‘Dexter’ Season 6 Finale Review

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Michael C. Hall Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 6 Finale Review

What to know what happens next? ‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

After a somewhat disappointing downturn for season 5, the Dexter hype machine – started by Showtime head David Nevins – proclaimed season 6 to be a chance to bring Dexter Morgan “back to his roots.”

While that may have been the goal – and there is plenty of evidence to suggest this – the execution of season 6 has been such that Dexter doesn’t really resemble itself any longer, and with the quality of the program arguably waning, one begins to wonder how the show’s final two seasons will fare. Since there’ll be several months to wait until season 7, one bright spot to point out is that after season 6, the only place Dexter can go is up.

The season started off promisingly enough with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) up to his killing ways and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) in yet another ill-advised romantic endeavor, by continuing her relationship with Quinn (Desmond Harrington). Meanwhile, we were introduced to the two antagonists in the fire-and-brimstone preaching Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos) and the acolyte under his tutelage/control Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks). The pair’s religious-themed killings coincided well with Dexter’s search to bring some notion of faith to his young son, Harrison. More so, however, the Gellar/Travis relationship served as a comparison of the relationship Dexter had with his father Harry (James Remar).

Instead of mining these potentially rich aspects, however, Dexter focused too intently on pulling a fast one on its audience, and unfortunately sacrificed much of the season in the process.

One of the missteps for the season has been the way in which the Dexter crew handled (mishandled) the nemesis, or threat of the Doomsday Killer. Because the disclosure of Gellar being a figment of Travis’ imagination was revealed at the three-quarter mark for the season, it left precious little time for the necessity of Dexter’s involvement. While the DDK killings felt like good spectacle, they did so especially to the characters – who seemed to be waiting idly by as one tableau followed another, as if letting the ritualistic killings run their course was an actual option. For the majority of the season, Deb, Batista, Quinn and Masuka were chasing down the prime suspect with all the effervescence of a child walking to school. They were all looking for DDK, but they seemed to be doing it out of obligation – there was never any sense of urgency or even real interest.

More troublesome is the fact that the Gellar delay effectively took Dexter out of the equation for the majority of the season. Instead of building Travis or Gellar into any kind of suitable threat for Dexter to extinguish, it became a superimposed ornamentation, designed to keep the characters trudging toward the inevitable end, while Dexter explored the concept of faith like he was leafing through some religious pamphlet.

Colin Hanks as Travis Marshall Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 6 Finale Review

That brings us to the concept of Mos Def’s Brother Sam, who seemed to be putting Dexter on a different path that might have served as an organic arc for a character that has been battling proverbial demons for so long now. Unfortunately, the untimely demise of Brother Sam summoned visions of Dexter’s biological brother Rudy (Christian Carmago) – allowing Rudy to take over as voice of reason in Dexter’s mind. This, too, could have been an interesting concept, one worthy of an entire season, actually, but like the Brother Sam storyline, it fizzled out before it really got going. And once more we were left waiting for the show to tell us exactly what everyone already knew.

At the onset of season 6, Nevins also suggested that the relationship between (adopted) siblings Dexter and Debra would undergo a certain change. “There will be a microscope on the Deb/Dexter relationship this season. Over time you’re going to see that relationship evolve and change, no questions about it.”

Many thought this meant Deb would finally uncover Dexter’s secret, or that it might mean her relationship to Dexter would become distant or strained; few could have imagined Nevins’ statement meant Deb would be exploring the possibility that she actually has romantic feelings for her adopted brother.

As disturbing and uncomfortable this notion may be, is it possible that the examination of the siblings’ relationship is the one thing Dexter got right this season? While you would be hard-pressed to find anyone cheering for this to happen, it does make sense – in its own twisted little way. How else could one of Miami’s finest be oblivious to the fact that a serial killer is not just among them, but spending much of his off time in her presence? Sure, Deb loves Dexter as a brother, but the idea of her affection being more than that might help ease the transition of her bearing witness to Dexter’s true nature.

Which, of course, is exactly what happened in ‘This is How The World Ends,’ leaving not only the episode’s title open for interpretation, but also the course of the remaining two seasons.


For the most part, the final episode was a typical cat-and-mouse game between Dexter and the now-obligatory big bad, who conveniently finds a way into Dexter’s life, discovers the ‘dark passenger’ and then sets out to harm Dex through someone he cares about – which at this point in the series is either Deb or Harrison.

Travis was never really much of a physical threat to Dexter, which to a certain extent justifies the ‘80s action movie staple of the child/wife/family member being used as leverage against the hero. So it was inevitable that Harrison would eventually end up in Travis’ hands – at least until Dexter could find a way to get the would-be Doomsday Killer in shrink-wrap.

It all seemed eerily reminiscent of every season that had come before, until Deb walked in on Dexter plunging a knife into Travis’ chest.

