Showtime to Renew ‘Dexter’ for Season 6

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dexter Showtime to Renew Dexter for Season 6

Dexter Morgan and company will be committing another year to Showtime. After a mild reception for the 5th season, recent episodes of Dexter have seen increased viewership, perhaps due to fans remembering the shocking finale of the 4th season and hoping for an equally compelling conclusion to season 5, which wraps next Sunday, December 12th.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the season finale is likely to set a new viewership record for Showtime. Even so, a repeat of the show’s two-season renewal in 2008 is less likely due to renegotiation stipulations for actors and crew – but while Dexter season 7 may be out, it looks like we’ll at least get Dexter season 6 to wrap up all the loose ends.


*Dexter Season 1-5 SPOILERS BELOW!!!*


Season 5 represented the biggest shift yet for the normally stable Dexter storyline. Massive changes in character dynamic can spell death for a series, but the writers seemed to have pulled of an impressive set of twists and changes without alienating dedicated viewers.

While Michael C. Hall’s character has been getting more and more invested in his family and newborn son, he’s never lost sight of the murderous compulsion that drives the series (not for long, anyway.) With Rita’s (Julie Benz) murder at the hands of Dexter’s adversary, his step-children leaving for most of the season and the Miami P.D. closing in on his alias, Kyle Butler, the last year has been perhaps the most tense and suspenseful yet for serial killer aficionados.

dexter 502 1505 Showtime to Renew Dexter for Season 6

For the last three years, Dexter has continiously added well-known guest stars to keep interest in the series piqued: season 3 saw Jimmy Smits (The West Wing, Outlaw) and season 4 added John Lithgow (3rd Rock From the Sun) in the most demented role yet for the darkly wonderful series.

After  the show killed off key female characters last year, Julia Stiles (the Bourne trilogy) was brought on to round-out the cast as a love interest/headache for Dexter. Stiles has been met with mixed reaction from longtime fans, but if the latest ratings are any indication, she hasn’t dissuaded them from watching. If the pattern holds, her character, Lumen, will probably be gone (dead?) by season 6 – not unlike Jaime Murray’s temptress character Lila in season 2. For a show that split with its literary source material years ago, writers and producers have done an impressive job of keeping fans interested with original drama.

dexter season5 Showtime to Renew Dexter for Season 6

Are you still interested in Dexter‘s murderous vigilantism? Will you be watching season 6? What actor or actress would you like to see join the cast next season? If season 6 is Dexter‘s last run, how should the show reach its conclusion? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. just saw the last ep. this is the best show ever! I thought this was the last season and i got sad the way it ended. then I found this site… season 6!!!!!!!!! they should make a dex movie after 6.

  2. Just watched the last ep of season 5. It was just brilliant. Dexter is soo addicting to watch..soo excited for season 6! I wud like to see lumen come back! Her and dexter were great together.

  3. Let Dexter have Lumen please.

  4. Season 5 has unquestionably been the weakest season for me. Although maybe it just looks lacklustre after the all round brilliance of season 4. It remains a watchable show with enough moments of intrigue and surprise to carry on, but I fear the Dexter boat is sailing out with season 6. That is, unless they can unleash one more John Lithgowesque cat out of the basket. Although six seasons is enough of anything.

  5. Season 5 was the worst one yet. Julia Stiles’ acting was weak and what was supposed to be a passionate connection between her and Dexter was entirely unbelievable, the script was lacking and there were very few moments that really stayed with me. Jordan Chase was a fairly forgettable nemesis. It felt like lazy, safe plotting. The way they had Cody and Aster conveniently go and live with the grandparents, and a nanny who’s willing to literally do nothing outside raise Dexter’s son, even going so far as to arrange his first birthday party, all seemed too quick and easy as devices to free up Dexter for killing time. There were also a number of loose ends that bothered me throughout.

    It feels as though they’ve heavily diluted Dexter’s dark passenger – what happened to the days where he tortured his victims, chopping them up and mutilating them? It felt, back then, as though he was motivated to kill, but Harry’s Code gave this motivation direction, steering him towards those ‘deserving’ of a violent end. Now, it feels as though he only wants to kill when someone evil steps in front of him, and even then he makes it swift. He doesn’t seem conflicted anymore, or like the “very neat monster” he once was. They’ve made him almost… dull.

