Showtime Wants ‘Dexter’ Season 9; Producers Don’t – Who Is Right?

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Dexter season 7 premiere Showtime Wants Dexter Season 9; Producers Dont   Who Is Right?

Dexter season 7 may still be may still be two months away from its premiere date, but focus has already shifted to upcoming seasons. In this case, potential upcoming seasons – depending on who you believe.

Speaking to the Television Critics Association this week, Showtime president David Nevin (once again) hinted that television’s Dark Passenger could continue into season 9, even though the producers – and now Michael C. Hall – insist that Dexter will end in season 8, no matter what.

Here’s what Nevin has to say about Dexter season 9:

Plans can always change… Deb has to deal with who her brother really is.

Everything changes, so we’ll see where that carries us… Every scene is fraught with you wondering, ‘What is she going to do? What does he think she’s going to do? What does she think he think she’s going to do?’ They’re able to take both Deb and Dexter to unexpected places.

While Nevin may be optimistic (or hopeful) about the continuation of their staple series, executive producer Sara Colleton revealed their stance on the future of Dexter just last month. Highlighting the fact that producers originally wanted the series to end in season 7 – only to be convinced by Showtime to push it to season 8 – Colleton explained that, while an eighth season storyline was easily attainable, the upcoming seasonal storylines are now focused on bringing everything together for a planned conclusion next year. Reiterating Colleton’s original plans for the conclusion of the series, Michael C. Hall told the TCA that Dexter season 8 will be its last – at least for him.

dexter season 7 deb dexter Showtime Wants Dexter Season 9; Producers Dont   Who Is Right?

But plans do change, and a series can continue beyond its intended journey. Of course, for that to happen with Dexter, it appears that Showtime is going to have to do much more than simply talk up the potential of the series continuing – because for all intents and purposes, the conclusion of Dexter is only a season away.

When it comes down to it, should a network continue to push for an extension of their most successful series, even if everyone involved has said (and planned) otherwise?

We’ll leave that question up to you to answer…

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Dexter Season 7 Premieres September 30 on Showtime

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  1. Dexter is my favorite show on television, but I want to see it end after season eight. The truth is — they’re running out of ideas. Bringing in new serial killers has already gotten old.

  2. I want Dexter to keep on going!! Love the show!! I would feel lonely without it. Please continue it after season 8, PLEASE! Shows like this should be around for 10 seasons! This is the best show on showtime, and the best crime drama on TV! Don’t end it on season 8! Please!

    • It’s not even close to the best crime drama on television. Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and Boardwalk Empire are all leagues above the stale and completely ridiculous Dexter.

      • I disagree, I watched the shows you talk about and none hooked me as did Dexter(some of them bored me to tell the truth), sure, maybe the first few seasons were more interesting, but I still hold my breath everytime I see an episode of season 7, and I like the evolution the series has taken, ending it would suck. Even if they are running out of ideas, let them come, better to abuse it then leave die hard fans pending. I mean, hey, you can brag with your friends about how season 8 sucks and stop watching, saying season 1 from 7 were best, while people who think that’s just the cup of tea they want let them continue.
        Please do continue, if not, make a sequel of some sort.

  3. Don’t end it on season 8!!

  4. Don’t end it on season 8!! Please! I don’t know what I would do without it!!

  5. This show has enough potential to keep on going, the writers just have to change the story arc’s course a little bit.

  6. I want season 9!

  7. The premise of the show is already being stretched a bit thin. They should be devoted to giving us a really good ending at this point, not prolonging the inevitable.

  8. This show is the same exact thing week after week, season after season. The first 2 or 3 seasons were good but 9?!?!? Give some other shows a chance. I’m sure there is bound to be some great ideas floating around just waiting to get picked up by showtime.

  9. Give it a good ending with Season 8. Don’t stretch it out unnecessarily.

  10. Dexter hasn’t had a good season since Season 4.

    • Sure it may have peaked about in the beginning and the end, but season 5 was still outstanding. Six wasn’t that great, and it was horrible in comparison to Dexter’s usual standards, but it was still better than many shows out there.

      Season 7 is the return to excellence, if critic reviews are right, this could possibly be up to the standards of season 4.

  11. the fact that the writers and producers made a very clear statement that they were setting up a story to run for these final two seasons, is an indication that carrying the show on beyond that is a bad idea.

    Look at Supernatural. The show had a clear plan for 5 seasons, the network wanted more and dragged it out for another two incredibly limp and directionless seasons. Let’s not have that happen here too.

    I say that Dexter should get caught near the end, and then has to help them catch a serial killer from prison, Hannibal Lecter style, then at the very end, Deb helps him escape. And that’s the end.

    • What are you talking about?! Supernatural’s awesome! It stills awesome!

