‘Dexter’ Season 7, Episode 11 Review – Did Hannah Do It?

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dexter season 7 episode 11 Dexter Season 7, Episode 11 Review   Did Hannah Do It?

In this week’s episode of Dexter, “Do You See What I See”, relationships are ruined, lies are told and secrets are almost revealed. Now that Dexter is against the world, can his few remaining relationships protect him from going to jail?

With Dexter still at the center of the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation, Deb is forced to plant evidence to clear her brother’s name. But when a witness from Hannah’s past appears, connecting her to a previous murder, Deb becomes a victim of poisoning, forcing Dexter to make an important decision about the future of his relationship with Hannah. Meanwhile, the man behind the death of Laura Moser is released from prison, and Dexter risks it all to seek vengeance for the death of his mother.

After a few weeks of so-called happiness, the unhealthy relationships Dexter has created are beginning to turn on themselves, forcing Dexter to make dangerous decisions about who to trust and who to give up, all the while attempting to prevent his own capture – by any means necessary. Although Isaac Sirko once told Dexter that happiness, though difficult, is achievable for their “type” of being (killers), he was never able to explain the challenges that one must face in order to become completely happy, or the challenges it puts on the relationships you hold dear. And that is, essentially, what Dexter is facing right now.

After letting go of his need to hide, largely revealing his secret to anyone who will listen, Dexter received his first real taste of human acceptance. Instead of secretly hunting on his own terms, Dexter was finally able to move freely within his life, relying on “those who know” to help maintain some sense of normality in his world of chaos and murder. And even though it has, up until this point, been a relief to him, the difficulty of maintaining those relationships could, if Dexter isn’t careful, lead to his capture and arrest – or worse, the death of someone he loves.

Ever since Debra stumbled upon Dexter’s secret in the season 7 premiere, Dexter has been experiencing a type of complete acceptance he never thought could exist for him and his sister. In an attempt to explore (and expand) that experience further, he attempts to wholeheartedly take on a romantic relations with Hannah as well as a so-called “friendship” with Isaac. As this past season has shown, not all relationships – or those within them – can handle the weight of a murderous revelation.

dexter season 7 episode 11 hannah Dexter Season 7, Episode 11 Review   Did Hannah Do It?

Additionally, now that Dexter has been looking to establish more honest relationships with those who know his secret, the repercussions of his dark dealings are proving too difficult to control. What initially started out as a sisterly reveal of Dexter’s true side has now become, if anything, a time-bomb waiting to explode or implode – either way, they’re equally as dangerous for everyone involved, including Dexter. Now that Isaac has already been killed off, the only two people left with knowledge of Dexter’s true life are Debra, his police officer sister, and Hannah, his murderous girlfriend.

While disagreements between family and significant others is likely to occur, Dexter is experiencing it to a greater, more dangerous, degree. As Debra continues to keep her brother out of jail, Dexter’s want of having a “real” relationship with Hannah has created enemies between her and Debra, with only Dexter standing between the two, having to decide who to trust. Although Dexter knows the type of person he truly his, having to equate that to someone else’s need to kill is impossible, thus making it difficult for Dexter to trust Hannah, even if she is telling the truth.

Even though Debra wants to see her brother happy, she’s unable to look beyond any other murderous tendency to find acceptance, so Hannah’s killings, even if they have sparse, will never be understood by the sister of one of Miami’s most dangerous killers. Additionally, Dexter will never be able to trust someone who poisons so easily, without warning. Is Debra’s love enough to keep Dexter happy?

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Dexter returns next Sunday with “Surprise, Motherf**ker” @9pm on Showtime. You can check a preview of next week’s episode below:


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  1. I liked this episode very much. I liked how it ruined typical Dexter convention (Dexter always murdering a man in a plastic room that is), and this direction their taking with Laguerta is intense. I also loved the ambiguity of what happened with Debra and Hannah, making it unclear if Debra poisoned and nearly killed herself to frame Hannah. But I was severely disappointed with Quinn’s storyline reducing to a weak end. I was hoping for a big payoff with her girlfriend involving Batista, and maybe a hostage storyline, but we get nothing at all.

