‘Dexter’ Season 6 Trailer Promises A Return To ‘Normal’

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dexter season 61 Dexter Season 6 Trailer Promises A Return To Normal

Even though we’re still four months away from the premiere of Dexter season 6, Showtime has released a promise-filled teaser trailer for the upcoming season.

With a single shot of Dexter transforming into his “Dark Passenger,” the accompanying commentary serves to set the tone for what fans can expect from the next season of Showtime’s hit series. With promises of a renewed, recharged and refocused Dexter, the duality of its meaning certainly speaks to not only the character’s emotional state, but also that of the series as a whole.

Since Dexter season 5 received a relatively lukewarm response from its many fans, the reassurance that things are returning to “normal” will certainly pique the interest of those looking for Dexter to once again highlight many of the original elements that first drew them to them to the series in the first place.

While it has been announced that Colin Hanks, Mos Def and Edward James Olmos will be guest staring in Dexter season 6, everything else regarding this season is staying relatively under wraps. What do know at this time is that there will be a time jump between the Dexter season 5 finale, and the premiere of season 6. As fans will remember, Dexter’s son Harrison was celebrating his first birthday party as the fifth season was coming to a close.

You can view the Dexter season 6 teaser trailer below:

When the sixth season premieres, Harrison will now be in school – whether it will be preschool or kindergarten is still unknown. Considering the popular television time jump – especially to this extent – is often seen as a “Hail Mary” type move to proverbially reset the series and its characters after a poorly developed previous season, one can only assume the Dexter producers are appropriately trying to distance themselves from last season’s “interesting” plot progression.

While nothing has been said regarding the possible return of everyone’s “favorite” helpless psycho, Lumen (Julia Stiles), let’s just hope the time jump that season 6 brings will find her happy – and permanently back in Minnesota.


Dexter season 6 will premiere this fall on Showtime

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  1. Good to see Dexter back to his roots, but the quality of this show has down downhill after the first 2 seasons. The producers are just milking it for now and will do so till the franchise gets exhausted.

    • I feel the same. The first two seasons rock and the rest are rain water. The last season was quite embarrassing, it was insulting viewers intelligence. On the other hand, I like to see Dexter in action. I hope I will not see an even more tired season than the 5th one.

    • Disagree. I was first exposed to season 5. I then went back and watched all the seasons and love them all.

    • Really? I thought season 4 was one of the best seasons of television ever made.

  2. I’m a big fan of the series and I happened to like Lumen and all of season 5.

    • I agree. I loved it. Way better than the worst season. (3) But I love dexter no matter where the show goes.

      • I know I’m late to respond, but I’ve recently seen the last 4 seasons within the past 5 weeks.

        I have to agree with you on this. Season 5 is, in my opinion, the second best season of the series. The first one takes the cake for me because everything about the show feels so fresh, even upon later viewing. I didn’t like the 3rd season, but I think it had its redeeming qualities. The fourth season was fantastic. This show has a way of introducing characters and making them interesting super fast. So the whole Trinity story arc with his family was very impressive to me. However, Rita’s death was so painful that it left a bad taste in my mouth. I know that it’s fiction, but I’m not sure why she had to die. Especially now that season 5 has strengthened the view that Dexter might not have his “dark passenger” forever. Regardless, I thought that they handled the ramifications of Rita’s death very well in season 5, and season 4 paved the way for it to happen.

  3. CANT WAIT! Every season has been stellar imo.

  4. My Dark Passenger just stood up and said “I see plastic sheeting in your future.”

    • Lmfao!!
      Dexter is one of the best shows….ever!! If it is comein back, I can’t wait!!

  5. In my opinion, dexter has kept my interest from season one til now and I believe we are in for one hell of a season in September!

  6. Yeah ,season 1 and 2 were awesome.
    What followed then was partly really embarrassing fro a writing point and partly very very stupid behavior for Dexter !

    Like in Season 3,he walk into a house of a drug dealer and risks to be seen ?
    then kills a police officer !!!!
    another thing,
    Waiting for his victim in his own car in front of a bar,public place ?

