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Michael C. Hall Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 6 Finale Review

What to know what happens next? ‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

After a somewhat disappointing downturn for season 5, the Dexter hype machine – started by Showtime head David Nevins – proclaimed season 6 to be a chance to bring Dexter Morgan “back to his roots.”

While that may have been the goal – and there is plenty of evidence to suggest this – the execution of season 6 has been such that Dexter doesn’t really resemble itself any longer, and with the quality of the program arguably waning, one begins to wonder how the show’s final two seasons will fare. Since there’ll be several months to wait until season 7, one bright spot to point out is that after season 6, the only place Dexter can go is up.

The season started off promisingly enough with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) up to his killing ways and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) in yet another ill-advised romantic endeavor, by continuing her relationship with Quinn (Desmond Harrington). Meanwhile, we were introduced to the two antagonists in the fire-and-brimstone preaching Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos) and the acolyte under his tutelage/control Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks). The pair’s religious-themed killings coincided well with Dexter’s search to bring some notion of faith to his young son, Harrison. More so, however, the Gellar/Travis relationship served as a comparison of the relationship Dexter had with his father Harry (James Remar).

Instead of mining these potentially rich aspects, however, Dexter focused too intently on pulling a fast one on its audience, and unfortunately sacrificed much of the season in the process.

One of the missteps for the season has been the way in which the Dexter crew handled (mishandled) the nemesis, or threat of the Doomsday Killer. Because the disclosure of Gellar being a figment of Travis’ imagination was revealed at the three-quarter mark for the season, it left precious little time for the necessity of Dexter’s involvement. While the DDK killings felt like good spectacle, they did so especially to the characters – who seemed to be waiting idly by as one tableau followed another, as if letting the ritualistic killings run their course was an actual option. For the majority of the season, Deb, Batista, Quinn and Masuka were chasing down the prime suspect with all the effervescence of a child walking to school. They were all looking for DDK, but they seemed to be doing it out of obligation – there was never any sense of urgency or even real interest.

More troublesome is the fact that the Gellar delay effectively took Dexter out of the equation for the majority of the season. Instead of building Travis or Gellar into any kind of suitable threat for Dexter to extinguish, it became a superimposed ornamentation, designed to keep the characters trudging toward the inevitable end, while Dexter explored the concept of faith like he was leafing through some religious pamphlet.

Colin Hanks as Travis Marshall Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 6 Finale Review

That brings us to the concept of Mos Def’s Brother Sam, who seemed to be putting Dexter on a different path that might have served as an organic arc for a character that has been battling proverbial demons for so long now. Unfortunately, the untimely demise of Brother Sam summoned visions of Dexter’s biological brother Rudy (Christian Carmago) – allowing Rudy to take over as voice of reason in Dexter’s mind. This, too, could have been an interesting concept, one worthy of an entire season, actually, but like the Brother Sam storyline, it fizzled out before it really got going. And once more we were left waiting for the show to tell us exactly what everyone already knew.

At the onset of season 6, Nevins also suggested that the relationship between (adopted) siblings Dexter and Debra would undergo a certain change. “There will be a microscope on the Deb/Dexter relationship this season. Over time you’re going to see that relationship evolve and change, no questions about it.”

Many thought this meant Deb would finally uncover Dexter’s secret, or that it might mean her relationship to Dexter would become distant or strained; few could have imagined Nevins’ statement meant Deb would be exploring the possibility that she actually has romantic feelings for her adopted brother.

As disturbing and uncomfortable this notion may be, is it possible that the examination of the siblings’ relationship is the one thing Dexter got right this season? While you would be hard-pressed to find anyone cheering for this to happen, it does make sense – in its own twisted little way. How else could one of Miami’s finest be oblivious to the fact that a serial killer is not just among them, but spending much of his off time in her presence? Sure, Deb loves Dexter as a brother, but the idea of her affection being more than that might help ease the transition of her bearing witness to Dexter’s true nature.

Which, of course, is exactly what happened in ‘This is How The World Ends,’ leaving not only the episode’s title open for interpretation, but also the course of the remaining two seasons.


For the most part, the final episode was a typical cat-and-mouse game between Dexter and the now-obligatory big bad, who conveniently finds a way into Dexter’s life, discovers the ‘dark passenger’ and then sets out to harm Dex through someone he cares about – which at this point in the series is either Deb or Harrison.

