‘Dexter’ Producers Wanted Series To End In Season 7; Will Now Be Season 8

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Dexter season 7 premiere Dexter Producers Wanted Series To End In Season 7; Will Now Be Season 8

Showtime’s Dark Passenger is making his way towards the exit, as Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton not only reveals that the series was originally supposed to end this year, but that it will “absolutely” end next year.


Walking in on her brother killing Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) in the Dexter season 6 finale, Deb’s revelation of Dexter’s true self was originally going to kick off the series’ final season this year. However, speaking with TV Guide, Colleton notes Showtime ultimately convinced them to wait until Dexter season 8 to end the series.

Though Showtime bosses hope otherwise, Colleton confirms that Dexter will definitely be ending next year:

We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender.

Highlighting her intent from the early stages of developing the series, Colleton knew that the twisted tale of Dexter Morgan would ultimately be a seven-year journey. Even though extending the final season arc across two years may not have be what was originally planned, Colleton believes that it is something that can “easily” be done.

From the very beginning, when I first started developing the pilot, I always knew it would be a seven-year arc for this series. I feel easily that we can be an eight-year show, but I never want it to get old and stale. I want us to go out on a high and everybody on the show is determined to keep the level of it up to the very end. It’s always wise to know when it’s time to leave the stage before you’re asked to leave the stage.

Perhaps taking a page from Breaking Bad (or Showtime simply not wanting their hit series to end), Dexter’s now-extended final story will receive the same 24 episode (12 each season) treatment as most series on network television. For a series that thrives in having shortened season orders, one has to wonder what “easily” adding on another season means, or what that will translate to on the small screen.

Dexter producers Sara Colleton and John Goldwyn @ Comic-Con

Speaking with Colleton at Comic-Con in 2010, the Dexter producer told us that a 12-episode season allowed them to write a more succinct storyline, as a typical full-season network order often leads many series to supplement aspects of the seasonal story-arcs with filler storylines and episodes.

Though Dexter is still a 12-episode-per-season series, asking producers to delay the finale one year still results in the infamous “Well we could always do this…” discussion, which will certainly impact the intend telling of Dexter’s final story – though to what degree, positively or negatively, is still unknown.

Fortunately, having an end-date set does provide producers with time to plan story-arcs that appropriately span the entirety of the remaining episodes – and that’s exactly what they did.

Although producers are till unsure about what the final scene of Dexter will be, everything else has already been planned. With slight tweaks to their original arc, they know exactly where the story is headed, and how it’s going to end.

We have worked that out and know where it’s going to end.

We don’t know what the final scene is, but we know where it’s going. We know now exactly how it’s going to end and how the series will end.

Of course, one question that Colleton declined to ever answer was whether or not Dexter Morgan will die in the end.

So we’ll put the question to you:

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Dexter season 7 premieres September 30 on Showtime

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  1. “I feel easily that we can be an eight-year show, but I never want it to get old and stale.”

    Trust me, we are beyond stale. Introduce a new serial killer, Dexter befriends said serial killer, Dexter almost gets caught by the Miami Metro/the killer he befriends/family’s safety is threatened, Dexter comes out on top. Repeat.

    • Crazy video game guy was certainly positioned as a possible new serial killer.

      • yes i think you are right on that anthony ..

  2. Y would dexter die at the end makes no sence i mean he has a son to lose so im pretty sure his gonna do everything for him including staying alive

  3. yeah i must admitt that there is alot that doesnt make sense .. BUT i love the show and much like everyone else feels season 4 was the best , i was ok with 5 .. did not like 6 at all .. once we got into the colin hanks , edward james almos scences .. but i did like the high shcool reunion episode and i did like the creepy intern and am intersted in seeing where it goes from here ..

