‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

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dexter season 6 promo Dexter Season 7 Details Revealed
[Warning: Spoilers from the Dexter season 6 finale are included below]

For the past six years, Dexter fans have been waiting with anticipation for the moment when Dexter’s foul-mouthed sister, Deb, would finally bear witness to his Dark Passenger. Thanks to the Dexter season 6 finale, that moment has arrived.

But what happens next in Dexter season 7? How will the series continue with Deb knowing Dexter’s secret?

As we’ve previously reported, Dexter has been renewed for seasons 7 and 8 already, with the latter serving as the series’ finale season. Accompanying the renewal announcement, series producers revealed that they would be initiating a story-arc in season 6 that would last until the end of the series.

Now that we know what that story-arc is, let’s find out what they plan on doing with it.

Speaking with TV Guide, Dexter executive producer Scott Buck reveals what’s going to happen with Deb’s newfound knowledge; how Deb and Dexter’s relationship (not the creepy sex part) will be impacted; what Dexter is going to do now that his secret is out; what’s going on with weirdo Louis; and whether or not Dexter needs to die at the end of the series.

On Deb finding out Dexter’s secret:

We always imagined that Deb finding out would be part of the end game, so we always sort of delayed it. When we came in this year, David Nevins [said], ‘Let’s shake things up. We don’t have to play it safe. We can think a little bit differently this year.’ We decided it was finally time to deal with this head-on. There’s still plenty of drama to come after this, but we know we have two seasons left to do and there’s more than enough for us to deal with in the next two years just dealing with this one particular issue.

dexter season 6 premiere dexter big bad Dexter Season 7 Details Revealed

On what will happen in Dexter season 7:

One of Dexter’s hallmarks is that no one really knows who he is, and now Deb at least has a little peek behind the curtain. How much she actually knows and figures out will all be part of the drama of next season, but it’s certainly going to affect our story in a very big way.

I don’t think we’ll toy with the audience. She sees what she sees and we all know exactly what she’s seeing, but how much does that really say about Dexter and what does Deb already know about him? This is her brother, who she’s known her whole life. To walk into a situation like this, you’re not going to immediately think, ‘Oh, my brother is a serial killer.’ You’re going to think, ‘Oh, my brother is killing DDK. This is crazy and insane.’ She’s taken the first peek behind the curtain, but it’s not necessarily daylight just yet.

On whether or not serial killer fanatic Louis will be the villain next season:

Louis is something we don’t quite know what to make of because he’s something that has not appeared on Dexter before. It’s a different kind of character and it will be fun to explore exactly who he is and what he’s doing. I certainly like Louis, but he’s obviously got some issues to deal with. He seems to be a troubled individual, and how that will work out in terms of Dexter will be part of the fun of next season, but he will not be our big bad.

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  1. OMG!!! Deb is going to be the one training Harrison how to handle his dark passenger after Dexter is killed by another serial killer!!!

  2. The police commissioner killed Harry. He did not commit suicide. Therefore Deb will want Dexter to do him in. The commissioner killed the hooker in the jacuzzi and LaGuarda is covering it up too. Also, when Harry ran into the storage container in season 1, he only grabbed one of two children… why? Because Dexter is his love child with the informant. That makes Deb & Dexter 1/2 bro and sis. Now who is grossing me out with that love story plot???

    • what was everyone doing the day they aired the episode where dexter sends the dna test to masuka for his blood match with joe driscoll? It was a match! joe is dexter “bio-dad”! why is everyone still speculating harry is his father. im still grossed out by the story line but im pretty sure harry is not his father!

      • Cheif matthews is dexter’s father, and harry threaten to make it public so matthews killed him. I think before the end of season 8 debra will have a sex affair with matthews dex bio dad, there has been a huge cover up at miami metro and capt laguadia had been keeping alot of matthews secrets. if the writers don’t go in this direction there fools.

    • Deb wasn’t the second child that he grabbed. Yea it’s kind of sickening, but they are adopted brother and sister only.

      • whats ur point?

    • No, Dexter is NOT Harry’s love child. It even explains it in the first season….

  3. I really wish Dex and Deb would get together. I LOVE the chemistry between them. They’re not related, people!
    Im going to be SO disappointed with the show if this doesnt happen. The best things about shows are the relationships in them. No one cares about the other stuff really at the end of it and the very BEST relationship on this show is the one between Dex and Deb. They’re so meant for each other.