    • s***, I didn’t think about Deb poising herself to set up Hannah. That just might be the case.

      • First thing i thought, but i hate Deb so yea.

  2. Like Hannah said, she doesn’t make mistakes. It was definitely deb!

  3. i cant wait till next ep anyone else see doakes in the promo? and dexter is getting arrested holy s*** its gonna be intense

  4. Really think it was Deb that poisoned herself here, or even Hannah’s friend that Deb was driving to see. I just know that it def was not Hannah because if it was the writers would have made it more transparent and less ambiguous. Deb likely set Hannah up because she knew the only way that she could be pit away and for Dexter to get over her was for Dex to think that Hannah would harm his family.

    Deb probably thought that Dexter would have killed Hannah though, now that she’s behind bars who’s to say she would stay quiet

    • One more season and then it is done.

      • thanks

  5. Ok, so I guess Dexter didn’t kill Hannah because he loved her but turning her into the police is about as dumb as anything that’s happened on this show in 7 seasons…
    He’s not at all worried that she may rat him out??? Especially when you consider that LaGuerta is pretty close to catching him and if Hannah starts talking it will give her all that she needs to at least charge him???
    A few more thoughts…
    1. I’d be surprised if Deb poisoned herself. She would have had to know she wouldn’t die in that accident.
    2. Batista is planning to put in his retirement papers on the 1st. He better not leave the house on New Years Eve because he’s a dead man walking.
    3. Poor poor Jamie. Dexter better be paying you a large sum of cash. Wasn’t she going to college? That’s a waste of a degree. Because she seems to be locked down into that 24 hour 7 days a week Nanny job with no end in sight. The girl can’t even get Christmas off and it would have been hilarious if she was in Dexter’s daydream of the future. :)

    • You can call it dumb, him not killing Hannah and turning her in, but it made sense, not only was he disappointed and upset over the idea of Hannah nearly killing Deb, but he felt he owed something to Deb, hence the evidence he gave her. I honestly thought maybe Deb did poison herself but idk I’m with you on this one, i think that’d be way too risky on Debs part she wouldn’t know if she would live or not. I think when Dexter is arrested in the promo it’s him imagining it or something. I’m honestly so damn curious how the next season is going to be, will it be him running away the whole season? Damn next season is going to be insane either way.

      • Hmm, now it does make sense to me that Deb ‘faked’ her own poisoning-car-crash to get Dexter turned. Hello, it’s not that complicated or daring: buckle up and go for a relatively safe rollover accident, THEN drink the self-tainted water bottle and fall asleep. Deb knows better than anyone how thorough Dexter is and would find the bottle, examine its contents and voila. And as she herself stated, Hannah doesn’t deal in maybes or overdoses but ‘nearly’ untraceable heart attacks – as in permanent death. Can’t do this no matter how motivated because the Dark Passenger rides in and takes her out. The “Let me OD you and hope you drink the water right at the precise moment where your care will hit a forklift” is just too fantastic to concoct or plan for and any results less than death accomplish nothing. Hannah is telling the truth.

        Here’s the ending: Deb loves Dex. Deb concedes she’s not much better than her brother by covering up his murders – and turns to her own Dark Passenger of sorts. La Guerta is zeroing in and Dex is willing to violate his code to save his sister – not for himself. It’s her brother or the Captain for Deb so Deb gets or ‘provides’ for Hannah’s release and they have an understanding. La Guerta dies of a heart attack right before she can pull the trigger on Dexter. Everyone is dysfunctional-free and Dex has his imagined future back as a finale happy ending. But then the cliffhanger – got to have it. Might as will end the series (Season 8) with how it started, so the man who orchestrated the murder of Dexter’s mother (and escaped the table) is seen at the end intricately plotting Dexter’s demise. Sis too, hehe

        • Damn that sounds very plausible. I wish I wouldn’t have read that. It feels like a spoiler.

          • Pretty sure everyone wants to see LaGuerta on Dexter’s table – it’s the only outcome that would please me.

            Arlene attempted Debs murder, no way Hannah would do that considering her feelings for Dexter, not saying she doesn’t want her gone, because she sees Deb as an obstacle.

