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dexter season seven poster full1 Dexter Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

The Dexter season 7 premiere kicks off the moment that fans have been waiting to see since the series began. Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) secret is now known by Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), and there’s no turning back. The Dark Passenger must now account for his actions, willingly or not.

And that’s essentially what we get in the episode. To satisfy fans’ need to see Dexter answer to Deb for his actions, a good portion of the episode is dedicated solely to Deb questioning her brother about anything and everything that comes to her mind. Their initial conversation, standing near Travis Marshall’s (Colin Hanks) slayed body, is satisfying enough for the anticipation it created. There’s not enough time to fully delve into what Deb has just witnessed, but the scene does provide some satisfaction.

Fortunately, the episode doesn’t stop there, continuously returning to Deb looking further in her brother’s potential past, each time questioning Dexter even further about things that don’t make sense with the story he told her. Whatever logic questions that fans were waiting for Deb to ask Dexter – but was unable to initially – are appropriately touched upon in the episodes, leaving the major question, “Are you a serial killer?” to the final moments of the episode. A question which receives a surprisingly honest response.

Throughout the episode we see Dexter and Deb both deal with the repercussions of their chance meeting, often leading each character to step in new directions from their struggle, creating fresh and often intriguing situations for each of them to deal with. Instead of simply listening to Dexter’s side of the story, Deb continuously researches every moment of her brother’s life that didn’t make sense. There are surprisingly a lot – but she searches everywhere, even leading her back to events that occurred in season 1.

dexter season 7 premiere deb Dexter Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

For many years audiences have been waiting to see what would happened when (if) Deb found out. Because we, as viewers, are so used to seeing Dexter deliver his justice, one always wondered how exactly that dynamic will impact the story, and where the series can go from here. Surprisingly, Deb’s revelation of Dexter came with its own twist to the telling of these familiar tales, leading audiences to see Dexter through the eyes of someone new.

As soon as Deb confronted Dexter, the entire shift of the character wonderfully turned. Instead of a calm killer following a set of rules for murders that viewers have philosophically agreed with, we see a manic, crazed, person attempting to cover their deadly secret. Dexter’s character is still interesting as ever, however his familiar craves of murder are now less appealing.

Almost allowing us to see Dexter’s actions through Deb’s eyes, a look back into Deb and Dexter’s past shows how Dexter’s “special circumstances” have impacted her throughout her life, even if slightly. To further drive home a new point of view on Dexter, the season’s first murder is as brazen and emotionless as his first response to Deb’s questioning. Though we’ve seen Dexter murder criminals in the past, this one felt odd in its execution, allowing viewers to feel some of the uncomfortable emotions that Deb is experiencing.

dexter season 7 kill Dexter Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

Even so, Dexter’s kill for this episode was the starting point for introducing the “Big Bad” (Ray Stevenson) of the season, so there should have been time given to his inclusion – if for no other reason than it would provide viewers a reason to understand why this person is so important to the “Big Bad,” and how worried we should be for Dexter. To give credit where its deserved, this episode does contain many stories, so it’s understandable that they’d have trouble appropriately dedicating enough time to everything.

With much of this season likely focusing on Deb and Dexter dealing with having an honest family relationship, the Dexter season 8 premiere kicks things off amazingly, allowing audiences to see a new side to the series’ familiar characters. If the rest of the season continues along this path, there’s surly some great stories awaiting fans. Let’s just hope the “Big Bad” storyline offers enough quality to accompany it.


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  1. Seemed to me to be an apology for season 6, getting rid of some of the more pointless additions last year and streamlining the few things that actually worked about it. Which is absolutely fine by me. I disagree with the above though. I thought the opening conversation was clumsy and unconvincing, but everything after that between the two did click.

    A solid start. Now that it’s essentially been reset, I hope it can get back to full flow. Feeling confident it will.

  2. Bravo Dexter!!
    I admit I was pretty hard on Dexter lately, especially last season which I thought was terrible from start to finish but if last nights episode was any indication of what’s to come it looks like we are in for a real treat this season.
    While it was obvious we would deal with Deb’s initial reaction to seeing Dexter kill Travis I didn’t think we’d see her put the pieces together so quickly. Even with all the questions she was asking I thought much of this season would be spent bye her looking to uncover the truth but nope. The writers laid down the hammer last night and then BAMM! The question we all have been waiting for. Are you a serial killer? And he then he told her the truth. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that.
    So again I’ll say Bravo Dexter!!!
    Without doubt and hands down the best episode since the season 4 finale…

    • I get sad when I think about season 4. John Lithgow was the greatest character in the show’s history. But I agree that last night’s episode was the best since season 4.

