‘Dexter’ Season 7 Finale Review – Where is This Going to End?

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dexter season 7 finale hannah Dexter Season 7 Finale Review – Where is This Going to End?

In the Dexter season 7 finale, “Surprise, Motherf****r!”, Dexter’s past returns to turn his world upside down, forcing Deb to risk everything in order to protect her brother. How long can you protect a killer before becoming one yourself?

As LaGuerta continues to investigate Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher, the Dark Passenger finally finds himself in handcuffs, haunted by a familiar face from his past. Fortunately, after a few pieces of (planted) evidence helps Dexter escape his legal restraints, the battle between LaGuerta and the Bay Harbor Butcher gets personal, and Deb soon finds her own activities under investigation.

Without many options left, Dexter attempts to kill Hector Estrada and LaGuerta at the same time, allowing his secret to remain as such. However, when Deb steps in to prevent Dexter from making a grave mistake, she’s forced to make one of the most difficult decisions in her life. Meanwhile, Hannah accepts responsibility for drugging Debra, and escapes prison.

The finale itself is a roller coaster of suspense, following Dexter as he attempts to stay one step ahead of LaGuerta in their game of cat and mouse. During this past season, Dexter’s decision to share his Dark Passenger with select individuals has allowed him to intimately explore his desire to kill. However, as Dexter revels in his new-found openness, he still remained unaware of how knowing his secret impacts those around him – those who want to protect him, at all cost. And although Hannah’s storyline is largely pushed aside, quickly progressed, and then concluded during the finale, it was her relationship with Dexter that helped fuel his hope for happiness and, unfortunately, revealed to him the difficulties of trusting someone who kills, no matter how earnest their intent.

While it’s true that Dexter initially revealed his secret to Debra, not Hannah, Dexter’s revelation with his sister was, thanks to her surprise visit in the season 6 finale, a forced explanation for the purpose of self-survival, for his own self-interest. It wasn’t until after (many) further conversations and confrontations between Dexter and Debra that she become aware of the full breadth of her brother’s dark desires.

dexter season 7 finale debra Dexter Season 7 Finale Review – Where is This Going to End?

What Debra’s awareness of Dexter’s secret did do, however, was establish the fact that Dexter can, in fact, happily exist in a world where those close to him know his secret. Unfortunately, after moving beyond understanding and into justification, Dexter began to step outside his familial circle, seeking to make connections with those who are more like him – not simply those who care about him.

As the number of bodies of friends and foes (sometimes one in the same) continued to rise, Dexter’s want to further explore his dark elements – and how to happily exist with them – resulted in him making many sloppy decisions, always putting the weight of his actions on Debra, his protector. However, like Dexter’s desire for a relationship with Hannah, Debra’s need to keep her brother safe pushed her to the limits, forcing her to instinctually protect her brother by killing LaGuerta.

dexter season 7 finale laguerta Dexter Season 7 Finale Review – Where is This Going to End?

The Dexter season 7 finale may not be the most shocking episode the series has seen, however it certainly is the most propound. While the Trinity Killer may have ultimately forced Dexter’s hand by killing his then-wife Rita, this is the first time that Dexter has concluded with so familiar characters involved in a single, shocking event, beautifully setting things up for Dexter season 8, the final season. With as strong of a cast as Dexter has, their inclusion in any plot is always welcomed. But one directly relating to Dexter’s kills? Even the Trinity Killer will have a difficult time standing next to the palatable potential that an intimate story between co-workers and friends brings.

And now that Debra has already crossed the line and murdered someone, her role in Dexter’s tale is as important as it’s ever been. Because as viewers watch Dexter continuously attempt to find happiness – sometimes seeing Debra as someone who could prevent that from occurring – the tables have more than turned now, forcing Debra to decide if she can ever truly be happy with Dexter in her life. And if the answer is “No,” what is she going do to change it?