    Unbelievable stupid writing !
    Sorry guys thats not Dexter from Season 1 and 2.
    The writers must think the audience is Dumb !

    As far as I know series creator left after the first 2 seasons,maybe that the reason !

    Just hope its better then last season !

  7. Love the show. First and forth seasons are my favorite but I’m with everyone by saying that last season was so bad it almost ruined the show for me. I hope the show can return to form with the new season.

  8. I love Dexter with a passion. But season 5 wasn’t as exciting for me as I was expecting, I liked most of it except for how his kid kept getting in The way (although I know it was part of the stories progressive attempt to humanize his emotions) but it was to a degree annoying in that I wanted Dexter to get busy doing what he does best and seeing this trailer brings me joy, btw on another point lumen for me was a downer she didn’t bring much as an actor either, she’s kind of … Well …. Dull.

    I hope I haven’t offended fans more hardcore than I but I feel 5 in all was a letdown compared to the thrilling season 4 With jon lithgows brilliant portrayal of a family man serial killer and dexters sumwat fatherly figure.


  9. Dexter was amazing until season 5.
    Having to put up with julia stiles for the whole time was a nightmare.
    I found the other seasons addictive and I was always wanting to watch the next episode.. With season 5 I just didn’t care.
    Let’s hope season 6 is as good as the first four were.

  10. Big fan of Dexter! I have enjoyed all seasons but my least favorite season was 3. Can’t wait for 6!

  11. Regarding some of Dexter’s gaffes, I think these dissenters are overlooking something. At the beginning, Dexter was a loner and his free time was everything outside of work. In season 5, he has his job, and is raising a one-year-old, and helping an emotionally tattered woman. His time has diminished and consequently, he takes shortcuts when the demands of his time increase. Unless we are to believe that Dexter does not eat and sleep, and pay his bills like the rest of us, when would all this plotting and careful painstaking research occur?

    I really enjoyed season 5 and thought that Lumen was one of the more well developed characters in the series to date.

    • I agree.
      It just wouldn’t have been believable for the show to come back after Rita’s murder, having Dexter doing “normal” killings like he used to. Just pop right back into his routine… it just wouldn’t make sense. They needed to show him connecting or reaching out to someone after Rita, to show that he was trying to connect on some level. And it made sense for it to be a woman, I guess, after that S3 debacle with Jimmy Smits. Plus he got to see a “live” victim. And maybe it will make him smarter and less careless.

      I didn’t mind S5 at all, since there wasn’t too much heartfelt stuff after Rita (wouldn’t make sense since Dex is so cold), but we saw him connect in his own way to someone via his “Dark Passenger.”

      And to those who say the show has been horrible after season 2… um, have you forgotten about the Trinity Killer in S4? Lithgow rocked that season out.

    • I actually like where Season 5 went. With the changes in Dexter’s life, it wouldn’t be realistic to just imagine that none of these events would have affected his lifestyle. The first few episodes were dull but I like how the story built. The story of Dexter becoming a “human”. When he told Astor “I love you,” I actually teared up. A show can’t be constant action action action. If you’re a Dexter die hard, I think you can appreciate what happened in Season 5.

  12. I just hope we get to see if Deb finds out this year. I would like to see her suspicions rising through the season and have her find out in this seasons finale. Then next year we see how she handles it and wether or not she turns him in or supports him. And then that’s it, end the show while on top. Dexter is one of my favorite shows but if they stretch things out to far it could become stale.

    • Deb is totally catching on. I think she’s going to find out. I’m not sure if any of you have read the Dexter books, but Deb finds out in the first book. I think her finding out could make the show even more interesting. She’s going to start piecing things together.

  13. No matter where the show goes I’m a dexter fan for life! That’s what a true fan does!

  14. Dexter is my favorite show on television and while I do believe that last season was a let down, I don’t feel like it was a total disaster. Jordan Chase was a great villain and the season definitely had its moments. The main problems were the poor finale episode, which really did nothing and kind of made the whole season pointless, and Lumen. While Lumen’s character was not the worst, i felt that the whole Dexter falling for another woman thing was just too soon (after Rita) and really did not work for me.

