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Dexter season 5 first trailer Killer Dexter Season 5 Trailer

[Update: Be Sure To Check out our Dexter Season 5 Premiere Review!]

Warning: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for those not caught up with seasons 1-4 of Dexter

Fans of Showtime’s serial killer drama Dexter are likely still recovering from the shock of the jaw-dropping season 4 finale. While Dexter was “carrying out his duty” with the sly Trinity Killer (played John Lithgow, for which he won a Golden Globe), little did he know Trinity was still one step ahead of him.

Where do you go after the aforementioned tragic events? Well, from the look of the first trailer for season 5, Dexter is going to have a whole lot more to deal with than just guilt and emotional trauma.

Fans have been waiting with baited breath, ever since the season 4 finale last December, to see what happens next – and it doesn’t look as if the show is going to let anyone down.

Dexter does a good job of threading hints into the current season – as to where the show is going in the next season.

Before I say anymore, take a look at the exciting Dexter Season 5 trailer below, which premiered at this year’s Comic Con:

This season, the drama will focus on the fallout surrounding Dexter pretending to be a man named Kyle Butler (in season 4) – in order to get close to the Trinity Killer and his family. Now Dexter will have to deal with people, including Trinity’s “bereaved” family, who are asking questions about this “Kyle Butler” person – and why he was snooping around.

Most prominent, is the fact that Dexter’s wife was brutally murdered. Now, he must deal with, not only being a single parent to three kids, but the anger and animosity of his step daughter who blames him for her mother’s death.

Finally, Dexter has also drawn suspicion from his colleague, Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington), who forces Deb to take a look at her brother – in a way she’s never even thought of before. Will this season spell the end for Dexter Morgan? Either an end to his killing ways or his life itself? My gut instinct is to say Dexter will wiggle his way out of the mess – and we’ll get one more season after this before things wrap up for good.

dexter comic con Killer Dexter Season 5 Trailer

How much longer can Dexter carry on doing what he does best?

Of course that’s pure guesswork on my part – even after viewing the two-and-a-half minute trailer, we still don’t know exactly what’s going to happen in season 5 of the show (despite hints from series producer, Sara Colleton). Whatever happens I’m sure it’ll be as good as ever – since the show hasn’t really dipped in quality (in my opinion). How many other shows can you really say that about?

Dexter Season 5 will also feature the addition of some new faces including Julia Stiles (The Bourne Ultimatum), Johnny Lee Miller (Eli Stone), Peter Weller (RoboCop), Shawn Hatosy (Southland), and Maria Doyle Kennedy (The Tudors). Fresh blood is always a welcome way to shake things up a bit – especially for a show about a serial killer masquerading as a blood splatter analyst.

Be sure to tune in for the season 5 premiere of Dexter on September 26th on Showtime. It sure looks like America’s favorite serial killer has more on his plate to deal with than ever!

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  1. Oh my god im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

    • join the club…..I was so sock with the end of season 4 i was in a daze for a week

      • I watched the last episode of 4th season maybe 5 times, it was amazing….. it has been 8 long months and still a month to go before the first episode of season 5…its unbearable :(

        • This will be the last season for Dexter, and, it ends very bad for Dexter!

          • How do you know it is last season for dexter? bd

            • hi, there’s anybody who can tell me dexter’s channel?

              • It’s on Showtime!!

                DEXTER BABY!! can’t wait!!!!!!

              • FX – canal 47

      • I thought I was alone in this anxiety! I love this show!!

        • You are definitely not alone!!! I was hooked after the first episode of Season 1….GREAT series!

    • omg me too i cant hardly stand this waiting

    • I jissed my pants when i saw this trailer!!!

  2. Finally something from ComicCon I care about…

  3. Would be nice if Dexter wiggles out of his troubles .. but after reading some articles not long after Season 4 was over, I’m not so sure. They’ve basically told us there won’t be a good ending for our favorite serial killer – because they don’t want to glorify what he’s been doing.

    That sucketh big time, imo. I *want* him to live happily ever after, not be killed or put in prison. But I’ve a feeling that it’ll be one or the other for Dex.

    We shall see.

