‘Dexter’ Season 7 Teaser: Everything Exactly As It Should Be?

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For six seasons Dexter Morgan has held a unique ability to keep fans of the show on the edge of their seats. Each time you say to yourself “this is the episode where he finally gets caught“, he goes and proves you wrong. His ability to maintain a career as a forensic blood splatter analyst within Miami’s police department, raise a son on his own, and still be able to secretly satisfy his addiction to killing, is a huge part of the allure that has kept the ratings of Dexter at a more than respectable level.

Some would argue that the sixth season of Dexter was its most nail-biting season to date. The final scene in the season finale was eye-popping enough to have fans salivating over what will come next. Rest assured, for Dexter season 7 is on the horizon.

The latest teaser trailer doesn’t offer much in the form of visuals, though it’s enough to keep us intrigued. It features an all-black screen and that has a bloody incision run across. The incision eventually forms the letter “T” and we hear Dexter recite the message “Maybe everything is exactly as it should be.” What the “T” will ultimately represent during the season’s progression, and what Dexter is referring to in his voice-over, are unknown at the current time.

Dexter, which stars Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under), began shooting for the latest season last Wednesday, and heads into season 7 with a few new cast members in the mix, including Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone) and Jason Gedrick (Backdraft). Gedrick recently became available after HBO’s cancellation of Luck , and will reportedly play the owner of a Miami-based gentlemen’s club.

dexter20spooky Dexter Season 7 Teaser: Everything Exactly As It Should Be?

Season 6 of Dexter featured phenomenal performances by additions Colin Hanks (yes, Tom’s son), Edward James Olmos (Stand and Deliver) and hip hop artist Mos Def, but left many lingering questions heading into season 7. Questions such as:

  • Where will the relationship between siblings Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and Dexter end up after Deb learned of Dexter’s dark secret?
  • Will Dexter continue to keep his “dark passenger” under control, and be able to maintain both being a father and serial killer without anyone else learning of his secrets?
  • Will Quinn’s (Desmond Harrington) life continue to spin out of control after his break up with Deb, and how will his partner, Batista (David Zayas) continue to cope with him?
  • How will the roles of both Stevenson’s and Gedrick’s characters effect the latest storylines of Dexter?
  • How is it that Dexter is able to continuously purchase absurd amounts of plastic tarpaulin without ever being suspected of anything?

All these questions (okay, maybe not that last one) will surely be answered during the 7th season of Dexter, which returns to Showtime on Sunday, September 30th at 9 PM.

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  1. personally, i don’t care about any plotline except Dexter’s. They are too boring.

    • I don’t find them boring, but they are definitely inferior to that of Dexter’s. But you can’t say Masuka’s stories are boring, the guy is hilarious.

      • I love Masuka, he’s so inappropriate that you tolerate it because he simply doesn’t care :P

  2. Seven seasons already? No wonder they canceled CSI: Miami. Horatio Caine should have caught him years ago!

  3. Reading you up there….Not sure if you watched Season 6,cause it’s was just Nail biting BAD ! And it’s not just me who feels so !

    Anyway..glad it was still exiting for you,as I wish,Dexter would return to form after a mostly bad season 5 and 6 !

  4. I have to disagree with you on a point made in the article.
    There was nothing “phenomenal” about Colin Hanks performance in season 6. IMO it was pretty awful at best. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion though so I’m not going to be nasty about it.
    As bad as season 6 was IMO the last few seconds of the finale were good enough to keep me interested in what comes next.

    • I totally agree with you. I think the writers are in desperation mode after Season 5. I also thought Colin Hanks did a terrible job. His acting just sucks. Since we know who the next villian is in Season 7 I hope he is as good as the Trinity and Ice Truck Killer.

  5. Haha ive been asking that same last question for a while.

  6. Season 1-4 were good.
    5-6 ok.

    • Disagree. 1 then 4, then 5, then tie for 2 and 6. Then 3.

  7. the lithgow season was the best. the jimmy smitts season was the worst. I’m almost finished with season 6 and i actually like it quite a bit. yeah the villains suck, but i think its the first time everyone else’s story lines were this interesting. really loving masuka this season, and i like quinn more than i ever have. that weird intern is interesting…

    regarding season 5, i lost interest a few eps in solely because of julia stiles, but it got way better with johnny lee “sick boy” miller. he might be my seconds fav villain behind lithgow.

    i really wish they could bring back the trinity killer somehow for the final endgame…

  8. I was such a huge fan for the first four seasons, the fifth season was just average but I let it slide because of my incredibly high expectations after Rita’s cliffhanger death. Season six was just plain bad, the most nail-biting season? Please, you could see that Olmos’ character was just a figment of Travis’ imagination a mile away, and who needs all those sleep-inducing subplots. I’m beginning to get sick of this show

    • C’mon. Are you telling me 2 and 3 had you as interested as 4 and 5? 5 was different. But s***. Rita was dead. What did you expect. Stiles, whom I normally hate was the high point of the season. And Colin Hanks has been great though dexter has been a little too good-guy lately so that’s a problem.

  9. What has me in suspense is how Debra is going to react. Is she going to just roll over and accept that her brother is a serial killer, on the basis that she has romantic feelings for him? Yes, she has feelings for him, that’s not going to change. But to let her feelings compromise her sense of morality, her job as a member of the police, that would be an insult to the audience, and it would completely invalidate her character.

    Debra’s morality has always been essential to her as a character. She doesn’t compromise on that. How did she react in season 5? She says, “maybe he deserved to die, but I’m a cop and I don’t get to make that distinction.” i’m paraphrasing :)

    Anyway, that’s what makes her character so strong.
    I think he’s going to run. And I think she’ll give him a head start, as she did in season 5. But she will lead the team that hunts him down. Dexter himself even alluded to that possibility in season 6. That should be the change of dynamic for season 7. What a conflict that would be– she loves him, maybe she’s even in love with him— AND she’s going to track him down… that would be brilliant!!!

