‘Dexter’ Veteran Scott Buck Will Run Show In Season 6

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dexter 121910h Dexter Veteran Scott Buck Will Run Show In Season 6

Dexter executive producer Scott Buck will take the reigns of Showtime’s serial killer serial starting with its 6th season. He’ll be replacing Chip Johannessen, who ran the show in 2010. Buck has been working on Dexter since its second season, most recently as Johannessen’s number two.

While Dexter has consistently topped the ratings for Showtime and the fifth season has bested its own viewership records, critics and fans have had a lukewarm reaction to this year’s run. Screen Rant deemed the finale and the season overall “acceptable,” and readers’ comments seem to echo that. According to Deadline Hollywood, Buck has a good rapport with the show’s writers, all of whom will return next year.

Scott Buck has been a co-executive producer for Dexter since 2007 and has also written a handful of episodes. He’s also worked on HBO’s Six Feet Under as a supervising producer.¬†Given his writing on various previous episodes, we may see more of his work in upcoming scripts. Chip Johannessen was apparently well-regarded by the crew, but Buck has been determined to be a better pick. Prior to Johannessen, Dexter was run by Clyde Phillips, who was an executive producer for the first four seasons and has remained a consultant for the fifth. It’s unknown what parts Johannessen or Phillips will play as the series continues.

After the shocking end to season 4, fans and critics wondered how Dexter would maintain its stellar suspense. Although the ratings are better than ever (Dexter averaged more than 5 million viewers for its 12-episode run), the reaction has been somewhat tepid. The season 5 finale earlier this month ended on a decidedly soft note, which may have disappointed fans hoping for a repeat of last year’s big finish. Even so, the show has earned numerous nominations from both the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild.

dexter 121910f Dexter Veteran Scott Buck Will Run Show In Season 6

Dexter has set a pattern in the last few years, recruiting a new actor or actress to focus on throughout a single season. While season 4′s antagonist John Lithgow was met with acclaim as a fellow family man/serial killer, this year’s addition of Julia Stiles as a victim with homicidal tendencies has seen a softer reception. It’s not known who Showtime will recruit for season six, or even if the show will continue its trend under Buck’s direction. The next year will likely continue to focus on Dexter’s developing family issues and romantic interests.

Dexter season 6 will air on Showtime in the fall of 2011.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. I think after season 6 Dexter should hang up his knifes and plastic sheeting for good, I enjoyed this past season but it took too long to get going.

    • While I don’t know if six is the right number, I heartily support shows that know to quit while they’re ahead. The Closer (one of my favorites) recently announced that they’d stop at 7 seasons, and I’m very much in favor of it.

      • Yes, but I only want that if it will be of a high quality. There is an unwritten rule that shows should aim for 7 seasons, but that should only be the case if the story warrants it.
        Take Supernatural for example, it had a five season story and when that was finished the show should have ended but they insisted on dragging it through the gutter for another year.

    • Actually I hope dex will continue for at least 3 or 4 more seasons, I just started watching 2 weeks ago and I had to go out and buy all the seasons available. this is a show that I think could run as long as MASH…I dread the day that Dex gets caught…or worse…I can’t wait for season 6

  2. Dexter was awesome!! Every season has been so crazy and good. I cant wait for Season 6 to start. I will be waiting…………….. with my chips and pepsi-cola. hmmm. Lol.

  3. I do not own a TV, only a laptop, and until recently I had no idea of this show. It took me about 2 to 3 weeks to catch up to season 5. I have never been so addicted to a show. I loved all the season, but I must agree that season 5 was a little too soft. With the ending of season 4, I was actually expecting a more gruesome Dexter that perhaps bent the rules of his Code in order to kill more and more out of spite for what happened to him.
    I hope season 6 will be more explosive. Either way, I will keep watching it because Dexter has grown on me. I want to know everything he is going through. He is an amazing character that is a lot of fun to study.

  4. They should have left Quinn in jail to keep the interest until they put together their next overly forumulaic CSI rated pg season.