If Dexter season 7 is any example of what’s to come in season 8 (which it is), a fitting and appropriate ending is all but assured for television’s Dark Passenger. What kind of ending will that be? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. I’ve no idea what happened with the pacing of this episode, but in three different sections it just faulters, as sure as an engine is slipping a piston. I can’t quite figure it out but I hope to discuss it with my cohost tonite to find out where the sputtering is coming from. The forced, last-second insertion of Anderson’s “tapes” (the DVD with the gas station video) is something that we called LAST season so it was interesting – but ultimately grasping-at-strawsy to see it here at the end of what was a PHENOMENAL season.

    • the scene where dexter follows Estrada’s wife and arrives at the park where he monologues for all of 5 or 6 seconds and then it cuts to someone elses storyline, i was like “what? that’s just bad editing”

  2. The scene where LaGuerta interrogates Deb I felt a real sense of anxiety, lol. Nice end to a weak predictable season (imo)

    • Yes! I was hyperventilating along with her! I didn’t realize it until the interrogation ended! lol

  3. Can’t agree on the predictable part. Lots of curves that made the ride at least interesting, at times, brilliant. Having just come off a “10” in episode 11, the bar was super-high for the finale, but I was really looking for something different – something much more of a vehicle to carry us into the last/final season. I was looking for them to develop 24 parts at the beginning of THIS season, rather than loading again for season 8.

  4. I had really hoped Dexter would get Hannah out of prison somehow…how can you send someone you love to prison?

    Ah, well. I’m glad LaGuerta is done, she overstayed her welcome.

    • Yeah, in the books (*SPOILER*) she kicks the bucket during the Ice Truck Killer case. She’s been nothing but forced in the last 6 seasons of the show, and the whole LeGuerta-Batista relationship bit was do painful, I fast forwarded through most of it on repeated viewings. There has been nothing in the entire series that she has done that makes her a redeemable character.

    • Totally wrong way for her to go! Unless you are among the sociopathic potential murderers that watch this show, you’ll find it hard to pull for someone that precipitated her (cold blooded) murder.

  5. IMO the final episode of Dexter will have one of two things happen.
    1. Dexter joins Hannah in Argentina and they live happily ever after.
    2. Deb realizes that as long as Dexter is alive she will never be able to live a happy life and she kills him.
    Now, I’m sure something else will happen but that’s what I’m thinking and I think if the show truly wants to go out with a bang option 2 is a great way to go…
    Overall I thought the finale was ok. For some reason the only thing that bothered me was how quickly every single person in Miami Metro Homicide so quickly came to Dexter’s defense. Especially Quinn!!! Actually we didn’t hear him say anything about it but it was just 2 seasons ago that he was leading the charge against Dexter and had some pretty damning leads so what? Did he just forget about it??
    At the end of it all I really thought this was a bounce back season for the show and I am pretty excited for the last and final season.
    My season rankings..
    1. Season 3. I know some people hate it but it I loved it. Jimmy Smitts makes everything better. :)
    2. Season 1. Where it all began
    3. Season 4. Most peoples favorite but other than the finale I didn’t enjoy it as much.
    4. Season 7. Issak and Hannah were great.
    5. Season 2. Lyla and the season where Rita started driving me nuts.
    6. Season 5. Blah.
    7. Season 6. Horrible twist, horrible big bad, horrible.
    Sorry for the long rant. It’s a slow day. 😉

    • Interesting to see someone rank season three as their favourite. Always felt it was harshly treated as thematically (with Smits replacing Harry, whom Dexter had lost faith in) it fit perfectly. For what it’s worth:

      Season 2: The ultimate reversal of cops v robbers.
      Season 1: For winking at the audience all throughout.
      Season 4: Take away the big bad and it was poor. Thankfully, what a big bad.
      Season 3: For reasons already stated.
      Season 7: Two thirds of a great season. Just couldn’t sustain and switch.
      Season 5: Okay. I can watch it again from time to time.
      Season 6: Utterly hideous in all ways. I cannot watch again at all.

