Showtime to Renew ‘Dexter’ for Season 6

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dexter Showtime to Renew Dexter for Season 6

Dexter Morgan and company will be committing another year to Showtime. After a mild reception for the 5th season, recent episodes of Dexter have seen increased viewership, perhaps due to fans remembering the shocking finale of the 4th season and hoping for an equally compelling conclusion to season 5, which wraps next Sunday, December 12th.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the season finale is likely to set a new viewership record for Showtime. Even so, a repeat of the show’s two-season renewal in 2008 is less likely due to renegotiation stipulations for actors and crew – but while Dexter season 7 may be out, it looks like we’ll at least get Dexter season 6 to wrap up all the loose ends.


*Dexter Season 1-5 SPOILERS BELOW!!!*


Season 5 represented the biggest shift yet for the normally stable Dexter storyline. Massive changes in character dynamic can spell death for a series, but the writers seemed to have pulled of an impressive set of twists and changes without alienating dedicated viewers.

While Michael C. Hall’s character has been getting more and more invested in his family and newborn son, he’s never lost sight of the murderous compulsion that drives the series (not for long, anyway.) With Rita’s (Julie Benz) murder at the hands of Dexter’s adversary, his step-children leaving for most of the season and the Miami P.D. closing in on his alias, Kyle Butler, the last year has been perhaps the most tense and suspenseful yet for serial killer aficionados.

dexter 502 1505 Showtime to Renew Dexter for Season 6

For the last three years, Dexter has continiously added well-known guest stars to keep interest in the series piqued: season 3 saw Jimmy Smits (The West Wing, Outlaw) and season 4 added John Lithgow (3rd Rock From the Sun) in the most demented role yet for the darkly wonderful series.

After  the show killed off key female characters last year, Julia Stiles (the Bourne trilogy) was brought on to round-out the cast as a love interest/headache for Dexter. Stiles has been met with mixed reaction from longtime fans, but if the latest ratings are any indication, she hasn’t dissuaded them from watching. If the pattern holds, her character, Lumen, will probably be gone (dead?) by season 6 – not unlike Jaime Murray’s temptress character Lila in season 2. For a show that split with its literary source material years ago, writers and producers have done an impressive job of keeping fans interested with original drama.

dexter season5 Showtime to Renew Dexter for Season 6

Are you still interested in Dexter‘s murderous vigilantism? Will you be watching season 6? What actor or actress would you like to see join the cast next season? If season 6 is Dexter‘s last run, how should the show reach its conclusion? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Dexter is one of the best shows on television – I am in for Season 6 and beyond. I love the Lumen character, she seems real. I can definitely see how a woman in her situation could turn to vengeance as a means of catharsis. I am really interested in how she and Dexter will progress after all of her attackers are gone – and presumably her reason to be the ‘angel of vengeance’ she has become….

  2. I actually am not a big lover of this season but i’m always down for more of my favorite lovable serial killer ;)

  3. Julia Stiles has been great as Lumen. While there is every possibility they will kill her off, thus creating an incredibly dark Season 6, they did just kill off Rita and the death of the love interest has become a well trodden path. How about giving Dexter the chance to have the family facade Trinity had only a real one? That’d be something new.

  4. I feel like killing Lumen off would be too obvious.

  5. Everything in m household stops when it’s time for DEXTER! I hope it runs for several seasons more! Great writers – cast – and crew, not to mention sexy Michael C. Hall!

  6. I have enjoyed the series as a whole. I would say it is the most compelling and fun series on television right now.

    As for whom I would like to see join the cast? I know it wont happen, but I would love to see Jeffry Donovan in the role of a serial killer more dangerous then John Lithgow’s Trinity killer. I think Donovan has the chops for playing a role as Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) equal. Donovan, however, only seems interested in keeping Burn Notice (Another good show) going. Its just a fan pipe dream for all I’m concerned.

    Any thought?

  7. i love this season! not as good as last season but still! i hope the dont kill off lumen.. i think shes a great add to this season, but 2 dead women in 2 seasons? wife and lover? isnt that a bit much hmm?

  8. I didnt think much of the Lumen character at first. I saw her more as a headache than anything else. Now I feel she is exactly what Dexter has always needed. It would be predictable and unneccesary to kill her off. She is the first person to really know Dexter and care about him. He needs a break. I say progress their relationship.

    • i agree i want her on the show. but then again, if we let their relationship progress, they will probably kill her off later and we’ll have a rita situation all over again. well im sure they will manage to come up with something good as well as keeping us satisfied :)

  9. I hope they end on a high note.

    It’s been a great show, some of the best television acting of all time, season 4 was one of the most compelling seasons of tv I have ever watched.

    I’m not sure about Lumen, the character is interesting, but Stiles isn’t a great actress. And shell be dead by the finale, no one has found out Dexter’s secret and lived.

    I want Deb to find out the truth, that’ll make season 6 interesting.

    • I definitely agree that Deb should find out Dexter’s secret!

  10. I have seen up to episode 11 of this season already. Glad Dexter getting renewed.

    I have been reviewing the eps here:

  11. Dexter is my fave show on TV, but this season the show lost showrunner Clyde Phillips and writer/executive producer Melissa Rosenberg and it’s evident in basically all aspects.

