‘Dexter’ Season 6 Finale Review

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Michael C. Hall Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 6 Finale Review

What to know what happens next? ‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

After a somewhat disappointing downturn for season 5, the Dexter hype machine – started by Showtime head David Nevins – proclaimed season 6 to be a chance to bring Dexter Morgan “back to his roots.”

While that may have been the goal – and there is plenty of evidence to suggest this – the execution of season 6 has been such that Dexter doesn’t really resemble itself any longer, and with the quality of the program arguably waning, one begins to wonder how the show’s final two seasons will fare. Since there’ll be several months to wait until season 7, one bright spot to point out is that after season 6, the only place Dexter can go is up.

The season started off promisingly enough with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) up to his killing ways and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) in yet another ill-advised romantic endeavor, by continuing her relationship with Quinn (Desmond Harrington). Meanwhile, we were introduced to the two antagonists in the fire-and-brimstone preaching Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos) and the acolyte under his tutelage/control Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks). The pair’s religious-themed killings coincided well with Dexter’s search to bring some notion of faith to his young son, Harrison. More so, however, the Gellar/Travis relationship served as a comparison of the relationship Dexter had with his father Harry (James Remar).

Instead of mining these potentially rich aspects, however, Dexter focused too intently on pulling a fast one on its audience, and unfortunately sacrificed much of the season in the process.

One of the missteps for the season has been the way in which the Dexter crew handled (mishandled) the nemesis, or threat of the Doomsday Killer. Because the disclosure of Gellar being a figment of Travis’ imagination was revealed at the three-quarter mark for the season, it left precious little time for the necessity of Dexter’s involvement. While the DDK killings felt like good spectacle, they did so especially to the characters – who seemed to be waiting idly by as one tableau followed another, as if letting the ritualistic killings run their course was an actual option. For the majority of the season, Deb, Batista, Quinn and Masuka were chasing down the prime suspect with all the effervescence of a child walking to school. They were all looking for DDK, but they seemed to be doing it out of obligation – there was never any sense of urgency or even real interest.

More troublesome is the fact that the Gellar delay effectively took Dexter out of the equation for the majority of the season. Instead of building Travis or Gellar into any kind of suitable threat for Dexter to extinguish, it became a superimposed ornamentation, designed to keep the characters trudging toward the inevitable end, while Dexter explored the concept of faith like he was leafing through some religious pamphlet.

Colin Hanks as Travis Marshall Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 6 Finale Review

That brings us to the concept of Mos Def’s Brother Sam, who seemed to be putting Dexter on a different path that might have served as an organic arc for a character that has been battling proverbial demons for so long now. Unfortunately, the untimely demise of Brother Sam summoned visions of Dexter’s biological brother Rudy (Christian Carmago) – allowing Rudy to take over as voice of reason in Dexter’s mind. This, too, could have been an interesting concept, one worthy of an entire season, actually, but like the Brother Sam storyline, it fizzled out before it really got going. And once more we were left waiting for the show to tell us exactly what everyone already knew.

At the onset of season 6, Nevins also suggested that the relationship between (adopted) siblings Dexter and Debra would undergo a certain change. “There will be a microscope on the Deb/Dexter relationship this season. Over time you’re going to see that relationship evolve and change, no questions about it.”

Many thought this meant Deb would finally uncover Dexter’s secret, or that it might mean her relationship to Dexter would become distant or strained; few could have imagined Nevins’ statement meant Deb would be exploring the possibility that she actually has romantic feelings for her adopted brother.

As disturbing and uncomfortable this notion may be, is it possible that the examination of the siblings’ relationship is the one thing Dexter got right this season? While you would be hard-pressed to find anyone cheering for this to happen, it does make sense – in its own twisted little way. How else could one of Miami’s finest be oblivious to the fact that a serial killer is not just among them, but spending much of his off time in her presence? Sure, Deb loves Dexter as a brother, but the idea of her affection being more than that might help ease the transition of her bearing witness to Dexter’s true nature.

Which, of course, is exactly what happened in ‘This is How The World Ends,’ leaving not only the episode’s title open for interpretation, but also the course of the remaining two seasons.


For the most part, the final episode was a typical cat-and-mouse game between Dexter and the now-obligatory big bad, who conveniently finds a way into Dexter’s life, discovers the ‘dark passenger’ and then sets out to harm Dex through someone he cares about – which at this point in the series is either Deb or Harrison.

Travis was never really much of a physical threat to Dexter, which to a certain extent justifies the ‘80s action movie staple of the child/wife/family member being used as leverage against the hero. So it was inevitable that Harrison would eventually end up in Travis’ hands – at least until Dexter could find a way to get the would-be Doomsday Killer in shrink-wrap.

