‘Dexter’ Season 6, Episode 10: ‘Ricochet Rabbit’ Recap

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Dexter season 6 Richochet Rabbit Showtime Dexter Season 6, Episode 10: Ricochet Rabbit Recap

In what has been a pretty uneventful season of Dexter, things are finally beginning to heat up, as everyone’s favorite serial killer goes looking for the one that got away, in the episode ‘Ricochet Rabbit.’

After the twist that surprised absolutely no one in last week’s episode, ‘Get Gellar,’ Dexter finds himself hunting Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks), the real Doomsday Killer, and the suspect that managed to evade Dexter’s usually impeccable serial killer detection skills – or ‘murdar,’ to coin a colloquialism.

Before Dexter can get his hands on Travis, however, DDK has a heart-to-heart with his imaginary mentor, Dr. Gellar (Edward James Olmos), who informs Travis that not only was he responsible for the death of the professor, but also instrumental in getting Gellar fired from the university at which he taught.

For some reason, this revelation (no pun intended) immediately transforms Travis from a confused, guilt-ridden accomplice into a bloodthirsty fiend, as though the imaginary Gellar were flipping a switch. And off Travis goes in search of disciples to join him in bringing about the “end of the world.”

Before the police can arrive, Dexter masks DDK’s hideout to make it look as though Gellar is still alive. Meanwhile, he, too, has a conversation with his imaginary friend, Harry (James Remar), about the failure that has arisen from heeding the advice of Brother Sam (Mos Def). Essentially blaming the slain ex-con for the weakness that earned Travis his brief pardon.

Later, while inspecting the crime scene, Deb has a small panic attack – which she attributes in therapy to all the loss she’s had to deal with over the years. Of course, after a quick chat with her brother, Lieutenant Morgan is ready to tackle the DDK case once more.

Colin Hanks as Travis Marshall Dexter Richochet Rabbit  Dexter Season 6, Episode 10: Ricochet Rabbit Recap

But finding Doomsday isn’t the only priority on Deb’s plate as she comes to find out, with ridiculous ease, that Tom Matthews (Geoff Pierson) was involved in the death of the  call-girl that LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) so adamantly demanded be labeled as a drug overdose.


As Dexter is now free of the burdensome Professor Gellar subplot, the majority of ‘Ricochet Rabbit’ goes by at a rather brisk pace. Travis easily finds a couple who shares his love of wrath, and quickly has them doing his bidding while the final tableau in his murder masterpiece is prepared.

More importantly, however, the episode covers Deb’s renewed interest in her relationship with Dexter, which may be setting up the speculated news that the last few episodes of season 6 will, for all intents and purposes, begin the conclusion of Dexter in the next two seasons. Will Deb be faced with the truth of Dexter’s dark passenger before this season is out?

With just two episodes left in season 6, Dexter may finally get interesting again.


Dexter airs Sunday nights @9pm on Showtime.

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  1. anybody else think Puppydog Intern = Dexter’s nephew?

    • the intern has to be family. It’s just the way it’s coming off. I would also go with it being dexter’s nephew.

      • Yep, has to be family. The way he just stopped caring about everything after Dexter didn’t like his game, it looked like it was very personal for him.

        • Also the way he kinda idolizes him could be an indicatior. Really enjoyed the ep and looking for more revelations in the remiaining eps..my theory is that deb has been somewhat in love with dexter subconcisously without her realizing.

          • That was also the vibe I was kinda getting, although that’d be weird/creepy, even with Dexter being adopted and not blood related

  2. I think hes too old to be a nephew, but idk, if he is, then it would explain why he has the hand because he wants to follow in his fathers footsteps…

    It would be cool to see a copy cat of the ice truck killer though

    And as for Deb knowing about Dexter being a killer? It would DEFINITLY be the beginning of the end if she finds out, I hope she does at some point, but not so soon… Have Deb get kidnapped by the copy cat of the ITK and dex saves her, but after hearing and seeing dex kill him and explain that hes been doing this for a long time…

    save that for next season as a cliff hanger ;)

  3. If he’s the nephew then it would make so much sense given that he had the hand from the ice-box killer in his apartment! Yes, I also got that vibe about Debra being in love with Dexter.

