‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

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dexter season 6 promo Dexter Season 7 Details Revealed
[Warning: Spoilers from the Dexter season 6 finale are included below]

For the past six years, Dexter fans have been waiting with anticipation for the moment when Dexter’s foul-mouthed sister, Deb, would finally bear witness to his Dark Passenger. Thanks to the Dexter season 6 finale, that moment has arrived.

But what happens next in Dexter season 7? How will the series continue with Deb knowing Dexter’s secret?

As we’ve previously reported, Dexter has been renewed for seasons 7 and 8 already, with the latter serving as the series’ finale season. Accompanying the renewal announcement, series producers revealed that they would be initiating a story-arc in season 6 that would last until the end of the series.

Now that we know what that story-arc is, let’s find out what they plan on doing with it.

Speaking with TV Guide, Dexter executive producer Scott Buck reveals what’s going to happen with Deb’s newfound knowledge; how Deb and Dexter’s relationship (not the creepy sex part) will be impacted; what Dexter is going to do now that his secret is out; what’s going on with weirdo Louis; and whether or not Dexter needs to die at the end of the series.

On Deb finding out Dexter’s secret:

We always imagined that Deb finding out would be part of the end game, so we always sort of delayed it. When we came in this year, David Nevins [said], ‘Let’s shake things up. We don’t have to play it safe. We can think a little bit differently this year.’ We decided it was finally time to deal with this head-on. There’s still plenty of drama to come after this, but we know we have two seasons left to do and there’s more than enough for us to deal with in the next two years just dealing with this one particular issue.

dexter season 6 premiere dexter big bad Dexter Season 7 Details Revealed

On what will happen in Dexter season 7:

One of Dexter’s hallmarks is that no one really knows who he is, and now Deb at least has a little peek behind the curtain. How much she actually knows and figures out will all be part of the drama of next season, but it’s certainly going to affect our story in a very big way.

I don’t think we’ll toy with the audience. She sees what she sees and we all know exactly what she’s seeing, but how much does that really say about Dexter and what does Deb already know about him? This is her brother, who she’s known her whole life. To walk into a situation like this, you’re not going to immediately think, ‘Oh, my brother is a serial killer.’ You’re going to think, ‘Oh, my brother is killing DDK. This is crazy and insane.’ She’s taken the first peek behind the curtain, but it’s not necessarily daylight just yet.

On whether or not serial killer fanatic Louis will be the villain next season:

Louis is something we don’t quite know what to make of because he’s something that has not appeared on Dexter before. It’s a different kind of character and it will be fun to explore exactly who he is and what he’s doing. I certainly like Louis, but he’s obviously got some issues to deal with. He seems to be a troubled individual, and how that will work out in terms of Dexter will be part of the fun of next season, but he will not be our big bad.

More about Dexter season 7…

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  1. The fact that Buck says here and in other pieces I’ve read that they still don’t know what is going on or what will happen with the character Louis confuses me a bit. Why introduce the character or the whole hand thing in the 1st place if you’re not sure what to do with it? Hopefully he is be non committal on purpose otherwise it sounds like an idea that was just thrown in to see how it would play and drop it if it doesn’t.
    Even though I’ve had issues with this season I am glad we’ve gotten to the point of Deb finding out. It opens up a bunch of possibilities for next season. I just hope there isn’t to much focus on Deb being in love with him. Its just creepy and odd and not in a good way.

  2. Dexter is just going to play this off as something to do with going to Nebraska over the Trinity thing or something like that. Deb, already having all these conflicting feelings for Dexter, will help him cover it up.

    Louis may become some kind of foil for Dexter, but he has gotten on the radar already with messing around with Batista’s sister, so who knows.

  3. LOL at your pun at nothing being “off the table”

    Also… PLEASE do not use Lost as an example… because that crappy ending ruined the whole thing for me and my parents…

  4. Dexter lives. & goes to heaven ;). Think about it, all the crazy ppl he’s killed cos they were bad. Dex sees the light

    • Agreed, Lost demonstrates how something with potential can end up as absolute s#&t!

  5. Trying to figure out how this all is going to end will just drive us all crazy.

    I have to say this season was pretty good at the little twists and turns that really made you get into the show like it was back in the first season. The whole Deb in love with Dexter thing kind of threw me a bit but then I was like, well hey, at least they aren’t blood related (plus hey they are married in real life lol).