    Hopefully Season 6, which seems like it will be the last, will be of a similar standard to 4. Remember that moment when Arthur Mitchell finds out where Dexter works? “Hello… Dexter Morgan”. Remember the Thanksgiving scene where Dexter holds Arthur down, knife behind his back, “I should’ve killed you when I had the chance!”. The whole season built up to the perfect crescendo.

  6. Wonderful season. Not just dex facinated with one guy all season like 4. Great job getting closure on 4 and moving on. The killer may not have been as cool as trinity but the dexter story was way better. It really gave the writers an opportunity to go any where. I liked that they did not paint themselves into a corner by letting deb find out. Deb will find out eventually but then the show will be wrapping up at that time.

  7. I think what should happen to end everything of the season would be if in the end of the season the Miami metro finds out is a serial killer. He would have to run away. Maybe change country or something. He would be trased and the police could find the sckeleton in the big box. He would kill Rita s killer and then leave with harrison or leave him to the grand parents.

    • Why do people think that Trinity is still alive? Geez.

      • Because they don’t pay attention.

        • And thus, really have no business commenting. Amirite?

  8. How about a aversary who wants dexter to become an even greater monster then he already is. Someone who needs to bring out the evil side of people, like his MO is to show how messed up people really are, how they are all monsters if you cut off their masks. Maybe that guy from lost you know he who also played Charles Manson.

  9. I’ve rarely scene a series with this much stamina. The first season was masterfully suspenseful and psychologically probing in an easily digestible package that effortlessly set up the tone and themes and core character dynamics for the whole series. It’s only real flaw was it was a bit pulpy (long lost brother… please) but that stuff helped to draw the viewer in.

    Second season was the ultimate cash-in of pre-exsisting character development and story archs, that covered so much territory that I was dreading what they were going to do after it was finished. They seemed to be systematically resolving any remaining thread for tieing future story archs into the core mythology they’d built. They fully addressed the impending necesity of having Dexter versus the cops as a central storyline, squeezed out every last revelation they could about Dexter’s past, had him avenge himself unceremoniously against the villain responsible for his entire creation myth, pushed Rita through all of the character growth she was capable of, worked through all of the significant Dexter/Rita conflict, worked out all of the core tensions between the police dept characters, and killed off the only 2 first season characters who were sources of social tension for Dexter in his day-life. They also built two great new characters only to kill one and send the other away. The only reason this couldn’t have been a great end to the series was that they let Dexter get away, which ain’t gonna happen. It was a thrilling season that could have ruined the series.

    When Season 3 started I was flinching for something terrible. As I saw it, they could only do 1 of 2 things: retread and repeat off of the same mythology with more Dexter versus cop tension and unlikely tie ins to his past, or introduce a slew of new characters and story archs that would feel alien and unnatural to the series. I was pleased to find them create a new alternative, by simply slowing down the pace a little and rebuilding new mythos and more subtley exploring the exsisting characters as they waded through the fallout and tried to return to normal. The only reason this worked was that the new characters and story were just as good as those they created in season 1, and they developed things slowly. You could feel it was a rebuilding season, but they kept it from ever being boring. The one big ball that was dropped was the useless continuation of Harry Morgan’s ghost. He has just dragged the series down ever since the first episode of season 3. Cut that guy loose. The other thing they did right was defining the Dexter vs. cops angle as a constant tension on the side for henceforth, but not a central one (until the last season I would suppose). No retreading, just great new stories.

    Season 4 was possibly the best and the worst the series had to offer. On the one hand, Dexter’s character became dull and tired and all of his central relationships got stuck in a boring rut. We got it by the end of the first episode: its tough to be a serial killer dad. They just kept hammering and hammering that to death. Quinn was finally drawn into the story in a significant but predictable way as a surrogate Doakes but I still didn’t think he was central enough that I needed to see him have that much sex, Deborah was given an okay series of love plots that we all knew weren’t going to last. Lundy was back but he lost his appeal. They didn’t really know what to do with LaGuarda or Angel so they just shoved them into a relationship. And Vince continues to do nothing but bore us with the same jokes. This is where the series just failed. Yet low and behold… a miracle. A temporary side character who instantly stole the entire show from the cast that we’d been watching for 3 years. Lithgow. The performance of a career from a unsung master actor. Every episode kept me on the edge of my seat, just because I new he would have atleast one scene or two. Then the ending made us all drop our jaws and nervously anticipate the next season.