  4. I don’t know why, but Deb has gotten on my nerves this season. Her character has not evolved at all, she swears and that is about it. I am by no means a prude, I probably swear the most out of anyone I know but she just seems to force it.

  5. This episode was better than the last few. With things starting to ramp up coming to the last set of episodes Im intrigued to see what happens at the end of this season.

  6. With Harry constantly warning Dexter not to get involved with DDK, and the constant nudges to the audience about the parallels between Dexter and Travis’ relationships with their sisters (“Maybe she didn’t know.”), it definitely seems like they’re leading to Deb finding out the truth.

  7. This show will only get better if the writers who wrote the Dexter-Oversees–Gellar—Travis conversation are fired. That is the series low point for me. How stupid was almost every aspect of the dialog? And how dumb will Dexter become before it’s over? Usinig his own cell to call in an anonymous tip? Taking the risk of making it seem as though Gellar is really alive? being satisfied with peeking in a window to ascertain someone isn’t home? The writers have turned off their and Dexter’s brains, just like they obviously assume the audience has done. Thank you, Captains Obvious, for ruining a show that used to be engaging.

    Bright side, this season has officially joined the train-wreck category. The writing has become so disastrous, I can’t NOT look. SHOWTIME, you’ll still get your ratings, as I’ll be tuning in next week just to see how bad it gets and to know where we are when the next season begins. Maybe next season, SHOWTIME will hire writers who aren’t scribbling down this script with their crayons.

  8. Dear Goo,
    Train wreck and disastrous? Really? And yet you’ll still be watching? And why? Because you want to see how bad it gets… Really? You’re being dramatic don’t you think? I personally will not waste my time watching shows I feel have gone down the drain.. You still care. I mean come on, you even took the time to write about it! Lighten up! You sound like another bitter body! This shows great!

    • You can actually reply directly to my comment, you know? Especially if you plan to single me out.

      To answer: Yes, really. Really, really. You can feel free not to waste YOUR time with shows you have a gripe against, but I’m a fan of the series (though not this season), so I don’t think it is a waste of MY time. So we differ there, too.

      Dexter has clawed itself back from series death before. The success of season 4 comes to mind. I like the show as a whole so much that I can weather a dull season. But it’s no less dull, just because I can wade through it. And, no. I’m not being anymore dramatic than a typical fan. You do realize that fans rarely go the “it’s just a show, so I don’t really care” route, right? I do care. I care what the writers of this season are doing to a great show. I am a fan, so, yes, of course, I’m bitter. Are you not a fan that you can’t understand these reactions? Also, YOU need to lighten up, not take criticism against a show you love so personally that you have to try to convince me there’s something strange or overblown about my reaction. It’s called gaslighting, look it up.

      Please, tell me what’s so great about the scene where Dexter overhears Travis talking to Gellar in this episode. I really want to understand what you think “great” is. My opinion is that there is nothing great about it. It’s the low point of the season. What do you think about the scene?

  9. Settle down Goo. I am not entirely happy about this season either, but your acting like a drama queen. Being a d*ck to people doesn’t make your thoughts on the season anymore or less factual.

    • Again, someone who can’t reply to my posts…
      I’m a fan. Not a d*ck. I really think there’s some tragedy in how this season is written. I’ve pointed out where and why as examples. Calling me a drama queen without offering a counterpoint is not getting you anywhere. Address my points without name calling, and I may bother to consider your opinion. As it is, if you want to start something, expect a reply.