      • Michael C. Hall is better, but if you’re talking about the best aside from him I’d probably agree.

  3. I disliked the last season and the season before was good but disappointing compared to the others. The first episode of Season 7 was better than any episode of the last 2 seasons.

    Here’s hoping for Dexter to get back on its routes!

  4. Last night’s premier tanked the show. It’s now changed forever. It jumped the shark. I’ve lost interest. Very disappointing!

    • Well u suck lol

    • Yes.. they finally changed something up after 7 years of the same old and it’s doomed.

      I found last season to be completely refreshing.. first real excitement since season 2 (yes, including season 4). I thought the twist was actually legitimate and of course the ending to the season dropped a bomb.

      So again, yes, the show is finally changing. But now there’s finally an end in site and the stakes have risen – gotta love that!

      • I honestly have to say i’m surprised how many people look over both S4 and S5, i found last season to take far too long to get going, and some poor execution but it wasn’t horrible, just average, just seemed so bad b/c Dexter had set the bar high in so many past seasons. I still think the worst season was S3, the whole scenario with Jimmy Smits in that season was just long, dull, and uneventful, not to mention not exciting. But as far as S1/S2/S4/S5 and so far S7, Dexter is the pinnacle of great TV.

    • I agree. Dexter would have never been that careless. Getting caught, leaving plastic on the body, losing his slide, etc.. It didn’t seem true to his character.

      • Even the best make mistakes? Doesn’t it neatly tie in with what Agent Lundy states in Season 2 of the show that everybody eventually makes mistakes. It seems to go along with the idea of Dexter’s past coming back to haunt him and makes what Lundy said in a manner of speaking Foreshadowing of Season 7 because it doesn’t matter if your the best serial killer in the world, eventually even you will make a mistake.

        Up in till now the police weren’t looking for a mistake. It’s great since both Dexter and Lugerta (I can’t spell her name), Lugerta has the opportunity to clear James Doakes’ name and Dexter has he’s whole life riding on this. It’s gonna be great to see the two of them on opposite ends of this fight without even knowing it. Plus we have Debra who has such a personal stance in this being split between her job and her relationship with Dexter. But overal I think the fact that it’s out of character for Dexter is what makes this so good.

        I mean we’ve seen him make mistakes before. I mean it makes more sense that after 50 times of doing the same kill and the same ritual that Dexter would just naturally assume that he did it right

      • I took it that he got sloppy because he was finally nervous. Think about it his secret has been exposed and with Deb standing there questioning him he got sloppy (he didn’t have the chance to think). It made sense to me at least.

  5. “… the Dexter season 8 premiere kicks things off amazingly…”

    I think you mean season 7

    • He does…he’s just sloppy…like Dexter

  6. Welcome back, Dexter! Season 5 was just OK, but season 6 was a tedious disaster to sit through. I was worried Dexter won’t be able to bounce back, but the season 7 premiere instilled hope of Dexter returning to greatness. Really looking forward to the next episode.

  7. I agree that they trimmed some of the season 6 fat right out of the gate! The premiere was…WOW! Check out a review over at the Not-So Daily

  8. Having watched(and disected)this series from it’s infancy, Dexter’s previous season’s haven’t been very good. Dexter is at it’s best when Dexter is in major trouble or has a very, Big Bad to deal with. We haven’t seen a great Big, Bad since Lithgow. Hopefully that will change this season with Dexter going up against the Russian Mafia. There have been a lot of internal changes(behind the scenes)over the last few seasons, most notably Clyde Phillips leaving the show. Even though he is a consultant for the series you can really see the difference in the season’s he was a major part of and the one’s most recently. Not sure if anyone on here watches Breaking Bad but if you do, as I do, kind of looked like Dexter’s opening when he was on the run and his credit cards being declined looked a lot like Breaking Bad’s season 5 opener.

  9. Now. who the hell his lewis greene?

    • is* this website needs a delete button.

  10. loved the premiere!! the entire ep was better then the last season

  11. Disappointed.

    No amount of pedantic, pseudo-intellectual musing changes my opinion. This is just a TV series, that appears to have reached that inevitable point when plots get s t r e t c h e d until they become stupid. Writers are now writing to back fill. Someone tells them x is going to happen, and they are to make it work. It doesn’t. Credulity loses. Dexter has to keep killing, and Deb has to be Deb, and not be able to handle it. Where do you go from there?