Travis was never really much of a physical threat to Dexter, which to a certain extent justifies the ‘80s action movie staple of the child/wife/family member being used as leverage against the hero. So it was inevitable that Harrison would eventually end up in Travis’ hands – at least until Dexter could find a way to get the would-be Doomsday Killer in shrink-wrap.

It all seemed eerily reminiscent of every season that had come before, until Deb walked in on Dexter plunging a knife into Travis’ chest.

Jennifer Carpenter David Zayas Billy Brown Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 6 Finale Review

And now the speculation on how Debra will handle the revelation – and, moreover, how it will affect her feelings for Dexter, can begin. Deb has already shown she’s willing to take a pass on the law, as she did with Deputy Chief Tom Matthews after learning of his involvement with a dead call girl- so, legally speaking, Dexter may not have much to worry about. However, Deb’s rocky personal life has been repeatedly shaken to its core, so that this shock may be too much for her embattled psyche to withstand.

Was the ending enough to save what has been a dismal season? The answer is unequivocally no. Season 6 has been rife with laughable moments, such as Travis saying things like “Hello, whore!” and the bizarrely bad painting depicting Dexter as the devil. More troublesome is the fact that, for a series which has largely been based on the intelligence of its main character, Dexter sure did some incomprehensible things this season. Besides not picking up on his sister’s emotions, Travis’ insanity or Louis the creepy intern’s obsession, Dexter managed to call in a potential terrorist threat on his own cell phone, forget Travis had his keys and wallet and show up to his kid’s play in his “kill” gear.

What the finale does do is give Dexter the fresh start that season 6 promised. There is a lot of story left to be told like the true nature of Louis (Josh Cooke), the purpose of Quinn’s existence and whether or not the term ‘dark passenger’ has any meaning any longer.

If season 7 is going to be dealing with the kind of issue most fans have been hoping for, then many creative aspects are going to have to improve dramatically, or the audience is going to be left remembering Dexter for all the unintentionally funny moments and sloppy storytelling that marred its final seasons.


Dexter will return for season 7 in the fall of 2012.

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  1. I really hope they don’t screw up season 7. Season 6, oh god it was absolutely terrible. Hated it, in fact.

    • Yes,dexter Is getting sloppy with his work. I love the series, nothing better on tv IMO, but, I don’t like to be treated like a moron by the writers. Come on guys , focus on those small details and tighten it up a bit. I found myself saying wtf is he doin too many times this series but nevertheless it still rocked!

      • I agree. I never laughed at the show at times when the writers didn’t intend humor, but there were too many wtf moments for me. Too much sloppiness. Also, the Deb and Dexter dynamic may have its purpose, but it still feels contrived to me. I don’t see how Deb can possibly come out of this a sane person, she’s gone through too much already, season after season. And if Dexter does push her over the edge, how is that going to leave people feeling about him as a character? He’s a serial killer, so it has been established that he’s an odd person to root for, but he’s done so much good. It would feel wrong to me if the writers made it so that the audience objected to the character for something he did to Deb.

  2. The whole season 6 was useless. Except for Debra finding out. Brother Sam was useless too. I felt nothing for any character this season except for Debs. All brother Sam did was question dex beliefs and then he died, utterly setting Dexter back to being faithless. So brother Sam was a wasted character. And if I hear “My dark passenger” one more time from Dexter, I will literally find the writers and shoot them 57 times.

    • you guys dont know anything this articles dumb season 6 was auesome the whole shows aueswome

      • sorry, you dont know what you are talking about. what a waste of my time, a waste of the viewers time, a waste of the writers time. these cant be the same writers… so contrieved and just horribly terrible. this season turned one of the best shows into one of the worst shows ever. would rather be watching Charmed or Jersey Shore, or Days of our Lives. i mean this is so bad that it was just a waste of time watching the season, it made all 5 previous seasons a waste of my time.

  3. dont see why everyone hated season 6 loved it

    • I bought season 1 thru 6 a month ago and haven’t been able to leave my TV since. Now, at the last episode of season 6, I wonder what I’ll do now. Loved the entire series!

