‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

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dexter season 6 promo Dexter Season 7 Details Revealed
[Warning: Spoilers from the Dexter season 6 finale are included below]

For the past six years, Dexter fans have been waiting with anticipation for the moment when Dexter’s foul-mouthed sister, Deb, would finally bear witness to his Dark Passenger. Thanks to the Dexter season 6 finale, that moment has arrived.

But what happens next in Dexter season 7? How will the series continue with Deb knowing Dexter’s secret?

As we’ve previously reported, Dexter has been renewed for seasons 7 and 8 already, with the latter serving as the series’ finale season. Accompanying the renewal announcement, series producers revealed that they would be initiating a story-arc in season 6 that would last until the end of the series.

Now that we know what that story-arc is, let’s find out what they plan on doing with it.

Speaking with TV Guide, Dexter executive producer Scott Buck reveals what’s going to happen with Deb’s newfound knowledge; how Deb and Dexter’s relationship (not the creepy sex part) will be impacted; what Dexter is going to do now that his secret is out; what’s going on with weirdo Louis; and whether or not Dexter needs to die at the end of the series.

On Deb finding out Dexter’s secret:

We always imagined that Deb finding out would be part of the end game, so we always sort of delayed it. When we came in this year, David Nevins [said], ‘Let’s shake things up. We don’t have to play it safe. We can think a little bit differently this year.’ We decided it was finally time to deal with this head-on. There’s still plenty of drama to come after this, but we know we have two seasons left to do and there’s more than enough for us to deal with in the next two years just dealing with this one particular issue.

dexter season 6 premiere dexter big bad Dexter Season 7 Details Revealed

On what will happen in Dexter season 7:

One of Dexter’s hallmarks is that no one really knows who he is, and now Deb at least has a little peek behind the curtain. How much she actually knows and figures out will all be part of the drama of next season, but it’s certainly going to affect our story in a very big way.

I don’t think we’ll toy with the audience. She sees what she sees and we all know exactly what she’s seeing, but how much does that really say about Dexter and what does Deb already know about him? This is her brother, who she’s known her whole life. To walk into a situation like this, you’re not going to immediately think, ‘Oh, my brother is a serial killer.’ You’re going to think, ‘Oh, my brother is killing DDK. This is crazy and insane.’ She’s taken the first peek behind the curtain, but it’s not necessarily daylight just yet.

On whether or not serial killer fanatic Louis will be the villain next season:

Louis is something we don’t quite know what to make of because he’s something that has not appeared on Dexter before. It’s a different kind of character and it will be fun to explore exactly who he is and what he’s doing. I certainly like Louis, but he’s obviously got some issues to deal with. He seems to be a troubled individual, and how that will work out in terms of Dexter will be part of the fun of next season, but he will not be our big bad.

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  1. Hey guys has anyone on here watched The River and think it was amazing?

    • I’m thinking Deb or Hannah will kill Laguerta, they both have big reason to want to protect Dex. I unlike many others do not think Deb being in love with Dexter is sick or some sort of incest thing. They had an obviously unusually upbringing and as much as Deb wanted to make her dad proud, all his focus and bonding was mostly with Dex. Besides they are not blood related and grew up to totally depend on each other. As far as Isaac, hated to see him go so soon, he was such an awesomly cool badass with a touch of vulnerability character. As far as how to end the show, two things that would break me up as such a die hard fan. One: Dexter being killed off. Two: Dexter character changing from his code too far. I mean that’s what made him the serial killer you could still conect with and accept his need to kill, bad guys of course. But that moment he killed Hannahs dad because he ‘wanted’ to, really bothered me more than I expected. Can’t wait for season 8. :)

      • I agree with you about the Deb being in love with Dexter thing. I see why some ppl don’t like it but I think they’re meant for each other. All their lives, they’ve only had each other. Men anf women have come and gone but Dexter and Debra have always been there for each other no matter what. I’d like it if they got together. It would be the perfect end to the series.

  2. @ cain YES! i love isaac. i hope he doesnt die. i really really like him! he’s so cool! everything about him is awesome. from his inexplicabley british accent to his amazing suits to his donut shop shooting skills or just his overall terminator-ness! thats a character worthy of some sort of spinoff. he’s too cool to just ignore. and that last conversation took my breath away! it was amazing. i love when he dexter was trying to argue that victor deserved what he got and isaac basically told him that he would have done the same for rita even if she wasnt innocent. that was the first moment i actually felt bad for him. he’s such a romantic. poor guy. poor-scary-ass-serial-killing-mob-bossing-guy. this is the only one of dexter’s targets that seems capable enough to actually hurt dexter. which makes him terrifying.