Jennifer Carpenter David Zayas Billy Brown Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 6 Finale Review

And now the speculation on how Debra will handle the revelation – and, moreover, how it will affect her feelings for Dexter, can begin. Deb has already shown she’s willing to take a pass on the law, as she did with Deputy Chief Tom Matthews after learning of his involvement with a dead call girl- so, legally speaking, Dexter may not have much to worry about. However, Deb’s rocky personal life has been repeatedly shaken to its core, so that this shock may be too much for her embattled psyche to withstand.

Was the ending enough to save what has been a dismal season? The answer is unequivocally no. Season 6 has been rife with laughable moments, such as Travis saying things like “Hello, whore!” and the bizarrely bad painting depicting Dexter as the devil. More troublesome is the fact that, for a series which has largely been based on the intelligence of its main character, Dexter sure did some incomprehensible things this season. Besides not picking up on his sister’s emotions, Travis’ insanity or Louis the creepy intern’s obsession, Dexter managed to call in a potential terrorist threat on his own cell phone, forget Travis had his keys and wallet and show up to his kid’s play in his “kill” gear.

What the finale does do is give Dexter the fresh start that season 6 promised. There is a lot of story left to be told like the true nature of Louis (Josh Cooke), the purpose of Quinn’s existence and whether or not the term ‘dark passenger’ has any meaning any longer.

If season 7 is going to be dealing with the kind of issue most fans have been hoping for, then many creative aspects are going to have to improve dramatically, or the audience is going to be left remembering Dexter for all the unintentionally funny moments and sloppy storytelling that marred its final seasons.


Dexter will return for season 7 in the fall of 2012.

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  1. Let’s not forget that Dexter killed Rudy for Deb’s sake…I imagine that will go a long way in her understanding of dexter’s ways. If Dexter wasn’t who he is, Deb would be dead (then again Rudy never would have emerged, but let’s forget that point).

    This will either fuel Deb’s burning passion for Dexter or make her realize that their relationship is even thicker than blood…who knows how she’ll spin that in her crazy mind but I have a hard time believing she’ll fall for another serial killer. I personally think that knife killed the potential deb-dex romance.

    Not the best season but this will have more of a carry-over than Rita’s death and certainly more than the events of last season.

  2. As much as u guys at screenrant love to put emphasis on, and moan about all the bad parts in this series. You cant deny that you enjoyed watching the cast for another 12 episodes, Its left you wanting more and september cant come soon enough. I would say thts a job well done. so i would just like to say. Quit Whining!!!

    • Keeping me as a viewer relies heavily on the first episode and how they deal with the woeful way in which Dexter was caught by Deb. I’ll be grudgingly tuning in expecting the very worst after the season that’s just finished. A leap of faith on my part. I mean, if there’s no frickin’ narration from Dexter for his choosing that location to kill Travis (y’know, the location his sister told him to go to earlier in the day – the “crime scene” he told his babysitter he was going to clear for Deb), if Dexter doesn’t mentally kick himself for being ridonkulously stupid. I’m out. Gone.

      Dex with each successive season is getting away with far too much, and the only reason he does, is because the writers don’t dwell on details. S’all right having an argument with your invisible dad on a boat, on which you’ve just murdered somebody, and it’s great you come to the conclusion that you have to get the resources of the police involved. Ooo drama. But seriously… making the call from the boat with the body on it, on your *own* cell phone? You can’t just ignore stuff like that. Because the viewers are all screaming at their sets going, “WAH DUH FUH IS HE DOIN’!” Looking at one another going, “Is he really calling from his own phone?” Or at other times going, “Seriously? Nobody entered the house to see the big painting with Dexter’s face on it? A crime scene put on hold and made off-limits for the blood guy? Why? Because for the viewer it’s all about the blood guy and now even his own world revolves around him?”

      I remember how tense I was in I think season 2 when Dex was dumping the kill tools in the scuba diving training area in his attempt to frame Doakes. It was something about the way the camera was positioned, as if he was being watched. I don’t get that any more. I don’t get the tense feeling. I wasn’t convinced he was going to pull off the frame job. It was pretty exciting. The the British Invasion episode was like a get out of jail card for Dex, Lila turning up. But it worked. Great. Now the number of “Lila moments” Dex is getting through progressive seasons is getting absurd.

      I don’t get excited… kinda because I know the show has been granted more seasons, giving me the James Bond syndrome of ‘no matter how bad this gets for James, James will survive”. But mostly because no matter how stratospherically stupid Dexter is… the world he resides in is populated by flimsy, even stupid-ererer characters and organisations that are written so simply they seem to exist purely as decorations to distract or entertain Dexter.

      … *rubs head* Bleh heh. I’m ranting again. (・へ・)

      • Yeah I agree with you but the show is named Dexter, so you kinda know going in that he’s not gonna get caught. There would be no show without him.