    • ur not looking at the bigger picture dexter is a sociopath w/ a moral compass he was conditioned (brain washed) by harry morgan to think of debra as only a sister the idea of him having a sexual relationship w/ her will push him over the edge. remember trinity and ddk were both sociopathic serial killers like dexter w/ sister issues and they both kill their sisters, dexter will become like his brother brian and after he “f’s” her he will have to kill her. read his psychological bio, this is not a love story, get real! what series are u watching?

  4. I wish the series writers are alot smarting than most of ur comments about the dex/deb so call romance. dexter does need to be with someone who will help him discover the root of his dark passenger in order to save him and his son from the morgans hold on him, so he and his son can live happily ever after. without the morgans and his dark passenger, and the narration is a book he wrote in his old age after beating his darkness. THE F…G END!

  5. p.s. dexter does eventually kill mattews his bio dad because not only did he kill harry morgan, but he also set up dex mom to be murdered in order to shut her up about him being dexters real dad. it would have ruined his career and probably his marriage. he will be dexters last kill. now that’s an ending!

  6. It’s never in Dexter to lose control nd wanna kill becos of da site of blood.he has da code to kill kinds of ppl nd bin doin it long enuff.im sayin dis from wat he sed to deb on season 7 episode 1 nd 2….wat m I missin

    • its not really the sight of blood it was more about him going so long without killing. the sight of it just pushes him off the edge.

  7. First of all, we know who Dexter’s father is… so just stop.

    They, the writers, established it was Joe Driscoll. Go back and watch the old seasons if you’re just guessing off-handed.

  8. Matthews likely did kill Harry and will be the “big bad” of all bads. I don’t know how it will come to an end per se, but I know they have been saving Matthews for something more than the jerk boss role.

    I wonder if Dexter will be arrested or killed by Deb’s hand or because his world crumbles when Deb is killed. I do not foresee Dexter finding some miracle cure for his pathology and those suggesting such don’t know the first thing about serial killers. Take a history of homicide 101 class at the learning annex and then reconsider your posts.

  9. Either way, Matthews is wicked, Louis will come back to bite Dexter in the ass, Deb will be the end of Dexter in some form and Harrison has a dark passenger and will inevitably grow up to be like Daddy Dearest.

    That’s my endgame predictions.

  10. Issac the Russian mob leader & Victor were lovers. Why? Because in the strip club with Dexter he says he was not there for ordinary reasons. Then when he was looking at the late Victors picture of them together, he says he will avenge his death. The dudes are gay.

    Next there was the scene just before Dexter burns the wedding photo. Deb has a conversation about how happy they were as kids at Myrtle Beach. This was the same place where in season one the Ice Truck Killer stole the beach photo from Dexters apartment. I was thinking, why are they bringing up Myrtle Beach again? Then it hit me!!! OMG, once Dexter is killed, Deb will spread his ashes there. Yes, Deb will be the one helping little Harrison deal with his dark passenger next season’s end.

  11. Issac the Russian mob leader & Victor were lovers. Why? Because in the strip club with Dexter he says he was not there for ordinary reasons. Then when he was looking at the late Victors picture of them together, he says he will avenge his death. The dudes are gay.

    Next there was the scene just before Dexter burns the wedding photo. Deb has a conversation about how happy they were as kids at Myrtle Beach. This was the same place where in season one the Ice Truck Killer stole the beach photo from Dexters apartment. I was thinking, why are they bringing up Myrtle Beach again? Then it hit me!!! OMG, once Dexter is killed, Deb will spread his ashes there. Yes, Deb will be the one helping little Harrison deal with his dark passenger next season’s end.

    • they were related brother, father son, cousins etc why do people like u automatically think sex?

      • i agree with ScrippsGuy. it seems romantic. otherwise why would he hide the picture in the other side of the frame. he clearly doesnt want anyone to know how close he and victor were. the photo was a pretty long photo and it appeared to be of greece and then in the back was him and victor. why would he hide it if that was his son or brother. he clearly has a reason to hide it if it was his lover. if it was his relative there would be no reason to that.

        • Victor was probably Isaac’s son but being the mobster that he is that information would definitely get one or the other killed if they crossed a mobster worse than themselves.

