‘Dexter’ Season 7, Episode 9 Review – How Will it End?

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dexter season 7 episode 9 Dexter Season 7, Episode 9 Review   How Will it End?

Although the enemy of your enemy is supposed to be your friend, this week’s episode of Dexter, “Helter Skelter”, teams Dexter up with Isaac Sirko to take out two Hitmen threatening Sirko’s life. But as the blood begins to flow, it’s the sins of Dexter’s past that prove to be the real threat. How much longer can Dexter keep his Dark Passenger a secret?

With Sirko out of jail and his right-hand man wanting him dead, Dexter becomes Isaac’s only chance at survival. To help persuade his new “friend,” Isaac uses Hannah to get the Dark Passenger to do his bidding. As the threat of death causes these two enemies to become friends, Sirko begins to help Dexter understand what’s important in life, leading him to realize his true feelings for Hannah. Meanwhile, a criminal arsonist pops up in Miami, and LaGuerta, still investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher, finds a new ally – one with connections to Dexter’s bloody origins.

It may not feel like it, but Dexter season 7 is three episodes away from being over. And while many fans may be wondering where all that time went – thanks to some storylines taking their time to develop – this week’s episode certainly provides a worthy payoff for all that waiting. After (more than) a few episodes, Isaac Sirko, this year’s so-called “Big Bad,” finally receives some dedicated screen time, allowing the series to further explore the truly intriguing relationship he has with Dexter, revealing that they share more similarities than differences.

Ever since Sirko’s first appearance on the series, he has never fallen into the expected traits one would see from a “Big Bad.” Instead of having a taste for murder, continuously increasing his body count, Sirko’s sole intent was to seek revenge for the death of his lover Viktor. Although Sirko never really felt like a true threat to Dexter’s life, his inclusion in it has always been one of the most compelling elements of the season. While fans have already seen Dexter in love and Dexter revealing his secret, this is the first time we’ve seen Dexter have a compelling conversation of equals, killer to killer.

dexter season 7 episode 9 2 Dexter Season 7, Episode 9 Review   How Will it End?

Just like Dexter, fans of the series have only been able to explore the elements of his Dark Passenger through the internal conversations Dexter has with himself (or Harry). Though viewers are able to see the entirety of what’s occurring at any given time, the only chance we’re able to further delve in to the mind of Dexter Morgan is when he allows it – which, up until now, hasn’t been that often. When paired with Isaac, however, Dexter is able to communicate honestly with someone who has had many similar experiences and, because Isaac is the older of the two, Isaac is able to provide hope that happiness, albeit difficult in their line of “work,” is achievable.

And this, essentially, will lead us into the close of season 7 and into the next, final season of the show. As Dexter slowly begins to understand who he is and what he wants, viewers might see Dexter evolve into someone he’s happy with. Not because he’s following Harry’s rules, but because he’s living his life surrounded by those he cares about – and those who care for him. Meanwhile, LaGuerta will continue to investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher, further putting Dexter’s secret at risk of being revealed. But what about Hannah? Well, she may very well be the real “Big Bad” this season. Only time will tell.

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Dexter returns next Sunday with “The Dark… Whatever” @9pm on Showtime. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. Any thoughts on who the burner is? The arson inspector just seems way to obvious. Lol

    • I have a feeling it may the arson inspector but like you say, that would be too obvious and easy. It may even be someone we don’t know at all.

  2. man i cant wait for the finale when laguerta find out about dexter

  3. Great season!

  4. I liked the episode but Sirko deserved a better send off than getting shot by George. That was a let down.
    Also, with Sirko gone and the arsonist looking like a way to stretch the last couple of episodes I think it’s all but certain that in the finale LaGuerta will uncover the truth about Dexter.

  5. I honestly really liked Sirko’s send off, it would of been so lame to see him just walk off in the sunset never to be seen again, i really enjoyed the scene between him and Dexter on the boat before he eventually died. I think the last couple episodes besides showing LaGuerta getting closer to Dexter, will also explore Dexter and Hannah’s relationship, which i definitely want to see. I honestly wonder if she or anyone for that matter is any sort of endgame for Dexter to end up with, think they’d ever let him and Deb be together?