            And why nobody has investigated the “mole” in the department for Isaacs blood sample going missing is beyond me. Quinn is heading for trouble, unless of course he testifies against Dexter for immunity.

            All I can say is; there’s a lot to tie up in one episode – let’s pray for a two-hour episode!

    • Couldn’t agree with you more about Dexter turning Hannah in. It makes NO SENSE at all. Dexter has to know Laguerta is not going to stop and that Hannah is a potential loose end. Why wouldn’t Hannah betray Dexter, after all she betrayed the original murderer she was in love with? Seems like the writers just bumbled this one.

      I think the writers want us to think Deb poisoned herself but I think Arlene laced the water while Hannah was distracting her. Moreover, how did Deb know Hannah would visit her so she could plot her accident?

  6. Whats the deal with Doakes being in it and the title being “suprise MF’er!” ??? I swear if they go off the deep end with some story about Doakes really being alive and been hiding out for years or something I will not watch season 8. Im assuming it will be something more along the lines of Dexter imagining him the was he does Harry and has Brian before.

    • Yeah, I agree if Doakes is still alive then it will destroy all the drama of this show….
      Plus I hoping that the final season is not ” The trial of Dexter Morgan”….
      I really hope that Dexter chops up La Guerta in the season finale…..

  7. Who is that guy in Episode 11 and what has he done with the “real” (i.e., serial killer with a brain) Dexter? How could the real Dexter ever think that betraying Hannah to Deb that way could possibly turn out well? First, it’s easy to surmise that Deb put too many pills in her own water bottle, either on-purpose or by forgetting to change the water often enough, so Hannah is likely to be innocent of that crime in the first place. Second, how does the real Dexter imagine that (a profoundly betrayed) Hannah is not going to tell Miami Metro everything she knows about Dexter’s recent kills (and planned kills)? Third, let’s say Hannah gets out sooner or later – She will come after everyone Dexter cares about with a vengeance. The guy in Episode 11 made the dumbest mistake possible at the end, which is not even remotely believable for the real Dexter to make. The real Dexter would have killed Hannah, no hesitation, before ever turning her into Miami Metro. So I would ask the Show’s writers — Why should we continue to watch someone as stupid as this guy?

  8. This kind of response is what honestly irritates me, you apparently have not been watching the show, the last few seasons, pretty much since Season 4, they’ve been showing Dexter’s profound epiphanies in terms of what his future will be, how he will end, and ultimately that he will most likely have to stop killing if he intends to live a long life with his son, and just an overall change and evolution of his character. Because of this it made teh Hannah situation even more compelling, b/c it showed his true love for a character that was so right for him, but she double crossed him (or at least we’re led to believe so) and he couldn’t help but do the same back, and as i wrote in my post above, his love prevented him from killing her, and the feelings he felt as a result of her sabotaging Deb, made him feel like deb deserved something, hence the evidence he handed over.

    Why would we continue to watch someone like him? Because he’s evolving and changing as the show progresses and that in itself is compelling, and the reason why we watch shows like this, it’s the difference between boring procedural shows that go nowhere in terms of character development and quality dramas like this. It was stupid, no one is arguing that, but to question whether it’s realistic after watching the last few seasons, in particular this very season and how Dexter has evolved? There isn’t any question in my mind, his character would of done this.

    • Having seen every Episode of Dexter (twice), it’s easy to see past any melodramatic visions of Dexter as an “evolving” character, and simply be logical about what’s happened now: (a) I am in the vast majority of readers/viewers who (by you own poll above) surmised that “NoWay” did Hannah poison Deb – and the real Dexter is smart enough to follow along with rest of us and not risk betraying Hannah on such shaky evidence; (b) Do you honestly believe that Dexter grew to love Hannah more than he cares about the safety of Harrison or Deb, should a now deeply betrayed Hannah get out of custody eventually? We all know how lethal Hannah is … And then recall what happened to Rita when Dexter did not effectively tie up the Trinity loose ends himself? Either he leaves Hannah peacefully alone or he kills her, but no one in their right mind betrays Hannah. Sure, character development can happen in the Show, but make it logical and credible, please.