  4. Awesome Trailer. Can’t wait for the season premiere.

  5. My favorite cable series

  6. To me, the show was less interesting after they killed off Sgt Doakes. Now it looks like Quinn will be playing essentially the same character as Doakes did in the first two seasons. I really like the show, but I think it’s time they rap it up as the plot (not to mentions Dexter’s immunity to suspicion) keeps getting more far-fetched.

    • I agree with you James that Quinn is replacing Doakes, however I don’t feel it is a bad thing. As a serial killer, Dexter naturally invites people to notice his abnormalities, even if he doesn’t want them too. It’s not something he can control. Therefor, it natural for someone like Doakes or Quinn to keep popping up in his life, and if Quinn was taken out of the picture(not necessarily killed, he could just be transferred), someone else would replace him. It’s Dexter’s behavior that invites suspiscion. Anyway, can’t wait for this season it looks amazing, and I’m glad to see Dexter finally has to face some consequences.

  7. I’m hyped. I only just started watching dexter, saw the series over spring break. I usually hate TV, movies are more my thing, and I usually wait until series are over to watch them. I know, I know, that’s weird, but either way, dexter’s got me hooked.

    AS for this season, I wait with baited breath for what comes next. I’ve got to admit that I was nearly in tears at the end of season 4.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ll be happy with whatever they do, as long as they don’t even try to do any of the b******* like season 3’s Miguel Prado.
    I hated that guy

    • Yeah, I agree with the whole Prado thing. That was week and unreal (well, more unreal than the rest). Cant wait til Sep 26!!!

  8. Im with the writer, maybe one more season after this.
    They killed off Rita for pure shock value (the director even alluded to having a hard time coming up with a shocking ending last season) because of one reason – they ran out of ideas, the creativity bucket is basically empty.

    The last season would have been much better had Dexter come home after killing Lithgow only to find that one of the boys had been kidnapped by Lithgow and buried in an unkown location – making Dexter indirectly repsonsible for the boy’s death.

    • I didn’t completely buy that Trinity would kill Rita in the context he did. He was so squeamish about the deer it seemed like circumstances would have to be just right for him to kill. And even if he was moved to kill Dexter’s wife, why pick THAT mode? It didn’t seem true to Trinity’s pattern.

      • He was squeamish about the dear probably because he likes animals or something. Dex likes kids and would never hurt them – but they’re both still cold-blooded killers. Plus, the patterns of serial killers aren’t always set in stone. They often do change up their methods/routines. Trinity went to Dex’s house to track him down; Rita was there. He took advantage of the situation that presented itself: revenge against Dexter by killing the wife.

        • Also meant to add (as a reminder) that even Dex will change his method depending on the situation. He didn’t stretch Lila out on a table, take a sample of her blood, or hack her body up like he usually did to his victims because he was in a hurry (and the situation with her was different). So he improvised.

  9. Dexter is the bomb. i cant believe they killed rita. true it would of been better if they killed that boy. wasnt he 10. would of went with the plot betta. this series kicks ass. cant wait for the next one. i’ve been just put on. i watched all 4 seasons in like 3 weeks. now it sucks that dexters out of my life an i have to wait. lol.

  10. An awesome season, we were very upset for Dexter at the end..the similarities to his own ‘creation’, nice touch.

    Really looking forward to season 5, but we’ll have to wait for it here (UK) as season 4 is just about to be released on the TV here. (Thanks be, I have it on DVD)

    Its all good, Daniel lichts score, the atmosphere, the humour…simply brilliant.

    Agree with the comments that there may be a season 6, but I guess that will be it.

    If any of the cast ever read these posts, I’d just like to tell them all that they are brilliant, best series I have seen on TV for years.

  11. Dexter has forged a path that all t.v. series should take note of. They have been able to encompass four solid seasons with a fifth and possibly sixth one scheduled. I must admit that even a sixth season may be pushing the envelope a tad, but the directors, writers and actors have all surpassed my wildest dreams of what television is capableof.

    From the music to the cinematography everything works to complement the other. From the first episode to the season finale of the fourth season. This show is truly one to be reckoned with. Any challengers….I didn’t think so.