  4. the show is already stale. the past two seasons were complete cr.apfests

    let’s hope dexter does better in his last couple of years…

    • New = bad? Can you give specific reasons? From what I’ve seen they weren’t really much different from other seasons since the show uses the same formula

  5. I wonder if this means the guests of season seven will be brought back for season eight.

    • That’s a very good question…

      • Probably he kills them all off !
        But yeah…thats a bad bad decision,watering it down..the Quality is really low and just gets lower with each coming season !
        They should end Dexter with this season as planned !

        Man,,what a greedy Money Making Biz Network !
        Sad !

  6. Maybe it’s just me but this doesn’t sound promising. I really like the show but I always thought one 12 episode season was enough to tell the story about the consequences of Deb finding out.
    Because IMO from the start that’s been when this show has been leading up to.
    How will Deb react?
    I’m keeping my hopes up but I swear if they continue with Deb being in love with Dexter now that she knows what he’s up to this is going to be bad.

  7. the show is stale because it deviates from the books so much. there is so much that can happen in the show if they were more true. hell deb has known since the ice truck killer about his ‘pasttime’. (in the books at least)

  8. this isn’t anything new really, a three season arc was announced before the beginning of last season.

    my only concern with the show is that dexter seems to be dumbing down. he used to be so careful, so meticulous, now he makes the dumbest mistakes. i understand that he’s changed and actually has a few feelings now, but that doesn’t mean he should do things like check in to motels under his real name where he plans on killing someone and taking the motel-labeled pen he signed with back home with him… i mean, really?

    • 100 % agree !
      Thats what really makes me wonder !
      Stupid writer,can’t feel and think into character anymore !

  9. I absolutely adore Dexter but do feel that with a lot of tv shows that they run out of steam and get reparative, that’s why Breaking Bad is so good, it had a start, middle and end in place from the beginning, there are no filler episodes and there is a clear story that is being told

    I don’t see how they can stretch out the season finale over two series, season 6 was definitely the weakest, Colin Hanks was awful

  10. No! No! No! The producers CANNOT kill Dexter. When he shall die, deb will be in depressed and who care Harrison when he died???
    How could think of Dexter’s die?

  11. Dexter is a drama series so the ending must be tragic, and the death of Dexter would be what the show needs for a memorable finale.

    Dexter is similar to Death Note: main characters who kill people who deserves to die. Light Yagami was being discovered and his family suffered because of it (his father dies and his sister ends in a state of shock). At the end, Light died.

    Dexter has been discovered by his sister, so what we will see in the seventh season is the beginning of his end.

    If you want to discuss this theory, feel free to reply

    • Didn’t deathnote have a second season in which Light had become the new L?

  12. Oh man, the trailer looks intense. I’ve loved this show since the beginning and have been deeply fascinated. Was always afraid of the ending, this show is too good. It’s a shame that they’re going to end it. At least we get another season. I eat this up, every Sunday I’m soo excited. It’s what I look forward to all week. Then the day of I’m ready, watching with full attention. So it seems that his secret is out. I’d say everyone finds out by the end of season 7. Season 8, Dexter on the loose on a killing rampage and run from the law! Oh man, make it intense. Then end with a big finale of Dexter being caught & thrown in jail to keep him alive. Then… one day he escapes! Season 9 wooooooo!

  13. No,not that

  14. i personally love this show!!! i look forward to it every yr. and no i dont think they should kill him off…he has a son. and for the people saying its “repetitive” that means you have to watch the show 😉 just sayin!

  15. This show is my absolute favorite but how many close calls can dexter have? End the show and bring it back in a couple of years with Dexters son. That could become very interesting .

  16. I have loved every year they are the best writers ever it should never end

  17. Well, to be honest I really do not want Dexter to end. This season seemed like the final straw to the story. I know you all think It has gone “stale” but really it has not – yes you can tell they had started running out of ideas when season 5-6 hit but now with season 7 it is just about to get interesting. There are many ways to manipulate how this season may go and I can actually see it being a tideous season but season 8 can be similar to season 4. There are a number of people I know of that agree with me and it surprises me all the “opposite” minded people post here. As for Dexter and Deb’s possible love , well I think of it as common – this show is already full of twisted surprises why not end it with a crazy sickening end to which Deb and Dexter fall in love and they both become seriel killers? Maybe its just me but sick and twisted are defiantly my favorite shows… Let’s all be postitive and let them do their work while we just sit down every Sunday and enjoy the dark passenger!

