‘Dexter’ Season 7 In Jeopardy Over Michael C. Hall’s Salary

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michael c hall salary dexter season 6 Dexter Season 7 In Jeopardy Over Michael C. Halls Salary

What to know what happens next? ‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

Dexter star Michael C. Hall’s contract with Showtime runs through this year, closing out the sixth season of the popular drama. A seventh may not be forthcoming, as Hall and Showtime have been unable to reach an agreement on his future earnings.

The contract negotiations have broken down over a $4 million discrepancy in terms. Reportedly, Hall and his representatives want $24 million for another two seasons of Dexter, while the cable network is only willing to pay $20 million. Rumor has it that Showtime is willing to renegotiate for a single season extension, making season 7 the last for the serial killer drama.

Even at the lower $20 million figure, Hall would be one of the highest-paid actors on television at over $800,000 an episode. The salary that he requested would give him a cool $1 million per episode over two years. According to Deadline the actor is tired of working in television after ten years on Dexter and Six Feet Under, and wants to pursue work in film and Broadway. Hall is currently set to play General Ulysses S. Grant in To Appomattox, HBO’s Civil War miniseries slated for 2013.

dexter season 6 premiere dexter big bad Dexter Season 7 In Jeopardy Over Michael C. Halls Salary

Despite a lukewarm reception last year, Dexter is still Showtime’s highest-rated show. The Sunday season premiere scored 2.2 million viewers, a record for a Dexter debut and Showtime’s best in more than a decade. Critical and audience reaction seems generally positive following the airing, which featured this year’s guest stars Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks. This season Dexter has a new showrunner in Scott Buck, who previously served alongside Hall as an executive producer.

It’s tough for any series to stay consistently good year after year, and Dexter is still coming off the high of Season 4, one of the most impressive dramatic runs in recent memory. It’s rare that a show can stay fresh for six years or more, though Dexter is certainly making an effort. Will the sixth season be Dexter Morgan’s last run around Miami? We’ll be keeping a close eye on the proceedings.


Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9PM on Showtime.

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Source: Deadline Hollywood

What to know what happens next? ‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

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  1. I can’t believe he’s not already getting $1 million per episode. I think the “Friends” cast was getting that much and Michael C. Hall is a million times better.

    • I totally agree.. He is worth every penny.

    • they should give him the money. i started watching Dexter a month ago from season 1-6, i finished watching it today and I’m highly addicted to this show. I really want to know what happens in season 7

      • wow, i agree 110%.. this cast is amazing.. my wife and I started watching it because of the book, Double Dexter. So we rented the first season just to see, and we’re now on disc 2 of season 5… and we only started about a week ago.. we are soooooooooo in love with this show, don’t know what we’ll do if they don’t keep it running..

    • so true :(

  2. This is perfectly acceptable. He deserves and he’s worth that much, no question. Charlie Sheen is some talentless junkie and he made almost double.

    ANYONE claiming this is greedy or too much money has absolutely zero knowledge of how the entertainment industry works. Go educate yourself and then try claim how greedy it is. Fools.

    • i don’t think anything could convince me that its not foolishly greedy.

      • I completely agree with you! although Micheal C. Hall is the star and does keep the show going. 24 million dollars for 2 seasons is a lot of money to b**** over but, Micheal C. Hall is worth every dime. Between working to Television series back to back and two failed marriages, I’m sure that man is ready for any kind of break that comes his way.

  3. lol great actor no doubt but 1 million an ep is a farse there are people starving in the world etc

    • So what!
      It is just as imoral to claim social security benifits when you could flip burges…

      • well he is working for the money! so yah he deserves.

        will u just not take ur daily meals coz people are starving?

  4. Two more seasons would be awesome, but based of the way this sounds we might only get one more if were lucky. I would love to get two more.

  5. Come on!, Show time is making a killing out of viewers. Is only fair he gets a healthy slice out of it, he doesnt work for free. without him there is no Dexter.

    • Making a killing… Getting a slice


  6. At least pay the man $12 million for one more season. It can’t end with last night’s episode. His acting is worth every penny.

  7. Give him the money. The tragedy isn’t paying him the extra 4 mill (because all great actors get paid regardless of what the economy is like). It is the fact that the exec’s. didn’t deliver the original Dexter back to his serial killing roots. And Colin Hanks just doesn’t deliver the serial killer Dexter deserved in an antagonist. He was wimpy and boring. I was expecting real serial killing…a new victim at least every other episode.

  8. oh just pay the man he worth it ….. brin on S7 :)

  9. Best tv program ever

  10. Dexter is the best show on tv and gets better with every season. I do agree with the fact that 1 mill per episode is crazy but as many people have said there are too many crap actors getting way more and he defo deserves it hope we can get at least 2 more seasons :D

  11. Just pay the man!!! I don’t care if he’s worth it or not, if Dexter ends the way season 6 ended, i think i might become a serial killer myself…

  12. On November 18, 2011, it was announced that Dexter had been renewed for both a seventh and eighth season. – From Wikipedia….
    So rest assured there is going to be a season 7 & 8

  13. Deb finding out about Dexter is ridiculous and the fact that she now is “in love” with him is insane. The writers need to work harder at producing a more viable story line. And, whatever monies Mr. Hall is requesting — pay him. If Jennifer Carpenter left the show tomorrow — it would be a void; but, if Michael C. Hall left the show — seriously it would be a disaster.

