‘Dexter’ Season 7: ‘Sunshine and Frosty Swirl’ Recap

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dexter season 7 episode 2 deb dexter Dexter Season 7: Sunshine and Frosty Swirl Recap

Like the premiere, Dexter season 7’s second episode, “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl,” picks up where we left off. Reacting to Dexter’s response to her “serial killer question,” Deb races out of Dexter’s apartment to throw up outside. Dexter, following behind, uses this moment to quickly reveal some of the rules his Dark Passenger follows. Ignoring what he says, Deb mentions how the slides she found in Dexter’s apartment are the same that the Bay Harbor Butcher used.

As they continue their conversation inside, Dexter and Deb have an odd, frank conversation about what’s going on, and why he lied to her about his extracurricular activities when questioned at the church. After Deb appropriately leaves upset, Dexter sits down at his desk to find a package has arrived for him. Inside the package we find the prosthetic hand from the Ice Truck Killer case – a gift from Dexter’s newest foe, the always creepy Louis Greene (Josh Cooke).

As Dexter goes to research his odd delivery, Deb beings her own research into serial killers, attempting to figure out exactly who her brother is. Though Deb seemingly strikes out with her conclusion that Dexter has an addiction that he needs to overcome, Dexter is able to finally track the prosthetic back to Louis.  But now, with a sober companion (Deb) wanting to always accompany him where he goes, how is Dex going to get away long enough to pay Louis a visit?

Fortunately, Dexter and Deb’s new case finds them looking for dead bodies alongside a convicted serial killer who grew a conscience, which provides the chance for Dexter to slip away. Searching through Louis’ apartment, Dexter finds out that he was the one who canceled his credit cards; he also finds some videos with a prostitute and Louis’ rant about his nemeses, Dexter. Finally, Dexter also finds information about how Louis was able to take control of his software company, by planting child pornography on his partner’s computer.

dexter season 7 ray stevenson Dexter Season 7: Sunshine and Frosty Swirl Recap

During Dexter’s snooping, Louis comes home and Dexter is finally able to ask the question audiences have been wondering from the start: Why is he f—g with Dexter? As expected, Louis’ answer is as odd as he is: his game. Louis is still upset with Dexter for not showing interesting in his game, so he lashed out at him. The thing is, you can’t threaten Dexter without a little Dark Passenger coming out, and that’s exactly what happens. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop Louis’ pursuit to torment him.

Briefly touching on some of the other seasonal arcs, the episode also includes the arrival of this season’s “Big Bad” Isaak Sirko (Ray Stevenson) in Miami, still looking for Victor, Dexter’s victim from the last episode. Additionally, La Guerta (Laruen Velez) beings to look into the blood slide she found next to Trevor’s body. Will she be able to clear Doakes’ name?

dexter season 7 louis Dexter Season 7: Sunshine and Frosty Swirl Recap

As the episode begins to wrap up, Louis, now drugged, is in the back of Dexter’s car while he’s having a conversation with Deb nearby. Eventually Dexter is able to get rid of Deb to stash Louis’ body on a park bench, as a prank to hopefully scare him away. Elsewhere, Sirko kills one of his own and Dexter’s (now) friend, the serial killer convict, kills himself after wanting to spend some time outside, one last time.

This episode helps continue the strong story from the season 7 premiere, but we have yet to see much of this season’s villain (unless it’s Louis). Sirko is a strong character who appears extremely dangerous – but we have yet to really see that element, or why he’d make a worthy antagonist to Dexter. Deb and Dexter’s storyline continue to progress wonderfully, even if the addiction talk threatened to ruin it on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, it’s not like Deb’s frame of thought is going to change much between episodes, so it’s very likely that there will be more awkward sibling conversations about serial killing and exercising in the future.

Hopefully next episode should really help direct focus for this season, placing each respective character in their place and allowing the audience to know more about who is dangerous, how dangerous, and what exactly that might mean to everyone involved. If not, it looks like Louis might be the next one that falls to Dexter’s “addiction.”

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Check out a preview of next week’s episode, “Buck The System,” below:

Dexter airs Sundays @9pm on Showtime

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  1. What a stupendous episode. The narration. The flitters of Harry. Coming to grips with harsh realizations of just how UNcommon-sensical being a serial killer is. It’s all something wonderful that we can only hope continues this season for sure. Can’t wait for next week!