  4. HELLO….looking back on season 6, i was intrigued by the way we found out who the REAL killer CEO was…i liked that..you are right there were too many plots that didn’t go anywhere, the HAND being the most obvious one..what a disappointment there…I feel disappoined and intrigued at the same time..and also the end was AMAZING, and it will inusre EVERYONE will watch come season 7..overall, not a BAD season, but you are right, it could have been better…i am getting my popcorn ready for season 7 right now…right in front of the TV…if there are ANY actors from the show watching, contact me at BOOKLLOVER@AOL.COM..would love to interview you…DAVID

  5. i just read this idiotic review…. look be a critic if you want but dont vent garbage like this. Season 5 was a disappointment … when…? Season 6 you say the same …at what point?? R U Serious??? Can someone who knows how to write scripts get in here and shed some light on this baloney review… For those in the UK yet to watch Season 6 later this month, dont worry, its going to thrill you just like before. As for the hand, its a prelude, the uncanny and docile assistant taking a keen interest in body parts… dont u think thats a good plug.. ooop..no you know nothing about what hooks do in scripts so you wouldn’t understand.. Why do you think the ‘dark passenger’ approach has lost its meaning?? I just don’t get your point… I want to go on, but that leads to spoilers.. Really, come on man, this review is garbage. Dexter retains its originality and just keeps shining unlike most TV series I have seen lately.

    • I actually agree with the reviewer. And before saying someone’s review is garbage, maybe you should learn about freedom of speech. That’s what guarantees you the right to post your idiotic comment.

      • and it gives you the right to call someone’s review garbage :)

  6. On the surface it appears as though Deb has discovered who Dexter really is, but Dexter could pretty much talk his way out of even this mess if he so desires. The guy he killed was on the verge of taking his little boy’s head off on top of a skyscraper. Any dad who came that close to witnessing that sort of thing would probably at the very least consider giving that nutcase the same knife that almost took his boy’s life. Dexter’s profession, past trauma, and the gravity behind what all DDK has put both Dexter and Deb through will leave open a very plausible explanation for Dexter’s actions without exposing him as what he really is (a serial killer). Factor in that Dexter’s son is Deb’s nephew, and that Deb herself came extremely close to being killed by DDK – had it not been for Dexter saving her life – I wouldn’t be too surprised if she walked up to the table and put a few rounds in DDK for good measure, just to make sure the sick bastard was dead.

    And not only did Deb let Mathews off the hook – she also, and much more significantly, chose not to look behind that curtain when she caught the killers of Jordan Chase red-handed at the end of Season 5.

    I can see Deb coming to grips with what she seen Dexter do to DDK, and do so without wanting to condemn him. It would be much easier for Deb to accept that Dexter has killed out of love for his son and some of the others who have been lost, than it will be for her to even consider that Dexter’s dark passenger is capable of putting a knife in anybody, and may actually do so if not for the code that Dexter follows. In any case, it will be interesting to see if the writers are throwing us a faux shocker of a cliffhanger in the season 6 finale – or if they intend to make Season 7 a psychological mission impossible for Deb.

  7. i think dexter serial is one of the best series and the sraes work the best.

  8. omg seriously no coment on the ” Im in love with my brother thing ” seriously guys she is in love with her brother the idia of it is just ewww just f*** it was really upseting season the end was great that she find out finaaaaly hope season 7 is better oh god dont let them fall in love or something groos oh gosh !!!

    • I am gonna comment on the whole “in love with her brother” thing. It ruins a lot for me.. That is just weird. Their relationship was never like that. Lame

  9. I want to pick on your point that Dexter didn’t pick up on emotions or feelings or certain things, I assume you have read the books or even watched the previous seasons?! He has very little feeling, he fakes nearly everything, he does things to fit in, remember this. He wont pick up on things because he doesnt feel them himself, he lies, says things to be “normal” as Harry taught him. Second, the only people he remotely cares for are Harrison and Debs. But he wont care if she cares back, in fact he’d rather she didnt. In the books Deb knew from like the first book…I hope they play this next season right…take him back to how he was originally..also remember season 5 and 6, Dexter and Debs in real life got divorced ;) so tension was awful on the whole set ;)

  10. Agreed. Season 6 was a disparate let down. Huge potential in many of the storylines but all went unexplored. While it had its moments it was not as good as any of the great previous seasons. It felt disconnected and unfulfilling. The usual edge of your seat tension was missing, I kept waiting for something to happen. Writers please return to the glory of season 2 or 4.