  12. Why does harrison have to have a dark passenger? He seems very normal to me. I think a lot of people writing comments here don’t really know what’s going on.

  13. Han,

    He was in the blood just like Dexter. It wasn’t coincidence that Dexter found Harrison in the identical circumstances that Harry found Dexter.

    I just thought of something as I was writing the above sentence… I know how Dexter could remain free and stop killing. What if he were injured somehow? Put Dexter in a wheelchair, but have him train Harrison?

    It’s the only way I can see Dexter evading the authorities and staying alive and well.

  14. ScrippsGuy,

    You read them as gay, but I perceived them to be family.

    Time will tell and no matter what the connection, it’s obviously deeper than just good friends.

  15. The last episode was an effing mess. Dexter sleeping with Hannah mckay?? NOOO EFF NOO. Id rather he slept with Deb. Its hard to root for a relationship where Dex is with someone other than Deb.
    I dont see why the hell ppl are grossed out by it. Theyre not related at all and theyre meant for each other.

    • are you insane?! First of all thats still gross and second of all that scene was amazing and you shouldnt even bee surprised by it. you should have seen that coming from a mile away. dexter and hanna were into each other since they first met. Im not saying i want her to be a permanent presence in his life but its better than banging your own sister. she seems like a good match for him if he can keep her in check and keep her from killing more people. i however dont think he should chose hanna over deb. eventually he’s gonna have to tell deb that hes with hanna and deb is gonna force him to dump her and he will… or kill her. obviously if he had to chose between his sister or hanna he would definitely chose deb but romantically they should not be involved.

      • I didn’t say I was surprised. It was obvious Dexter and hannah were going to eff each other from the very first time hannah showed her face on screen. And keep her in check!? She’s already effing killed several times for personal gain so shes clearly a s***** person. How is she a “good match” for ANYBODY? Dexter kills ppl like her according to his code!
        And how is it like banging ur sister if he bangs Deb? Shes not his sister.

        • but she IS his sister! regardless of blood. thats so gross beyong belief! do you have any adopted siblings? because i do and i would rather slit my throat than hook up with my brother. he’s still my brother regardless of blood. we grew up together and consider each other related regardless of who our biological parents are. its repulsive.

          on the hanna thing. if dexter hasnt killed her yet he clearly has feelings for her that are too strong to ignore. she was planning on killing HIM and he still couldnt do it. he knows for a fact thats she’s a killer and he still cant do it.its twisted but they make sense. however my point was that IF she cant stop killing (which she probably wont) she could make a good match for dexter. she already knows his secret so what would be the harm as long at she’s not killing innocent people. its obvious its not gonna work out because deb is already sure that shes a killer and theres no possible way she’s gonna let that slide.

          • Sister: a female offspring having both parents in common with another offspring
            Sooo NO she is NOT his sister. Just because you claim to have an adopted sibling just like Deb and “consider each other related” doesn’t mean everyone in similar positions feels that way and there’s nothing “repulsive” about feeling differently. You think Hannah is a good match for Dexter even though you think its “twisted” but not Deb???? Deb knows his secret too and is okay with him killing killers as she proved twice already. And Dexter obviously has strong protective feelings for Deb and cares about her. Its not too hard to imagine that could morph into something more.

            And we don’t KNOW Hannah was planning to kill Dexter although she might have been. If like you said, she didn’t kill innocent ppl, that would be ok but we know that’s not the case. Her husband, the prev owner of her house, Sal Price. So the woman needs to be put down or incarcerated for life.

            • are you seriously arguing this based on a dictionary definition? so if debra doesnt really see dexter as her “brother” why would she freak out on the therapist the way she did when she implied it. the definition in a dictionary is clearly not how debra defines it. its not about the definition its about how debra sees him and he’s clearly a brother to her. she’s not indifferent to the fact that he’s her brother. she knows theres something wrong with the way she feels about him.

              • You obviously hv trouble understanding what it means to be related-sister-brother so yeah, I had to use a dictionary to explain it to you. Like I said ppl feel differently about the sister-adoptedbrother thing. YOU have sisterly feelings for ur adopted brother, others may not. And obviously there’s that incest-like aspect to it which is why Deb freaked out but once u get over that, u realize that you are not actually related which is the realization that Deb came to. If you remember, the show made certain to have the therapist say very clearly, “So he’s not actually related to you?”.