    Then Season 6. Another great rebuilder. MC Hall was back in the house, performing like never before. The new character was grown so organically that I’m not even sure when I started to like her. This season’s villain was a little weak, as much as I love Johnny Lee Miller, but he sufficed. This season was all about pacing. You can’t just end a season the way they ended 4, and then jump straight into another super intense plot that eats up central characters and resolves core tensions. It would cheapen the previous choices they had made. You have to deal with the aftermath slowly, while building new mythology, keeping the plot moving, and keeping the viewer entertained in the process. Well done. Also, I’m finally seeing some good stuff out of Astor, which makes me look forward to season 6. I will say the Mickey hat was a bit much.

    Ongoing complaints: 1.Stop letting Dexter have intense relevatory conversations with his dead dad. It does not work or even kind of make sense. Dead dads are meant for flashbacks. 2.Grow Vince just a little. 3.Stop with the unjustified ‘extra-codal’ murders unless you’re going to use that to make some central change to Dexter’s character. Its hard to keep caring about the code as a viewer if Dex is just gonna stab cops when they get in his way without batting an eye. 4. And this is the big one- give us back cool, calm, collected Dexter with fake people skills. It seems like its been a long time since Dexter was actually in control of any situations, which they still seem to think is the core of his character. He doesn’t hand out donuts anymore, he makes tons of sloppy mistakes, and almost every episode he comes just one lucky coincidence away from being caught. I’m starting to get disonance: is he a meticulous monster, or just a lucky klutz who’s good at out-punching people and breaking into evidence lockers to undo his damage?

    All in all though, the show has delivered an intensity that I would have not expected possible for a show that has stayed consistantly watchable for 5 seasons.

    • Well said… I agree with almost everything xD

  10. I was quite unsure about the beginning of this season, ’cause Rita’s death didnt have enough screen time, in my opinion.
    But then Lumen showed up and I was thrilled to the very end, because apart from her being well played, the idea that Dexter could have an actual equal relationship starts a completely new story.
    Though the best season still stay the S2, this one comes right after it.
    Lumen must be coming back in Season 6!

  11. LOL. Another great season and very glad theyre making a season 6 wow. I have enjoyed every season so far probably id say the first 3 were the best. 10/10 Series 4 with Trinity Killer obviously was monumental even tho the Trinity Killer story did go on a little, it was just an old guy, kill him already lol. 8/10 but + 2 because the last episode absolutely was the most shocking this i have ever seen. Season 5 with lumin id say had some really good moments and some intense suspense. So i would score that season also 8/10. Im not to sure what i would like to see in season 6. I guess Dexter is changing and i cant see what else could go wrong in his life. So im unsure about this 1. Id like to have a idea of what id like to see but i really cannot think. Maybe some realistic ideas can be posted below. Every thing seems kinda perfect now. He has no reason to kill his sister. lol. His son is to young to become a killer lol. some people seem to think the nanny is going to steal harrison and some kind of cannibal story hahaha

  12. I am not convinced that Arthur Mitchell killed Rita–different MO. Arguably, Mitchell was in a rush to skip town before Dexter got him, but still. All season I was favoring Elliott the next-door neighbour as responsible somehow. It’s too neat to have Trinity kill Rita and have no one question too much why the crime scene is different that the rest–except for Quinn.

    Also, to have Dexter kill Liddy? Unnecessary, and makes the viewer less sympathetic to Dexter’s killings if he just offs folks when they’re in his way, much like the Doakes character–everyone remember him?

    All that to say, I love this series, and can’t wait for the next season!

    • Of course Aurthur Mitchell killed Rita- and the only difference in the MO was that she was married. But trinity wanted dexter to know that he was the one that killed rita- hence the same sliced leg, bleeding out in the bathtub.

    • also- as far as killing Liddy- He was a dirty cop who was terminated, he was a generally sleazy character who had been illegally spying on Dexter, and when Dexter killed him, it was more like self-defense- he even used the knife that Liddy drew on him. i didn’t lose any sympathy towards dexter or his regular killings because of it. Killing the innocent photographer in the previous season was more of a screw-up than killing Liddy.