    • I get your point, but Dexter will likely kill Isaac.

      • Yeah. Dexter will off Isaac and Debra will kill Laguerta who’s quite the Sherlock Holmes this season. Who knew.

      • But who will kill Hannah? I can see Debra killing Hannah too. She hates her guts especially now that she knows about Dexter’s “feelings” for hannah.

        I have to say I didn’t quite peg Dexter for having “feelings” and breaking his Code. He’s literally effing his Code(Hannah).

    • Yeah he’s even quite witty which I like. Hes not all badassness and serious talk. I felt quite bad for him at the end of the episode where he plays Viktor’s message. He has this look. Like lost and vulnerable. Its the very first time Ive seen Isaac look even slightly vulnerable. Usually he’s confident and in complete control of every situation.

      (Like at that columbian bar where he shot up three or four columbians single-handledly with such skill and ferocity. That was some serious coolness.)

  3. First off dexter doesn’t want to have any type of relationship with deb because he sees her as a sister nothing more. And I totally see Hannah ending up pregnant and deb killing her. It’s just bound to happen.

  4. First off dexter doesn’t want to have any type of relationship with deb because he sees her as a sister nothing more. And I totally see Hannah ending up pregnant and deb sending her 6 ft deep. It’s just bound to happen.

  5. i totally agree with tinaaa. im pretty sure i mentioned this before but i think i said even dexter would think this is sick. dexter as in dexter the serial killer. i dont think deb will kill hannah but i think Isaac or his men will.deb is gonna kill laguerta. thats gonne be her first kill.

  6. I’ve been wondering if they’ll kill off Deb. Think about it, they’re already unraveling her life slowly.

  7. If Isaac, Hannah and Deb all died then it would leave Dexter with one final season to deal with LaGuerta and Matthews. He’d have nothing to lose with his kids living with the grandparents.

    I’m torn on this Deb theory, as Dexter would crumble without her. I don’t think he could cover the ground of a whole season alone.

    I think that many fans will be upset, but I don’t see this series ending even remotely happily.

    Also, I’m not 100% but didn’t the actress who plays Deb suggests a mind blowing ending to this season? Maybe I misheard something about the show or it was just typical publicity?

    • i posted something about that. she totally did. she said it will be even more shocking ( and cliffhanger-y) than the season 6 finale. she was like you think that was bad i cant wait till everyone sees the ending of this season. i dont think deb will die. at all but certainly not this season. dexter needs her. he likes to pretend like he would do fine without her but they are seriously co-dependent now that she knows his secret. i think he likes that she knows because he doesnt have to lie to her anymore about where he’s going. he needs someone to confide in and she’s the robin to his batman so i dont think she’s going anywhere.

      • Oh, I agree with you, but it’s the one thing they could take away from Dexter that would officially destroy his humanity. The little bit he has, that is.

        • oh yeah totally she’s the reason he was so careful about his secret. im sure dexter wouldnt mind disappearing off the face of the earth to do his deed in extreme privacy if it werent for deb. she’s what makes him human. and harrison also but harrison is still young and his mind is open to what ever death teaches him. harrison could be a killer if dexter wanted to. the only thing that ever kept him as a human on the grid was deb. he and harrison could fall off the grid if it werent for deb. and now he cant because if he leaves he’ll have to take her with him.

  8. Season 8 Episode 12.

    Dexters world falls apart, he carries the body of his latest victim through the double doors and the lights go on, followed by gasps, the whole homicide team are there about to throw him a birthday surprise.

    and that is how you end dexter. Most of the episodes are about him not being caught and the effect it will have on his family and friends, so you simply can not kill him, it makes more sense for all his fears to come true Dexter style.

    • I do like the imagery you offered there. I certainly get what you mean, but I don’t know how well a Sopranos’ style ending would do for Dexter. Fans might riot. lol.

  9. Actually if i was writing the final episode id start it with dexters electric chair, so about episode 8.11 he gets caught

    Then i would cut, and push if forward 18 years, and harleson is talking to debs outside an old building, they go in and harleson kill issac and puts him on his table.

    We then cut to the end of the entire series, harleson is at a family grave…. debs 2015 dexter 2012 … Harleson is now a serial killer, add that to my previous idea and its a good way to end the show.

    • I think you’re on to something there.

