‘Dexter’ Season 7, Episode 7: ‘Chemistry’ Review – Is Dexter Getting Sloppy?

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dexter season 7 episode 7 chemistry dexter deb Dexter Season 7, Episode 7: Chemistry Review – Is Dexter Getting Sloppy?

Dexter has become a relationship free-for-all for everyone at Miami Metro, with Dexter and Quinn finding their own form of companionship, while Debra becomes friendly with crime writer Sal Price. But in this week’s episode, “Chemistry”, all of those relationships collide, resulting in Dexter having to defend himself on all fronts. Is Dexter becoming sloppy with his decisions? And who exactly is the real “Big Bad” of season 7?

Dexter’s decision to make love to Hannah, instead of killing her, certainly isn’t the best one he’s ever made. And after Sal catches him dropping her off after their murderous tryst, this fact becomes even truer – especially for his Dark Passenger. But as Dexter attempts to understand his attraction towards Hannah, the organized world around him continues to slowly unravel, bringing Dexter face-to-face with a newly released Isaak, while LaGuerta continues to investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher, and Hannah’s poisonous tendencies get out of control.

Unlike in past seasons, the relationships on Dexter in season 7 are more refined in their use. Instead of simply exploring the emotional side of all of the characters involved – which provides for more singular character moments (and development) – all of the relationships this season are relativity unstable in their given form and are used to help progress Dexter’s overall storyline. Everything is connected, and Dexter is at the center of it all. Not exactly a good place to be if you’re an undercover serial killer.

As Isaak’s plan to be released from prison is executed (thanks to Quinn stealing evidence), Dexter comes face-to-face with Sirko, revealing (in detail) how he killed Viktor, prompting Isaak to warn Dexter that vengeance is coming. Up until now, Isaak has been a relatively low-key Big Bad, spending most of his time behind bars. And even though Dexter and Isaak have come face-to-face previously, revealing the calm, calculated enemy Dexter has made, this is the first time we’ve seen his true intent to harm Dexter, and what all he will do to make that happen. Though not receiving as much of the spotlight as the Trinity Killer in season 5, Isaak is just as nuanced a character – and equally as deadly. Unfortunately, Isaak isn’t the only thing Dexter has to worry about.

dexter season 7 episode 7 chemistry deb hannah Dexter Season 7, Episode 7: Chemistry Review – Is Dexter Getting Sloppy?

With Sal and Debra continuing to investigate the Wayne Randall case, Hannah’s involvement in it is put front and center. Though Hannah started off as a (somewhat) innocent character, the manner in which she’s able to cover up her tracks, feign emotions and sooth the killer Dexter, she’s much more dangerous than anyone – including Dexter – had previously thought. But what can Dexter do when emotions get in the way of Harry’s rules?

As Debra continues to investigate Hannah, her true threat to Dexter cannot be made any clearer. While murder-turned-sexual encounter has its appeal, Dexter is slowly beginning to make decisions he normally wouldn’t, continuously put himself in situations that threaten to reveal his secret to the world – or worse. But has Hannah finally stepped over the line in killing Sal? Since both Debra and Dexter know that she kills using poison, can Hannah still continue to roam free – especially now that Debra knows Dexter has an affinity for “catching” killers?

For the majority of this season, Dexter has been playing it fast and loose with his confidence in people. Largely stepping away from everything Harry has taught him, Dexter has allowed his emotions to take control, and now he’s in the middle of a three-way battle: Isaak, Hannah and LaGuerta (unbeknownst to him). But who is truly more of a danger to Dexter?

dexter season 7 episode 7 chemistry hannah sal Dexter Season 7, Episode 7: Chemistry Review – Is Dexter Getting Sloppy?

Considering it’s (very) likely that LaGuerta’s Bay Harbor Butcher storyline will continue until the very end of the series, it’s up to Isaak and Hannah to battle it out as the true Big Bad of the season. Isaak’s intent in killing Dexter, though emotional, is more calculated and planned. Because Isaak exists in a world of heavy weaponry and thug intimidation, Dexter’s nimble movements should make it difficult for any attack on him to be successful.

Hannah, however, is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. By attaching herself to Dexter emotionally, he loses the upper hand that he craves and must now defeat his own emotions before even thinking about being able to defeat her. Even with Debra pushing Dexter to kill her, he’s still going to need to be able to make sense of his emotions before making any move. This, of course, is what Hannah is waiting for – and thrives on.

No matter who rises to the top, Dexter has certainly made more than few mistakes this season and will likely have have to pay for them. Who will make him pay? Like most things, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Dexter continues next Sunday with “Argentina” @10pm on Showtime. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. Trinity was season 4. C’mon Screenrant, you know better.

  2. This season has been an absolute blast!! As always with Dexter if you really wanted to break it down things could get bad but it’s been so much fun that I don’t want to. Isaak has been the best villain since Trinity and I’m enjoying the slower build up to his and Dexter’s showdown.
    And like I’ve been saying I’m all in with Hannah. I think the actress playing her is fantastic and I especially love the scenes with her and Dex.
    I do think when all is said and done Dexter will have to kill her. Even though she’s probably the only woman he could settle down with (as much as two murders can settle down) I have to believe he’ll stay loyal to Deb. Or it could really get crazy and we could see Hannah go after Deb and then Dexter is in a real jam…

    • I feel like it took this season a couple episodes to right the ship, not to say the first 2 weren’t good episodes, they just weren’t great. I’ve been saying it for years about ALL series, but shows ALWAYS get better once the writers have an end date, (in this case, season 8 is the end)which explains the mediocrity of last season, and i say that definitively because a lot of people thought it was awful, i did not, just Dexter has set such high standards which made Season 6 seem worse than it was.

