‘Dexter’ Season 7 In Jeopardy Over Michael C. Hall’s Salary

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michael c hall salary dexter season 6 Dexter Season 7 In Jeopardy Over Michael C. Halls Salary

What to know what happens next? ‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

Dexter star Michael C. Hall’s contract with Showtime runs through this year, closing out the sixth season of the popular drama. A seventh may not be forthcoming, as Hall and Showtime have been unable to reach an agreement on his future earnings.

The contract negotiations have broken down over a $4 million discrepancy in terms. Reportedly, Hall and his representatives want $24 million for another two seasons of Dexter, while the cable network is only willing to pay $20 million. Rumor has it that Showtime is willing to renegotiate for a single season extension, making season 7 the last for the serial killer drama.

Even at the lower $20 million figure, Hall would be one of the highest-paid actors on television at over $800,000 an episode. The salary that he requested would give him a cool $1 million per episode over two years. According to Deadline the actor is tired of working in television after ten years on Dexter and Six Feet Under, and wants to pursue work in film and Broadway. Hall is currently set to play General Ulysses S. Grant in To Appomattox, HBO’s Civil War miniseries slated for 2013.

dexter season 6 premiere dexter big bad Dexter Season 7 In Jeopardy Over Michael C. Halls Salary

Despite a lukewarm reception last year, Dexter is still Showtime’s highest-rated show. The Sunday season premiere scored 2.2 million viewers, a record for a Dexter debut and Showtime’s best in more than a decade. Critical and audience reaction seems generally positive following the airing, which featured this year’s guest stars Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks. This season Dexter has a new showrunner in Scott Buck, who previously served alongside Hall as an executive producer.

It’s tough for any series to stay consistently good year after year, and Dexter is still coming off the high of Season 4, one of the most impressive dramatic runs in recent memory. It’s rare that a show can stay fresh for six years or more, though Dexter is certainly making an effort. Will the sixth season be Dexter Morgan’s last run around Miami? We’ll be keeping a close eye on the proceedings.


Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9PM on Showtime.

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Source: Deadline Hollywood

What to know what happens next? ‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

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  1. Please no :( I enjoy the show far too much and Michael Hall is perfect for the role. Actors are too greedy now a days. I don’t even know what I’d do with a million dollars an episode

  2. I’d say he wants the studio to fire him. Than his fans wont hate him and he is free to go else where. No one is worth 1 million an episode.

    • Grow up. Some people are greedy but I agree he prolly wants to be fired so he can go into movies and broadway

    • Explaine Celine Dion’s revenues with the same arguements

    • what are you talking about. the series “friends” the casts got a million an episode for the last season. Michael Hall deserves to get this much money. Believe me if they change Michael Hall (Dexter) to another actor then no one will watch this crappy show ever again

  3. That is just ridiculous. Its incredibly greedy, the show has made him a household name. Getting a 100,000 dollars seems a huge ammount, but to demad a million?

    Not impressed by his greed at all.

    • Excuse me? What is your problem?

      You think it’s acceptable for him to demand he get more for doing one episode of television than most people make in a lifetime?

      • DSM,

        Just came across this person’s comments around the site. They’ve been deleted and he’s been banned.


        • Cheers Vic, I appreciate that.

      • Yes, It’s called offer and demand … it exists in every society. If he would not be in demand, he could not claim such wages. At least unlike some he is willing to worke for a living …. unlike many who feak or claims workers comps and refuses to woek all together.

        • economics supply and demand

      • All actors get paid exorbitant amounts of money, that’s the big thing about show biz. Hes a phenomenal actor and deserves to be paid well for what he does, many stars don’t even earn their wages but Michael C. Hall does a hell of a job so what if hes asking for a raise. Besides he has been spending his whole career on this show.

    • He’s been on this show for 6 years. The guy wants to do other stuff. Showtime makes a lot of money off Dexter, if they wanted to keep Michael around, they would pay up.

      They aren’t just paying him to do two more seasons, they are paying him not to get too involved in other projects for another two years.

      He’s not being a jerk, he’s trying to get the most he can for suspending other pursuits for another two years for something he must be growing tired of. The guy had cancer, he must value his time more now than previously.

      Not to mention he married, then divorced, his costar, so that must be exhausting within itself.

    • We aren’t impressed by your whining sam

  4. Showtime has plenty of money. How many people have subscribed to their service just to watch this show? At the end of he day were talking about a 20% raise. Besides, they are still going to be making major profit off the show even with the pay raise.

    • They are owned by CBS, so yeah they’re are worth BILLIONS!