      • @ Ajeno
        Yeah, I’m in the minority about season 3 but I stand bye my ranking. We learned so much more about Dexter and what makes him tick in those episodes than in any other season. And like I said, Jimmy Smitts was great.
        I agree with you about season 4. Lithgow was amazing but I went back and rewatched it a few weeks ago and other than him the season was pretty sloppy. Dexter and Trinity did so many dumb things and let’s not forget Trinity’s daughter… Ughh.

    • Season 1 – Very good, not great
      Season 2 – Great, twist and turns everywhere
      Season 3 – Awesome, Jimmy Smits character Miguel was unpredictably intense
      Season 4 – John Lithgow was terrifying as the Trinity Killer, and this season was probably the most intense
      Season 5 – Not as bad as people say, but it was the weakest until Season 6
      Season 6 – They jumped-the-shark on so many levels it was hard to watch anymore of it (I laughed at a lot of unintentionally funny moments)
      Season 7 – It was very good, not great but very good (I agree, Issak and Hannah were nice additions and the final episode was compelling)

  6. i loved this ep seeing doakes in flashbacks was great. finally laguerta is dead she was starting to get on my nerves. so batista retired does that mean they wrote him off the show? and laguerta is dead so im guessing a new captain next season. wonder were they are going to go with the whole hannah thing since we saw her walk towards dexters apartment when she escaped. cannot wait for next season =D

  7. I loved iyvone strahowsky on Dexter, her talents were extremely unutalized on Chuck. Also cute even without makeup…

    • Loved Yvonne! She’s so swee and sexy all at the same time.

  8. Some stupendous leaps of logic and of course the overall question of season 7 Dexter being a pale shadow of season 1 Dexter. But really, that is how Hannah escapes? Deb shoots someone, hugs into them (outstanding unscripted acting) and isn’t covered in blood? They both go to the party immediately after a double kill? With Dexter wearing his kill clo… (etc, etc, etc)…

    I’ll confess to being a little disappointed as I didn’t want it all reset for season 8. But we’ll see. It was curious how Hannah admitted poisoning Debra then intimated in her and Debra’s courtroom dialogue scene how it was Debra. That’ll come back next season as Hannah isn’t finished in this story (revenge against Debra for framing her. I still believe Deb poisoned herself). As will Angel to investigate LaGuerta. Heck, maybe Quinn will get to do something other than look pointless. Finally, of course, the fact that Dexter finally realised at the end of the episode what monstrous effect he had on Debra and was prepared to die.

    So, disappointed with the logic leaps, but more than enough to carry me over.

    • Yeah, there were definitely a few moments I just felt really stupid watching the finale. LaGuerta received a call for help. WHERE IS YOUR BACKUP THAT YOU HAD LAST TIME. That was pitiful writing. They just magically made her stupid and go alone, only to die. Even if no one would have believed her she still would have had enough power to get a few officers with her. Secondly, Dex should have been imprisoned, and Deb should have killed someone AS The Bay Harbor Butcher and cleared his name. That would have been amazing. LaGuerta should not have died because everyone wanted her to. WAY too predictable.

      • @Ajeno Yeah that’s how Hanna escapes, what was wrong with it? I thought it was pure genius.
        She wasn’t hugging Laguerta all that tight honestly anyone could see that, plus you have no idea if she cleaned it off or anything, pretty sure they both were in a daze, hence the walking off into I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the party it seemed like a carnival of sorts, I’m assuming you’re referring to the New Years party Angel was hosting, I’m Pretty sure that wasn’t where they were. Hannah never intimated that it was Deb i have no idea where you got that from, she said plainly she did it to Dexter, and only questioned Debs hypocrisy in terms of turning Hannah in but not her own brother despite him doing much worse things to people.

        Didn’t see 1 logic leap honestly, i think you’re nitpicking to an extreme extent.