  10. Anyone else here think it was not only strange for Dexter to call on his on phone for the anonymous tip, but he didn’t even try to disguise his voice. Especially strange considering he usually disguises his voice. When the authorities do show up and find the boat, chemicals and body, they’re going to go to the owner of the boat which will lead them to his daughter who might be able to describe a man who asked about her dad hours earlier and she told him about the boat. So you probably have an artist’s rendering of Dexter (again), his own voice on the VM, not to mention his phone information. Is this just poor writing, or had Dexter got himself in a pickle? Considering this season so far, I would assume poor writing.

  11. i agree with Goo… this season has been lackluster. we made a bet at work whether or not Gellar was real at the beginning of the season, because EJO was playing the character a bit too ghostly. and the dialogue where dexter overhears Travis conversing with Gellar was kinda blah… i love this show, but after season 5 with scrunch face Lumen and Johnny “i’m still famous for banging angelina jolie in the early 90′s” miller, and now Collin Hanks/Edward James Olmos (two very good actors) it shows that when the show changed hands, the writing got a bit sloppy. Also, Dexter, why would you make a anonymouse tip to the police with your own cell phone? or just walk up in an apartment all willy nilly, and how did Travis manage to get to the “Whore” first? I mean did he just know who she was or remember what marina that he abducted her from?

    • I agree; it does not make sense how Travis would find the “whore” faster than Dexter who did his research. She was randomly chosen the first time, so how could he know about the bf’s boat?
      Another thing I did not get was when she was kidnapped, she heard two voices, and said “the younger one” let me go. When Travis is talking to the imaginary Dexter, is he talking back to himself in a different voice? It seemed like he was just talking to thin air. I feel like this season has had a few thrilling aspects (I liked the return of the Ice Truck Killer) and I hope this Louis mystery carries on, but the writing is not on par with the first few seasons. The anon. cell phone call seemed like a poor choice, so does posting on that website. Considering in the show, he can track down pretty much anyone instantly.
      I am quite sick of Quinn and believe that’s the new crappy subplot; it seems strange that he was so bent on busting Dexter last season and dropped it so dramatically. I like Angel and hope he sticks around.

  12. Has everyone forgot about the hot blonde intern? I’m sorry, I can’t remember her name and can’t find it online so maybe she never had one. She sold the arm to Louis. Could be a coincidence(I’d say a huge coincidence but Seinfeld taught me there are no little or big coincidences, only coincidences themselves). Maybe he asked her to when she got the internship and he didn’t? But if she had a buyer, why post it on an auction site? Either way, it all sounds shady. There has to be something between them. Maybe brother and sister, but I feel she’s going to come back in some way. I do agree with you guys that Louis might be Brian’s son, but he could also be his partner/protege.

    Also, a lot of you seem to be complaining about mistakes in the writing like Dexter calling from his cell phone and taking more risks. First off, Dexter seems like the kinda guy to have a second cell phone for such a thing. I’m pretty sure his phone is a touch screen and he pulled out a flip phone for the 911 call. Secondly, the writers of Dexter have always made mistakes. It’s a show. My father is a detective of 30 years. He enjoys the show and watches it with me, but sometimes can’t help but point out silly plot points. Such as Dexter finding obvious evidence in a photo that no one else could find. Or an ambulance showing up before a police cruiser. My point is, the mistakes have always been there, but you let them go because it’s a show. If you wanna nitpick, ask yourself how long a serial killer could really last within a police department and start with that quandary. Some events are sillier than others, but it’s a frickin’ TV show.

    This season has been a bit “lumpy”, but it is still better than 95% of the crap that’s on nowadays. I enjoyed them making Travis into a complete wacko, even if it were a bit expected. I was a bit nervous about Colin Hanks being a killer in this season, but seeing him pick up that sword while Dexter was in the basement was intense. His intensity only increased with this week’s episode. The only thing that really disappointed me about this season was only having Brian in two(?) episodes. He is my favorite character from this series so far, aside from Dexter, and I was hoping they were bringing him back for at least a little while.

    So, quit all your nay saying, and enjoy the show. Because it is a show.