    Anyways I’m looking forward to the end and hopefully a wonderful 2 year story arc that carries to an amazing conclusion for all of us die hard fans.

  6. They are actually divorced in real life, awkward.

    • Really? Gotta look this up…

  7. The show had subtle hints on Deb and Dex possibility and it heightened in season 4. Deb being with Quinn was like a substitute rewatch the show guys and look at those hints lol. Idk why people think it’s RANDOM it’s been building the entire show. ._. I understand why it’s “gross” for most people, but all I’m saying is that it’s not a random story line. ^^

    I personally find the Dexter series highly predictable but it didn’t make it any less fun to watch in my case.

    • She didn’t have to fall in love with her brother. That is so terrible & not cause of the incest factors. Why not have her find out like a cop not cause she loves her brother. Use whatever you have to convince yourself this story lines go along with everything cause really they don’t. Terrible wast of a season they went really nowhere. They kept building it up & just went nowhere. Lets just hope Dexter wakes up in the hospital with Brother Sam to find out it was all a dream & not a really, really bad season. Terrible writing that never went nowhere & kinda of ruined a GREAT character for me.

      • It’s not incest they are not biological siblings.

    • You know what just actually dawned on me. The shrink kind of made her think nothing was wrong with her feelings since Dexter is adopted, but hasn’t it been implied Harry might have had an affair with Dexter’s mother and possibly been his actual father?

      • Yes, I do remember that. Season 2 or 3.

      • man dexters father was a tatted up man remember the earlier seasons he does a dna test

      • In the Ice Truck Killer series, we saw that Dexter needed a transfusion for a rare blood type and his biological father donated. Dexter thanked him with a homemade card with blood on it, then later found that card when he and Briney were clearing out the old house. Also, he did the DNA test with the remains that showed him conclusively that the deceased was his biological father.

        • Deb doesn’t know that though Jackie, but good job, I totally forgot about that. I remembered that he had a blood transfusion, not the rest thought

          • You’re right that Deb doesn’t know that piece, but she was kind of floating in and out when Brian (Briney – his “baby name”) was getting ready to kill her and Dex stepped in and saved her. The whole dark passenger deal was being discussed in front of her. I’ve been waiting for her to say something to him about this crazy dream she had when Dexter was saving her.

            • she does indeed know that joe driscoll is dex’s bio dad. she finds out later, or maybe in the same season, i cant remember

      • That’s so true I had forgotten that but I think the majority of people don’t want to see that its bad enough we are all watching a guy who gets his kicks killing people. They deserve to die no question but should he get so much pleasure out of it I think not. No I don’t think that he romance will go down but I think it would give some sort of closure to the whole issue they both are trying to find someone and she now knows about him or at least kinda if she can exept him for what he is that’s exactly what he needs there isn’t exactly a line of chicks out there willing to love a killer !

  8. Please do something about page 2′s layout, we can’t read anything…

  9. Worst finale, yet. This whole season smells as if they were just ready to end it all & sadly maybe they should of. Never went any where with Brother Sam or Gellar. Total disappointment. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but honestly if your satisfied with season its just because your grasping for what it once was. I was willing to let last season go, but man did they kill the show for me this season. Terrible last kill. No good talk or anything. The whole Travis Dexter relationship total crap. I am still angry. I could go on & on. Lame duck season.

    • Agreed on the overall sloppiness of the season. Everything seemed rush, especially in a couple of the last episodes. Bring back whatever editors, directors, or writers assistants that obviously have moved on. Plot had a lot of potential but sub-par talent creating the storyline.

    • Just saying that I am not into all the god stuff so the season was total crap for that and the fact that it wasn’t like the other seasons where they kept you on your toes and make you want more. This season was so predictable and not as interesting as the other ones.

  10. That’s BS! How can Deb not see that he’s a serial killer. Dexter has DDK tied-up to the table in plastic just like the ice truck killer (Dexter’s brother) did to Deb!!!!!!!! Is she a detective or not?!? I think Deb actually knowing that Dexter is a serial killer would be good for the series, because she could draw on his killer insights to help catch bad guys. And all through season 6, I was thinking doesn’t Dexter realize that he will be hurting Deb’s position as a police lieutenant if he keeps making unsolved murder cases for the homicide department. I was hoping his hallucination of his father would have told him that he’s making her job harder by leaving unsolved murder cases.