    • Not sure what you’re talking about exactly, the entire problem with last season, and why it was so mediocre, not terrible frankly, was because it felt like they were doing what you were just stating “stretching”. This happens in most series b/c most series have pretty obvious endgames to them, and eventually showrunners have to find ways to essentially avoid, and do anything they can in their power to stop from the story progressing to that point.

      With that being said, last season was the first time that i felt that that was what they were doing, especially because Season 4 and 5 both felt like they were going towards this season’s theme of him getting found out, and then the show felt like it went in a completely different direction because like a lot of other shows, they didn’t quite know when the show would end, so they couldn’t progress too fast.

      Now with an end in sight (Season 8) they are doing just the opposite and probably going to go at a neck breaking pace because there’s no reserving or holding back.

      So what I’m saying is basically, this season is the very opposite of what you speak of, in terms of stretching, sure that happened last season, for the very first time, and this season is essentially the opposite, b/c they know the endgame, and when it’s going to happen, so i just genuinely have no idea what you’re talking about.

      To speak to shows in general and stretching, it’s been proven over and over and over, and again in Dexter’s case, that once shows have a clear idea when it will end, their quality goes up, b/c they stop that “stretching” once networks realize that (they’re very slow) shows in general will have better quality.

    • Well Dexter has reached season 7 and for me, I guess I might as well watch the rest of what is to come. I somewhat agree that the story has dragged on too long. I would of been happy if they just stuck to the story in the books with 4 – 5 quality seasons that can be watched again and again. I agree with the populous that seasons 1,2 and 4 are with no doubt the best.

  12. Lol I basically disagree with everyone here about the last two season they were not terrible they just weren’t as good as the first four but none the less I still quite enjoyed them compared to other tv shows out there but for this episode of season 7 was one of the best eps on dexter so far so stop saying that last two seasons were terrible cause they won’t

  13. Lol I basically disagree with everyone here about the last two season they were not terrible they just weren’t as good as the first four but none the less I still quite enjoyed them compared to other tv shows out there so stop saying that last two seasons were terrible cause they won’t

  14. i dont understand why the past two Dexter premiers have been poorly written. there is no way in hell (in post 9/11 america) that a civilian can walk that freely through an airport, picking locks and wheeling around someone unconscious. good thing this is the beginning of the end for Mr Morgan.

  15. Great episode. This season is looking really promising so far and I like how teh cat got out of the bag on Dexter’s secret in this first episode. We all knew Deb was going to find out about it all, so I really did not want them to ilk that.

    You can also see the story coming together for the end of the series which is very cool. Now that Deb knows, this is only going to cause more anger and deaths for Dexter.

    To me, it looks like multiple people will come together to uncover Dexter- Louis, LaGuerta, and even maybe Quinn.

    Definitely will be tuning in for every episode this season!

  16. I’m so sad Anderson died.

    • why he was only in like one season.

      • I was looking forward to the development of the character. I liked him so much more than Quinn

  17. whats with the whole airport kill room? that was just idiotic. did anyone notice the camera outside the room? Killing someone at an airport and not getting busted or showing up on camera would have been damn hard before 9/11 but now? Please!

  18. I haven’t missed an episode since the show started and consider it my favorite show. I’ve enjoyed every season so far (here’s the) ‘but’ the last few seasons have followed a pretty predictable narrative arc. I agree the season with Lithgow was absolutley fantastic bit it too followed a story arc for the season that was predictable. Bad guy gets introduced in first episode, whole season of fencing back and forth with Dexter, season finale = dexter wins. Yawn. That said, I still love the show. VERY glad to see the whole shake up to the story line of Deb and Dexter. The ‘big bad’ is actually kind of irritating to me and, sadly, formulaic. Its everything else that happens that interests me. I’m much more excited about the future story of Dexter and Deb than yet another big bad narrative arc. I’m glad the show has thrown the brother and sister into jeopardy. I predict a sad ending but I guess its got to be that way :(

  19. Why is everyone so critical of the airport scene?

    It was a mistake to kill someone there … but Dexter is always making mistakes. There wouldn’t be a show if he didn’t.

    I can’t help but feel that the airport kill will have repercussions later in the season and those criticising it now will be lauding it as a vital plot point.

  20. I thought that the premiere was a start to an excellent season to come. The acting was flawless and I love that they didn’t make Deb completely clueless. She is an excellent detective, a co-worker at DISH pointed out that it wouldn’t have made sense for her to not connect the dots. Now that she knows the whole truth, they can really explore what she will do now. This is what I have been waiting for, I am so glad that I remembered to program my Hopper to record it. With the amount of shows on Sunday, I am putting the 2,000 hours of recording space to good use. I would hate to miss this incredible show just because my train was running later than usual. It is interesting to see how Deb’s revelation is affecting Dexter’s persona. His reckless kills are a sign that he has lost control, and his sloppiness may end up getting him caught by someone other than Deb.

