Showtime Wants ‘Dexter’ Season 9; Producers Don’t – Who Is Right?

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Dexter season 7 premiere Showtime Wants Dexter Season 9; Producers Dont   Who Is Right?

Dexter season 7 may still be may still be two months away from its premiere date, but focus has already shifted to upcoming seasons. In this case, potential upcoming seasons – depending on who you believe.

Speaking to the Television Critics Association this week, Showtime president David Nevin (once again) hinted that television’s Dark Passenger could continue into season 9, even though the producers – and now Michael C. Hall – insist that Dexter will end in season 8, no matter what.

Here’s what Nevin has to say about Dexter season 9:

Plans can always change… Deb has to deal with who her brother really is.

Everything changes, so we’ll see where that carries us… Every scene is fraught with you wondering, ‘What is she going to do? What does he think she’s going to do? What does she think he think she’s going to do?’ They’re able to take both Deb and Dexter to unexpected places.

While Nevin may be optimistic (or hopeful) about the continuation of their staple series, executive producer Sara Colleton revealed their stance on the future of Dexter just last month. Highlighting the fact that producers originally wanted the series to end in season 7 – only to be convinced by Showtime to push it to season 8 – Colleton explained that, while an eighth season storyline was easily attainable, the upcoming seasonal storylines are now focused on bringing everything together for a planned conclusion next year. Reiterating Colleton’s original plans for the conclusion of the series, Michael C. Hall told the TCA that Dexter season 8 will be its last – at least for him.

dexter season 7 deb dexter Showtime Wants Dexter Season 9; Producers Dont   Who Is Right?

But plans do change, and a series can continue beyond its intended journey. Of course, for that to happen with Dexter, it appears that Showtime is going to have to do much more than simply talk up the potential of the series continuing – because for all intents and purposes, the conclusion of Dexter is only a season away.

When it comes down to it, should a network continue to push for an extension of their most successful series, even if everyone involved has said (and planned) otherwise?

We’ll leave that question up to you to answer…

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Dexter Season 7 Premieres September 30 on Showtime

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  1. While I would love Dexter to Continue forward, I feel that there has to be a definitive ending for the show… Whether he is killed or lives on doing what he does best, I believe Showtime will give a fantastic ending! Its how I felt when House ended when he fakes his death to spend time with Wilson… It was bittersweet but the choice of ending was in House fashion:) Thats the way Dexter should end.

    • And how do you feel now ? Do you still think, it was a “great ending” ? This ending sux, and the show must go into season 9 !

  2. I think it should be more like the books ritas kids are a bit like dexter especially cody. He has a dark passenger he could take over from Dexter. Dexter could teach him everything he knows.

  3. I think, the show should have ended after Season 5, worst case Season 6. The are unnecessarily stretching the show with lame stories and episodes. I puked after seeing some of the episodes of Seaoson 7. Although I liked some of the episodes in Season 5,6,7. On a whole I think they should end it in 7, given that they can end it in 7 with laguarta’s death. But i know these guys will stretch it more and continue to beat the s*** out of it.
    Hell, I will stop watching if they make 1 more episode after Season 8

    • Bang on. Perhaps the most reasonable comment. I do not know why the fans like to see it for long when better series have come up. I think time is up for Dexter

    • I agree! This way it can evolve and continue. Harry- the code could be passed down to Cody.

      • What? Cody is a normal kid. Harrison has Dexter’s genes and sat in a pool of his mother’s blood. It makes a hell of a lot more sense with him if that were to happen.

      • Does anyone know how we can start a petition to keep us dexter fans alive and well let’s get a petition started to keep dexter alive and well. !!!! We all need to come together I would pay $5 extra dollars a month
        If its a pay issue I don’t want it to end keep fighting the good fight !! Go dexter he’s out man if he can’t killem now body can go dexter go dexter go !

    • So agree with you!!!

  4. Lost got 121 episodes and it wasn’t even good, dexter is at 86 episodes, push forward!!!!! Dexter deserves it!!!! Don’t let me down Michael C. Hall!!!

