‘Dexter’ Season 7: ‘Do The Wrong Thing’ Recap – A New Love?

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dexter season 7 do the wrong thing Dexter Season 7: Do The Wrong Thing Recap   A New Love?

Hannah’s deadly secret is closer to being revealed, and on this week’s episode of Dexter, “Do the Wrong Thing”, everyone’s favorite Dark Passenger begins to search for the clues needed to add her to his collection. But is Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) as guilty as Dexter thinks?

Wayne Randall killed himself a few episodes ago, but the new bodies Miami Metro recently discovered has Dexter believing that his one-time adolescent accomplice, Hannah, is actually behind the murders. Though there’s not much evidence to currently prove it, Dexter does have a few leads pointing in her direction. Fortunately, a new face may be able to aid in the search.

Sal Price (Santiago Cabrera), a crime writer who has written about Wayne Randall in the past, shows up in Miami to check out the re-opened case. Price has been researching Randall’s case for many years, so he knows much more about Hannah than simple Internet searches will provide. After speaking with Prince about Hannah, the novelist hints that Hannah has enough skeletons in her closet to garner her own book. With this information, Dexter now believes he’s on the right case.

Meanwhile, Isaak Sirko still sits in prison, looking for a way to get out and seek revenge on Dexter. Originally Quinn was tasked with helping Sirko out with his predicament (through an unwanted, under-the-table money exchange), but he ultimately turned him down, not wanting to go back to being “dirty” – in any way. Unfortunately for Quinn, his recent love affair with Nadia, a dancer who works for Siko, has made him vulnerable to persuasion. Using Nadia for trade/threat, Sirko’s right-hand-man, George (Jason Gedrick), forces Quinn to make the blood evidence against Sirko disappear. But at least he also gets the girl.

dexter season 7 do the wrong thing 2 Dexter Season 7: Do The Wrong Thing Recap   A New Love?

Elsewhere, Deb is still attempting to keep her brother’s identity undercover – which won’t be easy with LaGuerta (still) researching the Bay Harbor Butcher, attempting to clear Doax’s name. The more LaGuerta looks into the Butcher case the more questions she asks – questions that Deb can only shoot down, as the answers would lead to Dexter’s secret being revealed.

As the episode comes to an end, one of the first major storyline twists of the season is revealed. With Dexter believing he has enough evidence to justify killing Hannah, his Dark Passenger kicks in to finish the job. After setting up an elaborate killing room in a greenhouse, Hannah is secured to the table, and Dexter is about to kill her. But he can’t. Instead of killing Hannah, Dexter stabs the knife next to her head. Dexter then, surprisingly, releases her from the table, and the two of them bring the episode to a close with an impromptu sexual interaction.

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Dexter returns Sunday with “Chemisty” @9pm on Showtime. Check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. I did not like the ending, A stupid twist. I understand why each character is prompted to do that. Her being a psychopath and attracted to those, and Dexter.. well she is hot! But really? It seems like just a twist that the writers came up with while thinking “Geez what else can we have Dexter do with someone on the killing table, Oh I know lets make him save his victim then proceed to have sex with her!”. I highly doubt is dark passenger is that weak to succumb to a sexual attraction. It didn’t stop him before with Rita. Like he always mentions, killing comes first, that’s who he is.

    • What if he never actually planned on killing Hannah? I always thought he just tied her to the table with a crazy persona to show her who he was, and never honestly planned on murdering her.

      • I gotta agree with this, i never felt he had any conviction in what he was doing when he wrapped her up. Honestly i was even surprised when he stuck her with the needle, b/c despite him getting enough evidence to know she was guilty, i felt like he was still feeling her out, getting to know her, how she acted, etc. Once he did have her on the table it just felt out of sorts.

        I think that he sees similar things in her that he sain Lumen but probably even more so, making her his perfect companion, at least from what the show has given us as possible candidates.

        Loved the episode, love the season so far.

    • He is not gonna kill her, he already tried that once and looked how that turned out. Probably scored a kid as well considering how spontaneous it was and it didnt seem like they used rubber for rounds 1 or 2. Maybe not even round 3 when Hannah thought Dexter came over for a “booty call”.

  2. He didn’t spend all of that time (I’m not sure exactly what time period they went over, weeks or days?) stalking her and finding out all of her dirty secrets with no intention of killing her. Yes it could have been that he was only trying to find more about her because of his interest with her. But by stalking her and learning her pattern of killings he in turn is implementing his own because he was doing the same process he does with each other kill he is lining up. Along with himself feeling in danger because she came to his house then before he opens the door he puts the picture of Harrison face down in fear that she might harm him.