  11. A lot of people are just nitpicking about pointless things rather than addressing the real reasons why Dexter season 6 was the worst Dexter season. IMO, Here is why season 7 sucked:
    -Stupid internal monologues
    -No dark humor
    -No “outsider looking in” appeal of previous seasons
    -Travis Marshall was a horrible/uninteresting Big Bad. Not scary at all.
    -Predictable Gellar Twist
    -No suspense
    -Depressing atmosphere
    -Boring story lines (Quinn, Travis, etc.)
    -Not enough Kills
    -Colin Hanks is a bad actor

    The only positives of season 6 were Deb finding out, Deb’s therapy sessions and Louis.

  12. Season 6 was alright… but the primary downfalls to that season was:

    -Colin Hanks sucks donkey testicles.
    -Dexter making too many careless mistakes… like the season finale. I mean my god how can you kill someone in a building so open as an unlocked church…
    -Debra Morgan annoying as always… and now shes a skeevy perv.
    -The new forensics assistant is unbelievably annoying.
    -Cheesy religious nut-bag criminal story line.

  13. When we talked to director Romeo Tirone recently about the terrible nature of last year’s DEXTER writing, he was sure to tell us to remember that “Dexter is crazy” which I get, but that’s still not nearly good enough for the risk-filled, bumbling game that was last season of Dexter. Both season 5 & 6 needed a LOT of help, and I’m eager to see what happens as we go forward, but for all the “great” that had been on Dexter, there sure has been a lot of “meh” lately.

    • thanks for posting…I agree dexter had more meh moments. Season 1 was still the best. Season 6 was really meh. and the creepy “I’m in love with my brother…” Shaking my head…please no!!!

  14. I wish Harrison would become a grown up and become a serial killer himself and Miami Metro would investigate him and Dexter ends up on a mission to hunt this new killer down and actually comes face to face with his son and then faces the dilemma “DO I KILL MY SON?OR TRAIN HIM HOW NOT TO GET CAUGHT?

  15. T

  16. This isn’t an attack, just a suggestion. To the person who wrote this blog, consider using spell check. There were two errors which I am sure you try to avoid since you are writing a biog.

    I started the series a few weeks ago and finished the finale of season 6 today. I never even heard of the show until someone at work recommended it to me. I enjoyed the show. I wouldn’t call myself an overly-obsessed fan, just someone who enjoys the show.

    Now for the point of this message: If you dislike the show so much, why do you watch it? Do you have nothing better to do other than complain? Try contacting the writers. Mind you, that would be difficult. In any case, it’s JUST a show. Find something better to do with your time.

    But maybe the problem is us, the audience. You say, the writers failed to meet their promises. Perhaps they said a few vague things, viewers blew it out of proportion, and were left feeling like they’ve been let down.

    An example of this scenario (only one I could think of at the moment): it’s your birthday or some special occasion in a few days, and your close friend says they have a surprise for you. but refuse to give any hints. Meanwhile, you are trying to figure it out, maybe its that game you been wanting, or something you really really wanted. Come the day where you open the gift, you’re excited because you think its the gift you wanted most, and then it turns out its just a cap (or something you don’t really want/need).

    • This isn’t an attack, just a review of your opinion.

      “To the person who wrote this blog, consider using spell check. There were two errors which I am sure you try to avoid since you are writing a biog. ”

      -Pot meet kettle. Kettle, pot.
      Since you are being a grammar nazi, why don’t you try using a grammar check on the difference of its and it’s. Let’s see, 1,2…oh, 3 times. Imagine that Mr. I’m-so-perfect-nobody-has-the-right-to-make-misktakes

      “If you dislike the show so much, why do you watch it? Do you have nothing better to do other than complain? Try contacting the writers. Mind you, that would be difficult. In any case, it’s JUST a show. Find something better to do with your time.”

      The whole purpose of this blog and every other critique/review/report is to “keep things on the level”. Haven’t you ever heard of the term “both sides of the coin”?

      It’s not a matter of liking or disliking a show, a product, a person, or an event. It’s a matter of personal opinion. People will watch shows and try products, and not all of the will have the same experience. So please, if someone wants to rant about something, the last thing you would want to say is “If you dislike it don’t do anything about it.”