      • Supernatural hasn’t been awesome since season 5, recently it has been passable and at times boring.

    • The seasons 6 and 7 were good, they were just different. At least they were better than the crappy season 4. The production didn’t want it to end, Kripke did. And most fans wanted the show to keep going so don’t bring Supernatural to this…

      • “so don’t bring Supernatural to this…”

        Don’t presume to tell me what I can and can’t do. And I find it to be an apt comparison in this situation. Dexter has a clearly mapped out story to run two more season, much like Supernatural was only intended to run for 5 seasons with a carefully planned arc.

        Season 6 was dreadful and season 7 was hardly any better, I agree 4 was weak but it was Shakespeare compared to 6 & 7.

        • Prison Break was also planed for 2 seasons.
          24 was planed for 4 seasons.
          If you plan well and have good ideas you can make tons of seasons.
          Last season of Supernatural was very good IMO , I guess because there were lot of humor.

        • Shakespeare, seriously? Season 4 was the one that destroyed Sam’s character by him drinking demon blood…and turned Dean into an jerk making the brothers relationship cold, and adding too much lies and conflicts between them, I like when the brothers are working together, no lies…both going after evil(like seasons 6 and 7). And you say season 4 is better than season 6 and 7. Dexter and Supernatural are two different shows with two different stories…I understand Dexter might be starting to lose its juice, but Supernatural stills have, and now Jeremy Carver said he’s creating a three year storyarc to reach season 10 ;)

        • Agree, Sheila.
          Love seasons 6 and 7.
          I liked to see the brothers working together without lies for a change. Season 4 had a few good episodes, but mostly it sucked.

        • I know this is a dead thread, but I HAD to agree with you on this one!
          Supernatural is dreadful after season 5 and having the benefit of hindsight, (I have seen 10 eps of season 7) I think season 7 should have been the last of Dexter.
          I mean c’mon it’s obvious they are stretching the story of one season into two. This catastrophe kind of reminds me of Smallville too for some reason!

    • I’m with you on this one, Dr. Sam.
      The people involved, the people that actually create the show want out – including the titular actor. Let them go.

      The only people who want it to continue (aside from some scary fans) are the ones at Showtime, who otherwise have very little in terms of quality programming.

    • The difference between Supernatural and Dexter is that the mythology of Supernatural is so vast that it lends itself to (potential) continuation. Dexter is very narrow in its available range of storytelling. Only so many new and interesting things can happen to someone who kills people.

  12. I vote maybe…
    I’ve just started watching the show and I think it’s a great series, but it really depends on how season 7 & 8 does.

    • yea a big maybe though.

    • @ The Avenger
      How many seasons have you watched?
      I won’t spoil anything but IMO seasons 1-4 were great, season 5 was ok, season 6 dreadful.
      That’s why I vote to end it after season 8. Heck I was saying season 7 for a while.

      • You’re right, although I thought 5 was great as well(it was a little slow in the middle, but the beginning and the latter episodes were great). Season six was only okay, and horrible comparative to the standards of Dexter.

        I think the last two seasons are the return to excellence for the show and hopefully a fitting ending. 7/8 could possibly be even better than 4 was. However even great shows must end, if you stretch the show you only ruin the quality. That is why shows like Breaking Bad and Dexter must avoid stretching it out.

  13. I hope it goes past season 8 but then its just gonna drag on and itll be the same stuff everytime lets see how this season goes

  14. They should’ve stuck with the authors story. I would much rather re-watch four amazing seasons than eight mediocre seasons. Producers are only in it for the money, which makes me sick.

    • That would have been interesting, considering Deb knows what he is right from the first book.

      But it would have been interesting from a character viewpoint, La Guerra (spelling?) got killed off at the end of the first book, Angel was also a very different character and certainly not a central one.

      But the best one would have been how different Sgt. Doaks (or is that Dokes?) is in the book’s, ended up getting both hands, feet and his tongue cut out but still surviving. And the books are also quite humorous despite the subject matter.

      So that would have been an interesting thing to see.

    • It would have been moronic to go by the shows story line, that would make everything expected; and nothing creative.

      The 1st season was the only season with the main antagonist based off the book, and seasons 2-5 were great after that. In my opinion the show’s universe is superior to the book. Deb’s children aren’t killers as well(kind of ridiculous), the dark passenger isn’t a demon(really?), La Guerra isn’t a complete imbecile(how would she get to that position if she was so incompetent?), and the revelation of his secret will be much more interesting. Don’t get me wrong the book is good, but I’d say the show is better( at least seasons 1-5)

  15. Like Jerry Seinfeld says go out on top… I love it and say end it on 8 end with a bang.

    • Exactly.

    • Go out on top? The show peaked several seasons ago. It’s been spinning in circles for a couple of years now.