                And clearly, Debra did not define the word sister, the way you say she does because she was going to the church to tell Dexter she loved him!

                • so you really think debra considers him “the guy my dad adopted?” if the answer is yes or anything to that effect then lets agree to disagree because theres nothing that could convince me that its okay to hook up with what I consider “a brother”. to me what they are is siblings.

                  • hahah. I guess thats the only way to go. Agree to diasgree. We’re clearly not going to be convinced of each other’s opinions. Let’s hope the show gives us both what we want somehow, without disappointing either of us.

                    • i’ll toast to that.

      • Oh yeah and Isaac and Viktor were totally lovers. Its obvious from the way Isaac talks about him. But I don get why Isaac has a British accent and Viktor doesnt??? Theyre both from Keiv!

  16. In the end he will find something about hannah’a past and she ends up on the table. :-)

  17. Thank you for agreeing that Isaac & Victor are gay lovers. People forget the nudey bar scene when Isaac notices Dexter is “not there for the show”. Clearly they were there for different reasons. People assume Isaac is there because he is the Russian Mob. But the real reason he was not there for the show was because he is gay. The producers drop many clues and puzzle pieces for us to figure out.

    • you’re totally right about the scene in the strip club. he looked at dexter and wondered why he wasnt staring at the strippers. isaac wouldnt be in the club if it wasnt his business. so he sees dexter not staring its very easy to wonder what his business is in the club if not for gawking at strippers. and its not like issac cant gawk at his own strippers on his free time (when he’s not busy being the terminator). he was clearly not interested.

  18. please just don’t die dexter!!!

  19. Three are only 3 ways they can end the Dexter saga next year. 1) Dexter gets caught. Yeah., I agree – Ain’t gonna happen and too anticlimactic. 2) Dexter loses his dark passenger like Lumen did. Again, ain’t gonna happen. He said so to Deb. 3) Dexter dies, more than likely by another killers hand to keep his secret. Leaving Deb to raise little Harrrison and train him how to handle his dark passenger. Also spreading his ashes at Myrle Beach, a place where Deb has fond memories of Dexter when they were younger and he was moot a killer. (The same place as the photo in season 1). Notice how Harrison is aging faster than normal to link that final scene when Deb will catch him killing athe neighbors dog. Deb will fill the void when the commissioner & Laguerda go down with the hooker jacuzzi killing. Maybe linked to killing Harry as well.

  20. Disinterested and gay are too separate things. I’ll chalk it up to an intellectual bias myself.

    • @ dexter-esque great point, that still doesnt explain him hiding his photo with victor. i think scrippsguy was just pointing out that maybe the reason he was disinterested was BECAUSE he’s gay. but i think he may be gay. its not that disinterested = gay its just that gay might explain why he’s disinterested. emphasis on the word MIGHT. but you’re right its totally possible that he’s just not into that kinda girl. maybe he’s a chubby chaser. who knows. i personally think he’s gay. gay people can be badassness too ;)

      • Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that he can’t be gay or that it would somehow lessen the character or anything to the like. I’m enjoying the character and any development from here on out is appreciated.

        I was just answering as one of the guys who doesn’t ogle anything with a swish. Perhaps I took too firm of a stance, and surely I’m the first person in the history of the internet to allow some deep seeded emotion to spill out onto an internet forum. Surely… lol.

        • Deep-seated.

          I hate typos. I was going to ignore it, or at least I told myself I should.

        • I LOVE ISAAC!!!!… i just had to let that out. anyone else think he’s dexter’s coolest target?! Theres a part of me that wants to see some sort of spinoff with this guy! he’s too cool! He’s like the terminator in an armani suit! i kinda dont want him to die.

          • His whole vendetta against Dexter doesn’t make much sense. You kill Viktor, I kill you! It’s immature.

            • dexter didnt just steal his lollipop. he killed someone who was very close to him. and most people seem to think victor was his lover, brother or son. do you really think a mobster is gonna let go of that? not likely. it’s anything but immature. you make it sound like children playing in a playground.