  18. I think if the last few seasons had been as good as this one is, so far, then no body would be complaining about it being stale. This season brought back the intensity from the beginning and I love it. I’m back to looking forward to each Sunday, where as with Colin Hanks I was using Dexter as a filler before bed on whichever night I got around to it on dvr.

  19. I don’t think Dexter should be killed. I think he should live on and finally learn how to control it. I don’t want to see him go to prison either. I think it should end with nobody having a trace of Dexter’s killings. Kill his sister and LaGuerta because I have hated her since the first season! I agree, as I’ve been watching the new episodes, Dexter has become so sloppy. I thought after Rita died he was to become what he was before he even married her! He was actually better at killing while she was alive and while he was taking care of 3 kids! How does that work!?

  20. Do not end the dexter show. I am so in love with this show i look foward to it every sunday. Id be lost with out him. I would have to say this is the best show i have seen in my 24 years everyone i lend my season to fall for it and can stop watching. For all the people out there who are hating u guys are just jelous.. Haterts keep hating…p.s dont let the show end up with him dying

  21. It makes perfect sense that Dexter would die at the end: He fits Harry’s code. Or, he could make a mistake and end up fitting Harry’s code.

    • He already fits Harry’s code… he’s killed two innocents, or was that three?

  22. Sick of the female nudity.
    Almost didn’t bother with it when I learned there was going to be a strip bar added as a regularly visited location. *roll’s eyes*
    Don’t watch Dexter for the nudity, but rather, in spite of it.

    How about some equality?

    Where are all the nekid male “packages”?

    More weiners and balls please.

    • Men always find women’s junk hot. Women on the other hand don’t find it hot if they randomly see men flashing their junk. At least from what I know…

  23. Dexter is the best show I have ever seen. Please do not kill Dexter at the end of season 8. I have no idea what people are talking about, but one thing this show does not have is “stale” I love it, keep up the good work and looking forward for season 8!

  24. I LOVE Dexter! I don’t think it should end. His son has witnessed his mother (Rita) be murdered, the same as Dexter did as a child. I would love to see him raise Harrison, rather it be by “the code”, or differently. This show could go on for so many more seasons. The last show will be a very sad day for me!

    – Deb finding Harrison in a pool of Dexter’s blood and carrying Harrison away, just as Harry did when he found Dexter in a pool of his mothers blood.
    – The idea will be Deb will now raise Harrison with the same code as Harry raised Dexter.
    – Cycle begins again.

    You heard it hear first! :)

  26. Let there be no cycle.
    I mean, seriously, if the writers end the show with Harrison drenched in someone’s blood (whoever that maybe), some rookie Dexter fanboy writer will start “Harrison: Return of the Dark Passenger” or something of the sort.

    *Deb must die. She has to die, she needs to die. I’m tired of seeing close-ups of her crooked face-hole and moth wing-like hair (and her bony face, but there isn’t really anything she can do about that). Also, laGuerta. Equally annoying. Thankfully she only has her 2-minute “Oh, I’m such a smart-ass, I’m Sherlock” scenes…

  27. i love dexter hate to see it go dexter should live happy with his son

  28. I think in the end Dexter will go to Jail, or Hannah will kill him, or hell kill himself so he doesnt go to Jail…. Or….. He will finally stop killing. But this season is leaning towards him going to Jail. Maybe the end of this season Laguerta will arrest him, or stop chasing him.

  29. I think Deb will protect Dexter and kill Laguerta who is suspecting Dexter already. Hanna will kill or try to kill Deb and Dexter will end up killing Hanna. Dexter knows that Hanna is the kind of person he kills and eventually he will kill her. Dexter should get away with everything in the end and raise Harrison by himself continuing his “work”.