‘Dexter’ Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series – No Season 9

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dexter season 8 premiere date Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

After months of contradictions regarding the future of Showtime’s hit series, CBS Corp. president Les Moonves confirmed this week that Dexter will come to an end after season 8. But even with news coming from the top, is there still a chance that everyone’s favorite Dark Passenger could return for season 9?

While speaking at the Access Media, Internet & Telecom Conference in Palm Beach, CBS Corp.’s longtime boss referred to this year’s June premiere of Dexter as the “last season.” Although this news goes against what Showtime president David Nevin has been saying, it does fall in line with what producers of the show have been saying for over a year.

In December 2011, Nevin kicked-off the final season confusion, saying that the show’s writers and producers were already working on a way to bring Dexter to an end in season 8. As we now know, Nevin’s initial comments were a result of an agreement he made with producers to push the final season of Dexter to season 8 instead of season 7, which was the original plan. One month later, Nevin began trumpeting the possibility of a Dexter season 9. It wasn’t until June 2012 that Dexter producers finally weighed in on what’s really happening.

dexter season 8 3 Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

Five months after Nevin’s comments, longtime Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton revealed the fact that, after agreeing with Showtime to delay the final season by a year, the show would absolutely end in season 8:

From the very beginning, when I first started developing the pilot, I always knew it would be a seven-year arc for this series. I feel easily that we can be an eight-year show, but I never want it to get old and stale. I want us to go out on a high and everybody on the show is determined to keep the level of it up to the very end. It’s always wise to know when it’s time to leave the stage before you’re asked to leave the stage.

After Colleton made her comments, what followed was a series of back-and-forth, contradictory statements from Nevin and Colleton about the future of Dexter, essentially creating a confusing non-battle between the people who make the show and Showtime, the company that pays for the show. Considering Dexter was one of Showtime’s first to receive such high acclaim, it soon became obvious that the cable network didn’t want to let go of their golden goose, even if producers (and fans) knew that it was time to exit.

So what about the future of Dexter? Is season 9 still a possibility?

dexter season 7 buck the system 3 Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as End of Series   No Season 9

Even though word came down from the head of CBS Corp., which owns Showtime, there’s still a slim chance that television’s trend of uncommon “sweetheart” deals (Charlie Sheen & FX; Robert Kirkman & FIC) could lead to Dexter returning for one more season. Although Dexter season 9 is highly unlikely, whatever events are likely to happen in the upcoming (now final) season will certainly draw fans – old and new – to the series, raising ratings. So with the possibility of being able to show the “aftermath” of whatever might happen in season 8, you can’t completely count out Showtime from continuing a good thing. After all, Nevin spoke about Dexter season 9 just two months ago.  

That being said, with Showtime set to roll out two new series, Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex, in the coming months (among other projects), it’s likely that Nevin and others will begin to focus on their other (hopefully) hit series and allow Dexter to exit as planned. But if there’s anything that seven seasons of Dexter has taught us, it’s that you can never guess what the Dark Passenger will do – or be “forced” to do – next.

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Dexter season 9 premieres Sunday, June 30 @9pm on Showtime

Source: Broadcast & Cable [via: Entertainment Weekly]

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  1. I want another season of Dexter! I mean seriously! Does dexter go to Argentina to be with Hanna and Harrison? What happens to everyone? I wanna know what happens! Dexter can’t leave Hannaand hHarrison like this. That’s not not right. Dexter should be happy too. He has a son and he love of his life. Serial killer or not Dexter should be happy too.

    • Please bring back dexter with Michaul C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. Let Dexter have his sister Deb back….

    • there should be a season 9 of dexter because season 8 ended in such a cliffhanger it makes me angry. it was too vague of an ending and needs to be drug out further instead of ending the way it did. I was very displeased with the ending. it’s as if the producers just wanted to get it over with because everything happened so quickly.

    • Hey man i think you have right, serialkiller or not, he is still an human, there have to be a better ending.

  2. Dexter is a psychopath who doesn’t know an emotion. The fact that he’s deeply in love with Hannah agitates me because that can’t happen in reality. A sociopath can’t love, they lack sympathy, empathy, and most of all they have no conscience. The only thing Dexter may do is admire the beauty of something because of it’s meaning (his blood slides), not someone. I don’t understand how he would care so much about Harrison either. However, I would enjoy to see a season 9.