  5. Mam nadzieję, że będzie jak najwięcej sezonów Dextera, bo fani z Polski już nie mogą się doczekać, a jest ich bardzo bardzo dużo! proszę Michael C. Hall NIE ZAWIEDŹ NAS!

  6. Why cancel Dexter? It’s popular and it could and should survive another season.

  7. I don’t want Dexter end at season 8. At least at season 12 or so.

  8. I want dexter to go to 9seasons its a great show.

  9. i think it will be more of a good ending if dexture died. As well all know he what it to continue but he should die. Also I think their should season 10 and 9 at the least otherwise Dexture fans wont have anything to look forward to this summer. BRING IT OUT :)

  10. Dexter needs to continue, possibly, call it the son of Dexter… Remember Harrison’s first words? Die die

  11. I’m surprised it’s still on TV… producers are right. put it out of its misery. They ran out of ideas a long time ago & it’s just silly now.

  12. After watching the first three episodes of Season 8, Dexter needs to go. I am sick of “Deb”. Way too much focus on her and not enough of the fun stuff. And, why does she have the garbage mouth of the century. I am to the point, I can’t stand watching her and she has ruined the series.

    • Yes, it needs to end.
      But when did Deb NOT have the garbage mouth? She’s ALWAYS talked like that. I don’t think she’s ruined the series – the writers have.

        • Love Deb’s potty mouth. She is hot and so sexy when she swears!

  13. People are ignoring the most important part of all, the actors and screenwriters don’t WANT to do it. What kind of books would we have if authors were FORCED to write them, what kind of paintings would we have? You are not going to get the same quality of acting, writing or painting with a gun to your head.
    While I am disappointed that my favorite show will end, I have enough sense to realize that if someones heart isn’t in to what they are doing, they will create duds.
    There were parts that I liked about season seven. The tableau’s were cool, but Deb should’ve never found out about Dexter. That killed it for me. Also Laguerta should have been killed much sooner.

    • Also Laguerta should have been killed much sooner? This I agree 100% !!

      • But she was so sweet as Gloria Nathan (Oz) She definitely let her b**** side out for this show.

  14. Showtime is lame. There was a point where I thought it was the new HBO, Dexter was edgy and exciting. Now its just a lame drama being stretched out just to make the channel appealing. They do not have the artistic integrity to end a show properly, they ruined it. I really liked Dexter but they completely sold him out smh. MCH himself looks bored and its just repetitive, its ridiculous tbh, its a joke. Every episode he makes that angry face, bunch of stupid stuff happens and then its over. At this point it doesn’t matter if Dexter gets caught, killed, I just don’t care anymore, milking a dead cow for all its worth, writing in circles, filler material like Trinity’s son being injected into an episode and then…. Lol wtf, he was supposed to get revenge or something, its just terrible writing with one thing in mind, stretch this out for as long as it can go… Right after Rita died Dexter should have taken on a new outlook on life, from there planning a way to end it gracefully, spiraling out and abandoning his “code”, doing what real serial killers do, taunting the police, etc. Let me break it down for you — serial killers are bad! Idc how they package it, they’re sick and twisted people, they’re not superheroes, they deranged psychopaths and this code they keep bringing up just gets more and more ridiculous the more they mention it. The show suddenly became a show for dim-witted teenagers. Its completely unrealistic and laughable, its a corny joke that insists upon itself. From season 5 on the only logical route would have been to show Dexter as the lunatic that he really is, slowly beginning to unravel, add to that another FBI agent like Lundy (perhaps a close friend) who suspects Dexter is a killer, from there its a cat and mouse game. That would have been exciting. Dexter gets outed and he’s on the run, everybody is against him. To have Dexter start off as a good guy and then becoming bad would have reset the whole thing. To constantly show Dexter as this killer with a heart of gold lol, I mean COME ON! Are they on crack? The problem is they keep trying to make serial killing a good thing, the code, etc, trying to excuse it, Idk why they even bother because the killings are lame and uninteresting, Doomsday killers were corny and absurd, the most retarded villain in any show EVER! Also, nobody gives 2 sh*ts about Deb! Deb is annoying, nobody cares about Dexter’s love life, nobody cares about Quinn’s love life, its a lame drama that makes the writers look confused and slow in the head. How do you take a show like this and ruin it? When you really look at it its a show that just does the same thing over and over, nothing new happens, Dexter gets up, put on his Wallabies and walks into a station full of the most oblivious cops ever to walk the planet, Dex picks out some dork and kills him, peppered with nonsensical tidbits like Deb and Quinn… Showtime, you guys suck. This is why you’ll never get the kind of attention HBO gets or even AMC, you could have had a real classic on your hands, somehow you managed to ruin it to a point where Shakespeare himself couldn’t write his way out of, its beyond repair. I tune in every week just to shake my head in disbelief, no other channel could have ruined it the way you guys did even if they purposely tried… Amateurs.