        • Yeah but a good show that ends well is remembered as a GREAT show. Imagine an epic Bond movie, like Goldeneye, in which Bond… wah duh fuh! Is killed. Self-sacrifice, while saving Britain from a terrorist nuke. “They killed him off!?” lol They can’t do it. lol But Showtime can. Bond, well, Bond lacks a timeline so…

          Dexter is suffering from what I call: “Futurama-ness”. lol (Catchy, clever, eh? No? =| Oh.) Only, Futurama ended pretty well. But the point of Futurama-ness is, Futurama-ness has to end, sooner than most would like, but just in time to save itself from becoming crap.

          It had a timeline.

          Futurama probably had a better premise/setting than The Simpsons for long-running potential. You’ve got a delivery service set in the future, a crew of hilarious characters, and a universe in which to play to create aliens and planets and story lines episode to episode.

          It’s a Star Trek format, without the timeline. Only… it had the timeline. Which killed it. Bart Simpson has been ten years-old for what? Twenty years or something? But Futurama insanely adopted a timeline. So it starts in year 2999, into 3000 for the New Year. The next season it goes 3001, 3002…

          The characters became involved with each other, with consequences, ongoing arcs and whatever. If they’d have treated Futurama like The Simpsons, it would be a show about a guy from the nineties going to the year 3000, and would sport a hundred seasons worth of episodes showing different deliveries around the universe, new stories, new aliens. No dates beyond “year 3000″.

          Events pile up. You could give the Futurama setting to a thousand writers, and ask them all to write an episode each. They’d probably come up with something interesting, and different. It’d reset like The Simpsons every week, just another day in the life of…. Fry.

          Dexter so far has… discovered his mother was murdered. His brother was a serial killer. (He killed him.) His only friend, probably ever, aside form Deb, was a jackass traitorous scumbag. (He killed him.) His possible mentor wasn’t worth having. (He killed him.) But not before that guy killed Dexter’s wife…

          Anyway, what I’m saying is it piles up. Piles up to such a degree that you find it hard to grasp that people who know his wife was murdered, seem never to dwell on it. Like Batista’s sister giving “Intern Bob” the okay to show Dex his Serial Killer video game. We the audience know Dex can handle it, but Dex’s persona to the people around him is nerdy, but capable blood guy. But the characters act like they’ve seen a couple of episodes of Dexter and approaching him with a serial killer game is a socially acceptable thing to do to a quiet guy, struggling as a single parent, who found his wife dead in a bathtub, killed by a… serial killer. lol

          Point is… if it had been a show about a guy who goes after bad guys who slip through the net of the justice system, and you have creative writers pitting him against different criminals, while juggling his forensics and his “normal” life, you could probably milk a metric-s**t-ton of episodes out of it. No timeline, just interesting events in the life of a serial killer who killes serial killers. But it’s not like that…

          It’s getting like, Bold and the Beautiful, with thrice divorced, he’s slept with her, her, him, her and her, and the dog, found out his sister was his aunt and his aunt was his mother, before her sex-change into old man Frank – type characters. Dex stumbles over coinkydink pieces of evidence every other episode, hides it from the characters who are becoming increasingly dumb around Dexter-oriented hunts.

          I dunno, I type fast and I’m boring myself with this drivel. lol What was I saying? Oh yeah, good shows end. Shows that run too long get cancelled when the suck sets in, or end badly because everybody stopped liking the characters after teary-scene 1023, lucky-escape 58, and murdered close-one with no real reaction from supporting cast 13… or whatever.

          S’all IMHO. ( >.-)

          • Wow!!

            This funny write-up alone is worth watching Dexter. You write extremely well, you should be a writer on a tv-show or something. Seriously! Or it could be because I agree with you that much.

            I recently became aware of Dexter, like only a couple of weeks ago. (I know, how could I miss that show? Well, I don’t watch tv that much, I don’t care about tv, I have a life -actually I don’t have a tv, I just stream things on my computer. Or pirate downloads. Whatever. No comercials, that’s why.)

            Any-hoo… I watched season 1 of Dexter on 1 day!!! Yup, 12 hours straight! It was that good, and I had that much time. A couple of days later I saw season 2.
            Season 2 was good too! Only took 1 day too. 12 continuous hours.

            A couple of days later I saw season 3. I was getting tired. Maybe of watching tv 12 hours straight, but also by the show. But it was still good. Took me 2 days to watch all 12 episodes. It was good, but not great.

            Season 4 I didn’t care for. It was a-ok, not bad, but not great. Too much wife and kids nag.. Season 3 was the one with Dexters best friend, the A.D.A. It put me a bit off. Season 4 just made it worse. He was married. What?? I don’t want a serial killer to be married. Too much kids on the show. It isn’t credible that his wife won’t find out anything. Plus too much thing are happening to thee few people working in this policedepartment. Deb engaging to the Ice-truck killer should be the only thing. Also too sad that Rita gets killed in the end.