    • Hi, sorry to disagree with you, but Dexter can feel what the rest of us ‘normals’ feel as emotion … he just expresses it in a different way … just think back to the original series when he got married … the ‘feelings of love’ he displayed were much the same as the rest of would normally feel (ie. protection for our loves ones, a ‘warm’ glow when looking at the family group, a desire to mentor the kids through his ‘parenting’ period [such as it was] … and his love for his son … etc) …

      so, although he is most definitely a society described ‘sociapath’, I firmly believe he falls under a slightly different category as an ‘empathetic’ sociopath … that is, one with a few ‘normal feelings’…

      anyway, for that it is worth, that is my “two bobs worth” [an old Aussie saying for that is my opinion, but does not necessarily need to be agreed with by anyone else)\

  3. I seriously did not like the way they ended things I feel that either deb or dexter should have died while one of them have a happy ending. I would have been ok with deb dying and dexter going back to Argentina with his family. But both deb and dexter got a sad ending. I couldn’t believe that deb died and I really wished she hadn’t because she was my favorite character and didn’t deserve an ending like that.

    • As Harry said, and numberous others – Dexter’s life will never end well, his character is toxic.

  4. great story and great end. A happy ending was no option. For no one. Everybody payed the highest price, crime doesn’t pay indeed, not even if comes from love (Deb).
    I found the character of Rita very very annoying expecially after the marriage, very borig; Hanna: (next to Chuck she is ok but to tall for dexter =)) i didnt *felt* the love story at all. i was so glad she was gone in the previus season.
    Debra.. great, just great character and im afraid that if she is dead, the serie is dead for good too.

    • I agree with you finally someone will say how annoying Rita was, wow! specially after the marriage, I was hoping Dexter kill her for being such annoying plain Jane.
      However Hannah was alright.
      Deb, absolutely a great complement to this awesome show. She was somewhat annoying but being the younger sister is understandable, but at times she got to be a pain really, but I was highly disappointed when she died, it was not necessary cause they made it seemed that she was getting herself together so why not give her the chance?
      Dexter should have gone with Hannah and his son and just ended by controlling his urges and loosing his dark passenger.

  5. I got into this show years late but I had heard things about it. I absolutely loved it. I just got done watching the whole series for the second time. Although, I don’t like how they ended it. The plot was alright but how the executed it was terrible. Awkward might be the word. But anyways, I would absolutely love a season 9. Although since Deb is gone, I don’t what much of a season that would be. I also have to mention that even though I love Dexters character or course, I’ve been pretty bothered about the whole he can love people now thing. I mean, even though it kind of pulls at your emotions like a “WOW even a psychopath can learn to love” type thing, it’s not realistic. If he were really a psychopath or sociopath, he would not be able to love. There would be no changing him. He would have no sympathy, empathy, conscience, etc. it’s not the best idea to give off the thought that people like that can learn to love lol. But again, I absolutely loved dexter and my life will be made if they ever make another season.

  6. The show is phenomenally outstanding! Dexter should go to Argentina to meet up with Hannah and Harrison as miracles happen, miraculously when Debra was thrown over into the ocean she woke up up but doesn’t know who she is. She got picked up by coast guard who was out there due to tropical depression Laura .

    • Omg I could not agree more! If there is a season 9 it will not be the same without deb. They should somehow incorporate her back into the episodes!

  7. I need Dext to go find Harrison!!!
    I cried at the end, ): .
    Plus Hannah has been lumbered with his kid.
    Season 9 please?!!

  8. I was totally thrown off by the ending! As a matter of fact, I can’t get to sleep because I keep dreaming of what could’ve been. Holy cow, it was just a TV show! But the ending was affected me tremendously. It was somewhat ingenious, though. It played very well with watchers’ psychology, because you were thinking the show was going to end a certain way, and WHAM! in a 10 minute time period the mind was whipped around to something that you weren’t expecting at all. I literally, just sat in silence once the show ended in disbelief. I think they should at least have a Dexter mini series to see what brought him to the west coast to become a logger. How’d he get out alive? I’ve sort of left feeling a bit empty. LOL!!!


  10. Well then. Did Deb really just get the plug pulled without another f**** bomb going off? There cant be a season 9 without her. But a blood spatter analysis to a tree chopper, really? You could’ve ended it better. This show has made my life better for sure. Amazing script i really felt connected to the characters. Im in shock with the ending. But the ending isnt soo important because i bet your forgrtting the best parts like i did. The barbie doll head on dexters fridge, the fake heroine act with lilah, lumen coming back to miami, trinity killing rita, debs f bombs. Soo many memorable scenes. Dexter, “the ordinary donut guy”, played dexter well. Season 9, where are you?