It all seemed eerily reminiscent of every season that had come before, until Deb walked in on Dexter plunging a knife into Travis’ chest.

Jennifer Carpenter David Zayas Billy Brown Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 6 Finale Review

And now the speculation on how Debra will handle the revelation – and, moreover, how it will affect her feelings for Dexter, can begin. Deb has already shown she’s willing to take a pass on the law, as she did with Deputy Chief Tom Matthews after learning of his involvement with a dead call girl- so, legally speaking, Dexter may not have much to worry about. However, Deb’s rocky personal life has been repeatedly shaken to its core, so that this shock may be too much for her embattled psyche to withstand.

Was the ending enough to save what has been a dismal season? The answer is unequivocally no. Season 6 has been rife with laughable moments, such as Travis saying things like “Hello, whore!” and the bizarrely bad painting depicting Dexter as the devil. More troublesome is the fact that, for a series which has largely been based on the intelligence of its main character, Dexter sure did some incomprehensible things this season. Besides not picking up on his sister’s emotions, Travis’ insanity or Louis the creepy intern’s obsession, Dexter managed to call in a potential terrorist threat on his own cell phone, forget Travis had his keys and wallet and show up to his kid’s play in his “kill” gear.

What the finale does do is give Dexter the fresh start that season 6 promised. There is a lot of story left to be told like the true nature of Louis (Josh Cooke), the purpose of Quinn’s existence and whether or not the term ‘dark passenger’ has any meaning any longer.

If season 7 is going to be dealing with the kind of issue most fans have been hoping for, then many creative aspects are going to have to improve dramatically, or the audience is going to be left remembering Dexter for all the unintentionally funny moments and sloppy storytelling that marred its final seasons.


Dexter will return for season 7 in the fall of 2012.

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  1. The biggest problem I had with season 6 was, like season 5, that it felt as though nothing significant happened with the exception of the last 5 minutes (and even that lacked the suspense the show was known for). This season was a complete mess with empty new characters that added nothing to the series (did anyone really care that Brother Sam died? And how did his death affect the show? That’s right, it didn’t), little to no suspense, little to no humor, a boring villain, uninspired side-plots and cliche’s (the moments between Batista & Quinn DIDN’T WORK AT ALL, and Rudy coming back for just one episode was completely ridiculous), characters acting out of character; Tough Deb seemed to be crying in every episode (annoying the hell out of me) and Dexter was making stupid rookie decisions throughout. Let’s also not forget about the unintentional hilarious moments such as the Dexter painting. And the ‘revelation’ that Deb is in love with Dexter pushed this season over the edge for me (in a bad way). I remember when every character in the Dexter universe had a purpose a personality. I remember when every action had a reaction. And I still remember when plot twists would make sense and serve to further the story. Season 5 should have started the end arc and season 6 should have been the series finale. Because everyone got greedy the story-telling quality has greatly deteriorated. Are these completely new writers or something? You can’t tell me these were the writers that put together the fantastic 4th season. It’s maddening how flat this show feels now when compared to something like Breaking Bad, where every character is fleshed-out and has a purpose and every plot turn ties up perfectly and unpredictably. My hope is that seasons 7 & 8 will blow me away and I could pretend seasons 5 & 6 never existed (I’ll be skipping those seasons when/if I buy the complete series in the future).

    • I’m sorry, but it’s Lumen, not Luna…;)

  2. Forget every stupid thing that happened this season ’cause all that matters is that Deb knows Dexter’s secret now. After runnng through all the possible outcomes for Season 7, there is only one solution that I can think of that works — After a couple soul-searching episodes where she nearly turns Dexter in, Deb will be killed in the line of duty by some crazed psycho, who Dexter must then hunt down for the rest of season. Dexter might actually disappear for an episode or two at the beginning to avoid being arrested, but then he’ll be free to come back to Miami and avenge Deb’s death.
    Supporting evidence —
    * Anyone who ever found out who Dexter really is was killed or disappeared for good — ITK, Doakes, Miguel Prado, Trinity, Luna, etc.
    * Deb is already so messed up that this will put her over the edge mentally and the they can’t let that go on for very long.

    • @Charlie

      I like that! Seems plausible. I think a lot will change within Miami Metro given the rift between Tom and Deb and crazy Louis. And the character I least expect to change would be Mike Anderson. Maybe we’ll find out he was related to Doakes and seek revenge on Dexter.

    • i agree!! Deb knows and that is huge!!! I absolutely love the show and can’t wait for the next season!! I just can’t believe it ended like that!!