            I just started the fifth season but I don’t care to watch. I just wanna see the main story quick so I read about the episodes on wikipedia, that’s how I ended up here.

            My point is, what you wrote is actually quite accurate of how I feel. You are just way better to write. English isn’t my first language. The show is declining, Dexter is getting away with too much, and too wierd things are happening to the people around him and thay’re still not having a clue.

            The characters aren’t believeble anymore when you drag it out too long. Wife, kids, stupid co-workers that are too dumb to find out the truth about Dexter, but still are acting like he is a serial killer and not an innocent nerd. Doesn’t make any ‘sense’!

            I still have half of season 5 and whole season 6 to watch but I can tell it’s going downhills.

            Futurama was (is) my favorite show by the way. And you know they have started to make new episodes right?

      • No ranting here, Jon O-I feel exactly the same. Last season felt like they were all just going through the motions, as was I when I watched each week. We all had high hopes for this season. In the Dexter books, Deb knows from the beginning about Dex’s true nature after he rescues her from his brother (who he does NOT kill) and the author handles it in an interesting way-she does not at all condone it and is always at odds with how she should handle it.
        Dexter-Deb romantic relationship-can we please NOT?

      • Wow. just enjoy the show, stop obsessing so much. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. That is an incredibly simple concept. But don’t write three pages of your ranting when you don’t even have any authority as a critic.

        • … authority as a critic? Heh ha heeee. How about opinion as a viewer colliding with the internet (the trailer park for the soul)? {=D Hey, if you don’t like my mindless, long, unedited vacuous rants, don’t read them.

      • I disagree, Dexter is not stupid just a little rushed at times and how are we as viewers to know that was his phone? They don’t show every waking moment of Dexters life, the show would go for too long if they were to show every way he got away with something. I think the best movies and shows leave you to think about how he got away with it. Not everything is so black and white. Just to clear it up I will make the ways he could’ve got away with it clear. He may have obtained the phone somewhere else, also have you noticed how many times his phone changes? It could’ve even been Dooms Day Adam’s phone. Also even if it was his phone it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s registered under his name. Think about how many alias’s Dexter has? I doubt he’s leave something like that up to chance.

        The whole James Bond theory makes sense but of course that’s the way it’ll be. Do you think Dexter would make a very good show if the main character was in jail? The whole plot of the show is a serial killer working within Miami Metro, take that away and that show loses any kind of excitement. The cat and mouse game is what keeps people tuned in. Besides Deb saw him so your theory is somewhat flawed now as we have no idea how Deb will react.

        As for this whole review I think season 1 & 6 are the best seasons, totally disagree with you. Season 3 was the worst, almost a copy of season 2 – Dexter puts trust in someone, they screw him over he has to kill them boo hoo for Dexter.

    • Yeah, that’s all we’re doing. Just “whining.”

  3. aaron: “If you dont like it. Lump it! its that simple…”

    That’s essentially what I said I would do. lol


  4. John I agree with your comment.
    Seriously I could pick holes in a lot of tv shows too but if they annoyed me that much I’d just stop watching them – maybe some of you should consider?
    Yes there were some plot holes and yes points made like why did Dexter use his own phone to call Travis – has anyone considered they may tie it all in to the next season?
    I thought this season was brilliant I liked the new writing, things needed a shake up, they are developing the characters more and have left more questions unanswered for next season. I’m really surprised the comments are so negative on here?

    • “Brilliant.” Wow. Unbelievable.

      • What word would you rather I had used angry Max, it’s a Dexter forum not mastermind.
        What are your views on Dexter or are your comments solely limited to being rude and obnoxious to girls that post on here.

      • What word would you rather I had used angry Max, it’s a Dexter forum not mastermind. What are your views on Dexter or are your comments solely limited to being rude and obnoxious to girls that post on here.

        • Where in the hell do you get off saying I’m singling out women on this site? That’s a lie and I actually take offense to it. I don’t even care about your absolutely ridiculous take on the most current season of Dexter anymore, just don’t accuse me of being sexist when I’m simply telling you that you’re wrong about a show being good still. Even slightly good. This show’s down the toilet and that’s FACT.

          • “That’s a lie and I actually take offense to it.”

            That’s pretty funny, considering that you’ve spent a good deal of your time personally insulting people who disagree with you.


            “This show’s down the toilet and that’s FACT.”

            Um, NO – that’s not a FACT, that’s an OPINION.


            “63 on Metacritic = FACT”

            That is only a FACT of how many people like or dislike something. That doesn’t make their dislike or like a FACT – it’s still an OPINION.


            “The majority of people’s opinions on message boards, chat room, and YouTube = FACT”

            No, those are still OPINIONS too.