        LaGuerta no longer backup because A) she was in her car when she received the call so the backup if she called would be behind
        B) The episode covered that plot hole by putting her on thin ice with the department, and she’s already as you saw by the GIANT stack of evidence folders, avoiding her work, so devoting even more resources on to something that everyone else finds worthless and obsessive would only further cement the opinion of her getting fired.
        C) It could also lead everyone to realize she was in on Estrada’s release, something that Angel showed earlier in the episode to once again be a stain on her reputation if found out.

        I’m not trying to be argumentative with either of you guys, but with a lot of these shows, that are posted on ehre and other similar sites for people to discuss the episodes, i find far too many people scream “PLOT HOLE!” or things of that nature incorrectly, and nitpick to an extreme extent, b/c they need things to follow an insane scientific process in order to make sense, when human lives never follow such a strict code of logic so why would characters do so? I mean hey i will be the first to point out plot holes, but this episode had none at the very least in either of your guys’ posts.

        As far as Seasons go
        Season 4: I love this season like others, John Lithgow was fantastic and the suspense was insane.
        Season 2: This season was insanely good as well.
        Season 7: I really enjoyed this season, it had a whole different feel and tone to it and dynamic with Deb knowing that i really liked, the finale was amazing.
        Season 5: I actually really liked the Lumen storyline and the latter half of this season was fulled of insane moments with Deb and the cops nearly on their tail.
        Season 1: It’s hard ranking this below the other seasons but Dexter is fantastic overall, so they’re all good, i loved the Ice truck killer storyline, it was awesome.
        Season 6: While i didn’t find this season to be nearly as bad as everyone thought, the fact of the matter is Dexter has been excellent overall so even a “mediocre” season like this definitely falls short.
        Season 3: Yes, I’m ranking this worse than season 6, because season this season despite my love for Jimmy Smits, his character was boring, uninspiring, and the season as a whole had no sense of suspense, or urgency it slowly moved along like a snail and i hated virtually all the storylines.

        • Thank you, I’m glad you put those two in there place. I felt the same way u did but, i wasn’t going to type all that. Plus I don’t believe a lot of people realize that a lot of idea from the show are bits and pieces they pulled together from the books

      • Yeah,couldn’t agree more with you !
        Thats just convenient writing ! If a part needs creative smart writing they just cut to another scene ! Like for example Dex getting out of the Airport with a body in a back ???? WOW

        And LaGuerta driving to a meet with NO BACK UP ? Ridicules !
        Its a shame,this show was so smart and intelligent especially in its First 2 season !

    • Debra did poison Hannah lol. Don’t know where you’re getting that from.

    • I don’t think, they put the “previously on Dexter” with Hannah’s line “Do what you gotta do”-line in there for no reason at all?
      He used that very same line to manipulate Deb with reverse psychology, don’t you agree? It seemed rather obvious to me that he had that epiphany when faced with his own demise.

      • I must admit, in both cases I honestly felt that both Hannah and Dexter accepted their fate. No way Hannah could have known that saying that would cause Dexter to not kill her.

        I prefer to believe that Dexter wanted to sacrifice himself for the salvation of the goodness in Deb. That is a character trait I can stand behind, if Dexter was manipulating Deb then quiet frankly he is still the same person as in season 1 and he has not changed a single bit. Which would defeat the purpose of 7 seasons of character building.

  9. From the first episode I felt that Debra would have to kill someone so it would become full circle. So predictable. Also she walks in barefoot shoots La Annoying Cuban hugs her no blood and used her own gun? Deb will become the new one in charge adding more to the what will happen to Deb in season 8. I do hope that season 8 has both Deb and Dexter telling the narrative so we can see her prospective and where she is mentally and emotionally. They had 11 episodes to setup this finale and they rushed it in my opinion. Still looking forward to season 8.

  10. Oh and give me a fn break, Quinn and Batista’s sister. She was fine with him dating practically a hooker and yet she didn’t forgive Louis for having sex with a prostitute? The Quinn story line is just plain stupid. He needs to be removed right away.

    • She dumped Louis because they were together at the time he had sex with a prostitute. Quinn had a monogamous (on his side at least) relationship with a lap-dancer. There’s a big difference.