  11. as a fan who watched every episode of this hit series and waited long hours for every season to premier the final episode left me wondering (from bay harbor butcher to stone cold wood chipper killer) just lurking in the dark

  12. there NEEDS to be a Season 9. the way Season 8 ended was trippy. I mean how did he escape the crash ? everything NEEDS to be explained & Dexter needs to be able to live happy with Harrison & Hannah.

  13. Have Dexter fine his love and son in Argentina. Then he finds out his young son is killing puppies.

    • that would be perfect

  14. they got the date wrong if it’s in june the last sunday would be th 29th june 30th is a monday.

  15. So is there a season 9 or what!!!!???? This show needs to contine!!!!

  16. I missed the season finale but from what I have heard Deb died. There should definetly be a 9th season to bring Deb back to life and then make her the serial killer and cure Dexter so that they switch roles.

    • not possible, dexter dropped her in the ocean…

    • That’s a good one. Deb can become the killer, Dexter go with Hannah and be happy. After all he was just a little boy when his father taught he was a psychopath, he raised him to believe he was but after he matured is only fair to realized he wasn’t, that he was actually a normal man capable of love, when he decided he didn’t need to kill Saxon that’s when Deb should come and take place to either be the killer or the Hero, Dexter move on to his new life and the show continued.
      Or maybe Dexter come back from one of those dreams where he taught he threw Deb to the ocean exactly how they did it but that it was just a dream. Deb will come out of coma.
      There’s so many ways to Change the story.

  17. I have been waiting for season 9 but I guess were just not gonna get it.

  18. I am livid right right now I cannot do without season 9 of Dexter, I have so many unanswered questions.I have never been into a series like this it will make people want to petition to bring the show back.

    • i think i will stop watching showtime if dexter does not have season 9!!!

  19. There needs to be season 9! I love dexter it can’t end like this, I am so hooked on it, I cant live without it! Season 9 pleaseee happen.

  20. Please bring back Dexter’s Deb Jennifer Carpenter on Dexter…and give dexter his sister back…

  21. Please add a season nine dexter is the best show I’ve ever watched I’m hooked.

  22. I understand where the producer is coming from by not wanting the show to get boring and stale but does she know that it is nowhere near there!?! They’re actually not even in the same zip code! I loved Dexter. It made me wonder if Dexter keeps killing, if he ever runs into his son Harrison or Hannah since the memory of his dad does at one point remind him that he has several aliases. Maybe Harrison is somewhat like him seeing as that his stepmother is the poison queen lol. There are too many loose ends here I feel like they rushed the ending. An article gets published on the newspaper about Dexter missing but nothing on his sister Deb? The famous ex-lietunant who “mysteriously” disappears from the hospital she was connected in? It was just very messy, it could have ended with the same cliff hanger just with more detail as to what everyone else’s life was at the end, we do not even see how Quinn is doing. Since it didn’t I do believe they should come out with another series and who knows maybe not a series but a movie and focus the plot on Harrison. There is a lot more that could have been done to please the audience here. WE are all very loyal Dexter fans and it seems so unfair! Do something PLEASE!!!!

  23. I really need for Dexter to come back! I keep thinking of all the possibilities! Dexter should go to Argentina with his family so Harrison won’t feel like he is missing something! I’m sad that Deborah died but she could always come back as his “conscience” like Dexter’s father once played since dexter didn’t need him anymore! He needs Deb though!

    • What an excellent comment! I totally agree. Maybe both Dexter’s father and now his sister can team up and help and guide Dexter. That would be the perfect way to bring back Deb. That thought never occurred to me but now that you mentioned it I think it’s a wonderful possibility. Wouldn’t that be cool if they were already planning to do this. My girlfriend and I watch “Haven’ which is another mind-bender but nothing can take the place of Dexter, except Dexter. Like most people here not having Dexter to watch is worse than when NBC cancelled the original Star Trek and the fans had to have a massive writing campaign to bring it back for the full 3 years. Come on Mr. Hall, give the “people” what they want.

  24. I would love to see a season 9. or even a short season.

  25. I need to know what happens after season 8 !! Please don’t stop dexter season :(

  26. I want Dexter back :(

  27. Freaking hated the ending of season8. If hhe were to choose the weaker path, he’d of done that after Rita. And btw, wth? He was a father to those kids wether biological or not… They had as much right in his life as Harrison, if not more. I get the simple life, but you tossed Dexter under the bus on that. And what you did to Deb…

  28. Please bring back dexter this is the best show on earth epic, historical. Deb needs to be brought back.I cant go on without dexter