  5. This whole argument is completely ridiculous. It is stupid for Michael to ask that much for a single episode. He is doing it because he is tired of the role and ready for a change. That I can understand. I don’t think I would tune in if he wasn’t in the role. I also wouldn’t tune in if he didn’t want to be there. The show wouldn’t be nearly as good if his heart wasn’t in it.
    What I really think is ridiculous is that Showtime is not willing to pay it. So you pay it for 2 more years and then end the series. The fans get 2 more years of Dexter, they get 2 more years of my money. No more Dexter. No more of my money. I like Shameless but the rest I could care less about.

  6. I think if Showtime won’t pay him that much for 2 seasons then he should at lest do a final 7th season, wrap everything up. He owes the fans that much.

  7. I call this the Farah Fawcett Syndrome. Highly-paid actors never realise how lucky they are. They think that they are bigger than the role that made them, and so they want to go do ‘something else’, imagining they would be as successful.

    Well guess what? Charlie’s Angels was the most successful thing Farah Fawcett ever did. I’m sure she regretted leaving. We see it again and again. Does this guy really think that after Dexter he could ever earn this kind of money again? Who does he think he is- Tom Cruise? He should get some advice from Charlie Sheen (whose shows after 2.5 men were big flops). When you are this lucky, shut up, take the money and ride it out for as long as it lasts. No-one wins the lottery twice.

    • Same to Doctor Who David T.
      Left and thought big…and now,look and watch what happened to him !
      Sadly !

    • I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care about the money. If you read the article, it said how he was tired of the TV business.

      Maybe he’s actually looking for some enjoyment rather than a big check. Ever think of that?

      • “Maybe he’s actually looking for some enjoyment rather than a big check. Ever think of that?” Which of course xplains why he’s asking for $1m per episode, right?

  8. impossible, the bloody knife must go on…

  9. I like Michael C. Hall and Dexter is my favorite show on television but I think that the show has run its course and should have already ended. Taking that into consideration, I dont think that another season is warranted and furthermore, I dont think that Michael C Hall is worth 1 Million an episode. Granted the show is on Showtime (and people pay an additional fee to watch it), but paying actor 1 million an episode when viewership is around 2 million a week seems ridiculous.
    The show is a great show but I doubt that syndication on networks like tnt/tbs will ever come about (didnt NBC try that? the show is to gruesome to be on network tv).

    So I say end the show this season and give it a great final season.

  10. Dexter is my favorite show ever, but hopefully they end it next season. I don’t really think there’s a lot of new things they can do with his character, out side of sending him to jail. But that would be like jumping the shark…

  11. i would think Michael C Hall is worth it to Showtime. The actors on “Friends” got that much. The show “Dexter” is Showtime’s most successful to date. It is the only reason I have not cancelled my subscription.

  12. Where can I send money for the keep Michael C Hall employed fund?

  13. Let’s see. He is locked into a show that has him now type cast with his ex-wife (they did get divorced?) in a show that has decided to continue on past the point where it should have ended. (Can you really have sympathy for a guy who puts killing people over the welfare of his family?)
    The show should have ended last season when they refused to kill off characters that should have died (like Desmond). Good shows know when to exit (like Breaking Bad next year).
    I love Dexter, but it has to end and not in a good way. They want to find some redemption for him, but is not going to work. SO they keep dragging the show out. Micheal Hall wants to leave a show that is now on the way down and he probably finds it difficult working with his ex-wife. So, I understand his decision and support it.

    • Very well said, I completely agree

  14. Dexter is my favorite show on TV and the only reason I subscribe to Showtime. Aside from single-handedly carrying the most successful show they have as the lead actor, Michael C. Hall is also an Executive Producer on Dexter for Showtime. I think he more than deserves all the money he is asking for because they have profited quite nicely from all his contributions over the run of this remarkable show.

    It seems that now that Showtime has new entertainment management now, Dexter does not appear to be the favorite there and they are looking for a new programming direction with the likes of “Homeland”. While this program was OK – I do not understand all the media hype around it. I found it to be derivative, superficial and I found the Claire Danes character really annoying. So I won’t be watching this in future. I would not keep my subscription to Showtime for this or any of their other programs. It did well in the ratings due to the fact that it had Dexter as lead-in show.

    I think two more seasons of Dexter would be just fine. I haven’t like everything but these writers know what they are doing and have kept things fresh, surprising and way above the mediocrity of most tv shows year each year. This would give them the right amount of time to wrap up the story line in a comprehensive and satisfying way for the fans.

    Bottom line for me – no Dexter, no subscription to Showtime.