    It’s weird when that was first brought up last season (Deb loving Dex) i wasn’t grossed out or thought it was “taboo” they are not blood related after all, i was almost indifferent to it, didn’t know what to think, but idk as this season has progressed, despite Hannah seeming to be such a logical partner/Lover for Dex, part of me really wants the writers to progress the deb/dex storyline.

  6. This is the worst season of Dexter ever. Last season was bad, but that’s because the story line was so dishonest — This season is just plain boring. Dexter has not gotten a decent, entertaining kill since the first Episode. Deb is a wreck, and even though her acting is great, seeing it played this way is a waste of her character. The Brother-Love thing is just icky. All the rest of the Miami Metro cast is making 30-second cameos each week…the original chemistry is gone completely. Issac was never a match for Dexter and now even he is gone too easily. Hannah is not scary or interesting, merely eye candy. The writers have lost their edge and it’s nearly too late to get it back.

    • your opinion is irrelevant and stupid

      • Why is that? Just because you have none of your own?

        • This season has been just ok. Nothing too exciting. Yes, Deb finding out about his killings was pretty cool but other than that it has been a pretty predictable season

      • u mad bro.

  7. I thought Ray Stevenson was great as Isaac. His getting shot by George was unexpected and kind of a let down. Dexter can’t ever really be happy, that would really ruin the whole premise of the show.Hannah must go…….

  8. Another okay episode from the show “Dexter”! Killing off the major character Isaak is not at all pleasing. Flowing deep in love Dexter and Hannah are now getting on my nerves. The show is going on a low pace where Laguerta’s sequences are appealing and creating stir.
    Ray has showcased his character brilliantly. Hannah’s character is becoming irritating and bored actually. I am pretty sure this season is not loved by many viewers as compared to previous season. Waiting for the next episodes and looking forward to see how would be the finale of this season. Last but never the least, I’ll miss Isaak.

  9. This season is really, really good, best since season number 4. Now I am expecting Dex to avenge Isaac’s death and that ugly b**** LaGuerta to find out Dex’s secret and be killed by him.

    • I don’t thin Dex will avenge Isaac’s death. Why should he?
      And I have a strong feeling Laguerta is going to be killed this season finale either by Deb or Dex. Most likely Deb.

  10. Is it just me or is Deb hot? Deb is hot!

    • I have been waiting since the series started to see Deb naked… I have been disappointed. What I really want now is a Deb, Hannah, and Dexter three way shower scene.

      • Unfortch, there’s no male eye candy on the show. Michael C. Hall is great as Dexter but ugly.

  11. This season is really good, the best since season 4! My favorite episode this season was last week’s episode! How come there was no review for that one?

  12. Sooo to everyone that is “looking for LaGuerta to solve the “puzzle”, she already did last episode when she saw Dexter’s boat/Check out recipts. Now all she is doing is getting evidence to take him in. A predictable “finale” ending if that’s what ends up happening(Dexter getting arrested or killed by LaGuerta). It seems like that’s what they are setting up for next season. LaGuerta will finally have the evidence to arrest him but it will be search type of season looking for him. If so then I will be highly disappointed. Why not lead into Dexter finding out that LaGuerta has knowledge of what he did and him doing things to discredit her. I love the show but ever since Season 3/4 I haven’t really been to impressed

  13. wtf is going on with Dexter??
    I HATE hannah mckay. Dex is better off being with Deb. THe only good thing about the show is the unique relationship Dexter has with Deb. If it blossomed into something more, it would make complete sense.

    Hannah mc kay is so boring. Even Lumen and Dex felt more genuine than his relationship with this FU CKING bi tch.

  14. Jen, I don’t care if their not blood brother and sister, Dex and Deb is just not right together. And whats with all the hate for Hannah. Hannah is the hottest chic they’ve had on the show.