    And get rid of that BS nonsense of dipping your feet into pushing the incest envelope. You (or Showtime) are only doing it because HBO and Starz is doing it for cheap sensationalism. The ‘Dexter’ show doesn’t need that tawdry crap!

    I like Louis. I would hate for him to go down as another serial killer, also.

    I really hate how Hollyweird always tries to bring down Christianity by trying to say they are nuts. I would like to see Dexter come to believe in God before the series finale. Maybe Deb & her psychologist friend will help Dexter get rid of his “dark passenger” and Harrison’s school will help Dexter find religion.

    And I don’t like how the show basically tossed away Dexter’s step-children, Cody & Astor…not even a mention or a guest appearance.

    • “And get rid of that BS nonsense of dipping your feet into pushing the incest envelope. You (or Showtime) are only doing it because HBO and Starz is doing it for cheap sensationalism. The ‘Dexter’ show doesn’t need that tawdry crap!”
      They don’t have the same dad, nor mom, so it’s not incest. :)

    • yeah no, i would not like to see dexter believe in god, it does’t fit the character at all. he already has his dead father floating around his shoulder, does he really need god? i would like to see the show end with dexter turning himself in and being imprisoned, full court case and everything. i’m interested to see where they take louis though i think he’ll become a copycat serial killer or he’ll try to kill and realise he cant. something, as long as it’s interesting. i liked this season, it dealt with the religous aspect well showing the good it can do with brother sam and the evil with travis. all the serial killers dexter faces are factors of his personality just like batmans rogue gallery, his brother, the cop, the family man, the father figure justifying his kills all help explore how dexter is evolving into something new. people b**** and moan to much about the series deteriating but it’s better than most of the crap on tv. i enjoyed this season

  11. And Rita!! i still dont think trinity killed her…it should be fun if theres a whole new twist…good finale…creepy chemistry X_X

    • Good point with Rita. Since we saw that Trinity’s son was carrying on in the family tradition, Dexter may find out that is who killed Rita. (May be a good twist..)

      If you’ve read the Dexter books, you’d know that Debra found out about Dexter’s “hobby” with the Ice Truck Killer (first book). In the fourth book, she asks Dexter for a favor/killing. Also, in the books, both Cody and Astor also have a dark side, borne of an abusive biological father. The kids also spread their dark wings. That may be another scenario to pick up…

  12. Are you $%&§-ing serious? LOST as an example for an ending which was inspired by an end date in sight? That crappy last season and especially the last couple of episodes, which COULD have explained a lot of the mysteries, just ruined everything about LOST! The producers were clearly NOT inspired and more creative when they knew it was the finale. They chose the easy and crappy way out. ‘We always denied all those suggestions by fans, while they were dead on and assured them it was ABSOLUTELY not going to happen that way, but hey why not make it exactly THAT?!’ was what they probably thought. Oh well, besides that, I’m really looking forward to season 7! Can’t wait for it! (Too bad we DO have to wait until september ’12…

    • I agree completely that using ‘Lost’ as an example of a good ending is insane. That conclusion was so disapointing it made me regret watching the show at all. I felt cheated and cheap. I sure hope Dexter doesn’t conclude in the same way! That is a seriously HORRIBLY bad example of how to conclude a show. Just awful.

  13. I like Dexter but this is another glaring example of a show continuing for way too long. Dexter was a 5 season series at best IMO.

    • disagree sir :( lost was a 1/2 season series at best

    • Stop watching your not required to enjoy this finely writen show there are plenty of fans out there that are glued to their couch waiting for the next season. Your secrets safe with me you dislike the show so much you continute to watch it and comment on the page LOL. signed writer of the show .