    A Dearly Devoted Fan,


  12. The first season I thought was the best. The second one kept me going. The third one was good but not even close to the events that unfolded in seasons one and two. Lets face it, the whole Miguel Prado season wasnt nearly as gripping. He was a terrible addition to the show. Season 4 with Lithgow gives season 1 a real run for its money though.
    Killing Rita was the best thing they couldve done for the show. She was annoying and haulted alot of the blood and death that made the show really stellar. Its about a serial killer, not a stay at home mom who married a serial killer. This will give season 5 a great kick. I just hope theres a few more seasons of this show because nothing compares. I may have to cancel my showtime subscription once Dexter goes under the knife, himself.

    • “Season 4 with Lithgow gives season 1 a real run for its money though.
      Killing Rita was the best thing they couldve done for the show. She was annoying”

      Absolutely. Could not agree more!

  13. I had heard, leading up to the end of Season 4, that Season 5 was the last season for Dexter. These rummors of perhaps there being a 6th are fabulous!! I cannot get enough of this show!! I am a super fan of this show; even named our cat, Dexter!!! Anyway, I too was bummed when they killed off Doakes and wasn’t a fan of Lila but Seasons 4 was awesome!!!! Lithgow & Dexter played off each other so well. All the actors in this show make their characters come alive. They’re really good actors for sure. I too wasn’t all that thrilled with the Miguel Prado season, altho Jimmy Smits was great in the role. No one can share the code with Dexter!! I can’t believe I’m even writing to this site. I don’t do that as a rule but this show is so engaging, I can’t get enough and now that the premiere is getting closer, I’m amped up! Been watching Season 3, after re-watching season 2 to get my Doakes fix!

    Perhaps the health of the actor who plays Dex has a major bearing on whether they continue after this season! Certainly hope Michael Hall is well and can continue with this brilliantly acted and written series!!!

    • I heard that he was cured for the cancer he had, so i hope that they will continue the show:) by far the best show on tv now :)

  14. So like you said up there if it is the last season I will be upset in so tired of really good shows in my opinion just stop

  15. Dexter is such an amazing show! It was a smart idea of having dexters own son in dexters childhoods shoes! Very nice touch! Season 5 will surely be fantastic! I’m very anxious to watch it, especially with how season 4 ended with a big bang! I so badly hope that there will be a season 6. Not only by the unlucky number, but as well as all the possibilities that are still open! Dexters son could easily turn out like him, and Dexter would then have to teach his son how to survive as well. Though that would require a lot of time to pass by…. Just an idea! Then in like 5 years, they could make a bit of a spin of of the show showing scenes of past episodes. That again…. Would take some rime to pass by.
    Either way, my ideas may not be the best ones, but I have to say again, make a season 6!!!
    If any of the producers or directors or anyone who helps create the show just happens to read this, you can’t just end at season 5, there has to be at least up to season 6, (or more)….
    But at least season 6!
    Thank you!


  16. the trailer was awesome, im excited for the next season… all the seasons were good, filled will suspence, mystery, murder romance drama… there just great. what are the odds im a forensic analysis for the police… lol

  17. I just can’t believe what happens at end of season 4!! I was shocked, Rita is dead in bath tub?!?! I was thinks that is all his imaginary.. I looking forward to watch and enjoy season 5! Dexter is amazing!

  18. In regard to S4 vs. S1… sorry, but Lithgow *alone* blows season 1 out of the frakking water! :)

    Season 4 is about as good as a hybrid procedural/horror show like Dexter can get. Heck, it’s as good as any show can get, regardless if genre. The writers & cast may feel free to interpret that as a challenge. I’d love to see them come back with something even better, & have every confidence that they will.

  19. I hope that there is a season 5. This is the best show i have seen on t.v. I agree with the other posts about Miguel being dumb and loosing that kick to the show, but I thought all of the seasons were really good.

    I cannot wait for season 5 to come out!

  20. That was soo good, I can hardly wait. Lithgow was amazing as Trinity and Michael C Hall is pure brilliance. Everyone deserves credit on this show though, there isn’t a bad actor in the bunch.