  5. There were a lot of people that had problems with this season. I see this season as some what of a mopping up exercise. Styles wasn’t on the show as a true love interest. She was there purely to help Dexter focus on what is important. If Lumen wouldn’t have came in this season, you would have seen just more random killings like the guy in the bathroom. Lumen brought Dexter back to the code. She gave him a way to avenge Rita’s death along with putting him back on the Harry Path. The love interest was purely secondary.
    The big story of this season in my opinion was if Deb was going to find out about Dexter. With Quinn and his stooge running around finding all the evidence, I am amazed that she didn’t find out. Looking at it logically though, if she would have found out early this season, Dexter would probably have to kill her. I am glad that she didn’t find out. The key is that Dexter knows that Deb is more like Harry than he would have ever given her credit for. We all know that if Deb would have found out in the first couple of seasons, she would have probably arrested him. Now, Deb is more seasoned. She has seen the horror that comes from the people that Dexter takes out. I think in the future, Deb will be more accepting. You never know though, the show has taken a very big turn from the books. In the books, Deb has known since the first book. There is a huge character difference in the book Deb and the show Deb. In the book, Deb is way more helpless. She spends half of her time asking Dexter to figure out the murders she is working on at the time. The show Deb has done all the research her self and she is smart as a whip. It will be interesting to see how she takes the news on the show. Key point in this case is Debs pure loathing of Liars. Quinn got bit by that bug early in the season. Also, was a quote from Deb to Dexter. “You are the only one that I can trust. You don’t lie to me.” How is she going to react when she finds out that he has been lying to her since she was 12 yrs old? Not to mention that Dexter was closer to Harry than Deb could have ever dreamed of being.
    Personally, I can’t wait for next season. A fresh start to the best show on TV bar none.

  6. I really wish a show this good would have actual full seasons instead of just half-seasons of only 12 episodes. Maybe with the increase in viewers, they will make more episodes, but after 5 seasons.. I am doubting it.
    LOL Guess it is a LOT better than only 6 episodes of a zombie flick per year.

    • No shyte, huh? Six flippin’ episodes… ridiculous.
      I vote for more episodes as well.

  7. Tepid reception? Season five was the best season so far.. with the exception of the ice-truck killer season.

  8. While I agree that Season 5 was a bit soft and the finale felt a bit like an afterthought, I think the new relationship between Dexter and Astrid has a whole lot of of potential to explore in Season 6. One thing the show has done very well is to keep an undercurrent theme of Dexter’s complicated relationships with women running throughout. You have to remember that Dexter is who he is because of what happened to his mother. It’s seems that Astrid and Deb are beginning to intuit who Dexter really is, unlike Rita who ignored her misgivings and attempted to shape Dexter into her vision of an ideal husband and father. I think the show would be remiss not to continue to explore this idea in Season 6 perhaps with a very scary female villain.

    • That’s a very astute observation – I had never thought of the series like that before! You’re right – it would be nice to see another fiesty Lila-esque femme fatale figure in the next season instead of these Barbie dolls (i.e. Rita and Lumen)….

  9. I loved all seasons of Dexter, they were amazing. I just started watching them and within a month have caught up to season five…sometimes staying up until 6 am…I’m hooked! Although at the beginning Rita was good, she quickly got annoying with her whining…great twist at the end of season 4 to kill her off. I loved Lumen and hope she returns as a love interest…hope this show never ends…best show ever…only show I watch!!! It amazes me the actors that they get…

  10. Though this season was definitely on the lame side, I don’t see how they could justify ending the series on season six. Obviously the show is hugely different from the books, but they borrow quite a few ideas in each season if you read closely enough. And yeah, the whole serial killer partner and troublesome relationship thing is getting a bit old, but there’s one huge element of the books that hasn’t been touched on that’s way too good to pass up. In the books, Astrid and Cody turn out to be killers like Dexter, and he has to take on Harry’s role. It would be silly to not include that in the plot of the show, if only to give a final season a whole new twist.

  11. I think by now it’s pretty safe to say that, after her chicken**** antics toward the end of the season 5 finale, Deb will not find out until the last episode, if ever (Dexter might be killed – as opposed to caught – in such a manner that he would never be found, and/or the remains wouldn’t link him to any foul play on his part). Quinn has basically become Doakes #2 – I know I am neither the first nor the last person to say that, but it really irritates me that the scriptwriters and producers either haven’t picked up on this glaring character archetype redundancy, or simply no longer care enough about artistic integrity and innovation in light of the show’s growing profits regardless of decrease in plot quality – the season 4 finale almost felt like a cheap cop-out to me…yes, Rita had grown annoying and, arguably, incompatible with the purpose of the series and Dexter’s character, but the fact remains that she did not fit Trinity’s pattern, and also, similar to the situation with Doakes in season 2, the scriptwriters conjured all the most convenient cracks for Dexter to slip through during the follow-up investigation, primarily led by Quinn…oops, almost forgot to mention the insipid, soap-opera reminiscent Batista/LaGuerta subplot (if you can, indeed, even call it that) and, in the words of a review I recently read, the fact that Masuka is “as one-note of a character as Dwight on ‘The Office’ or Kevin the Page on ’30 Rock’.” I’m also disappointed they didn’t make more use of Kate Moennig – she is a highly underrated actress (watch a few episodes of the first couple seasons of ‘The L Word’ for confirmation of this) and could have easily filled the shoes of a Lila-esque role – a much better match for a guy like Dexter than these stupid blondes, I tell ya….