  3. It makes sense why it happened. I just didn’t like it

  4. im actually hoping that Hannah sticks around for another season

  5. I don’t believe Hannah is completely guilty. There are still undiscovered details that haven’t been revealed yer. Dexter has made wrong conclusions in the past. My theory is that Sal Price is a killer and has been following Hannah for years to garner more material for his book. He might even be the one that’s been poisoning the ones closest to her. It wouldn’t be the first time Deb dated a murderer would it?

  6. Like one of the posters above, I was surprised when Dexter stuck the needle in her. It’s clear what Hannah is. Lumen mark 2. Only this time, he may have found the woman that embraces darkness fully. I know technically she’s not a killer of bad people and therefore brings a contradiction to who Dexter is, but she is the counter balance to Deb pure and simple. I get the impression this conflict will fill out this season and Dexter will be left with a choice of who he wants around more. Deb or Hannah?

  7. Mixed feelings on the ending but I thought for sure she would be the one to jump him for sex rather than him. I thought they had sexual tension the first time they met. It would be totally different realationship than Lumen and hoping they will explore it…could be his Bonnie? I do have a feeling though she may just be in this season only which saddens me for as a male was not satisified with a side boob hoping for a full frontal.

    • Yup. We didn’t even see Miranda naked in Mass Effect. She’s a tease is Yvonne.

      I should get out more…

  8. the sex scene was awkward..like watchin female dogs awkward. ehh, whatever

  9. I absolutely think Dexter is in trouble with Hannah and I’m loving it.
    I think the thing that saved her more than anything was when she said “Do what you gotta do”. If Dex took off the tape and she started crying and pleading for her life or making excuses I think she would have been done for but her strength and conviction in the situation obviously umm… turned Dex on.
    So continues the best season of Dexter in years. I’m really enjoying every episode. Especially because everybody is involved with the story in one way or another. Well almost, I’m sure the Batista buying a restaurant storyline will be a complete bore but because everything else has been so great I’m willing to let it go…

  10. Yvonne Strahovski’s delivery of “do what you’ve gotta do” and her facial expressions during and after that line were pure gold. She is awesome.

  11. Totally creeped out by the ending. Hannah isn’t Lumen, who was an innocent who needed Dexter and wasn’t repulsed by him or his Dark Passenger. Hannah is the bad guy that he kills regularly. Kills her mentor who was apparently a good person. Killed her husband. Killed the female of a couple when with Wayne. I thought it was gross and weird…not turned on by almost murder turned sex.

  12. I just thought off a theory that I just had to get off my chest. This is not based on spoilers or anything.

    What if Dex decides not to kill Hannah ever, but Deb finds out Dex altered the blood and tries to subtley (or not so subtley) convince Dexter to kill Hannah. Dex will intially refuse, but Deb will point out that Hannah goes against his code and that he is protecting a murderer. That she fits the profile so he shouldn’t be playing favorites. Dex will agree, and end up killing Hannah for Deb. Remember with Speltzer when Deb asked if the kill was for her and Dex said it wasn’t. Well this time around it will be for Deb. Then at the beginning of season 8, maybe Dex starts to have the same “feelings” towards Deb that she has toward him. Then who knows where the story goes.

    I know this may be a bit out there, but I just have this feeling that it could happen. I see the direction Deb`s character arc in relation to Dex is going so far and it just makes sense to me. As for Dex hes not there yet with Deb, but maybe 6 or 7 or 8 episodes from now he will be.

    Or…..I am completely wrong. But it sure is fun to theorise

    • @ 134sc
      I don’t think your theory is out there at all.
      Granted, I’m not a fan of the Deb wanting to be with Dexter storyline at all but if the writers decided to still explore it your idea would be an interesting way to go.
      IMO though I think at some point Dexter will kill Deb. His last and final kill before riding off into the sunset with Hannah.
      Then when they reach their perfect hideaway Dex will realize they forgot Harrison. But the little tike will be fine, he’s still in Miami working the baby daycare scene and going home to his hot nanny. Oops, I got a little off track for a second. 😉

  13. Dexter: ”I Wanna take you out”
    Hannah: ”On a date?”
    Dexter: ”Taht’ll Work”

    This season has been very good so far except for a few details!

  14. The ending just felt weird. Hannah feels like she is going to be used for a bigger purpose. Maybe as a backup in case the heat gets too hot in the Bay Harbor that LaGuerta is looking into. It feels like this season is the set up for Season 8 in which Dexter gets caught and killed by LaGuerta. If so then it’s too predictable. This season has been okay but I expected more. Hopefully this gets better

    • I agree JaredDac. I think that Hannah is gonna be his down fall. At least I am hoping for that because otherwise I do not like her as his love interest. She kills innocent people. I think if he doesn’t kill Hannah Deb might turn him in to LaGuearta!

  15. He is not gonna kill her, he already tried that once and looked how that turned out. Probably scored a kid as well considering how spontaneous it was and it didnt seem like they used rubber for rounds 1 or 2. Maybe not even round 3 when Hannah thought Dexter came over for a “booty call”.