  14. He is definitely worth every penny of that million dollars and should get it…they need to realize how much they would lose if they don’t pay him.

  15. yup, pay the man, MCH has busted his ass, not only on the show but i’m sure he had to go through a lot of crappy jobs to get where he is now. he is the star of the show, the show is a great one, and he deserves it. plus it’s not like he takes home all of that money, he has to pay his manager, agent, assistants, who know’s who else he pays to have gotten where he is now. and to answer the question, how can someone make that much money when there are starving people in the world? first off it’s not that much money, to really feed people in countries where people are starving you don’t just buy a bunch of food and give it to them, nor do you just give them money. the governments of those country’s are the ones to blame in most of those cases placing trade embargos and political clout in front of their people. to really feed them you would need to set up a self sustaining program, and who’s to say he doesn’t give to charities that do just that.

  16. His mistake was asking for only 1 million per episode. My nephew is a general contractor and when he’s approached with a job that he doesn’t even want to bid on let alone get, he gives a rediculously expensive bid and they give him the job. Hall should have demanded (and deserves), 2 million per eposode, and if he would have settled for 1 million he’d have likely gotten 1.5 or more and we wouldn’t be commenting on this.

  17. Ask for 2 million per episode or walk and you can get on with more enjoyable things that you want to do if they don’t pay up. Screw ‘em if they don’t appreciate your work enough to pay you what you’re worth. Ball’s in your court man. Play hard ball! I’d like to see Showtime come up with anything near as entertaining to replace Dexter. Aint gonna happen.

  18. why would you not pay him the 4 mill. the series is a hit it’d be real stupid

  19. my husband and i are going through the serious Dexter-withdrawal after watching it all at once, so they better pay him whatever he says and get done with it:) supply and demand is a right thing, believe me.

  20. Pay him he’s awesome full stop!

  21. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but it has to be said…I don’t know whose running the show now, but it’s sure not the geniuses that put it together. I used to drool waiting for Dex and the myriad of great good and bad guys he smashed into…but now, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE???? Ughhh, it’s tedious, slow paced, even a brilliant head on like Ray Stevenson (from the incredible Rome, gawwd) and Michael Hall, it’s like someone forgot to write a script..this is the saddest thing I can say, my favorite part of all Dexter’s was his ‘narration’ of the show, always brilliant gee-gaws that no one else even had the balls to think…tonight, November 5, his thoughts were forced and boring, snoring, smhmorring…give Michael Hall the money he deserves it, but hire some writers pleeeeze…rite now it sucks…only Jennifer Carpenter is untouchable, she’s too brilliant, but Dex sounds like he needs to KILL THE WRITERS!!!! Then have the affair with Debs, while we find out that Masuka is doing the bones of Doakes…hey at least it has some zest to it, now FIX THE SHOW…BORING..

  22. I’ve watched all 6 (and the first 7 episodes of season 7) seasons online in the past 3-4 months.

    I think it is a fantastic show. One above user said it’s more slow paced now: how the heck could you even say that? Every season has been amazing, and there’s always some insane twist. Sure at the beginning of the series he was getting almost a kill per episode, but that really changed starting with season 2/season 3. That damn high powered attorney in season 3, I was so glad he died! Argh. And s4 is a classic. I thought s5 was very very good. And s6? Man. That was by far the creepiest season.

    And to the poster that said Colin Hanks was a boring serial killer? I thought it was brilliant how ‘The Professor’ was functioning to Travis Marshall as Dexter’s dad functions to Dexter. To think TM slept with that cute waitress then killed her in such a brutal way…amazing.

    Season 7 has been interesting. I’m just glad that writer is dead. Now (in no particular order), it’s going to be Hannah, and the lunatic Isaac dude from Kiev.

  23. Micheal C. Hall obviously deserves twice as much as he’s getting. He’s a prodigy and really, he’s kind of a God, just look at him! Showtime should just say “You’re asking for $24 Million? Take 40 Sir!” I mean really, no one could have pulled off playing Dexter the way he does. Which almost makes you wonder… xD In any case, the show is the best show on right now regardless of the whiners out there. Many shows have gone through slumps but even the worst of Dexter is still better than the best of most of the shows out there. I say, stop crying about it, relax and watch Micheal for goodness sakes. My theory is that people have jumped on this “Down with Dexter” bandwagon for some reason and its become the “popular” opinion. Popular does not mean right. And I think most of those people just say it because it makes them feel “insightful” or “critical”. The truth is, when a production starts listening to the comments of the peanut gallery we get things like “super man 2″ and “I am legend”. Movies that could have been great but aren’t because they thought it would be a good idea to listen to the comments of people who aren’t actually IN show business. The popular opinion on media is often the bs opinion as anyone who has ever read the comments section on youtube can tell you. And thats how great shows get canceled and terrible shows go on forever. I really hope Dexter can beat the odds because it is the best show currently on t.v. and hopefully season 8 will not be the last. Hopefully they will continue to give Micheal C. Hall anything he asks for, he’s definitely not unreasonable and he’s brilliant on so many levels. This is one of the first times I’ve seen him given a big enough roll to really let him flourish, hopefully on that sad sad day when Dexter is canceled, Micheal will find another roll that deserves his talents.