  10. we’ve been awfully quiet since the last episode aired. am i missing something? Isaac died! does that not concern anyone. i loved him! what makes me sad is that this means dexter’s gonna kill hannah. he has to kill smoeone! he’s hardly killed anyone this season. victor and ray speltzer. is that all?! thats preposterous! i still like hannah but im worried about that last scene. there was something in her eyes that i didnt like when dexter hugged her and told her he felt safe around her. am i imagining things or was there something off about her in that last scene?

    • I may actually still be morning Isaac. I knew he was cool or whatever, but he partially sold me during their chat in the bar and completely had me by last episode. I hoped he’d get to live, though I doubt he ever really could without Victor. What a charming character they gave us in Isaac.

      Hannah must die, I don’t know how yet, but she will die and I think it will come down to Dexter having to choose between Hannah and Deb. I’m very pro-Deb these days.

      I’m also worried about LaGuerta and Matthews. I knew it was coming, but I think Matthews has a shocker or two to offer us about Dexter’s past.

      • Mourning* Boo on me!

  11. oh i almost forgot! what about this random ass arsonist who comes in 9 episodes into the season?! what the f***?!

    • And I notice that they left little mystery to the arsonist. It became very obvious that it was the guy working the cases right away. I didn’t like how he called Dexter, “Just the blood guy.”

      Maybe he’ll kill Hannah. I doubt it though, as I view him as too disorganized.

  12. So I guess we have, what… 14-15 episodes left until the series finale?

    • Look,
      Here is the way it will go down: Dexter and Deb will hook up (after Dexter kills his current serial killer girlfriend because she will try and off Deb) then Deb will get pregnant with Dexter’s son. Dexter will get caught probably by the current Police captain and Co …. and…. Fast forward Deb has his son and the last episode will end with Dexter’s progeny beginning his serial killing career as an adolescent. We will see something of the murder and then in the last frame we will see Dexter’s son swatting a mosquito on his arm with a satisfied smile. OR (slight variation) Dexter’s killer girlfriend has his son, she then attempts to kill Deb and Dexter kills her to protect Deb and Dexter’s son sees this all go down (which turns him into the next Dexter) then Dexter and Deb raise his son, eventually Dexter gets caught and Deb is out of the loop and cant protect him and ….fast forward same ending as above : )

      • OR….Dexter’s current son sees some part of the above and he turns into the future Dexter….

        • Harrison, Dexter’s son, will already by similar to Dexter, as he was found in the blood of his mother when Trinity killed her. I do like your imagery on the mosquito swatting, as it’s an image we’ve all come familiar with in the intro.

  13. and the fairy tale ends. next week. rip hannah. even if she didnt drug deb her image is tainted by dexters distrust. i think he’s gonna kill her because he cant live his life fearing that she might hurt deb. he’ll still love her but he cant take the risk and she fits the code perfectly. even though it seems dexter is caring less and less about the code as each episodes passes by. i miss the dark passenger already. rest in peace dark passenger. dexter seems to be changing alot this season. no blood slides. no dark passenger. barely anything is left of the code anymore. he just killed an extortionist. i understood the whole killing a child molester (who was stalking astor) but dexter is being a bit loosey goosey with his killing lately

  14. Agreed. Dexter killed Hanna’s father, so that makes Deb fair game.

    • Except hannah wouldn’t mind so much knowing Dexter offed her father but Dexter would lose it if she killed Deb. So not exactly fair game.

  15. I thought the last episode was ridiculous. As though the homicide dept of Miami Metro wouldn’t think of looking for juvenile records! Bull.

    Also the arsonist seemed easy too to catch and so what was that about? And Dexter is now going to go around killing whoever he wants?? That’s what being with hannahmckay has done to him. Time for her to go go. But they tod each other “i love you”. Gross.

    • i still like hannah but dexter is losing control around her and thats not supposed to happen. he even admitted that. she seems fickle and cannot be trusted around dexter’s loved ones. its lila all over again but to a lesser stalker degree (that b**** was KARAZAY!). it seems like if deb gets too close to locking her up she’ll do what is necessary to stay out of prison the same way lila would do what was necessary (or what she deemed necessary) to be with dex like killing astor and cody or threatening batista with that whole rape thing. i appreciate the love they feel for one another but dexter has too many people he loves to put in that position. you all have to admit dexter in a vacuum would be perfect with hannah because that way she cant threaten anyones life but he’s not in a vacuum unfortunately for hannah. its fine if dexter trusts her with his own life but not his family’s. its too bad. i really liked hannah.