    • A few shows ago Deb regretted the department’s duty to work within the limits of the law. She also admired (last season) the couple (Dexter and his lover, Luna) who bonded and went after her former tormenters. After they were all killed Luna left him, as you’ll recall. He needs someone who understands and loves him. This would set up a possible scenario for next season where A) Deb uses Dexter as a valuable weapon to further her success in the department while getting the baddies and B) in a sense blackmails him to become her lover. Although she’ll have some angst about her sworn duties, she’ll rationalize that she’s a stronger leutenant WITH Dexter as an assest than by turning him in. She’s complicated and has issues. Next season will definitely be about issues!!

  3. Good points, Charlie.

    In the books, Deb knows about what Dexter does and she has accepted it. The Deb in the TV show is much more unhinged, though. Much more whiny and grating. Might be quite a bit harder for her to come to terms with his dark passenger.

    Something I’ve been speculating about with my brother is the intern; perhaps he’s related to Rudy – his son, perhaps; Dexter’s nephew. And that’s why he’s obsessed with Dexter and sent that hand to him.

    • I couldn’t have put it any better than you did!!! You are right on the money!

  4. I do honestly think that reviews like this are the reason a lot of good shows get cancelled and we are stuck with the inevitable flurry of sparkling vampires and ghost hunting crap.

    A critique can always sound a little too harsh (or not harsh enough) varying on ones own opinion, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt when I say the overt negativity expressed in this review may show the writers seemingly biased opinion.

    Nevertheless, a lot of good points were made so kudos for that…but I’m just tired of reading negative drivel that seems to be written by people just trying to fit in with the consistently negative film/TV critics out there. Also a little tired of Ratings or fitting in with Social Norms being more important than a good story.. I mean sure, The writers could have expanded upon all of the various things you mentioned.. But then there would be 10 seasons of Dexter giving even more excuses for people to then say the opposite being “I wish the various dramas had been compressed down into one or two seasons”.. It is the directors and the writers job to expand as much as they can, whilst still maintaining their end goal business directive I.e to make money.. And if the directors and writers have free reign I’m sure they would have loved to do so much more this season but again, that’s sho’Binness..

    Will also make note I was applauding debs decision, even though it is taboo.. My first words were honestly “It’s about time” and after the death of her seemingly unbreakable but again slightly taboo love with Landry, and then the various affairs afterwards including Quinn, I was honestly expecting her to fall in love with Dexter. Of course trolls may say I’m lying and that hindsight is a wonderful thing but yeah.. I think this decision and the whirlwind that will inevitably be created by seeing Dexter in his true form will make for an incredibly thrilling season, with more focus On Deb and Dexter possibly as a couple as well as how they are. I honestly think though that while Debs new discovered feelings may be key to keeping Dexter out of the chair, I think that given the reluctance of “sharing” a life (as we didn’t see until a few eps before the death of Rita” And the fear of losing someone (As we saw with both Rita and Lumen) and furthermore the Essential need he feels to have his own separate life; that he will not reciprocate or even tolerate any feelings besides Siblingry (made up word) Due to the concrete idea of what Deb means to him..

    I also think both Harry and Brian will feature heavily in the next season, more than we have ever seen them, and that the whole situation may inevitably bring Dexter to fragment.

    You can’t please them all I guess.

    • R34L157 you are 110% right on your first point! Careful what is said because you don’t know what you have until its gone!!

    • Well Said. I love this show and I take the ups and the downs. That’s what makes it a good show.

      • Are you retarded? The “downs” help make it a good show? You sound like a retarded chick. “Downs” usually mean it isn’t that good. You obvously don’t care about the show and are a huge loser.

        • @ Max: You sir, Are a tool… Next time try to show your opinion with a modicum of respect, otherwise your own words represent who you are.

        • Can this guy be banned or something? All he seems capable of is launching personal insults at people.

        • Max,

          You need to chill the hell out in your replies or you’re going to find yourself banned.


  5. I didn’t feel any suspense in this season. Why did Debra go to the church ? How did she know dexter was there? At least it made sense at the end of season 5 when she was looking for chase.

    I thought the whole deb fancying dexter was a good idea, i dnt think she really does, shes lost so many men in her life I do think she’s losing the plot a bit crying every episode she seems really f***** up. Wouldn’t be surprised if the girl ended up in a mental home after seeing dex kill.

    I know travis kept referring to the professor when he captured the whore, but when he let her go she told police there was definitely two of them ?

    And why didn’t travis just shoot dexter in the head? Bit ott putting him on a boat tied up in the middle of the ocean … It werent part of the ritual ??

    Dexter come across almost like a bully to travis in previous episodes, travis was weak and I never felt worried that dexter would die or lose out were as in other seasons the serial killers have been cunning and confident.

    Mos def would of been a better villain

    • “Why did Debra go to the church ? How did she know dexter was there?”