  12. Lets look back to when Dex was hiding his dark side with the I’m an addict excuse. We had a bad girl brunette. However I feel she didn’t have the flare she needed to share the spotlight with Dex! Lumen had no chance, although she was an exciting edition to the show! The nanny may be a good acomplace She has enough attitude, but does she have the heart it takes to play the part? Quinn is definately a new doakes type situation, although it does have some originality to it! Simply due to the fact that our killers sister happens to be involved with our new victim. It has alot more potential in my opinion! As for Lumen, can you whine anymore! She played her part, and now she is gone and I don’t miss her! Rita whined enough for the both of them!

  13. I absolutely LOVE Dexter and I hope the show stays on the air for many years to come! Not sure what next season’s plot twist will have in store for us, but I think that a love interest for Dexter is not a good way to go. This is the guy that didn’t even like sex, and was drawn to Rita because she didn’t want it! Then he hooked up with Lila and Lumen because he was drawn to their dark side. Any new love interest would have to be pretty twisted to tempt Dex! I think they’re going to have to let Deb find out about Dex at some point. In the season 5 finale, she got so close it was almost rediculous. I kept thinking, “How is Dexter possibly going to get out of this one? Deb is finally going to find out!” But then she just doesn’t look at the suspects she’s been chasing all season and lets them escape? Not bloody likely! It did show that Deb has a little vigilante in herself though. I think next season Dexter should take down a killer that’s really high profile. Deb should find out the truth before the Miami police and then help throw them off his tracks (without letting Dexter know she’s onto him!), all while battling her conscience. Dex, in the mean time, is getting a little sloppier with his killings what with three children to look after. Anyway, there’d have to be more to it than that to make for an interesting season, but I know I’ll enjoy season 6 no matter what the writers decide to do! I’d like to see Quinn and Deb get more serious as well.

  14. I have watched Dexter from day 1, I loved him on Six Feet Under, I have gotten Family and Friends hooked on Dexter, and I hope it continues for alot more seasons, and I hope that Dexter and Deb, continue together as brother and sister on the show. Love it!!!!!!!Carol

  15. Rumor has it:

    In season 6, Dexter is mistakenly caught by a Mafioso and believed to be a hitman. He is “coerced” into doing “jobs” for the mafia, but little do they know this is just a game for Dexter–an interesting diversion. In the end, the mafia guys become the final “job” ….

  16. We started watching several seasons ago when satellite offered a free trial of showtime.

    We both got hooked.

    I managed to snag a few downloads on the pc. Couldn’t get enough.

    Finally got an evo and can download free with putlocker. YEAH!!!

    I loved Rita – made Dexter more human. They did a no-no killing her off. I did not think we would continue watching. I did and …

    The season w/ Lauren was full of steamy expectations. Sure it was slow that is as it should have been. He is human after all and just lost his beloved wife.

    I hate he and Jennifer are split. I thought they made a great duo on screen too.
    I really hope they dont kill off her character. Because once dead there is no hope of returning.
    Maybe they could have her go work with another agency.

    Maybe Dexter and the kids could go elsewhere for a new start or an extended vacation or a lecturing tour.

    There is plenty more that they could do with this story – there will always be evil people who escape justice.

    And excuse me. I also love The Closer – they could have done more with it too.
    BUT. Dexter is an enfirely different type show. They do not even compare. It is truely a suspense but in a good way.

  17. I’ve been watching since Season 1 came out on DVD. My personal opinion is that no matter how much we love the protagonist, the writers should have Dexter caught and/or killed in the end. I think this is the best way to hammer home the cyclical, ‘your life is bait for bigger fish’-theme of the show.

  18. Season six so far is a dud. Dexter is doing things that are not in line with his intelligence and cautious nature. It’s very obvious there is new producer and the writing just isn’t that great. The villains are not believable. Collin Hanks character is weak and this trait would not be part of a real zealous believer. It’s just weak. Too bad, Dexter has been a great show and up until now very well produced.