  21. This is the best show I believe I’ve ever seen on TV! It’s ingenious how they work in his thoughts – adds such a good touch to the story. I’ve got mixed feelings about Rita being killed. I liked the idea of him trying to ‘fit in’ in a family atmosphere for cover but, there was just something about her I didn’t like – can’t put my finger on it. Well, Season 5, I’m sure, WILL NOT be a disappointment to any of us die-hard fans!!!! I’m going to have to subscribe to SHO just for this program – waiting a year for Season 4 to come out on DVD was NOT FUN…;o)

  22. I just saw all 4 seasons in the last couple of weeks and I’m so into this. I like several shows but this one beats all of them. I hope this doesn’t end too soon. Keeps you on your toes. Great program.

    • Denise, I as well just finished seasons 1-4. Once I started I couldn’t stop. Best series I have ever watched! Season 4 finale was truly a shocker!! Never saw it coming!! When the hell will season 5 be out on dvd???

  23. The ending of season 4 was AMAZING, I was soooo spaced out after watching it.. I didn’t really know what to do with myself lol. Dexter is simply AMAZING and I hope to see more seasons after season 5 for sure, it’s so original and michael is just simply incredible!

  24. I just got Dexter Season 4 from Netflix, where I started watching it on instant viewing years ago. I don’t have ShowTime to watch it at first release. It was a little on backlog. I watched the first 3 discs in 2 days. This show has not let me down one bit. I read a spoiler about Rita getting killed by Trinity. Now having seen the Season finale, I actually thought she was going to make it but was in total shock by the end. This show totally completes with the writing of the Sopranos. This is one of the best shows on TV period. Dang, I have to wait another 9 months. :)

  25. I was really hoping that Dexter was just having a bad dream

    • Me too! I’m really going to miss the character of Rita. & it freaked me out that she was finally confronted with, & done in by, Dexter’s world. :(

  26. Hope they will get into Deb knowing that Dexter is a serial killer(which I believe they should’ve done a long time ago). It would be intresting to see how she deals with it in comparison to the books.

    I don’t know where they’re taking this story, but I hope we see a more calm and calculating Dexter than before (kind of like season 2).
    But I don’t think we will. The Dexter from the TV show is already very much different than in the books (not to mention Cody/Asther lol).

  27. Look, No way this ends at season 5. There are too many people jumping on the Dexter wagon now. I hardly think that Producers for a network want to end a show that as of the last 2 years brought in a ton more people watching their network and ordering showtime just to see it. They dont generally end that just because they ran out of ideas!! Think about it, If they were not good at their jobs of writing then none of you would be so interested to watch. And they do it week after week show after show. Think about BURN NOTICE from USA, How long can you have a show about a spy that is burned trying to figure out who burned him? INTO HOW MANY SEASONS WITH HOW MANY SHOWS SO FAR? I think they can keep going if they want. Whoever said Dexter’s behavior causes suspicion is wrong. Dexter does nothing to show aggression to anyone. Everyone has looked up to him which is why Doakes and now Quinn will have a hard time getting people to believe Dexter is off. Now the one thing that Dexter can USE to keep the cover is HOW Rita was killed and WHY he was at Trinitys house poking around. Because he knew who Trinity was, He was found there once his sister came into the garage and that could be why Trinity killed Rita. He could also say he just met trinity at a church function and had no clue who he was until later but couldnt prove it. So many Genius writers can find away to run this show for many more seasons. Why Dexter has to die or go to jail is silly. Of course when it ends sure hes got to get caught but killing him off doesnt do it for me. I think that would be a crappy ending to this show. But that does sort of seem like how it will go, Remembering back to the last episode of the first season how in Dexters mind everyone looked at him like a Hero!! His face was hilarious in that last scene. But that was like the fairy tale ending and the real ending to Dexter is yet seasonS away!

  28. i dont think dexter should go to jail.. maybe when hes old. cause i’d like to see him live to teach his son, then die. and then his son takes over his legacy! :)

    • I would never like to see Dexter go to jail,he really is a good guy and although I really feel the end is near for Dexter I really hope it wont end at season 5.There is so much more that could happen,hopefully Luman in some way will get caght and blamed for whatever happens next.I love Dexter