      Back to this season, as i mentioned before, it took them a couple eps, to flesh things out, get a tone to the season, and set a theme to the season, and ever since they’ve accomplished that, I’ve loved the season, and i think every episode has been better than the previous, i believe this will be a trend that will continue throughout this season into Season 8 until the series finale.

      • I agree with everything you said nice work especially about season 6 not being horrible just dexter being so high standard

  3. Season 6 is what I like to call a transitional season. They had to develop Deb (which they did. She was hand down the best part of season 6). Also they had to have Deb see Dex in the act. Everything else was average, but in comparison to others seasons of Dexter was pretty terrible. Just goes to show the high quality we expect out of this show. Which brings me to this season and more specifically this episode.

    I loved it. I’m really enjoying complexity of the Dex and Hannah relationship. Which is only gunna get more complicated by Debs request of Dexter at the end of the episode. After an off season, Dexter is back to being one of the only shows I look forward to each week.

    As for the actress playing Hannah, that is Yvonne Strahovski of Chuck fame. As all the Chick fans can attest to, we knew what Yvonne was capable of a long time ago. Its about time she starts to get some mainstream recognition.

    • Chuck* fans

  4. pretty sure their gonna save laguerta finding about dexter for the last ep

  5. Who is Dexter’s biggest threat?

    you forgot Dexter him self on that list !

  6. Why would Bautista take 10K from Quinn right after accusing him of stealing evidence? Now, Quinn has leverage to shut him up.

  7. I think Hannah will end up poisoning Isaac.

  8. I actually never understood the appeal of Dexter.

    So I finally caved in and for the last month or three, have been watching it in its entirety from Season 1. After the first 1 or 2 episodes… I still didn’t get it but started to get attached to the other characters (I actually really like Doakes). But as I watched it more, I finally appreciated the series.

    And now in Season 7, I find it very interesting how this series has progressed. Unfortunately, it also opens me up to some nuances that are a bit inexplicable.

    1. Harry said he died of a heart attack… but we know he intentionally overdosed after seeing Dex kill someone.

    2. What happened to Debra’s struggle with her romantic love for Dex? Did that go away when she saw him kill Travis? What happened to her therapy visits?

    3. They should have kept Louis around a bit longer… it was a good twist that was keeping Dex a bit off-balance. I had thought that he was going to be revealed as a serial killer also… or that Dex would inspire him to become one (which made me fear for Jaime’s life).

    4. Dex should be aware of how much power a foreign crime boss has and what type of resources he has since he isn’t worried about skirting the law. Why is he not afraid that he would find out about the grandparents and go after Harrison and his half brother and sister (which I’m surprised Issac hasn’t done since he already threatened Debra).

    5. After Rita’s death, it’s going to be very hard for Dex to assume aliases since as Trinity’s son said, his face was all over the news. I guess it’s a good thing the series is coming to an end or Dexter would have to move to another state.

    And yes, alhough messy, this season has interesting plot lines. At first, I though Hannah was going to be revealed as a mercy killer, but now we know otherwise.

    One thing I did notice in all the seasons… the show really has a good way of making everything culminate in the last episode of each season. I’m amazed at how much story they pack into the 12th ep because as I’m watching episode 11 of the past 6 seaons, I’m wondering how they are going to tie everything up.

    This episode demonstrates the possible acceptance by Debra… so does that mean in Season 8 they will finally be together (which is really weird and kind of creeped me out during Season 6).

  9. He is not gonna kill her, he already tried that once and looked how that turned out. Probably scored a kid as well considering how spontaneous it was and it didnt seem like they used rubber for rounds 1 or 2. Maybe not even round 3 when Hannah thought Dexter came over for a “booty call”.

  10. I’m just watching all of Dexter now, around 1 or 2 episodes/day. This season is better than the last, of course because now they’ve started the end game of the series. Debra can’t know about Dexter and live happily ever after, it could only happen within a season or two of the end. But the Debra/Dexter dynamic now is pretty interesting, even if Debra’s romantic feelings for Dexter disappeared inexplicably. OK you could explain that it was something happening outside the dialog, from her realizing Dexter isn’t who she thought he was. But OTOH you could watch this season knowing nothing about Season 6 and you wouldn’t miss much about Debra. Maybe the writers decided in the face of negative fan and critic reaction that the quasi-incest story line was too creepy so that’s why it’s gone; not from our memories perhaps, but it’s not directly referred that I can recall, and moreover it’s not necessary to explain anything that’s happened this season.
    Also I find Isaak somewhat dissatisfying as a Big Bad. The previous Dexter/Isaak confrontation at the jail gave some excuse why the rest of the Brotherhood haven’t just murdered Astor, Cody, Harrison, grandparents, etc while Isaak’s in jail. It’s ‘his’ vengeance, but why would that really comfort Dexter to know vis a vis his extended family? And the multiple face to faces between Dexter and Isaak, before the predictable final one*, is also too much. In general the Isaak/Dexter story line has become the relative weak point of this season IMO.

    *in which Dexter will no doubt at some point be tied up and ready to kill before some amazing escape or rescue (perhaps Hanna poisoning kicks in on Isaak just at the right moment?).