            • Why are you responding to me? Why can’t I post messages on here without you trolling me every damn time?

              • I’m responding because maybe the more times you’re called out on your rude behavior, the sooner you’ll be out of here.

                If you don’t like being pushed back (or ‘trolled’ as you’d rather call it), then quit the attitude.

          • I wouldn’t say that you are sexist, but I would say that on the question: was this season “good” “even slightly good” or as you say “Down the toilet” that would be a matter of opinion, not a fact! I personally didn’t care as much for this season as the earlier seasons, but that is just my opinion.

        • 63 on Metacritic = FACT
          The majority of people’s opinions on message boards, chat room, and YouTube = FACT

          All hope for this show is dead if Scott Buck stays on board. Fire that talentless hack.

      • ““Brilliant.” Wow. Unbelievable.”

        That’s her OPINION. It’s your OPINION that it’s not brilliant. So the heck what? Why are you seemingly out on a mission to bash people who happen to like something that you didn’t?

        • I know it’s an opinion, ya D. Based on most peoples OPINIONS, this season of Dexter was garbage. Thanks! See ya soon! Ya know ya wrong! Don’t be a drone!

          • “I know it’s an opinion, ya D. Based on most peoples OPINIONS, this season of Dexter was garbage.”

            And of course, “most peoples OPINIONS” is still not fact.

            • I know that! But what is FACT is that more people hated it than loved it! Don’t you understand ANYTHING?! Jesus.

  5. I know I’m probably a bit too passionate. I don’t think so, since I told myself for a year “Dexter will get better.” Lol wow I’m stupid. But I don’t attack people personally. Only their crappy taste in television.

    • “But I don’t attack people personally.”

      Calling people drones and morons is a personal attack. It’s uncalled for and rude; not to mention the FACT that it can get you banned.

  6. I’m no social psychologist but I’d bet there is a positive correlation between fans who like season 6 and women who get abused yet stay with their man – seems like the same irrational thought process to me.

    • ROLF ( °∀°)

    • LMAO. Great one, Mike!

  7. @CynDaVaz & Max – Calm down please. Cyn I don’t see where Max called anyone a moron (drones yes but that isn’t an insult, imo). Neither of you agree with the other’s OPINION on the show – time to move on to other topics.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Paul Young

  8. I’m only on page 4 of the posts but dont think i can read anymore. I get the general “this season was crap” but thats only because the first seasons were “NEW” and “SHINY” unlike anything I have seen before. Now well its like watching alotta violence and it doesn’t bother you anymore, we want that feeling back. the last 2 seasons were more .. boring for me and i could see alot of stuff going somewhere by all the clues they were giving you unlike the begining seasons especially Rita’s death when i felt like i got Sucker Punched outta no where. Still i really did enjoy season 5 and 6 because they are setting somthing up with Dexter… the show will end with his death or him retiring in Miami somewhere killing off people that got away with their sins and enjoying retirement, but all this stuff looks like he’s in a pivotal point in his life due to Harrison. Get rid of the dark passenger or watch the world burn as he walks his razor edged code. So great bore it down a bit with the “Story” anyone who reads, knows that slow point in the story, and this is it. I’m curious which way it will go and they turn it up. Only bad thing i have to say is totally saw Deb seein dex on the finale coming that was way to easy… tighten it up writers.

  9. Admittedly, I have enjoyed some seasons more than others, but Dexter is an excellent show that I’ve had very few complaints about. My biggest gripe was his first wimpy and whiney girlfriend turning into bossy and bitchy wife. All that soft breathy mewing noise (annoying) before she would speak disappeared when she got that ring on her finger…(also annoying)and the kids him around too much. However, I’ve enjoyed how he performs his “craft” and his relationships with his sis, dad, and co-workers.

    I think you’re all being way too hard on this excellent show!

  10. DEXTER ROCKS! One of the best shows on cable.

  11. Yea I’m gonna go ahead and strongly disagree. Last season was maybe a downturn but this season was great. If there’s a plot line that was underdeveloped and boring it was the ice truck killers hand thing. But besides that this was a great season of a great show. Don’t try too hard to be critics

    • @Ypri

      If I’m ever get stricken with full blown AIDS, Pancreatic cancer, shot in the kidney and accidentally inhaled a pound of anthrax all in the same day, I want YOU buy my side telling me “don’t worry, everything will be ok”. Because I will know deep in your heart you will actually believe it.

  12. that was a fantastic and “spot on” assessment of the last season! Well played sir!

  13. I think you’re being a little too harsh. Overall, I believe Dexter season six was amazing! Yes, I did just use the word amazing and not “good”, “great” or “okay”, because quite simply, it was!

    Seasom 6 was definitely different from previous seasons with the religious aspect, new characters, Deb’s relationship with Dexter, and not to mention the shocking truth being unveiled infront of Deb! It told a fantastic story, executed well, and, like you said, promises more for the next seasons. So much more is to watch, we want to see Deb’s reaction and how it changes her relationship with Dexter.

