‘Dexter’ Preview ‘In The Beginning’: Deb Discovers Her Killer Instinct

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dexter deb season 5 Dexter Preview In The Beginning: Deb Discovers Her Killer Instinct


Earlier this week, Showtime released three previews from Sunday’s episode of Dexter (titled “In The Beginning”), and they offer up yet another storyline that suggests “game changer.” Beginning

We’ve heard the term game changer come up far too often in regards to Dexter over the years, most recently when the cast and crew were discussing the forthcoming death of Rita at the end of last season. But was Rita’s gory demise at the hands of Trinity really that much of a game changer?

Many would argue that Rita’s death was both welcome and inevitable. Her presence on the show was becoming less integral to the show’s momentum, and worse, her character was questionably one of the most annoying on cable television. When this fifth season began, the possibilities were endless. But the first three episodes didn’t do much to keep viewers happy; they plodded along somewhat aimlessly. Then, when some (myself included) were about to give up, a true game changer emerged – with the introduction of Lumen (Julia Styles).

With each episode since Lumen’s arrival, Dexter has improved exponentially, and this Sunday’s offering appears to kick that momentum into an even higher gear. In the first preview (see below), we see Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and brother Dexter (Michael C. Hall) discussing her recent discovery of gruesome videos showcasing the barrel murders.

No one could go through something like this and have a life again,” Deb says as the scene starts, demonstrating an unmistakable sense of compassion for the victims. Then, moments later, she hits us with a doozy: “I started asking myself… who would want to take these guys out? And you know the first person that came to mind? Me.

dexter season5 Dexter Preview In The Beginning: Deb Discovers Her Killer Instinct

This stands out as one of the greater moments this season. Here, you can believe that Deb has got that killer instinct that her brother struggles with week after week, trying to live up to Harry’s code. Dexter’s reaction to Deb’s revelation is priceless, and presents even more evidence of Michael C. Hall’s worthiness of the Emmy that has eluded him (although I feel Breaking Bad is the superior show, Bryan Cranston’s threepeat could have easily been broken with a win for Hall).

Deb has already proven capable of taking another life when necessary, as we’ve seen during the nightclub shooting for the Santa Muerte case. The line between having to kill in the name of self-defense and taking a life in the name of vigilante justice is pretty thin, and it appears that Deb could cross it at any time. Making matters even more interesting, could this scene foreshadow Deb’s inevitable discovery of her brother’s secret?

Check out the first clip below:

In another scene, Dexter and Lumen discover the identity of the girl whose blood was found in Jordon Chase’s (Johnny Lee Miller) blood necklace, and their findings may finally lead to some answers as to the killing crew’s motives.

In the third preview, we see Deb and partner Quinn (Desmond Harrington) grilling Chase. It’s fun watching Deb go on the offensive, and observing Chase’s aggression towards her. One wonders whether Chase sees Deb as his next victim.

There’s so much to digest here. Needless to say, Sunday’s episode is sure to be the start of an explosive conclusion to the season – perhaps almost as palpable as Season Two’s Lila storyline.

Dexter airs Sundays @9pm on Showtime

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  1. Man,couldn’t you guys have used a less revealing headline? I was staying basically spoiler free this season too.
    I didn’t read the article though so I guess there’s no real damage and besides Deb finding out about Dex has been a long time coming anyways.

    • i think it would be interesting for the story i mean she knows in the books. plus cody and astor are killers in training

    • Nobody ever said that she was going to find out about Dexter’s secret, just it may happen.

      It’s always a possibility with the series, it was a possibility last year.. and the year before that… and the year before that.

  2. It is about time she puts it all together. I hate that this season is almost over. It wasn’t nearly as good as the Trinity Killer but you are right that it has picked way up from the start.

  3. Hey Tortuga,

    Is your name a reference to Breaking Bad by any chance?
    Anyway, I used to do my best to avoid spoilers but it’s too difficult these days.
    But like you say, Deb almost finding out about Dexter is no spoiler – it’s been brewing for years.
    Plus, Showtime has always been really good about keeping the real spoilers from leaking so I don’t think we’ll ever get too spoiler-y :)

    • Lol, no It’s not a reference to Danny Trejo’s character in Breaking Bad. It’s actually been my nickname since High School.
      I’ve been so happy with this season. I love Lumen but I have this fear that she’s going to die simply because it might be hard for them to get Julia Stiles back for another season for whatever reason.

      • I don’t think studios are lining up to get Julia Stiles to be in their films. So I think Stiles returning next season as Lumen (assuming she doesn’t die) isn’t out of the realm of possiblity.

  4. This season seemed to start kinda slow, to me at least, but now that it’s almost over I’m diggin’ it more than last season. Can’t wait to see how it turns out…

  5. Gotta disagree with a few of the things you said.

    For one I still loved Rita all the way to the end and never found her annoying really not any more than anyone else. In fact aside from Dexter she was my fave character I cant stand most of the supporting cast. Her death wasn’t welcome for everyone.

    Also Lumen hasn’t helped at all so far. She’s an annoyance. Her character is frustrating and fairly useless to me not to mention I can’t stand the actress.

  6. I wish Harrison would enroll in some pre-school where he could put the bad kids in their places. The idea of Lumen, Deb and Dex joining in Manson-familyesque team might be great. I liked the Dex med-school background premised announcement of each body part as he beat up the bad dad last episode. It was choreographed in a way reminiscent of Clockwork Orange. A Dexter using more of his chemistry-biology background would be a better show. “She blinded me with science.”

  7. Didn’t watch the clips, if there is one show that I never want spoilers for, it’s Dexter. I don’t even watch the previews for the following week.

    I agree that this season has got progressively better, the scene with Harry when he told Dexter he was proud was a series highlight for me.
    I’m not sure where they are going this season, no one who ever found out who Dexter really is, has survived, so I would highly doubt Lumen will survive till the end of the season.
    It is inevitable that Deb would find out eventually, but when she does the entire show dynamic will change, I also can’t see the show going more than another one or two seasons, I think it is in danger of becoming repetitive.

  8. Does anyone know where I can watch Dexter legally from Germany? iTunes doesn’t have it yet. I’m happy to pay for the season I just don’t know where to go to watch it from here.

    FYI. I used to watch Dexter via Megavideo but it’s illegal and I’ve decided not to do that anymore.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. I really love the whole lumen-barrel girls-jordan chase storyline and it definitely saved this season from becoming repetitive. I just CAN’T STAND the LaGuerta-Batista dynamic. It’s contrived, hastily put together, played out, and boring. Make it go away.