      • A) Oh i’m in that boat too, though from Dexter’s perspective the water was drugged, and i do not believe that Deb did it herself that’s just too risky, she could of died doing so, so in Dexter’s eyes who else could it be? The theory of Deb just getting confused with how many pills she took definitely stands up, but who dilutes a tremendous amount of their pills in the water “by accident”? Something fishy there.

        B) No i don’t think he grew to love Hannah more than he cares about the safety of Harrison or Deb, but i think your point about Rita works the other way, he can’t bare the thought of the woman he loves getting hurt again especially by his own hands, prison is essentially a better of the 2 evils kind of thing. As far as betraying Hannah, i think he believe Hannah won’t say anything, and if she did, similarly to the Arlene character she has no credibility, because of her past lying and what not.
        So i really do understand your perspectives, and hey maybe certain things are stupid as i said earlier, i dont think anyone is debating that, maybe not even logical, but Dexter’s world has been thrown upside down lately so I’m not surprised he’s making rash decisions that could possibly come back to bite him, but credible? I think very much so they are, this is at the end of the day a show about human nature. I don’t care how smart you are, or how “detached” a human being like Dexter has been in the past to make decisions without any emotions or anything else getting in the way, you will make a mistake sometime. Even more so to this point i think that’s been the morale of this season in particular, that his “dark passenger” the “code” and everything he followed has been slowly and gradually fading both from his routine but also from really strong beliefs that he would never disobey, to things he probably now finds antiquated, so the recent decisions are falling right in line with that kind of mindset.

  9. Well, yea eveyone I chatted to today said they think it wad Deb who did it to get Dexter to turn against Hannah.

    • I would have to disagree Carl because there is no way Deb knows what the outcome of an accident would be. In my opinion it was Arlene who helped Hannah. It looked like Dex found some blonde hair in Debs bathroom sink.

  10. Dexter (the show) would be a whole lot better if it held true to the books more. Deb has known for years, LaGuerta has been dead and Doakes is well still sorta alive. All the twists and turn the past year have been well exposed in the books. Interestingly enough this season has a nod every other episode to the books. One book they even go into WHAT the dark passenger is. Dexter could have been a better show than what it is. I feel now I just have to see how it ends…

    • so you want the show to follow the book? as in the Dark Passenger is actual a demonic offspring of Moloch or satan and it can jump from body to body? I get what you’re saying but some aspects of the book are deeply retarded. Is the show perfect? No, but it’s never made the mistake of claiming that Dexter has a supernatural spirit living inside of him that enjoys killing and is on the run from its creator.

      • Agreed. I read a couple of the books and the writing is just okay, and the plots are somewhat farfetched. I like the show over the books, they took a good idea and made it more believable, if still farfetched.

      • exactly why it was only a nod to the books. did you also forget the killer from earlier this season was heavily into bulls. ad dexter disposed of him through fire. two more direct nods to the books. in the books dexter is always saved by the skin of his teeth. super far fetched. but in this day and age the writing on the show has to improve. this season alone dexter has killed at an airport and at a practice range, both highly unlikely.

  11. Why didn’t Dexter check the hair in Debs apt to see if it was Hannah’s? I think Hannah’s killed in prison somehow. The promo shows her falling over in what looks like her cell probably poisoned. Also if I recall in the original promo to start the season they show who I think is Matsuka getting his throat slashed…or was it someone else or was I imagining things?

    • That happened in the first few episode it was an imagination of Dexter’s, didn’t actually happen.

  12. We can’t wait to review this episode. Still don’t understand how something that – for two whole seasons was mediocre at best, has sprung to offer something so unrelenting and worth the review time we’re giving it. Great stuff all the way around! Writers, actors and support staff for sure!

  13. 1. Debra framing Hannah is going to be the most anticlimactic “twist” on TV since the “reveal” that Gellar was imaginary. Why do the writers write reveals that the audience can see from MILES AWAY? They really insult out intelligence.

    2. You forgot that Quinn also knows Dexter is a killer.

    • @Feedback

      Quinn doesn’t know anything.

