‘Dexter’ Producers Wanted Series To End In Season 7; Will Now Be Season 8

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Dexter season 7 premiere Dexter Producers Wanted Series To End In Season 7; Will Now Be Season 8

Showtime’s Dark Passenger is making his way towards the exit, as Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton not only reveals that the series was originally supposed to end this year, but that it will “absolutely” end next year.


Walking in on her brother killing Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) in the Dexter season 6 finale, Deb’s revelation of Dexter’s true self was originally going to kick off the series’ final season this year. However, speaking with TV Guide, Colleton notes Showtime ultimately convinced them to wait until Dexter season 8 to end the series.

Though Showtime bosses hope otherwise, Colleton confirms that Dexter will definitely be ending next year:

We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender.

Highlighting her intent from the early stages of developing the series, Colleton knew that the twisted tale of Dexter Morgan would ultimately be a seven-year journey. Even though extending the final season arc across two years may not have be what was originally planned, Colleton believes that it is something that can “easily” be done.

From the very beginning, when I first started developing the pilot, I always knew it would be a seven-year arc for this series. I feel easily that we can be an eight-year show, but I never want it to get old and stale. I want us to go out on a high and everybody on the show is determined to keep the level of it up to the very end. It’s always wise to know when it’s time to leave the stage before you’re asked to leave the stage.

Perhaps taking a page from Breaking Bad (or Showtime simply not wanting their hit series to end), Dexter’s now-extended final story will receive the same 24 episode (12 each season) treatment as most series on network television. For a series that thrives in having shortened season orders, one has to wonder what “easily” adding on another season means, or what that will translate to on the small screen.

Dexter producers Sara Colleton and John Goldwyn @ Comic-Con

Speaking with Colleton at Comic-Con in 2010, the Dexter producer told us that a 12-episode season allowed them to write a more succinct storyline, as a typical full-season network order often leads many series to supplement aspects of the seasonal story-arcs with filler storylines and episodes.

Though Dexter is still a 12-episode-per-season series, asking producers to delay the finale one year still results in the infamous “Well we could always do this…” discussion, which will certainly impact the intend telling of Dexter’s final story – though to what degree, positively or negatively, is still unknown.

Fortunately, having an end-date set does provide producers with time to plan story-arcs that appropriately span the entirety of the remaining episodes – and that’s exactly what they did.

Although producers are till unsure about what the final scene of Dexter will be, everything else has already been planned. With slight tweaks to their original arc, they know exactly where the story is headed, and how it’s going to end.

We have worked that out and know where it’s going to end.

We don’t know what the final scene is, but we know where it’s going. We know now exactly how it’s going to end and how the series will end.

Of course, one question that Colleton declined to ever answer was whether or not Dexter Morgan will die in the end.

So we’ll put the question to you:

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Dexter season 7 premieres September 30 on Showtime

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  1. I think the series will end with him on death row/electric chair.

  2. I wish Dexter would never end & I hope he doesn’t die so he can come back!

    • I agree!!

  3. I agree with Stephen that the most predictable ending is for the cycle to start anew, and if that’s the way they end it I’m fine with that.

    Like a few others have mentioned, I’m also thinking Deb could die. Maybe even, by accident, at Dexter’s hand. Even though I see it as a possibility, I would still consider that a “shocker”.

    I’m sure Dexter will eventually kill Hanna. Ultimately he’s never let someone who meets his code just walk away and so I see the Hanna thing as just inevitable. Sooner or later; that’s a done deal.

    Whether Dexter lives or dies in the end, I can’t see him taking his own life. It’s just not in the Dexter character’s nature to do so. Even if he did something as heinous as kill his sister I don’t see suicide in Dexter’s future.

    Oh, and one last thing – with all the talk of “stale”, I have to say that this season really sparked my interest again and I’m not feeling like the formula is too played out at all. I feel like they put small twists in the formula to keep it fresh. We’ve had a long lost brother, a cop-turned-vigilanty, and now a girlfriend. All killers but all slightly different. And as for Dexter getting sloppy, I think that seems perfectly normal. Eventually people screw up. If they didn’t, they’d never get caught. The idea that Dexter would NEVER screw up is to idolize him as some super genius rather than accept the character just as he is – just as flawed as everyone else; a criminal and a sick and twisted mass murderer at that.

    I’m excited to see how things play out and I’m just gonna continue enjoying the ride.

    • Uhm, Julia Styles’ character knows about Dexters secret and she’s still alive…

  4. My favorite show on TV right now, every episode is gripping! A mix of romance, honest murder, twists and turns and family love. Is Dexter getting soft though, is his love changing his ways? One more season with a chance to come back later would be amazing!!