      She probably went to the church to confess her ‘true’ feelings for Dex; she knew he’d be there because she’d already told him to go back to the church and finish up some crime scene work.

    • “Bit ott putting him on a boat tied up in the middle of the ocean … It werent part of the ritual ??”

      I think it was part of the ritual – something about the ring of fire and the false prophet (or whatever Dex represented to Travis in his delusions).

    • Dex told his housekeeper (the sister of Baptista) that he was going to the church…

      • He told the nanny he was going back to a crime scene; he didn’t tell her it was the church, but Deb would have still known anyway b/c she’d told him which crime scene to go to.

    • “I think that by having debra fall in love with dexter it will help her deal with dexters secret…”

      Is this the same Debra who dated Dex’s brother, who she knows to have been a serial killer (a Florida legend second only to the Bay Harbour Butcher – who (she thinks) turned out to be her work colleague and almost-friend Doakes?) and who traumatised her to no end? Yeah, she’ll be fine.

      I’m sure she’s not just gonna have a mental breakdown on the spot. That’s absurd. I’m sure because the writers can’t even produce a compelling way to have Dex discovered by Deb. The *very* best they came up with was having Deb ask Dex to be somewhere, and then having Dex be there while killing someone. Great stuff! lmao!

      But yeah. No doubt she’ll run a ways out of the church, crying. Dex will catch up. Deb will faint or something. He’ll carry her home. She’ll wake up hours later and Dex will convince her she didn’t see what she saw. She’ll confess her love, they’ll kiss, and then Special Agent Mulder will crash through the window with a grey alien attached to his face, and Skully will rush in after him muttering something about religious conflicts in her soul. Dex will detach and kill the alien, only to be told by the newly arrived Smoking Man, that the alien is in fact Dex’s real father.

      By mid-season Deb and Dex will be happily married. LaGuerta will be president of the United States after implicating Obama in a sex scandal. The season finale will have a secret society meeting attended by the entire cast, all worshipping the prosthetic hand that’s been put in because one of the writers remembered at the last minute that they had brought it up somewhere back in season 6, and never got around to explaining it. The markings on the hand? The recipe for immortality! The intern was God all along. {=O

      • ROFL!

  6. Well harry is debs father so we know that she has the bad in her he is the one who created and guided dexter,and as far as his dark passenger goes I believe that deb will be his light that he has been so looking for and the dark passenger will be gone in him but he may very well become her dark passenger.
    As far as the creepy intern goes it is very obvious that he will be the next villan and pretty positive that he is related to the ice truck killer so also related to dexter.
    As far as quinn goes I dont think he will be transferred he hasnt finished breaking down all the way yet,and we do need a villan for season 8

    • “Well harry is debs father so we know that she has the bad in her he is the one who created and guided dexter”

      He guided Dexter, yes – to kill only those who supposedly deserved death. But he didn’t create Dexter … the experience of being trapped in the shipping container while his mother was chainsawed to death and sitting in her blood for three days was what created his dark passenger (and Rudy’s/Brian’s as well).

    • one of the producers of dexter has stated that lewis will not be the main villan for season 7 however i belive he will be the main villan of season 8 and dexters biggest challenge also debs going to help fuel dex’s dark passenger by feeding him secret evidence and what not.

  7. I think the next season’s really gonna end up being all about acceptance. Deb has to accept that Dexter is the BHB (or eventually, assuming Dexter tries to play off the kill as a one time thing or if it had started after Rita’s death), and Dexter will have to accept, or at least understand, that Deb’s love for him exceeds sibling territory. Deb will eventually learn about Lumen and Jordan Chase, what really happened to Trinity and Miguel, and eventually about Brian. That’ll probably be one of the highlights of next season, Deb learning that Dexter chose her, an adopted sister who could never (at the time) have understood who he was, over the one person in the world that he’d never have to explain himself to. Probably a pretty powerful moment, and kind of the make or break moment for this whole Deb/Dex more-than-platonic relationship thingy. I’d venture to guess that she’ll accept him being a serial killer and become a sort of Commissioner Gordon to Dexter’s Batman.

    That being said, I actually wouldn’t mind for Dexter and Deb’s relationship to actually go into romantic category. I mean, everywhere you see people denouncing it as incest,and yes it’s pretty screwed up, but the thing is, we’re not dealing with you or me here. These people have lived some pretty messed up lives, I think it would be more than realistic that Deb finally projects her desire on her brother, rather than jumping around from man-to-man that are either exactly like Dexter (Brian, Lundy) or quite the opposite (Anton, Quinn).