              • I dunno what mobsters do but if thats what they do in a situation like this, then mobsters are immature. I would totally be behind Isaac if Viktor was a good person but Viktor’s not. If someone I loved killed another human being for no good reason, I’d find it hard to stand by them let alone avenge them. Are you saying you condone senseless murder??

                • ofcourse i dont condone it! but you have to put yourself not only in his shoes but in his mentality. am i the only one who saw him stick a knife type thingy in kasha’s boyfriends eye?you may not condone and i may not either murder but he certain does. his mentality is “so what victor killed someone. big deal i kill a bunch a people all the time” that doesn’t mean he doesnt love victor anyless. you have to think that he’s exactly like victor. they arent good people obviously but he clearly loved victor. he’s not just gonna cross his arms and go “i see your point dexter. victor was a bad person and he deserved what he got. ill leave you alone now.” these guys are psychos just like dex and they will find and justification for killing and especially when they loved the person dexter killed. thats how the mind of a psycho goes. they have no conscience or moral compass. i almost died when he killed kasha’s boyfriend. i felt so bad for the guy and isaac looked like he felt bad for him too. next thing you know the dude is one the floor literally bleeding his face out.

                  • Oh well, i had no idea you thought they were bad ppl. they way you were defending their actions made me think otherwise. Now that thats clear, yeah ur right. These are psychos and will justify their psychotic actions any way they can. And maybe the whole koshka “brotherhood” thing makes those guys feel very close to each other and instils a strong sense of loyalty in each of them that makes them look out for each other and overreact when something like this happens.

  21. Hannah is a bigger issue for me than Isaac at this point. At least Isaac is honest in his goals. Hannah is shady and will ultimately try to take out Deb. I was considering this and wonder if Dexter will be forced to kill Hannah once her (Hannah) failed attempt to murder Deb lands her (Deb) in a hospital bed?

    I don’t know which way their going with Dexter, but I think he needs to get Harrison back soon if he is going to be a predominant character in the season finale.

    I don’t want to see Dexter die or end up in prison, but he can’t just let it go like Lumen presumably did. Dexter is a different kind of creature all together. Much farther deep-seated. Lumen had a happy, normal life and that left her with a potential trail of breadcrumbs, so to speak. Dexter was a baby at first blood, just like Harrison, so my shocker endgame idea is for Dexter to end up in a wheelchair. He would be forced to stop if he were crippled, but he could still guide Harrison. A sort of cliffhanger ending suggested the perpetual cycle of pain.

    Think about it. Misery loves company, abuse begets abuse, it’s a vicious cycle.

    • yeah ur totally right. Isaac is completely direct and honest about his intentions wheras hannah is shady. Thats why i prefer isaac somehow. Its more entertaining to watch him openly stalking dexter than it is to guess whether or not hannah slipped aconite in dexters tea! and i think you may be right about hannah attempting to kill deb. We’ll know tonight!

      And i somehow dont think dexter will be killed off either, although I keep picturing a scene in which Dex is lying dead and laguerta, quinn, angel, masuka and all the rest gathered around his body with looks of stark realization on their faces.

  22. it’s not like victor was a teenagers or a nine year old. he’s a grown ass man who could defend himself. he certainly took care of mike anderson. obviously not against dexter but dexter is too awesome so we’ll give victor a pass on that one and let him keep his badassness card. and saying that he’s his son would only get him more badassness points and more respect. people dont f*** with scary guys like isaac or anyone who might be related to him.

  23. Anyone else find Joey’s relationship with that hooker kinda boring? The thing with Isaac is rather entertaining. And LaGuerta is more interesting this season than she’s ever been.

    • I agree about Joey this season, but I’m also anticipating it all blowing up in his face. He’s not a character I particularly like. He’s not like Angel, who I want only good things for.

      • I like quinn but for the last two seasons its felt like the show doesnt really need him. What with his random fights with Angel and his screw-ups that seem to have nothing to do with anything.
        Angel’s scenes also seem a bit random like his lunches with his sister where he tells her Dexter’s a good guy and going thro so much blah blah and those scenes didn’t really have any connection to the rest of the stuff going on.

