever seen! I was so sad during the final moments, it ended all so dramatically! I’ve watched all the seasons and I was completely taken aback by the way it all ended! I really, really hope there will be a season 9.

  11. Season 8 and series finally was not what I expected. I can see the possibility of a series branching off of Dexter for old and new fans. The death of Deb gave closure to his ties with Miami but what about Hanna an his son. I don’t see how he can just leave them. As I see it there are too many and wanting more and so many other killers that Dexter could take out. Congrats on a great series start to finish.

  12. I am very disappointed in the way Dexter ended last night. So open ended. So many possibilities. This was a very sad episode, I just wish that it could continue on. If all old and new fans are still here, why not make a ninth season, see where the ratings are, and then go from there. It just can’t end the way it did. I am so sad that it’s over, I think I just might start the entire series over again. *sigh*

    In the episode “Are we there yet” I was sure season 8 was the last one, but that we’d get a spinof with Zach. But when Zach was murdered, I don’t know.. I was getting used to the thought of season 8 being the last one, and the last one without a spinoff, but now, after the last episode. Man, no way! It can’t end like that!
    IT JUST CAN NOT END LIKE THAT! The look Dexter gave in the end is enough to keep me waiting for a season 9! I’m thinking how he tries to live a quiet life, without killing, but in the end of the first episode of season 9 the dark passenger comes back.

    Dexter can’t end until Dexter is dead.

  14. With all do respect to the Dexter series, which I love so much, Season 8 and especially its finale were criminally awful. I hate saying it, I’m completely a glass half full kinda guy about shows and movies, and I want to give Season 8 the benefit of the doubt, but I just can’t, it is tied for worst season in the series. Not even being dramatic, I wholeheartedly believe that, and I think it’s hard to disagree; the writing, direction, plot holes, even some acting by the minor characters, were consistently poor/lazy and the ending was so flacid my reaction was just “ok…I guess that’s it then…”. For this reason, I really want a Season 9, to do JUSTICE to the Dexter series and end it with the integrity that Season 8 should have, especially following such a strong comeback in Season 7.

    To the Dexter Team (on the .001% chance you’re reading this), and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything, but please don’t leave us with Season 8, please give us the finale we deserve and are pining for, as die-hard followers we want more than ANYTHING to watch the incredible series that YOU made come to a fitting and deserving conclusion. We are all on the same team, we all want the same thing, so please make it happen and let a Season 9 be that Dexter-worthy conclusion.

    • I agree with you…we need a way much better ending than that…

  15. I love Dexter bring him back!

  16. Plz just one more season!!! JUST ONE MORE!!!!!!!!

  17. They killed off deb so as far as I am concerned the show is over and I wish and I never watched it. If you wanted to make an ending that tons of people would hate, congratulations.

    • that is true, i cant believe they killed off deb, i guess in a way it was to close off all ties he had with miami and move away to argentina with hannah and his son harrison but then you see him living a quiet life by himself so you see you cant end the season because you have left it open to so many possibilities it would be a shame and a waste if you just end it like that…

      ( please make season 9 even if it is the final after that atleast us FANS will be happy )

  18. …I really love Dexter, I wish they can at least make a movie out of it, or better Season 9…

  19. Dexter season 8 is too open ended. The show must go on at least one more series with a closed ending, you at least owe the viewers that much.

  20. You tards really think its the last season? Ofcourse there will be another one, hence they left it so open-ended. I agree with some ppl, I think the ending was bad, they should have showed him from afar, creating suspense and wonder for the public if that’s him or not.

  21. Please bring Dexter back. The best show on tv. I love Dexter and all the actors,great show !! I will really miss this show !!

  22. I would love a season 9 but honestly I’m just burned out. I really loved rita. You guys screwed that up. Then you guys kill off deb. As much as I love dexter I was hoping him and deb would team up.

  23. Please let “Dexter” continue another Season 9. That is why I bought Showtime, to watch “Dexter”. “Dexter” has a purpose. He needs to be find his way to Buenos Aries to be reunited with his son, Harrison, and his future wife, Hannah. Dexter’s life and all the main characters have to end the “Dexter” series clean and positive! Dexter needs to have his life put together at the end when the series end. This was not done in Season 8. Therefore, there has to be at the minimum, a Season 9, for this to happen. Showtime producers of “Dexter”, will not regret this, and the Showtime crowd will also not regret this. I am telling you the truth. You will still make a profit for a Season 9. You Showtime executives can do it and make it work! Please, please, do it!

  24. the biggest dissapointment of the year………..come on!!! what joke!

    Season 9 with debra and dexter coming back……PLEASEEEE!!!!!!

    gez i still cant bealive that they killed debra, and put dexter on exile.

  25. Dexter is the best series i have ever watched!!! it cant end here we want a season 9

  26. The end to season 8 was the worst thing ever. i have never been so disappointed my whole life. As a fan who watched all the episodes, good and bad, showtime provides the shittiest ending ever. There better be another episode to compensate and make a better ending. If theres another season, I don’t know if I would bother watching it, considering how poorly the season/series ended.

  27. I think you should continue season 9 with his sister as a side kick instead of his father.

  28. It is mean to end Dexter with this open end. I guess there will be no season 9 but I’m not a 100 % sure.
    Maybe the producers first want to know how many people would like another season, only by using websites like this.
    If they have balls, they end it right here.

  29. Dear Producers, Writers, actors, actresses, and anyone else who is involved in the making of the show “Dexter.” My name is Katie White, I am from Massachusetts and I am here to give you reasons why Dexter needs to continue for one maybe two more seasons…or until i’m like 80 and have Alzheimer’s and can’t remember what “Dexter” even is. I don’t think you all would want to have the bad reputation of knowing, you ending Dexter would be the cause of my mental insanity. I am currently going to college and I am doing quite well so far, but this all is about to change due to me losing Dexter. I know I know, ” It’s just a show” BUT ITS MORE THAN JUST A SHOW! Dexter is my Sunday life. If my Sundays get thrown off, that’s it, my whole life will be thrown off. I will end up a college drop out, live off of welfare, get fat, and every time i hear the name “Dexter” my heart will bet slower and slower until i die. Oh and let’s take back the whole killing Deb off thing. Let’s just make that an awful “vision” we’ll call it that Dexter had and he decided to leave Miami, with Deb still alive, because lets be serious that was a terrible idea. It’s OK though, i’ll forgive you, but only if you bring Dexter back for more seasons. I am so appreciative of all of you, you have done fantastic with all of the seasons, minus the ending of this one, so let’s just get back on that horse and make more seasons! Love yall and let me know as soon as your decision is made! Or not. I’ll just try to stay optimistic for now, because i have faith in all of you making the right decision and because my insurance doesn’t cover enough for me to get therapy! =D