  11. 1 more beef sorry if La Guerta was set up in the last go around with Dex she didn’t think she could be set up again? Especially when she thought the guy was dead to begin with?

  12. I can’t wait for season 8… i hope Hannah is the big bad and i hope it boils down to dexter having to again choose between Hannah and Debra, only this time he knows that deb framed hannah. I also hope that Angel (retired) and Quinn will investigate what La Guerta was up to when the evidence doesn’t match up. Also, it’d be kinda cool (and i’m totally geeking out here) if they had one episode where dexter hallucinates conversations with past villians and victims (ie, doakes and LaGuerta) while trying to resolve what he’s done by making deb into a killer like him. Also, in a messed up way, Deb now falls under people that are acceptable for dexter to kill according to the code.

    • Why do people still think Debra framed Hannah? Hannah even told Dexter that she did it.

      • I’m thinking she told dex that to make it easier on him, but there is the scene where Hannah and Debra are talking and Hannah tells her that she knows she poisoned herself, so unless she’s f**king with Deb, i think that’d be a welcome surprise if next season we realize that Deb had compromised her principles even more besides covering for Dexter and killing LaGuerta. I think it’d be awesome if Deb lied to Dex.

  13. Did anyone else catch the scene between Hannah and Deb in the courtroom? Hannah clearly intimated in the dialogue that it was indeed Debra that put the drugs in her own water.

    • No she never intimated that I’m honestly confused where everyone is getting this idea, the only thing she said was talked about Deb’s hypocrisy and all the drugs she’s been taking, NO that wasn’t a hint or insinuation that deb did it herself? She was simply saying all the things on her conscious, like say her brother is causing her to do that. Have no idea where people are getting this.

      • Agreed… I just re-watched that scene a few times and she was talking about how Deb was guilty of hiding her brother’s crimes… not her poisoning herself.

  14. Hmmm favourite seasons in order
    Season 2 was amazing loved it all the way
    Season 4 was great big bad
    Season 1 was good especially 2nd half of season
    Season 7 was really good and puts it back in track in a great way
    Season 3 pretty good
    Season 5 was ok
    Season 6 was ok not as bad as people are saying it was still a better show than some shows that we’re still on tv at that point so yeah take it or leave it either way season 7 was pretty awsome

  15. Dexter is possibly the most unpredictable series i know of, unlike many other series/movies/books it had me guessing at almost every turn, particularly with the last 2 seasons. Usually with any series i can predict what will happen, sometimes even what the characters will say; but with Dexter i have never done this.

    The Season 7 finale was one of the most intense episodes of Dexter i have ever beheld (along with the season 6 finale) and had me guessing what would happen every step of the way, such as the many confrontations and the final choice given to one of the main characters, along with their actions.

    Can’t wait for season 8!

  16. This is the last episode of season 7. I love the entire season of the show. Here, everything is perfect. From beginning to end, all the scenes are catchy and entertaining. As expected from the last episode, LaGuerta has the chance to reveal the secret of Dexter and his way of killing people, but something forces him not to tell anyone, so he tries his best in order to cover the secret. I like his decision. He did exactly that I was supposing him to do. He deserves full marks for his decision. I like him throughout the season. Overall, I like the episode and am eagerly waiting for the next season.

    • @MesmoTrailers – Well said. I am a regular dexter tv show viewer. There was a huge buzz regarding to dexter season last episode. That was as expected end on a high note. So that people keen to know about the next season .

  17. Finally!!!! We’re back to the original story arc!!! Praise the old gods and the new! 😀 It’s great to see Doakes again.

    • Yeah… I wish they never killed of the Doakes character, Erik King does such a great job portraying him.