  5. Also my favorite show!!! I will miss you DEX !!!!

  6. I think Hanna is going to kill Dexter and maybe herself. In the last episode she does not look so loving.I have been watching DEXTER since it’s inception on Showtime and will miss it.!!!!! I would also like to take this time to thank all the wonderful writers, producers, directors and all the staff that made this show so worth watching.

  7. I’d like to see dexter teaching his son his ways , pass them down , and go out with a bang , it be nice in a few years later a new show starts up involving his son! That would be nuts , dexters to good just to end!

  8. My wife and I have been watching for years and unlike other shows, Dexter has been something that we look forward to EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT. Taking away Dexter is one of the worst things you could do. No other show will be able to take it’s place and there will be no reason for us to keep our subscription to Showtime. Please consider leaving the Show run, until the ratings start to dissipate…as I know more people have been Dexter watchers in the past year than in any other.

  9. My story is too long and complicated to explain but It was 5 long years from the time I saw season one on CBS until I got a cable box and ordered Showtime just to watch Dexter. That’s a lot of extra money just for one show. I can finally watch now. Please don’t end the show with season 8. Its not old and stale. Its still on top. Please its been a long hard journey and now it could be over soon. Please! The fans don’t want Dexter to end next season. Do whatever you have to do

  10. I love Dexter and I agree that this is the one show that actually makes Showtime worth paying for. Every Sunday night my husband and I make sure everything is done for the weekend so that we can sit and watch Dex with no distractions. Although I thought that one season with the “Revelation” related stuff was just too over the top, I hvae loved the rest of the seasons. Dexter and Homeland are the highlights of my week. I do not want Dexter to die and I don’t know why. His character is just too likeable. I don’t want to see Deb die either and I certainly don’t want him to teach anything to his son. That would be too wrong! I would just like to see Dexter go to Mexico and start up there – There are tons of people who have gone to Mexico to outsmart the law, so it would be a playground for him!

  11. This is just my personal opinion, however I believe it can confirmed by looking at other shows. Dexter is hands down the best show I have ever watched. I love it and I hate that I won’t be able able to watch it after it ends. That said however, all shows end, fact. The important thing is when they end. Would you rather watch Dexter, a show with crazy complicated story arcs and houses upon houses of lies, until it got so boring and bad that it lost viewers and that is what gets it cancelled, or would you like to watch it based upon how it was planned and thought out. For me I believe a show should end as the writers envisioned it and should continue on for the sake of money. Doing show just hurts the integrity of the show. Good job on planning an ending and not letting Dexter slowly decompose into a pile of you know what.

    • Sorry typo, should not continue on for the sake of money.

  12. It would be nice to see an intelligent end to a series that was very good (until last two weeks). With hanna out hope is back. So let ‘see if end will do justice to the show.

  13. I don’t know how they can continue past this season! With all the forces crowding around him, I don’t see how they can pull back and keep it up for another year. Everybody has to know the dude is guilty! If I ever wanted to commit a crime, I’d go to that precinct.

  14. I think it’d be awesome if the season ended with his arrest and there was a movie for the trial of the ultimate vigilante

  15. I have been watching Dexter from the very beginning and have grown pretty obsessed with the show and Dexter himself. There has never been a show ever in my 28 years living that has ever had me so attached emotionally. I seen the previews for the season 7 finale and broke down when I saw Dexter being arrested. My boyfriend called me crazy but I really can’t help what this show does to me. Its truely like a drug. I’m sad to see that next season will be the last but I knew it had to end sometime. Don’t kill him. Please don’t. He doesn’t deserve to die. I wanna see him happy with Harrison and him and Deb just doing what they do. Who cares about Laguerta, if that’s how you spell it and Dooks. They aren’t the stars of this so they shouldn’t come out on top in the end. Just keep him alive and happy. I think that’s how most people would want to see it:)

  16. Please do not kill Dex. I have been watching the show since the beginning and have grown very emotionally attached to the show and Dexter himself. When I seen the previews for the season 7 finale I actually broke down and cried. My boyfriend says I’m crazy but I truely do love the show. Best show I’ve ever watched in all my 28 years. I knew it would have to end one day but was hoping to see it drug out tor as long as possible. U guys can not kill him though. Laguerta n Dooks can not come out on top. They aren’t the stars, Dexter is. I hope to see him happy in the end, out of jail and with his son. He is not a bad person. He needs to be on his boat smiling when we last see him just like when we first met him, well after he killed the man who killed those little boys:) I couldn’t bare to see him dead or in prison.

    • Well I guess I must inevitably agree that all good things must come to an end. I can still remember when I first started watching Dexter 7 years ago, kinda stumbled upon it.