    During the first few eps the dialogue seemed off, the characters weren’t themselves exactly.
    The lighting is different, they randomly ditched the misty brightness during Harry’s appearances.
    I think the general story arc just isn’t as engaging and thrilling as The Trinity Killer story.
    Not liking Lumen really, she’s too bland, and the sex scene with Dex seemed so forced and unnatural. I think she’ll live on into next season though.

    Still watching and enjoying it!
    I hope Dex goes a bit mad next year like the first kill of this season, then gets caught and plays a kind of Hannibal Lecter role for a case Deb is working. That’s be awwwwesome.

  12. To be in one of the greatest shows in tv history (six feet under)is a great piece of fortune for any actor. To replicate the feat is simply stunning.
    Anthony Michael Hall is quite simply one of the finest, most brilliant actors of his generation and so i’m delighted for both him and the rest of the cast and crew at this news.
    I’ve got a feeling that the cliffhanger will be Debra finding out…but her obvious disgust at the barrel girl murders and the fact that Dex is helping Lumen will ameliorate her instinct to turn him in…but she will clearly have a moral dilemma.

    • Michael C. Hall

  13. Im glad that Dexter is renewed I didn’t think I would like this season but I was wrong I love it. I would like to see Lumen in next season and see Dexter and Lumen relationship progess more.

  14. I love Dexter, while this has been the weakest season yet it still trumps any other drama out there, except for maybe Walking Dead which is my other “need to watch” show.

  15. hell yeah!!! i am stoked that they’re renewing it and i hope there’s many more to come. what a great early xmas present :D

  16. Alright, but too bad he’s not real, Miami needs a Dexter…

  17. I see this happening…

    spoilers. obviously.

    I think Lumen will give herself up to protect Dexter, she’ll end up going to jail. that way the writers have the freedom to bring her back or exclude her from season 6.

  18. Spoilers Below…obviously.

    But i see this season ending with Lumen going to jail. She’ll give herself up as the female vigilante and Deb will link her and Dexter’s relationship and finally…FINALLY find out about his hobby. Lumen in jail will give the writers more freedom, they can decide to bring her back next season or she’s done.

  19. I have enjoyed every single episode of Dexter, and hope to look forward to many more.

    I think the Lumen is a great addition this season, and I hope she`s not taken off the show too soon (if at all)… and really hope they don`t decide to get Dexter to kill her.

  20. Hmmmm…I think Darcey (me) should be added to the show ha! :)) I loveee Dexter!

  21. < Darcey

  22. First few seasons were dark and witty, they’ve been becoming more diluted each season.

  23. I love this show and can’t wait for series 6….I think it’s cleverly written and very addictive

  24. I love this show and think that this season (5) is the best one yet. Though season 4 was pretty awesome with the Trinity Killer. I have never been on the edge of my seat, biting my nails waiting for the next scene like I am with this season. I hope to see Lumen survive this season. Hopefully the writers will shock us all and keep Lumen for another season. I would like to see where their relationship leads.

    • Sorry girl but season 4 is the best season ever make on any tv show,,,season 5 was not even close to it,, it was good, but not epic like season 4….. ILUVDEX

    • kool,but I think she will die from the same guy who killed rita, and it<s not trinity

  25. I am surprised that Quinn wasn’t mentioned by you all. His wimpy personality with the kind of insights that others aren’t dumb enough to see make him a great jester to Dex Rex. Dex has that mother hen dimension that might be developed more saving Quinn during his ongoing pratfalls.

    • dude trinity is dead dex killed him before he knew rita was even dead in season 4

      • LOL no.. he never actually ended up catching trinity so actually, he is still alive. thats how he got to rita… he got to her and jammed. he never got his revenge. which explains a majority of season 5..

        • With all due respect, Dexter killed Trinity but not before Trinity killed Rita. Dexter felt responsible for not protecting her and exposing his son to that traumatic experience and the possibility of sharing his fate.

        • @lexi

          Uh… I think you must have been in the bathroom too long and missed a part or something, Dexter killed trinity, they showed it, he was dumping his parts in the ocean, he’s dead, seriously…

      • i know, and trinity had a retual he would not have broked it, he would have changed city before that.

        • wow, you guys are seriously getting trolled.

  26. I agree with everybody… Dexter is the best! I just wish there would be more episodes to a season – the 12 just seems to flash by so quickly. I would like to see him finally catching up to Trinity of course and would love Dexter to continue for many years to come. I believe it is one of the best, if not THE best show ever produced on TV! Go Dexter!

  27. i want to see lumen come back like around episode 3-4 on season 6 and i think the season conclusion should be dex not completely getting rid of his dark passenger but silenceing it and getting back lumen. unless there is gonna be a season 7 but idk what i wanna see there

  28. I’m so glad they’re making a season 6!
    I hope it continues on to a 7th season too! I only wish we didn’t have to wait almost a year until it starts back up again. I wonder what season 6 will bring?!

  29. This show keeps on shocking, and I liked the end of season 5.

    I like the tought of Dexter ending up with a happy ending, and in the end maybe get rid of the dark passenger for good.

    Miami Metro could start chasing a new serial killer, a female version of Dexter.
    Dexter and her………….???? …The rest is up to you.