      There should be an alternative universe spin-off where Doakes survives the cabin explosion with the help of Dexter, Dexter dies and Doakes, realizing that Dexter’s methods works, takes up his mantle of killing murderers who beat the system… it would be called… wait for it…


  18. Dexter has to die, because once he starts breaking rules, he’ll realize that he’s not justified. He’ll just be another murderer. So far he is playing with his rules, and Deb killing LaGuerta keeps him off the hook for killing a complete innocent… for now. But in the end, he has to die. It’s the only way. I can only imagine how powerful of an image it will be to see him on the table, possibly killing himself. The possibilities are endless, and I liked this season and how crazy it was. So, I’m confident that 8 will be great.

  19. @bignerd LOL

    Good season. Issak and Hannah were good characters. Debs struggle with Dex’s truth was good too.

    Sometimes a lack of continuity between seasons is an issue I agree. The Quinn v Dexter battle for example. Just erased from the storyline. How Dex gets Estrada so easily into the back of his wagon in broad daylight, as if picking up groceries. Phew, it’s a stretch at times.

    Still, that’s TV and it’s been great viewing. That Deb had to be the one to kill off La Guerta was hard to watch in some ways. Let’s hope the writers don’t just glide right by La Guerta’s death and move straight on to fresh plot lines in season 8. That would be a huge leap!

  20. You will all understand the writers’ intentions when you watch the Showtime specials where the writers get a chance to share their direction for the show. All this nitpicking and psychoanalyzing from people who don’t have jobs as scriptwriters. Stop second guessing and just watch the show and take it for what it is- you don’t know where this is going.

  21. I couldn’t get enough of Hannah! Hope she’s back in season 8.

  22. i disliked the fact that by the end of the season, ray stevenson’s awesome character ended up become little more than filler.

  23. Don’t get why everyone is praising season 7 as some sort of return to dexter at its best. For me season 7 was the weakest season of the lot.

    I enjoyed seasons 1-6 considerably, I was excited for every episode, sure there was the occasional filler episode, and later seasons delved into the implausible, but I still enjoyed them immensely. The criticism of season 5 and 6 for me is mostly unjustified, 5 for me was a very strong season, and 6, while being slightly behind, was certainly not bad.

    I feel that season 7 is the season with the greatest quantity of weak episodes, and it lacks a certain intensity and suspense that every previous season provided. The relationship with Hannah was nauseating and dull, I was wishing he had killed her every single episode after they had hooked up, she pretty much singlehandedly ruined this season for me.

    The main positives however, Speltzer was an awesome bad guy, Izaak was an intense intriguing character, dealing with Lewis was great, and the final episode just about redeemed for me what was definately the weakest season.

    I think these blogs and reviews attract anally retentive nit picky types who struggle to enjoy anything on face value, so most of the reviews here can be taken with a grain of salt if anyone is looking to watch season 5 and 6, find out for yourself.

  24. i dont understand why ya’ll think that Quinn not investigating dexter anymore is bad writing or deleting the story line or w/e

    They both share a secret they just never talked it out. Quinn would have easily been sentenced for murdering that “ex-cop”

    Dexter saved his ass.
    Quinn should know something is wrong with dex, sure. And im sure he did not just forget about that.
    So either Quinn is just so damn thankful dexter saved him from going to jail that he now just doesn’t want any trouble with dex ever again – especially since dexter could probably still set him up to become guilty for a murder he hasn’t done.

    or/also he could just be so damn scared about becoming the next dead cop. since dex managed to kill doakes and that “ex cop” friend from Quinn. both being sure not harmless men.
    anyone with a will to survive, beeing that kind of close to dexters secret, yet far enough away to not be put on dexters table, would just realize its too dangerous to try on dex without having a lot of people backing you up.
    investigating on ya own is too damn risky when it comes to dex.
    and Quinn realized it.

    for me it makes just as much sense as it could, yet.

    however there is still season 8 and Quinn could get back on it after la guertas death. who knows.
    but for season 7 there is nothing wrong with the writing of Quinns role imho.

    • quinn is datind jamie dexters nanny so you might get your wish.