    • Good job throwing that advertisement in there. Your superiors would be proud I’m sure.

  21. I love Dexter and turn my brain off at times when he is on the verge of getting caught and gets away with things, but there is no way on earth that he would be able to get a sedative in a syringe through the airport check, drug someone, put them in a wheelchair, break into lost propert, murder them Dexter style and then carry them back through he airport throug security checks in a surf board bag?! Come seriously!! As god dam if!! Lost respect for this show big time!!

  22. I think pretty much everyone agrees that season 4 was the pinnacle of the show. It was simply amazing, and it kept everybody on their toes! John Lithgow was PERFECT as Dexter’s nemesis. Still, I have enjoyed all of the seasons and will be very sad when this series ends. Season 7 started off wonderfully! I think this season has the potential to be as good, if not better, than season 4!

  23. So much as I continued to watch the show, I don’t share most of the sentiment given here. I enjoy the plots between different members of the police force more than I do watching and listening to Dexter spill on and on. I don’t really think the show is particularly done very well, but I do enjoy all of the subplots around the characters outside Dexter. That being said, the fact Debra knows Dexter is a serial killer is interesting, but the direction it takes makes or completely breaks the show for me. Its the first episode so I figure she either will co-sign what he does and becomes an accomplice or she ends up just keeping quiet while Dexter runs again and LaGuerta puts the pieces together. Either way this show goes, the only satisfaction I will get is he is forced to decide to break his code and purposely hunt and kill someone who does not fit the code to preserve himself. I hope Doakes gets the justice he deserves.

    • We both know that’s not going to happen, Spencer.

  24. I found season 6 to be interesting, espeially when I had to bust it out in one continuous dexterfest (I hadnt watched season6 until last night)And let me just say, I havent been so outrageously excited since season 4. Lets talk about why.

    Lets talk about Debster.

  25. Dexter suddenly being so emotionally masochistic towards Hanna did bug me at first…..but soon seeing the plot taking a new level comparing to 3,5,or 6, I am much intrigued about finding out how all this is gonna sum up for 7.

    I know how you guys love watching Dexter’s kills…but do you really want Dexter to play that old school stuff all the time in every season?…I mean, once he gets his victims on his table, his blood slides, bludgeoning, stabbing & heavy duty bags have always been so predictable!!..If this season too, was all about his kills and getting himself out of trouble all the time, people whining about this plot are the same guys who would also ask “Whats next?…..Cant they keep from playing the same cards again and again?”

    Like Dexter himself marks “Its time to move on!”, so is the show! I really appreciate the writers thinking out of the box this time…. who would have even anticipated that he would turn his animal instincts purely into a sexual behavior seconds before his knife reaches into her? Also It was really dramatic to see him destroying his blood slides! Issac Sirko’s character too, is a good catch…..making Dexter so vulnerable like never before!

    In a nutshell, this season rocks!!9.8/10

  26. Just catching up on this… how did that slide survive through all that fire and heat? Does Dexter use super fireproof glass for his slides?

  27. Didn’t like it at all. Talk about a total lack of character continuity. Character evolution is fine but this is a total makeover. Seems like an entire different series now.

  28. Just catching up on all of Dexter recently. To keep things interesting they have to start the end game: other people find out about Dexter (who aren’t about to die). So now they have. It could be interesting.
    But one thing that’s always bugged me is how vulnerable Dexter’s apartment is. Lewis was screwing around in it, now Deb tearing it apart (and all the way back to Dokes finding the original slide box). And it was even more glaringly obvious Deb was suspicious than Dokes. That’s just a huge and kind of hard to believe blind spot of Dexter’s, not to have to some safer hideaway for his kill gear and slides (like some other place he rents for cash under an assumed name, etc), always has been. And even without that, he dumped all his stuff in one of the early seasons when it seemed he might be found out, why wouldn’t he do that when Deb was basically *telling* him she was investigating stuff (like the Ice Truck Killer files) to figure out what she really stumbled on in the church? OK, somebody has to find out about Dexter eventually and live, and Deb is the most plausible character to find out but not immediately turn him in, so keeping the show going for awhile. But he *knows* she’s sniffing around, *knows* she can get into his apartment. When you sit there in frustration saying ‘what were they thinking’ it detracts from the show.