[Warning: Spoilers from the Dexter season 6 finale are included below]

For the past six years, Dexter fans have been waiting with anticipation for the moment when Dexter’s foul-mouthed sister, Deb, would finally bear witness to his Dark Passenger. Thanks to the Dexter season 6 finale, that moment has arrived.

But what happens next in Dexter season 7? How will the series continue with Deb knowing Dexter’s secret?

As we’ve previously reported, Dexter has been renewed for seasons 7 and 8 already, with the latter serving as the series’ finale season. Accompanying the renewal announcement, series producers revealed that they would be initiating a story-arc in season 6 that would last until the end of the series.

Now that we know what that story-arc is, let’s find out what they plan on doing with it.

Speaking with TV Guide, Dexter executive producer Scott Buck reveals what’s going to happen with Deb’s newfound knowledge; how Deb and Dexter’s relationship (not the creepy sex part) will be impacted; what Dexter is going to do now that his secret is out; what’s going on with weirdo Louis; and whether or not Dexter needs to die at the end of the series.

On Deb finding out Dexter’s secret:

We always imagined that Deb finding out would be part of the end game, so we always sort of delayed it. When we came in this year, David Nevins [said], ‘Let’s shake things up. We don’t have to play it safe. We can think a little bit differently this year.’ We decided it was finally time to deal with this head-on. There’s still plenty of drama to come after this, but we know we have two seasons left to do and there’s more than enough for us to deal with in the next two years just dealing with this one particular issue.

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On what will happen in Dexter season 7:

One of Dexter’s hallmarks is that no one really knows who he is, and now Deb at least has a little peek behind the curtain. How much she actually knows and figures out will all be part of the drama of next season, but it’s certainly going to affect our story in a very big way.

I don’t think we’ll toy with the audience. She sees what she sees and we all know exactly what she’s seeing, but how much does that really say about Dexter and what does Deb already know about him? This is her brother, who she’s known her whole life. To walk into a situation like this, you’re not going to immediately think, ‘Oh, my brother is a serial killer.’ You’re going to think, ‘Oh, my brother is killing DDK. This is crazy and insane.’ She’s taken the first peek behind the curtain, but it’s not necessarily daylight just yet.

On whether or not serial killer fanatic Louis will be the villain next season:

Louis is something we don’t quite know what to make of because he’s something that has not appeared on Dexter before. It’s a different kind of character and it will be fun to explore exactly who he is and what he’s doing. I certainly like Louis, but he’s obviously got some issues to deal with. He seems to be a troubled individual, and how that will work out in terms of Dexter will be part of the fun of next season, but he will not be our big bad.

More about Dexter season 7…

dexter deb season 5 Dexter Season 7 Details Revealed

On Deb’s love-affair with Dexter:

Honestly, it’s something we’ve been talking about since Season 2 because it seemed to explain so much about the character of Debra Morgan, that she always seemed like she was so in love with her brother. It’s something we always talked about [and] dismissed, and then this season we finally dealt with it.

On how knowing Dexter will end in season 8 is impacting their development of the series:

We have the benefit of knowing that we have two seasons left, so we can start to really take the character of Dexter where we’re going to want to end him in the finale. We no longer have to think of holding things in place and not giving things away because we can start to turn in some of those cards at this point. Obviously the biggest thing we set up is Deb has now seen him kill someone. What does this mean? How will it affect Dexter? What is he going to do with this? And she thinks she’s in love with him? Is she going to tell Dexter? And if so, how is Dexter going to possibly respond to that? These are a number of things that will be set up for next season, but we’ll deal with them as they come.

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On whether or not Dexter needs to die in the series finale:

I do not know. What I thought about Dexter when I came into this show has certainly changed from what I think of him now, because the character has changed. At one point I may have thought that, but I’m not sure now because there’s so many different things you can do with this person. A lot of people would certainly think he needs to die.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Deb finding out Dexter’s secret, you have to admit that the logic Buck presented towards the situation isn’t as fantastical as one would have expected. In fact, it’s actually pretty reasonable.

For the viewer, seeing Deb in the final moments of Dexter killing DDK feels like everything has been revealed. But for Deb, she’s only seeing her brother kill an extremely bad person – a person that actually tried to kill her recently. Not exactly out the realm of brotherly duties.

With only two seasons left before Dexter comes to an end, it’ll be interesting to see the direction to take the character. The knowledge of having an end date in sight has been known to help kick-up the level of creativity the producers bring to the series. Lost would be a perfect example of this.

Now that nothing is off the table, one could guess what will happen next, and who will actually make it to the end of the series alive.

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Dexter season 7 will premiere September/October 2012 on Showtime

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