    On the other hand, you have a still very emotionally-desensitized Dexter who watched his mother die in front of him and ruined his life really (he kills Brian, and by allowing Trinity to survive his attempted suicide, he may feel, however subconsciously, he killed Rita. He’s estranged himself from Cody and Astor and all of his coworkers.) In the sixth season, as you probably noticed, the only contact Dexter really has with humanity after Brother Sam dies are Harrison, Deb, and (sort of) Jamie. Likely as not, he’ll either push away Deb or accept her like Brian was willing to accept Dexter for what he was.

    With characters that screwed up, is it really any surprise that Deb would want to find love in the one constant in her life? Or that Dexter might just want to be loved? Furthermore, despite Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are divorced, the two actors seem to be on pretty good terms if their interviews are anything to go by. People with that kind of ‘chemistry’, whether they are now separated or still married, often work very well in these kinds of characters.

    But seriously. I’m picturing a younger, female Commissioner Gordon and a serial-killer Batman with a heart of gold.

      • There’s some truth to that. I hadn’t noticed it much at first, but after seeing this season, there are a lot of things that seem to add up in earlier seasons. From Dexter saying that if he could have feelings for anyone, it’d be Deb to the strange way that Deb ties Dexter’s tie before his wedding and even that ‘I’m broken’ scene in the fourth season, there are a whole lot of things you definitely read more into.

  8. This season was great. Each episode picked up on where the last left off. They stuck close to the main storyline with many exciting twists and turns. The ending was phenomenal, making one anxiously await next season. What will Deb do????

    • i think Deb will use the love she has for dexter to justify why he is what and whom he is , i think that debra will also find and become more in touch with her dark passenger . i also believe that like i said prior dexter will eventually see thru to his true feelings for debra while exploring her finding out . the writers have said they will explore them as something more than bro and sister so my assumption is he will have what he had with lumen only debra will be able to accept him wheres as lumen wasn’t

  9. Showtime 2012 – Decidedly Dim Dexter – Season 7. The once-neat monster returns to wow audiences with his increasingly wayward ways, as he curtails yet another Miami Metro Homicide non-investigation, while in hot pursuit of yet another possible mentor and/or villain. Dexter seems unstoppable, uncatchable – and in his ability to forgo caution, code, and cunning for reckless murders during chance encounters with random bad guys – almost UNBELIEVABLE!

    The cast is back! Discover how Debra reacts to finding her brother exactly where she asked him to be, only to see him plunging a knife into a high-profile Florida criminal’s chest! Watch in awe as Batista and Masuka discover new feelings for one another. LaGeurta contacts an old friend in the form of Doakes’ charred and rotting torso, why is she fondling it like that? What’s with the intern? What happened with the hand? Who was that guy, with the thing, at the whatsit? We don’t know! We haven’t written it yet! We’re kinda winging it here! But tune in. Find out. It’s COMING SOON! Ka-ching! ( $ _$)

  10. dexter season 6 was almost killed the show for me as a fan. the biggest issue is this: holly – the girl colin hanks lets go and then later kills in episode 11, tells the department that there were two people speaking to each other while she was held captive. she refers to hanks’ character as “the weaker one” – she establishes that there were two people who took her. this worked until dexter discovers the professor’s body. it still may have worked if hanks’ character had recently killed the professor. it does NOT work when it is revealed that the professor was killed three years prior. hanks’ character has a conversation with the professor after we know he killed him – dexter watches this – hanks doesn’t speak in a different voice or tone when talking with the professor. so, what the hell? that twist that the professor was dead all along really wasn’t that great to begin with, but that it didn’t serve a purpose – hey, dexter, the guy who you had absolutely no contact with over the season, and who had done little in revealing your true character/identity to your co-workers – he never existed!

    as someone who follows the show, it is difficult to overlook the fact that the show has gaping holes in it this year. but that holly character established that there were two people who took her, had a conversation, and because of that – i will always look at this season as the writers’ worst. completely ruined the show – and the only reason to watch season 7 is to see what deb does with dexter. a complete cop-out for the entire season.

    • Yes, but perhaps to HER it sounded like there were two different people, especially if Travis changed his voice when he vocalized ‘Geller’s’ end of the conversation. Dexter saw Travis ‘talking’ to Geller – and it continued to show Olmos as part of the conversation for much of that scene, so it’s certainly feasible that Travis was using a different voice even in front of Dexter.

    • @Dave.

      “and the only reason to watch season 7 is to see what deb does with dexter. a complete cop-out for the entire season”

      I agree. And ‘Cop Out’ would have been the perfect title for that craptastic finale.

  11. i read thru the first page and noticed almost no1 reads the books. Deb had known since ITK in the books and Brian AND Doakes are alive. The books are much different

    • Yes, the books are quite different. One glaring difference is also that Deb isn’t *nearly* as annoying and cry-babyish as she is in the show.