    • Doug, I know everyone is either for or against the Dex-Deb hook-up. I’m for it. I can’t see Dex making a genuine connection with any other woman. This thing he has with Hannah seems so fake. The writers are trying hard to make it seem like their relationship is so deep with so much mutual understanding and all that but I just don’t don’t feel it. Maybe because they’re trying too hard.
      All this inner monologue about hannah, I feel like he’s already had the same monologue about lumen and they’re recycling it for hannah to make us believe that, THIS time, THIS woman seems so different and the relationship between them is so DEEP and REAL. Please.
      Sorry, I know you like hannah but i was so disappointed when she survived last episode.

  15. I didn’t like the Sirko death scene for various reasons:

    1. The guy took out armed Columbians by himself and was taken down by George?
    2. His fear of the 2 hitmen didn’t seem rational considering how easily they were taken down, seems like Sirko could have done it himself without Dexter.
    3. So he can be dragged to Dexter’s boat and driven out to where he dumped Viktor but can’t have his life saved by an ambulance/ER?
    4. A better death would have been him taking a bullet for Dexter, that would really eat into his psyche.
    5. I would have rather kept Sirko around until the end of the season.

    Seems like Quinn is going to die a violent death… which is okay considering his character jumped the shark a while ago.

    I do like that Dex tried to explain that Deb’s feelings were logical… that psycho-babble her police shrink was spouting was more hurtful than helpful.

    • Yeah a baddie like Sirko taken down by that little ahole? I thought that was stupid too.
      And I think he didn’t want to be recongnized and he didn’t want his loyal pal to be recognized so he had Dex do it.
      I don’t see why he didn’t want to call 911 and get help? Maybe he knew that was it? And in any case, he’s stated many times that Viktor was the only reason life was worth living for.
      But I wish they hadn’t kill killed him off too. I think it would have been nice to see him and Dexter becoming great friends.
      Yeah Quinn should be killed off already. I’m bored to tears with him and his hooker girlfriend.
      As for the Dex and Deb hook-up, I’m all for it! They’re perfect for each other.

    • 1. He was caught red handed, and even taunted him to pull the trigger, did you watch a different scene than me? I mean it wasn’t like they were battling and he simply was out maneuvered, he was welcoming death, he knew it was coming from the time they hired those killers, once they were dead and George showed up he probably just felt like f*** it.

      2. They were taken out because of a decoy, he was only afraid b/c he couldn’t get them away from him, following his every move, it would of been impossible to kill them then, hence the fear, with Dexter as a decoy they became trivial, so no that made perfect sense.

      3. This goes along the same lines as the first point, he didn’t care anymore at this point, now that Viktor was dead, and he had noa greed to not even revenge him, and he was an outcast in his own hometown, and going to some tropical island seemes pointless if the person you live for is dead, so that plus it probably hitting a pretty lethal spot, he just let go, i found the scene between Dexter and him on the boat extremely compelling, so no i found that great.

      4. The first point i somewhat agree, while i didn’t dislike how he was shot by george (though i liked the subsequent aftermath with the boat) that scenario might of been better, assuming the boat sequence followed.

      5. I honestly felt he was killed at a perfect, time any longer he would of simply became a pest, that’s storyline had run out and i would of just wanted him gone, despite how good of a character he was, his purpose was gone.

      I do agree with your assessment of Dex’s conversation with deb, and how unproductive what the shrink said last season. I’m personally for him and Dex and Deb getting together, as much a s Hannah and Lumen to a degree made sense with him, idk i don’t think anyone will eclipse their chemistry and understanding of one another.

      • @Joe:

        I would agree with you if Sirko was welcoming death… but that’s the contradiction. He was afraid of dying hence why he enlisted Dexter’s help… then he wanted to die?

        As for the George scene… George is not a cold killer like Sirko, even without a gun, Sirko should have been able to disarm George or avoid the fatal shot much like he did in the bar against the Columbians once his gun was out of ammunition. It was just so weird to see the killer who people in jail won’t even touch get dropped so easily by a strip club owner… and why didn’t George take the head shot? He was afraid of Dexter? Bleh.

        I also liked the boat scene but the circumstances that led them there were hokey.

        I think the series has to end with Dexter’s death… and then the cliffhanger of Deb becoming the new Bay Harbor Butcher (and talking to Dexter’s ghost).

        • I highly doubt Deb would become a serial killer. More likely Harrison. Or Cody. In the books, Cody has the Dark Passenger for a while I think.