  14. my predictions
    -I could see deb distancing herself from dexter but she can only do so much to protect what he is and lets face it, hes not as careful as he used to be and when he inevitably gets found out by other people and he’s on the run she helps him out, and eventually he fakes his own death(or perhaps the ending of the series is left open to interpretation as to whether he is actually dead or if his death was faked) I couldn’t see his death actually be confirmed in the series.
    -Either deb or cody and astor’s grandparents would take care of harrison.
    -i would bet money that deb eventually resigns from law enforcement.
    -Their will be a major death, probably from the department, in season 7, my guess is laguerta or maybe quinn
    -as of the last two seasons, the show has been taking notes from the books more, and laguerta died very early on in them so this is why i would guess her
    -in the books dexter is portrayed as being almost more than human, with his ‘dark passenger’ being an extension of his being, their have been slight cues of this in the show, especially in the episode when brian took over. this is a large reasoning as to why they would never actually kill dexter, it would make him too human.

  15. Even though Deb hasn’t seen EVERYTHING and she probably won’t jump from seeing him kill a known serial killer to thinking he’s a serial killer himself, surely one of the more troubling elements will be the ritual? She didn’t catch him shooting the man or beating him, she caught him restraining him with plastic and stabbing him. Plus how hard will it be for her mind to make the jump with this new information? It’s got to be like Louis Lane finding out Clark Kent is Superman, suddenly all that strange behavior and popping up in odd places will start to make sense. She already found out that the Ice Truck Killer was his brother. And the whole almost incestuous angle? Seems really silly and unecesary in my opinion. I’m also very much hoping LaGuerta will be the big bad for Season 7 or 8 ;)

  16. Dexter will stay alive for always, i have faith in him :)

  17. I’ve got to say that in the early seasons there were hints to the romantic attraction of Deb towards Dexter.
    I think people need to chill out on the deb being in love with dexter thing. It’s weird, but since they’re not blood related it doesn’t really count as incest.

  18. What? What do you mean deb won’t fully see what/who dexter is? Deb has broke or least came up with a solid lead in almost every case. It truly would amaze me if she doesn’t put it together. Deb see’s Travis wrapped in plastic the same way she was when Rudy tried to kill her, she has to see something in that. Also, i don’t understand what kind of person, especially a detective, finds out that someones brother (Rudy) is a serial killer and doesn’t think that maybe the other brother (Dexter) might have something wrong with him too. Deb knows Dexter is weird and different, for someone so smart she is really dumb about that. But this is not a Debra diss, Deb is actually my favorite character on the show. I just don’t like how they make her so clueless sometimes :(. But overall this is an AMAZING SHOW and i will be very sad when it ends! Oh, and making us wait until September or October 2012? Are you freakin serious? That’s just cruel!

  19. Love Love love all the series so far. Nice ending to season 6, can’t wait for season 7.

  20. Someone as careful as dexter would leave the door open ? tssk tssk not serious…My biggest gripe about the finale is that they favoured the so called Deb’ discovery to the actual satisfaction of seeing that creep move to the other side…We could have had both…And LOST managed to make me hate it in a blink of a second with a retarded finale that means nothing and does not blend with the series overall…

  21. For me Dexter is the best show on tv though they still havent topped the first two seasons in my opinion, but thats not to say the show isn’t still great to watch. Everyone keeps talking about how terrible the show has gotten and i disagree. Season 5 for me was not that bad at all honestly it was just as good as season 4. I say that because eventually trinity’s character started to let me down with his annoying cowardly behavior, though it was still a great season and trinity was definately a strong advisary for Dexter. Season 5 had that i cant wait until he gets these guys who are doing these horrible things kind of vibe which kept me locked in. Julia Stiles was a great addition as well. As for season 6 there were a few dissapointments. 1- Brother Sam was one of my favorite new characters and they killed him off half way through and by the time you get to the last few episodes you have completely forgotten about his character. 2- Gellar was dead the whole time which is kind of like what the hell dont waste so much time showing me who this guy is if your going to reveal that he’s not actually there! Kind of bothered me that the writers did that. I was actually hoping that at some point Brother Sam Would have been a victim of Gellars and it would have been nice to see the two of them have some sort of epic battle of the faiths kind of conversation before Gellar eventually finished him off but obviously that didnt happen! 3- Deb is in love with Dextet??? come on with that day time tv crap, that is not something that this series needs at all!!!! Now im still a huge fan of this show dont get me wrong and the last scene of the finale with Deb walking in on Dexter at that perfect moment absolutely floored me! And because of that i will be locked in to this series until it ends in two seasons.