    P.S. – It does feel like Deb is going to find out something about Dexter she doesn’t like. Maybe not the full Monty, but something. Her therapist is important too, she may be the one to enlighten Deb but who the hell knows at this point.

  13. This may be a bit sweep but…
    I think Deb is in love with Dexter. They are stepsiblings, so that base is covered (well it’s still considered incest by many, but it doesn’t have any scientific backdraws really).
    This may be a far stretch but all the time spent with the shrink made Deb realize a few things.
    The first was that you have to take responsibility for the consequences of your relationship.
    Second was that Dexter is a chair. Deb needs a table. Now that could of course be just a metaphor for an introverted brother vs an extroverted one. However it could also be a metaphor for Dex being a brother when Debra needs love, a relationship, a soulmate.
    Third is that when it all comes crashing down it is Dexter who is the last bastion. The last safe place to take refuge in.

    These 3 motifs were brought up over and over again the first few seasons. Then Deb finally had her s*** together (it was Dexter’s time for some suffering). Now what happened, do we need a reminder now that her world crumbled? These shrink sessions are obviously a plot-device to propel Debra in some way. But where? Towards the realization that his brother is a serial-killer? Not likely, at least not this season. Back towards her normal life? More probable, but why the huge emphasis on Dexter?

    And there was the whole proposition thing. Deb loved/loves Quinn, there is no doubt about that but she said it herself: she never thought of spending her life with him.

    Take a look at her crushes: Dexter’s brother. Lundy, a fatherfigure, who had many things in common with Dexter. These were the two big ones, considering she left Anton for Lundy, and accepted Brian’s proposition while turning down Quinn.

    And there was the whole story of nightmares and going over to Dexter’s room.

    If I look at all these from the writer/director perspective I don’t see any other reason to show so much out of the blue without some new direction they want to take Deb’s character. (again unless to reveal Dexter’s true self)

    I just had this vibe for 2-3 ep now that there is more to Deb’s feelings towards Dexter than sisterly love.

  14. Oh just to clarify I’m not saying that Deb realises these emotions if they are indeed there, but they are present at her subconcious. And the shrink sessions and a nervous breakdown are the tools to make them surface.

  15. I find all the comments here interesting and intriguing, considering I’m 5 episodes behind you. Just watched Ep 5 the other night.

    I don’t mind the spoilers though, regarding Deb discovering Dexter’s true nature, if she does will she realise at some point it was him and the vigilante who were taking out the suspects in the Barrel Girls case? Her reaction will be interesting considering she had them both cornered and chose to let them go.

    In Jeff Lindsay’s books she found out in the first book, over the course of the books she’s had some difficulty reconciling that knowledge with the fact she’s a detective.

    And for anyone whose read the books it would have been interesting if the series had followed them with respect to how Cody and Astor have turned out. What with all they’ve been through they seem rather “normal”. Would be an interesting turn if Cody ended up with a dark passenger himself.

  16. it looked like it was very personal for him.

  17. Deb knowns in the books so does it really matter if she finds out in the show

  18. I’m actually going to weigh in on the fact that maybe both theories on Deb are true. At first I thought about the fact that Deb is opening up to this psychologist, who, as a psychologist for the police, is probably well educated on the signs of a psychopath. With Deb focusing a lot of her therapy sessions on Dexter, it seems as though it is possible that the psychologist may connect the dots with Dexter’s actions. At the same time, it’s some what obvious to me that Deb is realizing just how important Dexter is to her. I can’t ignore the nuances that tend to hint at the fact that Deb is soon going to find out about Dexter’s dark passenger. Particularly the conversation that Deb had with Dexter about how Travis’s sister was so convinced he was a good person. I believe that the natural development of the story is that Deb is going to find out about Dexter’s dark passenger, but I think that at the same time, her realization of her love for Dexter is going to determine the outcome of what she does when she finds out the truth.

    At the same time, i wonder if these things are even anywhere along the lines of what the writers are thinking granted they have messed up several key things this season, therefore maybe my theory is completely off target.