    Nevertheless, I think the show has passed its peak (season 4) and from now on it will be a constant struggle to invent an engaging and fresh new storyline. The show should have just used last season to wrap up its loose ends and have ended but of course greed took over.

    So now what will be new? The time line, and I guess that is the only card that they have left to play. Jumping several years into the future will likely change the lives of many drastically.
    -Deb and Quinn (if still together, which I am betting on) should be married by this point or at least engaged and living together.
    -Cody will be in his teens and Astor will be around college age; and to me these characters (and actors for that matter) will likely change the most. If there will be a darkness in anyone on the show other than Dexter I am betting it will be with one of these two.
    -Harrison will be in school, probably Kindergarten. Will he have a darkness? I doubt that, he’s too young and that just would not look right to the audience. Dexter will probably just keep on worrying that something is wrong with hid child.
    -There will probably be a new Captain in the dept (Laguerta?) and don’t be surprised if Laguerta and Batista have a child; or if other characters on the show will have new children/relationships.
    -New characters will be added.
    -Dexter will have a new place
    -Deb will eb closer to knowing Dexter’s secret and Quinn will eb sure of it (but likely keep it a secret).
    -Rita will be a thing of the past as will much of what happened these past few seasons.
    -There will be a major villain

    Well I know its long but this is what I see happening. I still feel that the show should have just ended last season but I cant say that I am not curious to see how this season plays out.

    • I sure hope Deb and Quinn aren’t together, I hated Quinn a lot.

  15. The only season I didn’t like that much was the won with the D.A. all the rest were really awesome. I liked lumen’s character and wish they would bring her back they were a good fit together.

  16. I loved season 4… I guess the shocker at the end was what made it. I still get chills when i think of how they set up that final scene.

    Last year was ok… but a bit of a letdown. For me, the letdown was expected after watching one of the greatest season finales I’ve ever seen the year before.

    Looking forward to seeing what they come up with this year.

    CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • I Loved all seasons, I have seen them several times

  17. I see JT has found his way here…now we need to see Aggie. I can’t wait for season 6…let’s get on with it! :)

    • Hey Fran, I just wish they didn’t take so long to come back on I hope Lumen does come back on I thought she was a great character.

  18. Ihave been a big fan of Dexter from the very first episode and i have to agree that last season was poor in respect to season 4 which was in my opinion the best season of any t.v show. So let’s hope the producers stop worrying about which hollywood star to have as a guest appearence and concentrate on the story and the characters and the rest will fall into place.

  19. One Of my fave shows, I look forward to the new season, I enjoyed all of them.

  20. My least favorite was Season 2 with that British whore and Sergeant Doakes. I hated Doakes and was so glad he was killed. Couldn’t take another season with him. Best season was #4 with Trinity. The writing was great and John Lithgow was incredible.

  21. Im just going to say, that there were weaker seasons and stronger seasons, but as a whole, i can’t wait to see what happens next! My ultimate feeling is that in the next 2-3 seasons his story should be resolved, don’t pull a “smallville” thing and drag it on for 10 years.. 8 tops ! It seems that .. like chess, they are setting up all the pieces strategically, for him to finally have an ending to his story. Julia, all though kind of blah, seems like someone that could come back and be the eventual girl of dexters life, because it ended very good with her, and as a cliff hanger ! Sort of like that “if you love something set it free, and if it comes back then its true love” concept. We will see.. im sure in the ending of this series there will be horrid seasons and fan favorites but my hopes is that it ends the way it should end. With him in jail for life, or in some other country with him enjoying all his foreign kills. Or maybe even finding a way to live without the dark passenger! We will see !

  22. having seen the 1st episode of season 6 I am extremely disappointed – a mixture of ridiculously badly acted “comedy” and a few “nods” to what Dexter should be all about….

  23. Of to a good start Hanks and Olmos, seem like they are religious fanatics, I think the 7 snakes represent the 7 deadly sins. they are focusing their killings on a certain sorority. creepy characters