      • Exactly. He keeps putting his loved ones at risk. He’s not thinking about Harrison, Astor, Cody at all. Selfish bugger. And she’d definitely turn on his kids if she thought that was necessary. She can’t be trusted. Killing someone is an easy no-brainer for her.

        TAnd the whole i love you thing they did reeked of fakeness. Dexter slightly trembling as he says it? Puh-lease. They’re trying too hard to portray these two as having a love beyond all reason but its ridiculous. THey kill off interesting characters like Isaak and keep this hannah montana on? The writers are losing their grip on good writing.

        Dexter and Issak’s relationship was far more meaningful than Dexter and hannahs

  16. Did Debra spike hown water bottle and fake the accident knowing it was the only hope of getting Dexter to give up, and possibly even turn on Hannah? Any suggestions?

  17. Sorry, I obviously meant to write, did Debra spike her own water bottle, not hown … . I hope I don’t have to “hown” this comment.

  18. I was thinking the same thing. Deb knew Dexter would only believe what he finds. Deb spiked her own water knowing Dexter would turn her in.

  19. holy s*** i never thought id see debra having such a bad side. i totally think she spiked her drink. she was drinking that water since the wpisode began. even before hannah went to her house. i was like this b**** is dehydrated wtf! s*** is about to go down! i hope that was just an extremely misleading promo because thats like my worse nightmare. is it just me or did doakes look super alive in that. didnt look like a flashback! im so scared and excited!!! cant wait!!!

  20. god almighty! please tell me doakes is miraculously alive! eric king is credited in this episode and that flashback didnt look very flashback-y. and correct me if im wrong but he never said surprise muthafucka more than once (outside of the shipping container) that was miami metro! that was no shipping container! tell me if im getting my hopes up too much because i f****** love doakes no matter how much dexter hates him! and omg maybe that means deb will end up with doakes! holy s***! im freaking out somebody slap me!!!

  21. I can’t wait for the finale! I think Doakes is dead. The promo was just showing Dexter’s paranoid imagination.

    I wonder who poisoned Deb. That slimy bi tch hannah seemed to be telling the truth. Could Deb have done it herself? But how would she know if that was safe? She might have died in the accident. Would she risk herself like that just to put hannah behind bars? So many questions!! I HATE having to wait an effing week!!!!

    Anyway, what’s going on with quinns character?? His storyline seems irrelavant and I cant say I care much about him anymore.
    Whatever happens, I hope nothing happens to Deb. I love Jennifer Carpenter!

  22. how many of you think that there will be a season 9 and how many of you would actually like one

  23. I work for a cable company Sam. There will not be a season 9. Sorry. But I predict in the future Harrison will make his appearance.

  24. Dexter, you piece of s***. Your life is not worth that much.

  25. holy s*** i knew this is was the way it was gonna end. with debra killing laguerta!!!

  26. i dont know about you guys but i hope this isnt the last we’ve seen of Hannah “Houdini” Mckay. i cheered for her the whole way through. loved her little gift to dexter on the doorstep. sooo sweet. i dont think she’ll be back immediately next season but i think she’s gonna make a return on the series finale so that dexter and her can be together in the end. what told me that this isnt the last we’ve seen of her was that little surprise on harrison’s part. He said “i want hannah”. who knew she was spending so much time with this kid? anyway i loved her great escape. it was very… hannah of her.

  27. oh and one last thing. debra cant say jackshit to hannah anymore about being a kiler :P lol seriously though hannah is right about deb being a hypocrite. i still love deb especially for doing what we’ve been dying to see her do for the past 7 seasons (killing that b**** laguerta) but now she understands hannah a little better and why hannah kills (to survive and to protect dexter). she will have no justification to object dexters relationship with hannah. the only problem is hannah will have to live in the shadows forever. change her identity or something.

  28. seriously last one. this episode also proves what ive been saying about dexter all along. he’s not a hero!!! “this cements him as a serial killer and not a super hero” <<<im quoting the producer of the show here. when push comes to shove dexter will break the code especially for debra. he wont break the code for himself but for his loved ones he will. broke it for hannah by killing her father (who was essentially just a scummy extortionist). played very well might i add by jim beaver(BOBBY FROM SUPERNATURAL!). and dexter's intentions were to break the code again for deb.

  29. did dexter manipulate debra into shooting laguerta? he sounded a bit like hannah banana when he said “do what you gotta do.” but then he actually looked surprise to see her shoot laguerta. his immediate reaction was a bit shocked? what do you guys think?