    • Poindexter, this is the best review of Dexter I’ve come across in a LONG TIME!

    • Amen. Dexter’s character is no longer a shadow of his former(season)-self. Speaking of filler, the episode where his protege learns all this stuff, is about ready, and then is simply dead? Such a waste of an episode and, as you mentioned, they are clearly writing half of these story lines as pure filler to pro-long an exhausted story. Seasons 1-4 were downright amazing and no one should take anything from them, but it’s come to the point where the final seasons are borderline ruining what greatness there was.

    • B-b-but you find it so uninteresting, bores you to death, why are you still watching it?

  15. They should definitely stop. In my opinion, this season has been garbage. I can’t stand Hannah and her relationship with Dexter is making me dislike him aswell. They’re just going in circles now; he can love, he can’t, he can, he can’t. Debra needs to shoot both Hannah and Dexter dead already.

  16. I think that Dexter should carry on, i mean theres so many things they can do with the show, SPOILER: for example Zach Hamilton, they could of kept him alive and Dexter could of taught him how to kill and get away with it, instead they killed him off so early!

    • Naw…the copycat (real Brain Surgeon) is gonna be Deb’s boss, the P.I.

  17. I really really really really really want the season 9 be on! Dexter is amazing! I really love it! Please! Let it show! Please!

  18. You have to make several seasons of Dexter! The series is absolutely sick and highlight of the week for me and my girlfriend! PLEASE!!!

  19. You have to make several seasons of Dexter! The series is absolutely sick and highlight of the week for me and my girlfriend! PLEASE!!

  20. So disappointed with the writing of this season. You have totally lost who Dexter is. Might try getting back the writers from season 4. That’s when it was the BEST.

  21. the havent exactly ended season 8 very well if they are thinking it be the last season the still have hannah and saxon to sort out they need a season 9 to finish it of right

  22. Why would anyone want to end an 8 series show like that? I’ve been obsessed with Dexter since season one and the worst thing producers can do is end a great show badly. Definitely should continue.

  23. Yes I think they should do a season 9 after seeing the finale of season 8, it just wasnt satisfying enough for me. They could definitely expand upon it, tie up some loose ends. Deb could actually still be alive as they didnt show on camera her dying, so maybe she could’ve just been in a coma when he threw her in the water and a fisherman could have passed by on the way back from the escaping the hurricane and picked her up or something, so it could definitely be saved. Plus I love Dexter sooo much! I loved season 8 and most of the others, but the finale was just not satisfying for me and millions of other people

    • Your idea of Deb somehow still being alive is somehow even more idiotic than what was actually delivered in the awful finale, and that’s really saying something.

      And Season 8 was terrible. Do you have no qualitative standards or what?

  24. the last episode was soooooo sad :’( poor deb

    • Yeah, fu**! I love Deb. They should kill off Hannah and leave Deb alone!!

  25. Can’t be over, and the end doesn’t give sense to me..

  26. If (boring) Dallas can be broadcasted so long (too long), why not Dexter?
    What if all the dead people on Dexter’s table were just an imagination? Like Harry who advices Dexter :))
    I wished i get the chance to write the next season’s :))

    Love from Amsterdam :)

  27. What if all the dead people on Dexter’s table were just an imagination? Like Harry who advices Dexter :))
    I wished i get the chance to write the next season’s :))

    Love from Amsterdam :)