  10. Furthermore, once he is on the run, once he knows he’s on the clock, and it’s only a matter of time before she catches him… he could be more artistic and public about the remains of his kills. As a warning to all the other killers out there. Like the lottery, “it could be you!”

  11. lol @ dubstep outro

  12. I can’t believe you guys! What about Louis Greene??? That what i’m most interested in finding out! WTF!

    • OMG! me too!!!

  13. Mos Def’s name hasn’t been Mos Def since before they did this season. Yassin Bey.

    • BlackStar fo life

  14. I love season 2 the most. It’s so thrilling looking dexter almost get caught by doakes.

    Yeah i should agree season 6 let me down except the debra cliffhanger. Hoping season 7 would be better…

  15. It’s not a T… it’s Dexter cutting a Victim in their cheek

  16. “Each time you say to yourself “this is the episode where he finally gets caught“”…

    Wow. You watch a US-made TV series, and there is a time when you actually think something of the sort? Is “Dexter” the first TV series made in USA that you’ve ever seen? Or do you also watch superhero movies and keep asking yourself “Is this the time that Batman gets killed?”. While watching a crime flick about a tough cop, when there’s a shootout 30 minutes in, do you say to yourself “this is the time when he gets killed by the villain”…?

    • Zavi your stupid.

      • Hempknight, you’re ungrammatical.

    • FYI. Batman does die bro. Nice argument though. Really powerful.

  17. As to the last of the questions, a blood spatter expert would need many plastic tarps for his work. He may just be getting them from work. I don’t have a problem with that, after all, he’s providing a public service.

  18. I’m an orphan myself and I have a couple of sisters. Not once have I had romantic feelings toward them. In fact, the very thought of it makes me want to gag. I am a huge fan of the Dexter series, but the direction the show has taken with regard to Debra’s feelings toward Dexter are just nauseating, and quite frankly, just bad writing.

  19. Season 6 wasn’t as bad as Season 3, but I felt it tried too hard to win the audience over, even though most people have been following the season since it first aired or since Showtime released the DVDs. I had hoped they would have brought in an A-list actor like Lithgow for Season 7. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

    My top choices for a Big Bad:
    1. Sean Penn
    2. Robin Williams
    3. Daniel Day Lewis
    4. Javier Bardem

    • Good point on 3 being the weakest.

  20. I love it and I can’t wait to see what happens. The fact that Deb caught him in the act and she is so by the book, I can’t wait to see how she reacts to the fact that she just saw her brother kill someone. I have seen every episode and am looking forward to more.

    • I’m with you and I haven’t seen a bad episode yet. Wish people who only want to criticize would just go watch something else.

  21. If you don’t like the way the shows going go watch something else. I agree the first four seasons were great. I also thought that season 6 and 5 were different but necessary. Dexters wife was killed, and now he is a single father. The show had to adapt.

  22. I cant wait to see how deb reacts ohh man shes gonna either be pretty pssed and never trust him anymore and prob will turn him in or maybe accepts and keeps his secret? Doubt that would happen tho

  23. maybe he has to kill her to protect his secret??

    • Don’t think so, joe. He only kills really bad people who need killing. There has to be another way. I love Deb on the show but wonder if, because of their real-life divorce, she wants out of working together so closely. Cannot wait for the new season!

  24. According to Wikipedia, the first episode of season 7 is called “Are you…?” I couldn’t help finishing the sentence “..the Bay Harbour Butcher” in my head :D I just hope they don’t somehow make Dex get out of it by making Deb think this is his first kill or something like that.
    The worst season for me was 3, the rest I loved. Really looking forward to 7, I’ve never been in such anticipation for a show. The whole Louis thing is also really intriguing.

  25. Nail-biting? Edge of our seats?

    Not really. Not even close.

    The first couple seasons were great, the 3rd was ok. After that it’s been predictable and has morphed into almost a parody of itself.

    The first 2 seasons I couldnt wait for more and would rewatch previous episodes. I will still watch it, but only when I have time to catch up, and just cross my fingers and hope the show returns to it’s original dark, warped, and random surprise developments.

    I’d like to see a Doakes-inspired twist in the story, Dexter do his deeds differently, and more Masuka. Ray Stevenson sounds like a good addition though, Ive only seen him in a few movies and didnt even recognize him in each one right off the bat.

    So, Im crossing fingers and hoping for a better season.

  26. Oh. I forgot to mention that the plot holes in the writing and all the obvious mistakes Dexter makes are too easily noticeable. Even a non fan watching the show for the first time would question why this methodical careful guy is leaving trails of evidence a mile wide in his wake.

    That kind of crap writing has to change.

  27. Here is the music from this trailer… http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=540635565

  28. this is what i think will happen,debra will freak out and dexter will be like,well he is the killer,then she will see the wrap and realize everything and be inshock and of course keephis secret thy will f***right there in the church next to the body for distraction,later,louis will figur th whole thing out and try to kill dexter because he hates him for not iking his game and he’s totally psycho anyway for having such a weird apt.or he might kill that other woman,anyway,dexter wll kill him and save someone’s life which will give another excuse for debra to keep hanging out in bed with dexterand help him killsomeone especially evil,laguerta will have an affair with the old guy and two other guys and they will all be jealous while wearing floral printed clothinglumen will visit dex and find him with debra and join in

  29. It would be cool if Harrison grew up and became a serial killer that Miami Metro investigated and Dexter comes face to face with his son over his victim and Dexter faces a dilemma “DO I KILL MY SON?OR TRAIN HIM HOW NOT TO GET CAUGHT “?