    You don’t find much good TV like Dexter anymore. It’s different. There’s nothing like it. You’re being picky on the smallest issues. You’re intent on watching the next season, so you obviously can’t have disliked season 6 as much as you said.

    One of the best shows, without a doubt, especially compared to the crap on TV these days, .i.e. The Vampire Diaries (wtf?), and… Almost every other show apart from Breaking Bad – my all time favourite.

    Breaking Bad > Dexter > Heroes > Prison Break > Lost > Curb Your Enthusiasm > 24 > Six Feet Under (although I haven’t gotten to see much of it, so it’s likely it will shoot up my list along with The Wire)

  14. Season 6 was a bust. To have the big bad be Travis (Colin Hanks)was an insult to the other truly formidable big bads of this series. Colin Hanks was just NOT the guy. I had high hopes for Edward James Olmos, but too bad that did not pan out. I personally think the writers are getting too full of themselves with too many twists and turns and short little re-visits to characters of the past (Trinity’s son and then Rudy, which might have had a whole season worth of being Dexter’s go to voice, instead of Harry…for a while). The writers and producers (including MCH) might learn a thing or two and perhaps should consider humbling themselves to the the creator of the character and the first seaon…the author of the novels, Jeff Lindsay. But that won’t happen…too much ego at this point. The only redeeming factor seems to be Deb’s discovery. There is, of course, great room for great story to come. Not so sure it will. Good luck Michael C.H.

  15. What I’m curious about is how- in the second to last episode of season 6- was Dexter able TO SEE the finger prints on the knife of the man he killed on the boat. None of the police officers around him thought that comment was a bit strange?

  16. Can anyone tell me why Dexter’s Dad only takes Dexter out of the trailer. How does he already know that Brian is too far gone to help?
    Is it possible that Dexter is his biological son and he already knows that.

  17. I meant to say Rudy not Brian. Thanks

  18. I just finished watching this past season on demand last night. My wife and I have been big fans, but also have noticed the writing getting progressively lazier. It seems as though everything is so convenient for Dexter now, even just the simple things in life. He can leave work whenever he likes, he never has to take care of his son (the Irish nanny last season always covered for him, but at least got upset when Dexter did not come home at night – Batista’s sister is always caring for Harrison and never has any conflict – Dexter even is out chasing Travis while Jaime is on a date with Louis – who was taking care of the 3-year old?), and even Aster and Cody have conveniently disappeared!! Where did they go and why does Dexter have no responsibility to them any longer? How did Dexter escape the lake of fire so easily? It was so easy for him to escape the basement. The list goes on and on – just lazy writing.

    Really, there has been no difficulty for Dexter in 2 seasons now. He never really delved into the spiritual matters, as he could have with Brother Sam. He keeps saying he wants to be a better father but never makes an attempt to stop killing. He never has dealt with any kind of emotional complications or even outside judgment about his coldness regarding Rita. I could keep listing plot holes and unresolved subtext. It just seems like they write the story to achieve some spectacular scenes (e.g. Deb walking in on Dex) instead of writing to develop the characters. The show could be so much more interesting if it were written with more substance and character development. I still think the acting is tremendous and there are some unique aspects to the show, but I have been very disappointed in the last 2 seasons in particular. Dex needs to go back to 12-step, or therapy, or make some kind of attempt to change or the show will continue to be stale, regardless of whatever kind of twist they try to add, in my humble opinion.

  19. I actually thought this season was an improvement over the last.

    I loved season 2, 4 and 6 and felt the odd numbered seasons were a bit lack luster.

  20. There’s no denying that writing was physically sloppy this season. However, the theme, and the ultimate meaning behind this season outshone any other.

    If they can make the plot as interesting (and plausible) as it was in the earlier seasons, as well as keep the philosophical undertone that this season delved into for Season 7, and it will easily be the best season of the show.

    As for the people who said character development was stunted this season, I would have to disagree wholeheartedly. The season wasn’t about religion, it was a means to an end. The season is about FAITH, not religion. Travis invests his faith in God, Deb invests her faith in Dexter, and Dexter is trying to find something Harrison can invest faith in–and maybe even something for Dexter himself.

    ‘Just Let Go’ probably has probably shown the most dynamic Dexter’s ever been: “there’s no light in you, there’s no light in me”. Look at that however you want but, to me, that line is telling of Dexter’s state of mind at the end of the season. Think he ain’t the evilest (is that a word?) he’s ever been at the end of the season? Go back and watch that Travis kill scene. That’s the Dark Passenger–the one Dexter no longer has control over.

    Personally, I thought that, despite the plot holes and sloppy ‘mechanical’ writing, S6 was brilliant in its own way. It’s like the ‘Ishmael’ of the series. Philosophically brilliant, but pretty ‘meh’ plotwise. That puts it right in the middle of the pack for me.