      • Overall, however, the show is loads better in terms of overall writing, character development and plot complexity.

        • Wish I could edit my posts sometimes. LOL

    • Yes, the books are different. And for those who have not read the books and think the show’s writing has been bad in the past couple of seasons, go read the books. Soon, you will think the writers of seasons 5 & 6 are not so bad after all. The books, are practically unreadable Janet Evanovich style tripe after the first few chapters of book one, is what I’m trying to say.

  12. This season was so much better in comparison to the last one! I’m so happy that Dexter is back to his old self again and no longer wrapped up in boring ol’ domestic duties. I really appreciated it when the writers took the time to write in the line, which was vocalized by Dexter’s dead brother, “you’ve been domesticated!” That was awesome! It was as though the writers were giving the audience (all those who complained about Dexter getting married and becoming a dad – snooze) a voice. Well, that’s the way I interpreted it. This season was really good. I look forward to the beginning of next season. Micheal C. Hall is an amazing actor, so talented. I really enjoyed Quinn this season. He was messing up left, right and centre, due to his broken heart, but he plays that role so well. So many moments this season when Quinn made me laugh out loud. Great season. Keep up the good work everyone! :)

  13. Yes i agree with all of thus, but lets all keep things in perspective here. This show was amazing for 4 seasons, LOST was amazing for 2 seasons and lasted 6 seasons. I think 4 amazing seasons is the most a serious series has done as well. Also in the first few seasons you still have the idea/thought that something could happen to him, they could end it, knowing that its going 8 seasons takes the fun out of it a little.

    I completely agree though the writing in the last two seasons has been AWFUL. OH WELL, I watched LOST for frikcing 6 seasons, I’ll be watching Dexter up to the point where he dies in Season 8!

    • The Wire was amazing for 5 seasons, even the weaker ones like 2 and 5 were still better than any season of Dexter. I’m not saying I dislike Dexter, I just think that at this point there’s no excuse for this quality of writing.

  14. I absolutely loved all of the seasons of Dexter. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’m just disappointed that they left us hanging like this! I like the idea of them working together @Donna! There are really so many possibilities here.

    If Deb does turn Dex in and he doesn’t hurt her, it would show he really cared about her; he ends up in prison and she helps him escape and then they sail of into the sunset. lol no.

    It’s so f*** fantastic that she knows about him now. Her world will be shattered :-p It would be interesting if Deb admitted her feelings to Dex after some time and then Dex just gets it on with her so she will protect him.

    As you can tell, one way or the other I want for Dex and Deb to get together. I’m sure the writers will come up with some nice ideas.
    I should write some fanfiction now to deal with this little obsession of mine.

  15. Did nobody notice the huge mistake they made? When the girl was released by travis she claimed that she was held by 2 men ( travis and the prof) and then later it appeared that the professor was already dead for 3 years. I found season 6 really weak and almost made in a hurry , no excitement like the 3 or 4.

    • Yes- I brought that up to a friend and he said that she WAS blindfolded and possibly (due to mental illness) Travis used 2 different voices- one for him and one for “the professor.” She was also in pain and possibly not in the right state of mind… this may be a stretch, but it is one possible explanation for her dual-captors belief. (Trust me- that was a red flag to me too…)

        • Heroes’ problem was it didn’t let a single character die! Who died in Heroes? Can you remember? Do you remember the season one finale when Nathan grabbed Peter and took him skyward, to die with him, to save the world? Great TV moment. Then Suresh’s narration over it was epic. Sacrifice. Redemption. Companionship. Great stuff.

          I found myself blubbering as I watched it.

          Enter season two. Nathan and Peter survived the explosion. Sylar survived. Everybody lived. Season three. Same deal. Everybody was resurrected in some way or another. The entire cast of season one was there for season four. Countless deaths, none of them permanent or meaningful. Gotta say that again. None of them MEANINGFUL!

          You have video game designers searching for meaningful choices in video games. A way to engage the player and make his or her choices count for something. Have an impact on the game world. And people wonder why the video game industry is now the most popular and lucrative medium for entertainment. But TV…

          … TV has fast become a breeding ground for the meaningLESS. Writers strangle the life out of characters until they become something to which a viewer can never relate. They smear drivel over the original, compelling premise of the show, like dogs sliding their arses over a priceless carpet.