  2. I’m in between like it and love it.
    I love the way Deb & Dexter storyline is playing out but the one thing that kept nagging at me was where is Harrison???
    That kid has it made. His own apparent, a hot live in caretaker, and a parent who only checks in every few days. If Dexter dies I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up a Superhero. His origin story is playing out like one and his nanny could be a hot female version of Alfred from Batman.
    Ok, I’m done. :)
    So far so good this season…

    • Never thought about THAT xD

  3. It’s winking at the audience again, something it lost during the last two seasons. I never expected to finish one episode and then be dismayed I have to wait a full week until the next one ever again with Dexter. I am delighted I was completely wrong.

  4. Why didn’t dexter mention trinity when he named some of the killers he killed surely she could understand that one

    • Probably because the writer/writers just did not think of it or there may have time constraints.

  5. dexter still hasnt learned from season 3. if someone is dangerous take care of them, he’ll regret letting louis go. (in the previews) issak seems to know about dexter, maybe someone finally looked at those airport security cameras. next week we’ll be a quarter into the season….

    • Yeah, he missed the lecture from Mike in Breaking Bad about ‘half measures’ & ‘full measures’

  6. Great episode and the best start to a season since the 4th season.

    Really looking forward to this season how everything will unfold. Dexter is back in its prime!

  7. loving this season!!

  8. I liked this episode, but somehow I was missing the real mind blowing emotion when the truth was finaly on the table. Just a clap in the face and then a day later trying to help him?

    They could have used more time to help Deb figure out what to do with this situation. Also she could have been way more curious in which unsolved cases where Dexter’s doing etc…

    Just watched the first episode of Homeland and I was more convinced in the acting of Brody’s wife when she found out he was a muslim. The way she showed some anger and being hurt because he was lying all the time to her.

    Let’s see what happens next!

  9. Love that this show got good again after stinking up the screen for the last two seasons. Wish Masuka, Quinn, and Batista had more important roles…Leguerta is the least interesting and yet she gets the bloodslides story.

    • laguerta gets the storyline because she was the close to doakes

      • I hope Leguerta dies soon…..sorry…

  10. Dexter feels beastly again. Too bad it’s gonna be a whole week till the new episode.

  11. I had to hit the road before I saw this episode so I’m looking foreward to seeing it when I get home. I liked the first episode and knew that eventually Deb was going to know all because I guess it’s that way in the books. I just wonder if she’ll ever really becomes her father’s girl and completely accept Dexter for what he is and how he eliminates those who basically harm others and no innocents (Execpt an ocassional accident by the peron he’s trying to get)? He’s actually saved people who were about to be killed by the people he ended up killing. The big question then would be….Will she help keep his seceret while he continues? Should be interesting

  12. Just a small correction in the recap: You said Harry and Dexter look at a package and that when they unpack it they see the hand. The hand was already on the table, along with the other evidence.

  13. Prediction: Louis gets framed for all Dexters kills…End Season :)

  14. I recently just had to fight my way through seasons 3-6 because i wanted to get back into this show. I’m glad i’m not alone in thinking the two episodes of this season have been a breath of fresh air to say the least.

  15. Why didn’t Dexter mention about Lumen(?) that was only two seasons ago, Deb seemed alright with letting the two people behind the curtain go free, even though she knew they were killers, and one of them was Dexter! He could have pleaded his case a lot better than he did.
    Might also have been worth mentioning that Travis had kidnapped and nearly Harrison, the truth about Trinity, and a whole host of other stuff the writers appear to have forgotten about?!

  16. I am surprised people liked and loved this episode. So far the season is not living up to the end of last season, or the suspense of Deb finding out. I agree with a few people here that he could have mentioned that he killed Trinity. he could have even said that started it. He could have played up there dad as being a weathered cop who was tired of justice not being fulfilled. He should have spun the dad more, pinning the dad as a vigilante, and that Dexter really knew him. Then he could have led her along telling her how Dad REALLY felt, the whole while covering his bases.

    I mean, it’s just slow and almost boring. If you found out someone you loved was a serial killer and lied to you your whole life, wouldn’t you freak out more?

    The most believable thing for Deb to do was to disappear and us not see her for a couple episodes. We could have assumed how she dealt with it, and they could have focused more on laying the groundwork for Stevenson’s character (as well as Louis and Laguerta). When Deb came back she could have adopted what Dexter said their dad was and become a secondary Dark Passenger, further fueling their secret love for each other. Even this episode hinted at (as previous seasons had) a serial killer having a dark female partner. And then we could see at the end of the season Deb wrestle with her dad and boom they’re in the same boat (literally, maybe dumping a rapist in the Bay) and you setup season 8 with a new divergence.

  17. Eh, has Dexter explained Harrison was kidnapped?

  18. Sorry to comment on a dead thread> I’m trying to get my avatar back.

    • HAHA!!!
      I did it all by myself!!!