      Season 6 did leave me with a slight feeling of discontent. It was like going through a really bad breakup and then finding out all the cookie-dough ice cream was gone.

      I hope the character development of Dexter picks up in the next 2 seasons. At the moment it seems everyone is at a standstill. Even Vince went from someone I found increasingly annoying in Season 1, to somewhat amusing with a perverted sense of humour in the following seasons, back to just blah in season 6.

  17. Personally, I enjoyed season 6, although I agree it is not the best. It was really obvious that they didn’t know what to do with the minor characters. The twist about Gellar being imaginary worked for me because I didn’t see it coming at all. On the other hand, Deb walking in on Dexter didn’t have as much impact because they had used a dream sequence not long before, and this seemed like they were just keeping their options open rather than committing, because Deb randomly walking into the church at that moment could easily be explained away as a dream if they wanted.

  18. I have liked everything I’ve watched so far without complaint. I didn’t watch all of season 5, but saw 6. I personally liked the whole Gellar twist too cuz I never figured that one out either. And even that a super religious man could go over the deep end. I personally like how last season seemed more like a murder mystery drama than a gore fest like season 1. I am not into gore, but I love a mystery that makes me wonder what is going to happen next. Dexter does that for me in every season. The difference seems to be that I wonder what’s going to happen to the killer, rather than who it is. I like that. So this is the final season? Curious how the intern is going to be tied into everything.

  19. Dexter, without a doubt, was the most genious thing to come out of television! But shows usually start to get bad after a while. HOWEVER, even though season 5 was a big dissapointment( Lumen character was stupid and repetative like lila, also the whole batista laguerta relationship who gives a s#@t!) But season six was at least better than that. Deb kind of saved the season by finding out at the end (even though Dexter usually wouldnt make such dumb mistakes) and her therapy sessions were interesting( i think it’s sweet that she loves him, they aren’t related, so it isn’t gross or weird)But season 6 was better than season 5 so that is good. I think quinn and laguerta should be killed off, not even really that would take too much time, they should just leave, nobody would notice. And Dexter’s inner thoughts should be less obvious and stupid he needs to get back to normal, or at least his normal. But i love this show too much to give up. I am excited for season seven. REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!


    • “I think it’s sweet that she loves him, they aren’t related, so it isn’t gross or weird.”

      I have a foster sister. She was adopted into our family when she was 2 and I was 3. We were raised together, ate together, slept together, sometimes bathed together (because our parents thought it was “cute” I guess).

      Please don’t chock up a foster-sibling-turned-romance relationship as “not being weird” JUST because they aren’t blood related.
      If I ever found out my sister loved me in a romancey, “someday I wanna bang you” kind of way, I’d find it pretty g****** weird, just as weird as you would find it if your sibling loved you in “that” way.

      The writers should definitely throw the Deb/Dexter romance thing out the window as quickly as possible, because it’s pretty friggin’ creepy. I can attest to that

  20. I agree with much of the review on season 6. The writers while perhaps familiar with the show, were obviously not “connected” to it and it seemed like script by high school drama committee than people really interested in the Dexter series. If I hear the word tableau anymore I am going to choke. It’s one time use by the new guy from Chicago was interesting, it was way over used. Other aspects were overused and like beating a dead horse. Obviously the writers had some bone to pick with organized religion. It could have been a good season with Olmos and Mos Def being better used and leaving out the creepy love for my brother thing that Deb is exploring. The characters were there, but the writing was so poor that the whole season was a poor representation of the series.
    A disappointed but ever hopeful Dexter fan.

  21. the “im in love with my brother” thing is f****ng b***s***! Oh Dex, just kill Deb already!

  22. I agree with this review…I just watched season 6 and it’s without a doubt the worst season of dexter so far. I bought all 6 season and were clinged to the screen troughout all of the first 5, then I reached season 6 which felt so boring, that i couldn’t wait for it to end.

    First of all i don’t get why Dexter doesn’t seem to care for his “kill traditions” anymore. Did Jordans “You’re acting like there’s some polite way to do this, like there’s some etiquette. Killing is killing Dexter. Let’s at least be honest about that” remark make such a big influence on Dexter that he abandons his old ways and suddenly don’t care for how he kills. Plus why does he leave so many bodies behind? did he finnaly realize that the police is to incompetent to ever suspect him.