  21. I thought the season was great. Looked forward to each episode and laughed like heck in the last scene of the last episode. Can’t wait for next season.

  22. i’m gonna call it the way i saw it. watching colin hanks was a drag. he was just waaaayy too in over his head. i cannot comprehend how such an uncharismatic and plainly awkward person could conceivably get two adults, whom he never met before and were expecting to meet someone else, to do the killings for him and to make the ultimate sacrifice. he just was not credible, and everything was waaay to predictable. bad casting, he was obviously not ready to jump into showtime’s brand of entertainment.

  23. I just finished watching the season finale. I agree with all the criticism and you guys saying that Dexter went downhill after the first seasons. Having said that, it still doesn´t fail to entertain me. Unlike with other shows where you watch an episode and have that nagging feeling that you are merely wasting precious time. And the last moments of the last episode where where Deb finally witnesses Dexter killing… well, it was about time, wasn´t it? I would have preferred a different approach, though. My bet was on her (and/or the department) starting to get on Dexter´s tail one way or the other and not getting completely fooled like the previous times. Well, now she knows for sure what is going on and what will come from that will be interesting, hopefully.

    I´m looking forward to the last two seasons. After having already watched six whole seasons and enjoyed them even if they obviously had some flaws there is no way that I will miss the rest of the story.

  24. Don’t Dexter and Deb have the same biological father ?

    In season 1, Dexter figured out that the deceased man who willed him a house was actually Harry and had the same DNA. Harry boinked his informant and was Dexter’s father, but not Rudy’s. Right ?

    • No. Rudy led Dexter to his biological father, by killing him (and perhaps having him sort the will in Dexter’s favour first). When Dex arrived at the house, he went to examine the body, took a sample of blood, and he had Masuka do a blood test. The result came back positive.

      Deb and Dex aren’t biologically related, but still, this is a freaky and odd path the writers are on, and the circumstances surrounding this adopted sibling-romance are all so flimsy I just can’t see them pulling anything good out of it. lol

      • “still, this is a freaky and odd path the writers are on, and the circumstances surrounding this adopted sibling-romance are all so flimsy I just can’t see them pulling anything good out of it.”

        Me either. Hopefully the writers will come to their senses on this one.

  25. Season 6 was decent, I liked the actors for the guest stars. Didn’t like Deb realizing she loves Dexter, (since season 1 I’ve seen them as brother and sister, even if not biological it’s kinda weird). The finale was great, because you know Dexter can’t kill Deb so even if you didn’t like the season you will be tuning in, in September to find out what happens. No get out of jail free card here, either Deb will understand what he is doing and look the other way/help him or not, but if there are 2 seasons left, I’m assuming she will understand since I don’t think they can do 2 more seasons with Dexter in jail. I miss the Doakes and Dexter hilarious back and forth dialogue from the first 2 seasons which are the 2 best seasons of course. I don’t think they will ever be able to re-create even something like the Doakes/Dexter relationship, but who knows what the next seasons will bring.

    Sergeant Doakes: You give me the f*cking creeps, you know that Dexter?
    Dexter Morgan: Yeah, I know, sorry about that.

  26. Enjoy the show and stop looking at yourselves as better writers than the pros who brought you Dexter. The season may not be as solid as Season 4 but it’s very interesting and gave a great ending. How he got DDK to the church with his son still with him and all the cops in every street may not be believable but this is A TV SHOW. If it was real-life, Dexter the serial-killer would’ve been caught by now so stop over-analyzing every scene. The thing that made me feel better was Olmost being a non-villain. The creepy intern might play a big role in season 7 but i hope not. If season 4 was any indication, they need to cast a big-time actor/actress as a lead villain. John Lithgow was awesome and really set the bar for every lead villain to come.

  27. Dexter season 6 was quite disappointing. In fact, just like last season, the only truly ground-breaking event that will have a lasting impact on Dexter at all is Deb discovering who he is. The Lumen story arc just reminded Dex of what he knew since the end of season 3… that he can’t really have killer friends. And Dexter’s search for faith I can’t see having much of an impact on his character either. Honestly, the ONLY reason for the last two seasons was to set up Deb finding out, and there wasn’t any reason Deb couldn’t have found out at the end of season 5. The writers have been wasting our time, and let’s face it, nothing except the end of the finale opened up any opportunities for dramatic story lines. Brian coming back was pretty lame too because again… that didn’t have any lasting impact and was only done to remind us of the masterful first season.

    • I have just watched 6 seasons in about 2 months. I watched bits and pieces of season 1 and 2 and just never had HBO to actually watch it. But, it was kind of funny that I still was a huge fan without even watching complete seasons. Thanks to an internet streamer that finally got good tv episodes and seasons on it I was able to watch the first 3 seasons quickly. I could not stop watching. It was crazy.