          It’s almost as if they believe viewers can’t handle replacement characters. Can’t handle change. I’ve read a couple of comments about Game of Thrones on other entertainment forums. Viewers complaining about Ned Stark’s death. “WORST DECISION EVER! WHY DID THEY KILL OFF NED!?” Because he died in the books? because Ned’s death ushered in Rob’s reign as king in the North, setting up the war… because PEOPLE DIE! lol…

          … it gets my goat that these people are even tuning into the show. That this vocal minority, online especially, can dictate the course of a show, by giving idiot producers all they need to step in and say, “Y’know according to our feedback viewers didn’t like that Ned died. I think we should find a way to bring Ned back.”

          I don’t know if that really happens, but judging the trajectory most shows take, when they seemingly veer off into the realms of the perfectly stupid, you gotta wonder.

          I mean seriously. Peter and Nathan in Heroes were good characters. Their *apparent* meaningful deaths at the end of season one was a massive TV moment… made meaningLESS by the opening of season two. I’ll concede they finally killed off Nathan. But the how and why of it was a big fat ‘meh’, and by that point nobody was tuning in to care any more. Those not tuning in, if they had seen it, would probably think he’d be back in season five. “Can’t fool me! That was the eleventh time he died!”

          Heroes ended with a “To be continued…” Despite there probably being enough people still watching to fill a 100,000 seater stadium and offer a deafening chorus of, “Screw investing in future shows!”

          … ooo, I think I just ranted.(´ー`)

  16. @4tay – That was discussed above. Others noticed too and were quite upset by it.

    What made me mad was the lack of Astor and Cody. Sure, the writers wanted him to return to his “roots” and break away from the domestication, but it’s like they never existed in his life at all! No pictures in his house (to remind little Harison about his siblings?) Not one phone call – seriously?? It doesn’t have to be the main focus of the show anymore but especially after Astor broke into their old house and somewhat rekindled their relationship last season, AND they were supposedly spending the whole summer with Dexter right before this season started, I found that to be a huge annoyance. Even if they are estranged, it’s not like they just stopped existing which the show would lead viewers to believe.

    Overall, I really disliked this season. I didn’t like the whole religion plot – I’m guessing the writers said hmm… people close to him have already died, someone got already pregnant, we’ve already had a few love plots, what else is something overused to throw in there? I really hope season 7 is better but I feel like I’ve wasted too much time already after the last 2 seasons. It’s true; the only reason I’ll tune in for a bit is to see how Deb reacts.

    I REALLY loved seasons 1-3 but now I’m just frustrated. [end rant]
    Also, Jon O (above), you are hilarious!

    • (*°∀°)=3

  17. Being an European Dexter fan from the beginning, I’ve enjoyed the show for many seasons. Some episodes were not what they should be, but I’ve always liked the “overall” of the show.
    But season 6 was like… completely new writers or so? There are so many things to tell that are a mistake.
    But one of the basic mistakes was: giving Dexter some feelings. In the beginning of the season it was not Dexter like before. And for the love of God, please stop Debra from crying every five minutes. It’s really annoying and frustrating.

    Also the plots are too obvious, like in episode 11 where Dexter finds a picture of the girl on a website and figures out in a minute what she would do. But the most unbelievable thing is when he uses his own GSM for calling in the terrorist threat. That was for me like: how sloppy can this be. The writers could have used this in a better way: why not take the phone from the victim that Dexter just killed? Everyone has a mobile phone nowadays, so it would make perfect sense to search his pockets for a phone.

    The plot with captain Matthews, come on guys… boring! I really felt like these episodes were written by first-year writers. Also the nagging from Dexter’s father or brother Rudy. Completely not adding to the show.

    It’s sad to see that so many good shows, like Dexter, suffer from running too long. The plot has been told, the stories are empty, nothing more could be said. Please writers, make season 7 the final, but make it very spectacular !

  18. Why so pessimistic people ? It’s near impossible to better season 4 because of John Lithgows character and Ritas death but it’s still th best TV programme ever. Personally I loved it, the twists still shock me and I can’t wait for season 7 !

  19. I absolutely love love love the Dexter series and cant wait for season 7. I thought the high school re-union was awesome lol. Someone said the intern might be related to Brian and Dexter in a way and i’ll agree it seams possible. And as far as deb goes i’ll guess that she either loses her job because of what happened with Tom, and except what Dexter is. Or have some sort of mental break down and quit. If not im sure they’ll find out an awesome way to put together the next season. Cant wait!