  14. hellawakens I’m totally with you. Making Deb so unconscious, but most of all: making her pullling up a plan so twisted just wouldn´t match to her character. But most of all, if she really did it, she wouldn’t had admitted the possibility she was nervous and took too many when Dexter pushed her.
    By the other hand… Hannah IS twisted, which we all agree makes her so interesting, and it’s possible she came out with a plan in which she involved her friend (who owed her something).
    The hair is the clue. Dexter dexter… how many years in forensics?

    • Clara she’s in love with Dexter.. She would do anything to keep him from getting caught. She thinks Hannah will get him caught. Any woman capable of wanting incest with their brother could and will do anything for their brother..

  15. Whoever poisoned Deb, whether it was herself, Arlene or Hannah. It looks like (& I hope) it’s gonna be a humdinger of a season finale!!
    Doakes back? No way. Dexter to get locked up? I hope Dexter takes out La Guerta. I hate that b****!!!!

  16. High probability its Deb that poisoned herself… but i can say 99% sure that it was not Hannah.

    Doakes never shown to be dead.. he goes close to the cannister and it explodes. So i’m not surprised if he does show up, which would mean Dexter would be off the hook. It is not a dream because there is no way the title “Surprise Motherf**ker” would be based off a small dream Dexter would have.

    One more episode is not to cover the grounds… damn.. im expecting a HUGE cliffhanger.

    • There was a charred body, plus the one Dexter killed. Did they do the work to figure out there two bodies and who they were? I’ll have to watch the episode again.

  17. If Deb did indeed poison herself, and Dexter found out about it…do you think he’d kill her? For making him betray his love? I bet Hannah’s going to kill herself. That might prompt Dexter to kill Deb.

    • Also LaGuerta saying, “Don’t worry. You’ll get what’s coming to you” to Matthews makes me think she has something in store for him. Given what we know about LaGuerta I doubt that she meant his pension payscale.

  18. I think Dexter is going to be killed during the last episode of season 8 in an extremely bloody, violent way, as was his mother, and Harrison will be traumatized. In the last scene, we see Harrison, sitting in Dexter’s blood, holding a knife, slowly looking up into the camera with the Dexter smile spreading across his face. End credits.

    • Didn’t you write this exact same comment before? On a really old post? I read this exact same comment a few months ago

  19. Its Pretty obvious…It was not Hannah or Debra, it was the other blonde chick which explains why Dexter found a blonde hair…

  20. I don’t think it was Hannah at all. Leaving only Deb or the blonde chick. One thing interesting though is that we never see the crash. I don’t think Deb would risk killing herself, so another possibility is that she crashed her car first (making it look like an accident, but also making sure she wouldn’t get hurt too bad). After the car crashed, she drank all the water and knocked herself out, waiting for paramedics to arrive….

    Chuck- I think that’s a brilliant ending idea.

  21. I hate Deb so much. I am 100% sure she poisoned herself to frame Hannah. There is no way the writers would make Hannah the wrong-doer, it would be too much for Dexter to handle and too much misfortune for his love life.

    Hannah’s last line in the episode was so gut wrenching… a cinematic heart breaking moment.

    Liguerta is also much smarter than she appears… but my god is she persistent. I highly doubt dexter will actually get prosecuted though. There is little to no evidence against him. Literally the only thing that could would be a confession from Deb, Hannah, Lumin, or if his knives were found.

  22. On the theory that Deb poisined herself. I think she set it up to make it look like Hannah poisoned her. She said she’d do anything to protect her brother. Also her injuries don’t really match what happened to her car, it was a wreck. Was she even in the car. I still don’t see how there is any evidence that will get Dexter caught for being the bay harbour butcher. Apart from Hannah, no one knows enough details of the killings, nor has enough evidence.

  23. I also think Deb poisoned herself! It can’t be the other woman because dex found a blonde hair and she’s a redhead!
    Dexter letting Hannah get arrested is not really that stupid, he never told her any details about his killings just that he kills people who fit his code so it would be her word against his! This season was excellent I really hope they don’t screw up the season finale!

  24. Drink the water that was poisoned and after that IMMIDIATELY wreck the car. Simple as that.

  25. It was definetely Deb poisioning herself. She said she would do anything to protect him from her and also hannah said she never misses

    2 big clues there

  26. I miss Doakes… but he’s dead… it’s probably a Dexter daydream like Harry.