  13. I would really like to see Dexter become the meticulous, careful character he once was. That’s what drew me in. He was a serial killer who was so precise with his “work” that he left no evidence behind, and no one ever suspected him (except Doakes). Now, he is just lucky. Constantly being one step ahead of getting caught. It takes away from what he once was. I would like to see another serial killer rivalry like the Ice Truck Killer. Like the killers really competing in a sense. I think Deb does need to find out before the series ends. Oh, and is Quinn just going to leave everything alone since Dexter cleared him? I mean, Quinn has to know beyond any shadow of a doubt at this point that Dexter at least had to have killed Liddy…but because he cleared he’s just going to let it go? If it were Doakes, I know he would have never left it, no matter what, but I’m interested to see what Quinn will do. Either way, I can’t for next season.

  14. I can’t wait for season six i hope luma will return i like her a lot she was perfect for dexter I’m still sad about rita i can’t get over her death i wonder if quinn will still be onto dexter after he got him off the hook i have to say the seasons of dexter are way to short i want more its only on air for three months it should air all year long! Anyway i hope season six is awesome like the show always is

  15. I totally agree with boo radley!It just seems to easy to blame Rita’s death on “trinity”. And I was kinda hoping it wasn’t him so we could see Dexter get his deserved revenge along with closure. I love this show the writers are brilliant and awesome. But i must admit if Michael C. Hall wasnt so hot I wouldnt watch the series. Keep up the great work everyone!

  16. This show lost a lot of luster after the 4 season. Season 5 was a stretch and I think season 6 will kill the series. End of story.

  17. I just hope they keep Dexter as a regular tv show all year every year. I enjoy watching it.

  18. I think that they should bring back Luma. I’m glad that Dexter didn’t kill her like all the other characters they took out of the show. Showtime seems to create characters I like and take them out. I liked Lila but I like Luma more. I never was a big fan of Rita. Bring back Luma.

    • Her name is Lumen.

  19. In season 6 someone should find out who Dexter really is and Harrison should get kidnapped held for ransom maybe idk I think that would be very intense what do you guys think?

  20. I’d really love to see Dex return to his old ways of meticulous planning and execution of his killings- no trace of evidence whatsoever. Lumen was a huge mistake and though he cant kill her( at least for now), there should be a way to eliminate her from his life- or will he get married to her????
    I cant wait for season 6.

  21. dexter needs to be beaten to a kill by someone. and then he begins obsessing over it and every kill he is about to commit gets taken from him…. turns out he might be going crazy and killing these people himself and not remembering it because there is NO evidence of and dexter is the only killer that clean. also he has bouts of sleep walking where he ends up cooking food and wakes notices he is burning his apartment down. perplexed he sees a therapist in the “strictest confidence” and tells them…. EVERYTHING…. under hypnosis obviously. he cant explain it away though and still hasnt any memory of the previous killings whether he did or didnt. now the therapist is freaked he leaves BUT he then wakes up in his bed like wtf? and his therapist is missing. and he is now like oh s*** im losin it. but then he realizes some discrepancies. his therapist knows he is a killer because…. he talks in his sleep now and therapist has seen dexter before to get over the rita trauma (not that therapist) and wanted to kill aswell and was using dexter by having him under his complete hypnotic control. so begins cat and mouse game. everytime dexter tried to kill someone he got a phonecall and was hypnotized into drugging and taking bodies to his secure locations then letting therapist kill and then making dexter clean up, and sending dexter back to the car with the phone to his ear and snapping him out of it after the body is dumped freshly.

  22. Wait, WHEN did Dexter kill Trinity? The last episode of Series 4 showed Trinity tracking Dexter down at his work with the ‘Hello Dexter Morgan’ comment, and then the first episode of Series 5 showed Rita lying dead in a tub full of blood. When exactly did Dexter kill Trinity? If anyone can prove it, I will be the first to bow to their observational skills!!

    • Um, actually, they showed Rita dead in a bathtub in the END of the season 4 finale where he killed Trinity, NOT in the beginning of the first episode of Season 5. I think you completely missed the final episode of Season 4…

  23. I absolutely LOVE Dexter! If season 6 is going to be the final one, then i hope that Dexter will finally find peace and that the Dark Passenger will leave him. Leaving Dexter to lead a normal happy life with his children….but somehow i doubt that will happen. A lot can be speculated on how season 6 will end. I just hope that the show doesn’t disappoint us.

  24. Loved Luman. Would like to see Dexter realize he does not have to be a killer and reunite with Luman to give himself and his son a stable and loving home.