  20. First off let me start by saying that i really enjoyed season 6. But there were a few things that got on my nerves. (I’m not great with character names, by the way). They could have explored certain avenues more, like for instance what was the point of the new black guy in Miami metro? could someone explain his purpose? did they feel they needed someone black because we are the only ones that know the bible inside out? unnecessary character alert No1, they could have gone somewhere with him, gave him his own little plot or something, and i wasn’t sure about the whole turning LaGuerta into this mega b****, i felt like slapping her most of the time, most of the s*** she did was totally not needed.. I had a feeling that Deb was going to develop feelings for Dexter because she was always in his face at the beginning of the season, which was just weird, but i think these feelings lead to exciting implications for the next season, which i look forward to. I Didn’t like how the whole season had a religious theme, it kind of got a bit…samey, and i don’t feel like Dexter’s urge was fulfilled as much as it has been in previous seasons. I finished the season feeling.. let down somehow, so many unanswered questions, what was with the weird assistant? And the hand? why have Aster and the other kid disappeared from the show entirely? who the hell thought it would be a good idea to make Batista and Quinn partners in the first place? and why doesn’t the babysitter (Batista’s sister) mind babysitting ALL the time? doesn’t she have a life? And another point, I don’t like the way how when they revealed that Geller was just a figment of Travis’ imagination, how Travis’ character changed instantly, it threw me a little. Other than that, great season!.

  21. I honestly think season 6 has to be viewed in retrospect. I agree that as they aired the episodes didn’t seem to be up to the standards of Dexter but in retrospect there are a lot of little touches which are done well. For example Travis and Gellar are out in public multiple times after Gellar is revealed to be the prime suspect in the ddk murders and no one mentions it. Which makes sense in retrospect cause he doesn’t actually exists. Furthermore, Deb has a panic attack the first time she enters the DDK church. The very church where she finds out that Dexter is a killer. At the time it seems completely out of character for Deb but in retrospect it’s a bit prophetic and fits with the overall religious theme of the season. I agree that Brian’s return could have been a longer arc but with only 12 episodes there simply wasn’t enough time and frankly watching Dexter struggle with becoming just a straight up serial killer seems like a step back. That territory has been covered in season 1 and 2 and in the early part of season 5. There was no reason to extend it past a single episode. This certaintly isn’t my favorite season but it’s not nearly as bad as everyone seems to be making it out to be.

  22. Just saw the season finale which I think was pretty good. But after watching it I got an itch to check out the details surrounding the Gellar/Sixth Sense plot twist. Check out episode 7 right around the 20 minutes and 30 seconds mark and listen to the witness testimony of the girl that Travis/Gellar let go during episode 6. The girl talks as if she heard two different voices and even references Travis as the ‘younger’ one, which makes it sound as if she heard the voice of an older person in the room. If Travis was imagining Gellar all along why did she hear two different voices? Looks like they f***ed up on that one. Still liked the season though.

    • The issue you raised has been discussed before; the speculation is that Travis used a different voice when acting as ‘Gellar’.

  23. Ok – Louis the intern. Maybe he is related to Dexter / Brian, maybe not. Maybe (definitely) he’s just creepy and idolises Dexter the way that Dexter once idolised the Tooth Fairy… but there’s definitely more to it.

    I think that he is very aware of Dexter’s extra curricular activities… he is a tech geek and can trace ANYTHING on a computer. And remember when he told Dexter to start using the new search engine? Dexter was searching through that search engine throughout the entire season, and unlike other seasons, a lot of emphasis was placed on the search engine page – so much so that I initially took it as paid advertising (like how every character uses Nokia phones, aside from this series). But now I think about it further, I can almost guarantee that Louis suggested that search engine so he could snoop around and look at what Dexter was looking up. Meanwhile, his relationship with Batista’s sister is just a little too obvious that he is trying to get close to Dexter. He will definitely end up a villain, he’s moving on from his video games after all. Sending the hand to Dexter anonymously may have been connected to Dexter’s staged tableau with Geller’s hand… Sending him the package anonymously
    was actually a little dumb – I mean, Masuka connected the dots immediately when he received the call from the auction site, he established that sexy roller girl intern put it up, because only staff and interns have access to that stuff… so when Dexter does find the package, then you can assume he will connect the dots too and work out it was either staff or an intern.

    Also, did anyone notice how descriptive Travis was when he gave the weird woodworm woman instructions on how to access the building with Batista’s swipe card?? He detailed exactly where to swipe, near the metal thing on the wall or something… but we never saw Travis in the building. So how would he know how to access the building in such detail, unless someone had told him that information? And who was the person who led Batista to the house in the first place where his swipe card was stolen? Bingo. Louis the creepy intern. So, re: the flaw that everyone’s mentioning about the girl kept hostage who said she heard two people… Maybe the other voice was Louis?!

  24. Fact is if they keep using the same writers, directors etc as per season 6, the following will be a huge cock-up. I yawned through most of it, at other times irate that I’d almost been insulted by the sloppy plot which bordered on ridiculous at times (Deb / Dexter love slop – yuck). Dexter desperately needs to bring back the grit and edginess it lost.