      So I apologize to being one of those fans who watched 6 seasons in under a year and didn’t have to put up with the heartache and suspense of waiting for the next episode or season. I am sorry for that. BUT, I believe my opinions of the show are pretty accurate and honest.

      The character development and the acting was the show, not only the writing. Jen and Michael obviously draw you into their characters and suck you in to watch them and the writing and their acting combined make you care for them and feel their pains and troubles.

      There were times where I was honestly getting chills.

      i think the charatcers make this show. But Dexter cannot become the “American Psycho” we sometimes want him to be. It would be too easy to just have him kill. and that would get too old.

      The show has to make dexter real. And having trouble with faith, well actually trying to answer questions with faith are inevitable when dealing with death. Also, having a family, kids, made it harder to get out but made it feel like he could be one of us.

      If any of us would have to kill, guaranteed it would have to be justified. he is killing “bad” serial killers haha. Pedophiles, rapists, hard time killers etc. Exactly what cops would want. Like when Deb did not feel bad about killing the fuendez brother (sporry about spelling) in the bar. HE was bad, and he deserved to die anyway.

      Season One and 2 were great I thought and Jimy Smits I thought was great. He was great in his role and very believable as a true Dexter friend. But I think what happend to him, would have happened to anyone that thought they could kill. You would get too caught up in killing and think you could never be stopped. Unlike dexter who is fot the most part, in control of his killings. Except when it comes to his family.

      John Lithgow was the best choice for the show. he was amazing. Can you put anyone else in this role? I think he was equal to Sir Anthony Hopkins in silence of the lambs series. They could have had a separate show just on him.

      Now one crazy idea I have is that JONAH was involved in both killings of Beca and his mom. And they didn’t really reveal how Rita got killed just that trinity did it. I have come to believe and would love if it was actually Jonah that offed Rita. It is one thing to see your mother get killed in front of you, but if you were a serial killer wouldn’t you want your legacy to continue. maybe Trinity #2 is coming haha. Maybe Lithgow taught Jonah everything he knew. On that note, during the Trinity kill, did lithgow give any hint at all that Rita was dead??? I watched it a few times over and all I got from it was, “it’s already over” meaning he had killed Dexter’s wife and left Harrison there to see it and become “dark” Hey for all we know, Trinity may have had Harrison cut his own Mommy’s leg ???

      For as much as I was annoyed by Rita and her character, (I don’t think she ever shouted once?? by the way) i didn’t want Miss Gorgeous to be killed. Man she was fine fine fine.

      I wish Bri bri would have stayed longer. I think the true darkness would have been a nice change of pace to the series as a whole. Nothing wrong with throwing someone into a silo haha once in a while.

      Now for Mr. Hanks. I didn’t hate him. I think he was actually casted perfectly. They needed a geeky looking guy. SOmeoine that we would all believe was Gellar’s “gofer” or goof haha. But as he got pure evil, he was almost too geeky. I wish they gve him more time to get into that character. I think like the movie primal fear with ed norton is a good example of this type of transformation, but in the end Norton was lyign about having multi-personalities.

      I think they could have put Hanks and Cooke in either roles as the geek in the office or geeky killer. But Coke I think is better for season 7.

      But for hanks, its pretty tought to follow Lithgow and Smits.

      As for season 5, at first i had no idea that was julia stiles. She looked familiar in the first 2 episodes, but couldn’t put my finger on it. I thought she was great for the show and even the writers kind of made fun of themselves a bit with them falling for each other. It was taken that seriosuly I believe. It was good for a few episodes, but once Julia became the “save the last dance ” chick near the end, I wanted her gone.

      Now the men that raped and murdered all these women seemd wimpy and easy to kill. I think the “Chase” to chase Jordan Chase could have been a little longer and not rushed,. But I think that is the whole series. Theere are only 12 episodes per season. To me, that is way too short for a tv series. (I watched LOST the same way I watched this series. Downloaded them all after a few seasons were done and then caught up to speed-my point is, that there were over 15 episodes per season for lost I wish trhrere were 15 or more episide s for Dexter.

      Cheers to becoming a fan that has to now wait for the next episode every week.

      Thanks for reading.

  28. It was not his cellphone.

  29. I really love dex and i have loved all the seasons. i dont understand all the hatred going on. its just a show on tv and we are ok with the fact he is a killer but we hate the fact deb can be in love with him? plus you know how unstable her feelings are…her being in love with him makes it even edgier and worth the wait as to how she will react..will she love him will she hate him? and i also loved season 6 and i agree a few loop holes are there but come on its only for our entertainment and not something we have to argue about all day. the dex/deb angle just made me more curious to find out her feelings and reactions and also in the books she knew he is a killer so why not in the books? go dexter i cant wait for the next 2 seasons!