      I guess one of the main reasons many people have that attraction to the character of Dexter is that we all have that moment in us before taking a step, where we think everything through, talk it out to ourselves before acting. That is key to this show. Also I don’t feel like the show is going stale AT ALL. If Friends could do 10, I’m certain Dexter could easily do the same.

      I believe that would be the ultimate teaser ! Take it all the way through the cops finding out and everything and in his trial, lack of evidence, just like all his victims, he gets set free as well ! (Dexter thinking: So this is how all my other victims must have felt, freedom, right before they ended up on my table)

  17. Hannah mckay could kidnap harrison and in the end i think his son will kill him and then could start the chain of events happening again.

  18. he should be killed by some other cold blooded lizardbrained assassin in front of harrison, and then harrison is found in a pool of blood by debra with dead dexter next to harrison, and then the show ends

    • That’s an interesting twist with a possible spin off

  19. absolute bullcrap they should have just ended the series like they had said they were going to do its all for ratings i do not like being lied to they completely winged the last ep this series is now ruined for me now its just an on going cycle of crap he can murder anyone and get away with it like that last ep was a complete fail kills his mothers killer with a knife to the chest = lame same as always should have been the chainsaw secondly deb kills LaGuerta which makes it so they have to run i was a fan but now im not this series is dead to me

    • Your knowledge and common sense are limited, so I do not feel as though your opinion represents the opinion of the majority. Moreover, it seems to me that you have watched this season and most (if not all) of the preceding seasons. By virtue of that fact, it is safe to assume that you will watch the upcoming seasons as well, simply out of curiosity. Please, try not to be a hypocrite (since you will tune in anyhow despite your empty threats) and quit complaining.

    • How about go f*** your self because we all want he show to continue.

  20. As a good friend of one of the writer´s it´s tough to write a story line that´s believebal and entertaining at once.
    But it´s got to end sometimes otherwise no one will watch it anymore.
    Understand is not a soap or sittcom!!, Season 9 will be the last!!

    • I certainly hope there isn’t going to be a 9th season. Showtime should suck it up and let the writers end it when they want to. Otherwise the show will turn into a heaping pile of crap.

    • You tell your friend the writer that her lack of imagination will be the reason for the end of the show. NOT the fan base because we have all be one attached to Dexter and Deb. I hate the fact your friend would rather end a show than keep up the creativity. She has done an amazing job thus far and I will watch til the end but I hope it isn’t soon. This is an amazing show way better than sopranos or sex in the city so I hope if it ends that a movie is in place. Dexter is too great of a show to end any time soon. Please beg her to keep writing! I haven’t missed a single episode yet!

  21. To be honest, there is nothing more enchanting and fascinating than this show, it simply deserves to reach the decade mark in my opinion. Dexter is such a complex character, I mean, he is now part of our entertainment culture as the world’s most lovable serial killer. The show is amazing, but if all things do come to an end prematurely, they should do so by leaving the audience with a great satisfaction. Dexter deserves to live and so does the legacy of the show, which is directly correlated to his well-being at the end. He must also stay out of prison, because that would be an awful ending to an amazing show, there is nothing interesting about that.


  22. it would be a cool ending if season 8 would end by dexter getting murdered by someone just like him that has a dark passenger. but only that guy is smarter and better than dexter

  23. Please don’t end the show!!!!!! It’s such an amazing show and NO where near the end or close to being stale!!!! Stop ending amazing shows early to keep looking good. This series coul keep going until dexter is an old man like trinity.

  24. Dexter is the only reason that I subscribe to showtime. Guess when dexter ends I will save some money and cancel showtime. I hope they rethink ending the show.

  25. I have really enjoyed the show.. but I just don’t see how they could keep going much longer. With LaGuerta gone.. someone is going to find that suspicious… expecially Mathews because LaGuerta was investigating Dex before she is killed or…. mysteriously disappears… I will miss the show but totally understand why things end. I kinda liked Hannah Mckay and Dex together… maybe meet up in Mexico with Harrison. Deborah I could see commiting suicide, cause I really think she poisened herself to make it look like Hannah did it. I think she is crazier than Dexter, but what do I know… I will just enjoy the ride and see where it leads… LOVE THE SHOW!!

    • I know this is a very late response, but Hannah admitted to Dexter while she was in jail that she poisoned Deb.

  26. Dexter should just disappear in some dramatic ending when he knows it is the end for him. The last scene of the series shows him in the Middle East where he can kill all our enemies when that urge comes each time.

  27. I would like Dexter to disappear into public continuing to live by the code. Hiding to protect the ones he loves and protecting the rest of us the way he always has, unfortunately in hiding taking out the trash.

    • Dexter will die with his son watching…just like how he watched his mom get murdered.

      Guess that will leave us thinking if his son will grow up to be a killer also.