        • @BigNerd

          There is a big difference between welcoming death and seeking for it and giving up, he was going to do anything he could to avoid death in terms of the 2 hit men sent after him, when George showed up, he probably felt like, Jesus what do i have to do to stay alive, hence his taunting to George to just do it already. Secondly, in the bar with the Colombians he had the bar, and tons of places to grab weapons, use walls, and what not, George was not only further from him than any of those Colombians were, but there was not much around to use for cover, to knock the weapon out of his hand etc.

          I completely understand what you’re coming from, but i feel like too many people judge tv characters are so black and white, like if they felt this way that means they wouldn’t do x y and z. These characters are supposed to be just as deep as real people, and immerse you, so you can’t define any normal human being like that, why would that change in a show of this calibur? That isn’t to say there are some inconsistencies, on Dexter and virtually all shows, some with deeper meanings, feelings behind then, some with seemingly none, but in this particular instance i think they covered their bases. Not saying you can’t argue they didn’t in this particular instance, but i think it’s nitpicking honestly.

  16. i can see La guerta finding out a lot if stuff about Dexter and i picture the last minutes of season finale like this…..

    It’s night time and you see La Guerta driving home…. She opens her front door walking into the living room. She notices plastic sheeting on the floor, turns around and sees Dexter and Deb behind her!!

  17. I love this series, but I cannot stand Debra Morgan using the F word in every sentence. It is so distracting. It’s like a nerdy kid in the sixth grade ryng to act cool

    • But that’s her character. Don’t you know someone like that in real life?

      That would be like asking Dexter not to kill, or Laguerta not to be selfish, or Masuka not to be vulgar, or Bautista not to have “passeyone”.

      Speaking of, I miss Bautista’s sister Jaime… I was afraid the Louis side story was going to turn into something ominous for her but now that Harrison is off with gran-gran… she doesn’t have screen time anymore.

  18. Deb reminds me of the messed up head case ex girlfriend we all had at some point in our lives. I don’t think she’s attractive one bit either. Not a coincidence we haven’t seen her naked in the series.

    Loving season 7.

  19. I think Deb and Dexter are just perfect for each other, and i am really looking forward for hanna going away and deb and dex starting a relationship.
    I really do love Debras charakter and i love her swering (but i hate it when she uses words, that offend gays like “stupid Cocksucker”) And i wish that she would be in more storylines.

    I acutally find this season to full of different storylines. It is cnfusing.

    • Thank you Deftone. Deb and Dex totally are perfect for each other. I wish hannah would go away soon though. I’ve seen enough of her weird smile this season.

  20. I’m particularly someone that have enjoyed Dexter’s dramatic romances. I favored Rita, and loved how her character was so strong I began to hate her. I was actually kind of happy when she died in season 4. Lila was crazy, sexy, aggressive, dangerous, and I enjoyed her as well. Lumen in season 5 broke my heart because I thought Dexter had really found someone.
    But Hannah? This romance is not genuine, it’s boring and very unbelievable. I’m with Jen, Dexter and Deb all the way. That’s believable and exciting. They both need eachother and that romance (yes may be taboo) could be one of the strongest romances we’ve seen in TV shows period. It would be perfect. Dexter is dark, his romance should be as well.

    • You guys are nutz, I know their not blood brother and sister but they are “brother and sister” thats just gross. Plus, Deb is nowhere near hot enough !!!

      Hannah is wise and sexy, and doesn’t speak like a sailor, why all the hate ?

      I think Dexter prefers blondes, he doesn’t love Deb that way and never will face it !!

  21. @Doug while i actually do think Hannah is a good fit, and this week’s episode was a bigger testament to that than last weeks, i wouldn’t mind seeing him and deb together, I’ve never found that whole step sibling thing much of a “taboo” thing, if they both feel the same way at some point, who cares? Deb is pretty damn hot anyways, though Hannah is clearly hotter.

  22. Does anyone reckon the hannah character was deliberately made annoying and unlikeable so that the fans start to push towards dex and deb getting together, noticed a lot more pro-deb/dex ppl out there now than there were when the storyline was First brought in