    • i find it boring in itself. the relationship isnt one that im rooting for. the result however might interest me. i think quinn is gonna die this season. he’s not my favorite character but it would be sad to see him go he gave up a lot for debra (his knowing the extent of dexters shadyness). i think this is the writers trying to tie up loose ends. if quinn dies than the only one who will have any idea what dexter’s like besides lumen will be deb. quinn has more or less an idea about dexter bring a criminal of some sort. If quinn dies i wonder who deb will be with. anyone but Dex will be fine by me i just hope they introduce him before season 8 begins. i dont want it to feel forced like we just meet him and next thing you know they’re moving in together. masuka maybe? lol fingers crossed for that little perv

      • I dont think quinn knowing things about Dex will ever be brought up again. The show makes it look like he doesnt even remember that stuff. As for Deb, Id rather like it if she and Dex hooked up. Its kinky. But I want to see the hooking-up in fairly graphic detail.
        As for masuka, he already has his true love. His right hand!

        • @finn lmao.theres a little part of me… or maybe a huge part of me that wants to see deb with masuka! im pretty sure they had a moment last season. lmao. i think since quinn is becoming irelevant to the show thats the reason he needs to die so that deb and lumen could be the only ones who know. just so it’s not a plot hole. as for batista, they cant just leave batista’s life hanging. we’ve been following his life since season one so they cant just pretend like he doesnt have a life anymore. they started it and now they have to finish his storyline.i hope he finds someone. what i dont want is for them to introduce new characters in the last season that are going to be with any of the cast. i hate when that happens. i need to warm up to them to accept them as part of their lives. thats why i say deb should be with masuka. we all love masuka and how awesome would their kids be. MASUKA’S DIRTY JOKES NOW WITH MORE F-BOMBS!

      • I agree and though I’m able to grasp the hook up of Deb and Dexter, I think that they’re pulling away from it in ways. It’s not the step sibling that I don’t like as much as just their conflicting personalities. If not for growing up together, they’d not connect as adults. they’re two different, maybe even two sides of the same coin, morality speaking. Deb wants Dexter to do his thing now, but it’s not something that she could live with. It would eat at her.

        I want Angel to retire to his restaurant, I don’t know what the end game for LaGuerta and others will be, but my end game for Quinn is unfortunately in death. Quinn sealed his fate with the Koshka brotherhood when he covered up the death of a cop. His death will be that debt paid this season instead.

        • he didnt cover up the death of Mike Anderson. Debra kinda did by choosing to not look into the bartenders suicide. he covered up the death of the Colombians in the bar that Isaac killed. isaac bled on the scene and thats the evidence that quinn stole

          • You’re right. The case was halted due to Isaac, but Quinn covered the car. I was searching for an end game and got jumbled. You’re right, but it could still tie in somehow with his death. Maybe…

        • @DEXTER-ESQUE AND ANA: Unfortunately, it does rather look like Dex and Deb are drifting apart in the romantic sense. But I think Debra can eventually get over Dexter’s Dark Passenger if she tried dont you? I mean I thought she’d never get over finding out hes a killer but the very next episode/day she’d bounced back quite well from the shock and was “ready to eat his s***” as wayne randall put it. And remember she was “relieved” when she saw Speltzer go up in smoke after Dexter killed him.

          I like quinn but for the last two seasons its felt like the show doesnt really need him. What with his random fights with Angel and his screw-ups that seem to have nothing to do with anything.
          Angel’s scenes also seem a bit random like his lunches with his sister where he tells her Dexter’s a good guy and going thro so much blah blah and those scenes didn’t really have any connection to the rest of the stuff going on.
          So I think youre prolly right about Quinn biting the dust this season or the next. I hope his almighty bore of a girlfriend joins him.
          As for laguerta, I think she might be killed off to dont you? I read the very first Dexter book and she’s killed at the end of that by his brother if I remember correctly.
          And whether Debra hooks up with Dexter or Masuka, as long as they get Debra to take her clothes off on-screen, I’m down with it!

          • Good point. I wonder if they teased the hook up just to mess with the fans.

            I believe many will die before the end.