  22. I think that the possibility of Dexter (or Deb) having another biological brother would be a great situation… and Louis turning out to be that brother would a fantastic twist. To what end that would serve, I don’t know, but it would be interesting to see what they would do with that.

    My biggest problem with the finale situation is this: Dexter uses the place that Deb asks him to reexamine as his kill room? With DDK still ‘technically’ active, it seems unlikely that Dex could assume that no one else would show up as back-up in a place known to be used by DDK. Just the fact that Dexter knows that Deb knows where he should be, makes it a unlikely choice for a kill room.

    Did anyone else notice the lack of prep the room was in? Dexter is generally very meticulous, in general, and parts of his ritual seemed to be missing here. The kill room seemed to serve only as the McGuffin to revel Dexter’s secret to Deb… To what extent, is yet to be seen.

    I enjoyed the season and the ending, even if I had some believability issues. I look forward to seeing what’s next.

  23. The sketchy place for the DDK kill has been brought up a lot, but it’s not really any more dangerous than killing ITK at the crime scene in S1. Dexter just has a lot of interest in the ritual of his kills, and tends to do them in somewhere “fitting” or “meaningful” whenever possible, usually the place where his victims did their own killing.

  24. The fact that I have to wait until next September to feed my addiction is slowly killing me.

    Louis’ character can’t be disposed of after the fact that he painted the nails of the amputee’s arm the same way Dexter’s mum once did. If they decided to throw in an extra brother for Dexter, I’d be somewhat pissed. Not only did he forget about Brian’s existence, but to forget about another’s? Perhaps Louis is mentally unstable and wishes to emulate either Dexter or Brian. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dexter had someone obsessed with him and stalked his every move. Maybe Louis saw him commit a murder and was completely perplexed by Dexter’s persona. Dex has managed to prey on his victims without arousing suspicion at any point in time. (Well, mostly.)

    Debra and Dexter’s relationship wasn’t THAT surprising. He’d subtly make odd remarks to his sister sometimes. He once did state that if he could have feelings for anyone, it’d be her. Although, that could be highly debatable. It’s just odd viewing them as a couple. Plus, Dexter isn’t into that type of love ordeal.

    Whatever the case is, I can’t wait until September of ’12!

    • I meant that the twist added to Debra’s feelings for Dexter weren’t that surprising when the were mentioned. Don’t you guys think it was weird that she would always come to Dexter when she had boy problems? Maybe her deep rooted admiration for Dexter slowly developed over time. Much like a student would for a headstrong teacher.

      On a related note… I think the her best relationship was with Quinn, but she destroyed it out of fear of commitment.

    • OMG! This just came to me. Remember the video game Louis made about serial killers, and it included the Bay Killer (and there was even the voice over that Dexter was that killer) and Dexter shot him down (pardon the pun)? My new hypothesis is that Louis already KNEW that Dexter was that serial killer because he had followed him and knew of the Dark Passenger. Louis had said at a couple of crime scenes that Dexter is God because he just knows things. Also, he told Dexter that he wants to learn from him. Maybe it’s one Dark Passenger to another. Ooooooo.

      And to take a page from another writer (as well as the Dexter books), LaGuerta needs to be dispatched like she was in the book. I know Brian can’t help with this, but maybe LOUIS could! Wow. Is it September yet?

  25. The next season is going to be annoyingly dragged out. Deb, who is normally a competent investigator, will suddenly become inept and fall for whatever weak excuse Dexter throws her, instead of realistically figuring it out. She has caught him red handed murdering someone ritualistically in the fashion of the Bay Harbour Butcher.
    This season has had some seriously sloppy moments and Colin Hanks played such an irritating villain. Hopefully the next won’t be as predictably sloppy as this article suggests.

  26. I personaly dont think that dexter needs to die at the end, but it would be nice to see more of his humanity return. Just as his love for his son brought out good in him it would be nice if deb knowing about him also brought out good in him. Im just not sure how that will affect deb. There are not too many ways that it can work out for a nice cathartic ending since darkness does have consequences as seen in season 4 and earlier if you count dexter’s scape goat Sergent Dokes. I would like to see dexters emotions return if nothing else. The dark passenger can still be present but if he could feel again perhaps it would temper it.

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