  25. Season 2 – The strongest season for me. It revealed facets of Dexter animal instincts and much like hannibal, revealed that lions don’t play well when caged. This season in particular had the strongest personalities that pursued Dexter, with Doakes and Lundy. Since then, the nemesis Dexter has faced has really been rather weak in comparison. To many loop holes in the pursuit, and not a strong enough character in charge of hunting him down. The serial killers like Trinity, just have not added that suspense and lingering hope we all feel in justice finallly being served in Dexter finally being caught, by the good guys and trully revealed to those of his precinct. Doakes in psrticular was a strong character for me, a cop who saw through Dexter.

    Season 1 – A great series in which we all fell in love with a true villain. Great chemistry on screen and we all quickly fell in love, if not romanced by the idea of just deserts to the true monsters of humanity. Excellent orchestrated crime scenes which delivered something different each episode.

    Season 7 Good casts, but I think the writers tried to press Dexter a little to much by exposing him too much.
    Season 4 Lundys return.
    Season 5 Lumen
    Season 6
    Season 3

    Season 8
    What I expect.
    – Batista sets out on a vendetta to catch LaGuertas killer.
    – Hannahs unresolved feelings. Darwinism, its either Dexter or Hannah.
    – The train wreck thats is Debra
    – Quins new love with Batistas sister, which once Batista finds out about he stronglly opposes due to what happened at the exotic dance club with Nardia.

    What I would like to see
    – Debra institutionalized, one person can only take to much. Plus an interesting psychologist would add extra spice to the series, by getting inside the minds of both of the Morgans. The psychologist should help reveal more about Debra already new. That Dexter was always a monster, helping Debra cope with the revelation of who he really is. Maybe some episodes could focus on Dexter youth through hypnotherapy and let Debra relive some of what she has done. The series is already grinded in such a way that this feels natural. Debras inability to cope with her anxiety, reliance on prescription medication, attraction to serial killers/violence, her true feelings for Dexter and the fact that in the past she has relied on councilling or substance abuse (mainly alcohol) to deal with her problems. Anything said about her involvement could be subject to doctor patient confidentiality. It could also prompt Dexter to face just what he has subjected her to, what Harry protected him from (mental institutions) and insight into where Dexter trully belongs (straight jacket/padded cell). A medical oook at Dexter and get him to face his dark passenger. He already talks to Harry, but what about when he blocks him out and listens to his dark passenger entirely, giving his passenger a face in the mirror. They have used Rudy (Ice truck killer) in the past, but I think the writers could do more.

    – A new blood hound with a true sense of justice, a worthy rival. Maybe a U.S Marshal whom is pusuing the escaped prisoner Hannah. He should be a superman based character with no skeletons in his closet. It is about time Dexter faced someone whom is nothing but honerable, chivalrous and a protector. A man that to break Harrys code for would be to utterly destroy the protective barriers Harry put in place by instilling Dexter with his code during his youth.

    -Dexter the outlaw. Its about time someone chased after him and outwitted him for once. In addition I am sad to say it, but in our hearts we all want Dexter to finally be captured. Maybe the series could end with characters testifying at his tribunal, standing inbetween Dexter and his own metal slab and needle waiting for him (capital punishment/lethal injection). I am sure all viewers are interested in just what is the total body count Dexter has recorded.

    -Dexters son Harrison forced into Fostercare, much like Dexters was with a cold and brutal family. Will allow some insights into the system Harry saved Dexter from, yet his brother Rudy suffererd at the hands of. In the final season it is always good to return to the beginning without forgetting what happened along the way.

    -The return of a few characters whom owe their allegiance to Dexter like Lumen

    – It is obvious the series has grown in the past few seasons about Dexters ability to survive. Ritas death, Debra learning his secret, Harrison, love interests, going up against formidable foes, Cody, etc. I think Dexter loose in the wild, yet not loosing sight of what is important to him (Hannah, Debra, Harridon etc) would be great for a final series.

    There is more I’d love to add but this ipad is killing my fingers, grammar and spelling. So feel free to add your own stuff. I look forward to seeing ehat the public would like to see in the direction the series takes.