  15. I really don’t have a opinion on how much Hall wants or deserves to be paid. I’m sure it will get worked out because it’s in the best interest of both parties. I only care about the quality of the show and I’ll say the same thing I’ve said a few times before on this site and that’s that I think the show should end after season 7. If they do 1 more season Hall can go do movies / theater work like he wants and Showtime can make their money from 1 more season of subscriptions and DVD sales.

  16. *Darth Vader yell* Nooooooooooo!!!!

    At least do one more season :(

  17. I love how Hollywood dislikes capitalism until it comes to their paychecks.

  18. Yeah well CBS was paying Charlie Sheen way more money then that for Two and Half Men, and that still turned into a circus. Honestly the people running these media companies are the first ones who need to take a pay cut and the actors are just negotiating based on what they see around them. It’s not like these t television execs have a second job at night to pay their rent, so who really cares about them getting squeezed ?

  19. Haha maybe there is some friction on set with his costar Jennifer Carpenter because of their recent divorce?

  20. Everyone needs to keep in mind that Michael C. Hall is the main character AND an executive producer for the series. Yes, 1 million is alot, but i’m sure if you were in shoes, with the series getting as many viewers as it does, you would find this a completely rational salary. Michael C. Hall is one of those actors that you do not come across very often, and I think he deserves what he is asking for.

  21. I really love this show, and will miss it when they wrap it up. That said, I think season five was so good, they will never be able to top it. If Michael wants to go on to other things, he shouldn’t be asking for more money–he should tell them to write a script to wrap it all up.

    I much prefer shows that know a year in advance that they will be ending and can then write a great ending. I buy the DVD’s and rewatch them all the time. It’s like a LONG AND GREAT MOVIE, if they wrap it up correctly.

    Bring Julia Stiles back and end it. DO NOT GIVE HIM MORE THAN 20 million!!!!! It’s just plain stupid!

    • Season 5 was the worst. IMO. Season 2 best then 4 then 1 then 3. That being said. This season is amazing so far. He is well worth the xtra 200k a week. Give me a break and pay your star

  22. The best episodes were the beginning when Doakes was in the department. After he was killed off, each season was less gritty than the previous.

    Some of the episodes were just plain silly and started to become a parody of itself (for example every time Dexter was going to a kill his wife calls him on the cell phone and the baby needs diapers or whatever, once was funny, but it became repetitive.)

    So, what Im saying is it’s been slowly losing it’s appeal over the years, maybe it’s just time to wrap it up. As for Hall’s motives for asking for a pay increase, who knows. I would like to think it’s strategic so he can chalk it up to negotiations breaking down, but there is absolutely no need for him to go that route. No one would fault him for not wanting to contract another season and do other things.
    I have a feeling he just thinks he’s worth that much, unfortunately.

  23. Lots of good comments here–I have such a hard time with this, love the show; hate the greed. I mean how much money does MCH need? I just do not get these ridiculous disputes!

  24. They could give him that amount of money. They earn lots from the show it self…I love the show and so hope thing will workout well. MCH is a great actor.

  25. ha ha ha yes where is the Support Michael C Hall jar’s at. We as Dexter should start making some and send them into showtime

  26. Breaking Bad is greater than Dexter now in terms of quality.

    • Its close but BB season 4 was weak. Also if there was a MCH SUPPORT jar I’d donate

  27. He could be doing one movie and getting 10 million or more. Why does he not deserve 1 million per episode? Sounds a lot to a normal person? 4 million (20% raise) is nothing for showtime. They have money, and they will make money when the dvd set comes out. I won’t be buying it if there’s only 6 seasons on there. Charlie sheen made 2 million per episode and ashton kutcher makes just a little under 1 million and those guys aren’t even that funny. So what’s the problem? Greed? You guys keep saying that but you don’t understand how the entertainment business works.

  28. Dexter has just hit 10 million fans on Facebook so I say everyone of his fans chip in 40 cents each and BAM there’s 4 mill extra for The D- Man. If not then add 40 cents extra on the purchase of the DVDs. There’s always a way to get around things.
    I will say this though…… If MCH does a runner and doesn’t finish this show those 10 Million fans will turn into 10 million serial killers and will looking to cling wrap MCH to a table in a secluded kill room.

    Tick tick tick……. That’s the sound of fans sharpening their knives.

    • Lol that’s awesome. To the person who said how can you cheer or someone who kills above his families well-being. Get a life. It’s a tv show. A great one

  29. Considering Charlie Sheen made 1.8 million in 2010 per half hour episode of Two and Half Men this bump up in salary is nothing. I don’t blame Michael C. Hall for wanting to move on with his career he has been doing nothing but t.v since 2001 with Six Feet Under. Showtime makes considerable profits off Dexter and they should have no problems keeping Michael C. Hall if they want to continue making said profit renewing his contract for a raise he rightly deserves.