    Another disappointment is how simple things is now. In the past episodes he have had to live mulitple lives like in season 4 where he needs to be a family father, a forensics, Kyle butler and himself (his mouderous side). Sure he’s a dad now but his kid is being taken care of all the time, so his pretty much just himself.

    How come he not killing that much anymore? he used to be on the constant hunt for serial killers, even he were hunting “big ones” aswell. In this season most of the killing was done by Travis. When he does kill someone then its just impulsive, like with the man who he dumbs in the silo, the smugler and Adam.

    Then there’s Deb’s romantic feeling towards Dex?…. wtf

    So all togheter i find this season very disappoiting… Really hope that they make up for it in season 7, I really don’t want to remember Dexter as he has been in season 6.

  23. I really hope that a romantic relationship between Deb and Dexter does not form, that’d be really disturbing. Its just plain out disgusting and wrong.

  24. I actually LOVE Dexter- even season 6. I didn’t see any of the sloppiness that you’re pointing out and actually loved it!! Lighten up, people. It’s just murder.

  25. Yea season 6, definitely full of holes. Getting so sick of the same storyline being repeated over and over. even in previous series. Dexter likes to kil, Dexter has 2nd thoughts about killing, Dexter eventually learns he is a natural killer. Every season. Cant the writers think of something new, for a person who has been groomed for this and is supposed to be a psychopath he sure does question his morality alot!! getting bored of it! And enough with the reationship bulls**t. I wasnt to see Dexter doing what he does best slicing and taking names (or blood samples). I mean he’s supposed to be a pro, the best even. But yet he gets captured by his enemies, gets caught nearly every season. F**k me, amateur hour, so annoying. Enough with the morals the different evolution of relationships, im not here to see a teen drama ok. Bring back the old Dex, please.

  26. I really can’t understand why there is so much hate for season 6. I just recently watched it and thought it was fantastic… maybe my favorite season so far. It was definitely different… more creepy than previous seasons, and Dexter seems more unhinged than before. Debra’s plot arc was also great… I ended up liking her character a lot more after this season.

  27. help!!!-dex left Harrison with the lady who might get tired of helping him with his addition and syringe him–although the only good part of the ending was when Hannah fixes her abuser and says,now,this is how this is going to go-I watched that 3 times–bravo–umm,i believe that dexter will get out of his own way long enough to go and find his loved ones and no way would dex,the loving brother,put Debbie in the same cold water as all of his kills-she would wash up on the beach 5 days later-minus body parts-no way would he have treated her like that,although I was sooo sick and tired of her storyline-screaming and all everytime dexter took any action.in my head, dexter marries a lumberjack, and all 4 of them-oh he shoots deb for all her meddling-Hannah creates her own amazing brand of insecticide and they live off the proceeds forever.

  28. Finding out your brother is a serial killer is bad enough. Adding the being in love angle served no purpose and took away from the moment. I was like “Eeks, deb loves dexter. Eeks, she found out he is a serial killer. But wait she also wants to have sex with him. And he’s her brother. What do I focus on, incest or serial killing!!

  29. I’m just catching up on all of Dexter, recently. This season wasn’t as good as the previous ones; what show with this kind of limited premise can maintain 100% of its initial impact for 6 seasons? Unless, and until it starts the end game: major characters, not destined to conveniently die, find out about Dexter. That began in the last moment of this episode. Otherwise the ‘faith journey’ of Dexter was a bust. It had a few hints of interesting possibilities but ended up almost 100% standard Hollywood anti-religious atheism. How about mix it up a little more? And the pursuit of Travis wasn’t that gripping either. I was surprised Gellar was a figment though, maybe I should have seen that coming but didn’t.
    The Deb/Dexter romance thing could just end up stupid and boring, we’ll see. But if we’re all modern people who embrace homosexuality as valid, why is it actually ‘gross’ for a brother and sister to be lovers, or two blood related brothers or sisters? There’s a good practical reason blood related opposite sex siblings shouldn’t be romantically involved: that tends to lead to children who are more likely to have otherwise avoidable genetic diseases. But if ‘ewww’ is the only reason foster or same sex siblings can’t be lovers, that’s the only real argument against homosexuality by non-religious people who have a problem with it (of which I know more than a few, and they tend to actually hate gate people, something traditional religious people are often accused of but it’s less commonly true IME).