          • really? i think laguerta will actually make it past this season for some reason. she will tbe dexter’s final problem. we’re already in the 8th episode and dexter has yet to show an interest in solving his laguerta problem. he’s clearly underestimating her sherlock-y-ness. this is not some tiny side story that you deal with in 1 episode. the next few episode will elaborate on hannah and isaac while laguaerta continues to build her case against dexter. today she really got dexter as her prime suspect because of the boat thing. this seems worthy of season 8. i suspect it will the the big story line which will end the show. he’s really not trying to stop laguerta and debra thinks laguerta has laid off. i’m thinking this is the cliff hanger Jennifer carpenter was referring to in an interview last week. she was like” if you think last seasons finale was a mind blowing cliff hanger your head will explode when you see this seasons.” i think the last scene will feature a laguerta and deb b**** fight. maybe debra does some killing of her own? that would be… dark. again i dont like debra and dexter killing together but what for some reason i like the idea of debra killing someone (preferably laguerta) all by herself. if she does die it wiil be the last thing we see and it’ll be by debs hand. im think deb wacks laguerta in the back of the head with something once she realizes laguerta knows. hides her behind her lieutenant desk and calls dex to clean up the mess. laguerta cant die if its not debs kill. we want to give deb the satisfaction. another reason why i dont think this will happen this season is because laguerta has been awfully nice to deb and they are getting back that friendship type thing they had before she screwed her over in the santa muerte murders. deb doesnt hate her yet. deb has to have a burning angry blow up when she kills her. deb is also too preoccupied with her gross feelings for dex to cared about any way laguerta can screw her over politically. imn sure it’ll be some “politics” part of her personality that will get her killed. this is a very long comment. PS deb is the coolest aunt. smoking pot with her niece.

            • Yeah I think LaGuerta will make it to 8. There’s not enuf time left in the season to kill her. I’m impressed with her detective skills. And I strongly agree with you that Deb might kill Laguerta. Possibly by accident because laguerta has Dex at gunpoint confronting him? And like you say, maybe it will be this seasons finale.

              I dont hv a problem with Deb getting it on with Dex. Better Deb than Hannah Mckay. That woman is way too shy and giggly around Dex. Speaking of pot, I gots to get me some.

  24. I think that Dexter will have to kill Hannah or be killed by her. He is being pushed into killing her by Deb. Deb is starting to change and see things differently. She had a strong moral compass and now wants Hannah killed by Dexter. Dexter hasn’t looked into his past and I don’t see how that can come up, but would be a nice twist….killing Harry’s killer. Deb hasn’t asked much about the Ice truck Killer but that would be great for Dexter to fill her in on it. She’s just starting to see the real Dexter. Good season.

    • Hannah and Isaac both must be dealt with this season and hopefully in a more meaningful manner than Louis.

      • I fkn agree! I think he needs to kill her! Deb will never be okay with Dexter dating or being in love with a real serial killer that kills people for her benefit not cuz they are killers.

        • of course she has to die. what she does (despite all her other great qualities) is wrong and dexter is going to chose his code over her.its too deeply engrained in him. maybe isaac will kill her who knows. quick question. am i the only who likes hannah for dexter (excluding the whole her being a killer thing) i think the actors have great chemistry together and she seems to truly care for him (in a non-lila kinda way, which is good cause lila was bat-s*** crazy), she also wants kids (dexter has three)and she accepts him and loves him for who he is. it’s kinda sad thats shes gonna have to die. ive become a fan of this actress, she’s doing marvelously. take that julia-flatface-save-the last-dance-stiles!hate lumen ugh

  25. I was right. Isaac and Victor were lovers.

    • *ana and scrippsguy do a happy dance together* WE KNEW IT!

      • It was friggin obvious so stop pissing urself.

        • shut up cain. clearly some people missed it. this was the point i was trying to make before so pay attention. somepeople were arguing that victor may have been his brother or son.

          • lol okay. I dunno how ppl missed that but whatever. I gotta say i kinda like isaac. Hes different from the other bad guys Dexters had to put up with. THeir last conversation was interesting and meaningful. I’ll be sorry to see Isaac leave or die.

    • Cheers. I somehow missed it at first, but started to see it possible once mentioned on here. When it happened, I thought of this forum.

      • What are you talkin about?

    • Cheers, well done. I somehow missed it at first, but started to see it possible once mentioned on here. When it happened, I thought of this forum.

  26. I wish Dex would DUMP HannaMcay and get together with Deb! How much more has to happen before he sees she’s the right one for him??