  16. The show has been horrible since Season 5. Everyone besides Michael C. Hall is a horrible actor/actress and the recycled storylines of the big bad’s are so old. They made a big mistake of Deb finding out at the end of Season 6 when she should of found out at the end of Season 3 cause they could of easily ended it after Season 5 to keep the quality. I’m going to watch it until the end cause I’m loyal but I know it’s going to suck either way.

    • The books revelation of his secret sucked, it happened in the 1st season(too early). It is also kind of ridiculous that she just said hey, it’s okay that my brother kills people. If they did that in the show it would completely go against her character.

      BTW: Season 6 was terrible by the show’s standards but they can make up for it with 2 excellent seasons that wrap the show up. I’ll be pissed if they’re forced to go beyond that.

      • *1st book, not season

  17. The Producers are going to destroy it. the writers have a stoyline in mind if the go of it to much the show will go to far past its prime and will end badly. let it in in season 8, end it epic and it will be remembered as one of the greatest Showtime shows of all time. Push it to far and you’ll have a Seinfeld type ending.

    • Yeah, who cares about storytelling and reaching a logical, natural conclusion. What’s important is having the number of seasons be some kind of milestone even number, right?

  18. The best show always leave when they are on top.

  19. I live for Dexter it has to go on, I love me some Michael C Hall. I hate the off season. I know it will have to come to an end, but not yet 2 more seasons get to season 10 then maybe just maybe. Love ya Dexter your awesome!!!!

  20. The last two seasons of Dexter have been filler, amd a tangeable drop in quality, topped off with the inane incest angle they’re playing up. Ridiculous. Dexter is an absolutely fantastic show but we’ve now been treated to 2 average seasons. We need to move on from “this year’s killer” format. There’s two big angles left to do – Deb finding out about Dexter, and dexter being on the run. Even a few episodes of him incarcerated awaiting execution and wrapping up relationships would be phenomenal. The network have been stretching out the show and it’s time is nearing an end. One season to do this is enough. It could be stretched to two, three is taking the piss. Quality over quantity please!

  21. The show is great and very interesting, but we all know what will happen. he catches and kills the killer. itd be a twist if there was like a 2 season part to one killer. like the last seasons with the ultimate one.. the killer takes out dexters most loved and cherished friends. and they take eachother out fighting, dexter dies slowly after killing the killer..

  22. sad to see it come to an end but what will be the thrill if they didnt do something different..? my mom and i watch the show all the time and love it… of course we know what happens bc we do watch it all the time but. itd be very awesome and interesting for the last two seasons, both devoted to one killer, to not know who the killer is, where he is, takes everyone out around dexter, he tries to figure out who it is,bc he has to be the one to bring them to justice, and kills him when like, 2 characters are left… itd be a thriller, drama, and whatever else. like a very long movie

  23. it was a fan idea, really. The producers were properly pissed they wanted the fans to find Debra seeing Dexter kill someone, and it’ll go them there. I think I rather two more seasons, so we can see Deb get used to Dexter’s killing spree mode, or at least see him try to tempt him out of it.

  24. I think if Michael c. Hall wants the series to end at season 8 I agree because if he feels he can’t take the character further than he has then so be it let it end already, especially if dexter has forgotten his number one priority (his son) if he is not mission to change by season 8 and drops deb and harry from his life there is no hope for harrison. I think the writer forgotten what dexter is. hes a a walking psychological disorder. not only is he a sociopath, but suffers from ptsd, guilt complexstockholm sindrom, (raised by the man who caused his mothers death and snatched him from his brothers arms) dominated his who life by debra and harry who have put him in a submissive role, that’s why he kills!

  25. F! doesn’t anyone care about the pschological aspect of this series? I thought this was a psychological thriller series that will get inside the mind of a sociopathic serial killer and why how so on and so forth. it’s becoming repetitive, I thought season 6 was heading toward the root of it when debra went into therapy and dexter met brother sam (I liked brother sam) he should be one of dexters voices. to turned this into another one of dexter rescues debra from danger oh please, let her die already I’m bored with this f…g relationship. Wake up dexter you’ve been severely screwed!If the writers don’t make you discover the root of your dark passenger (harry and deb) then u deserve to die than raise and innocent child and let happen to him what happen to u!

  26. I vote going to season 9. How about having the worst serial killer and Dexter’s worst adversary that makes Trinity look like the easter bunny. Happens to be a female terrorist who targets high profile officials plotting the worst terrorist threat in Miami and she is not the only one. I don’t know, just a thought for a different angle. Wishful thinking just to see one more season after 8.

  27. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those of you who want to see the show go for several more seasons just for the sake of several more seasons all sound like a bunch of mouth-breathers.