  27. The endgame for the entire series will revolve around LaGuerta chasing Dexter for the deaths of Louis, Doakes and the Bay Harbor moniker. LaGuerta will have the obvious run in with a potential for a couple outcomes with Deb over Dexter. LaGuerta will bring Matthews into the mix, whom Dexter will kill for murdering Harry. In all of this, I wonder if Dexter and Deb will finally be together? I suggested it would never come to fruition and that the writers used Deb’s new found disgust to drop the angle, but now it’s more so in the forefront than ever.

    Death, Prison or other, Dexter will be one of the best TV series to date. I want one of three outcomes: 1) Dexter goes to prison for his crimes as the Bay Harbor butcher. Things get out of hand and Deb ultimately arrests him. We fastforward to Dexter walking to die by lethal injection. Deb is in the room watching with others Dexter knew, including Harrison, who watches Dexter die with a certain interest that suggests a dark passenger. (I want all of this done as an inner monologue just as Dexter began in introducing us to trolling.) 2)Dexter manages to overcome the odds, though ends up in a wheel chair. We fastfoward to Harrison growing up with a dark passenger and Dexter is training him. 3) Dexter goes off the deep end and commits an unthinkable crime in Deb’s eyes. Deb kills Dexter.

    I can’t yet pinpoint the finale, but I feel like I’m close.

  28. why does dexter have to be with either one of these women, why can’t he just focus on raising his son alone without any psycho bee otches in his life. hannah is someone that turns dexter on because of what wayne? her former partner told dexter about her (robin to his batman) his conflict with deb pushed him into her pycho sexual arms and he was in the market (new partner) for someone to except him as he is (combination of lila and lumen) deb will go after hanna especially when she finds out about dex lust for her that will push her over the edge with jealously! as for laguerta she should be the one to arrest dexter for getting doakes killed and setting him up for the “bay Harbor butcher”

    • because of his hook up with hanna macay, I am now anti dexter and pro Laguerta she needs back up (batista) to bring it all to justice Im sick of this serial killing world, someone with good sense needs to take charge. dexter cause the death and even killed innocent people and he needs to pay for all the things he did, not to mention violated his ethics code as a forenzic anaylist. he broke many laws to do what he did and needs to answer for that. dexter has a “God Complex” and he thinks he can live above the law, someone needs to smack some reality into him if not deb then laguerta!

      • Sandy, I hate to agree with you, but I do. The whole concept of Dexter was that he did wicked things to wicked people and the ends justified the means. He lost sight of that.

      • I agree. His relationship with hannahmkay sickens me. He knows shes a killer, she fits his code perfectly but he suddenly seems to have forgotten he has a code. I thought the writers would at least have his inner monologue justify why hes breaking the code like this but nothing! And his witholding of forensic evidence whenever he likes is appalling. He used to do it for very good reasons and only in moderation but hes out of control now.

        The reason we could get behind Dexter is because hes a strange creature with a twisted moral compass that never varies. When it does, it tears him up because hes such a creature of habit. Now its all just so random. I think it would do him good to hook up with Deb somehow but he seems too into hannahmckay.

        • their relationship doesnt really sicken me but i dont think he should be with her out of principle. she goes against everything he believes in. not because he should be with deb but because he needs to kill her because she fits the code. ideally hannah wouldnt have been an actual killer but since she has now killed a multitude of people she fits his code all too well for her to survive. if hannah had only been an accomplice to wayne then maybe she would be okay and dexter could possibly look away for harboring a fugitive and tagging along with him but she has killed with her own two hands. lets not forget that dexter has forgiven people who actually have killed people like jeremy (i think that was his name) the kid who got raped. but hannah will die. debra is not just gonna let them walk off into the serial killer sunset together.

  29. dex or isaac, i don’t care as long as any of them gets rid that ugly b**** with that annoying fake accent. alabama my ass, strahovsky couldn’t pass this for any genuine american dialect.

    • @ laredo really? you dont like her? aww. i do.she’s so pretty and her accent seems pretty convincing to me. it may slip occasionally but not often enough that i actually notice while watching. maybe if i listen closely for it. whats wrong with her accent?

    • I agree. She annoys the crap out of me. What with her wide smile and broken teeth. There’s something up with her mouth/teeh area. I feel like her mouth is always full of something even when it’s not.

      Anyone else think Isaac’s comment in the last episode was hilarious? “Yes please DEX, tell us your theory. I’m SO curious.”