16 ‘Dexter’ Season 5 Images to Feed Your Dark Passenger

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dexter blood 16 Dexter Season 5 Images to Feed Your Dark Passenger

Dexter fans have been waiting with baited breath to see what will happen to their favorite serial killer – after the shocking events of the fourth season finale (at least, if the 400+ comments for our finale review are any indication). With less than a month until the fifth season premieres, fans are looking for something, anything, to give them an indication of what’s to come.

While the season 5 trailer had our blood pumping (bad pun?), the first promo didn’t quite hit the mark. Thankfully, Showtime has come to the rescue and released sixteen images from the first two episodes of Dexter Season 5. Starting with the aftermath of the Trinity Killer and ending with Dexter’s newest “discovery” (or victim), these photos allow fans to somewhat piece together the pacing of the new season. Well, the first two episodes, at least.

From the looks of it, the first episode will predominantly be focused on Rita’s death and funeral. While that might sound like a more somber episode, remember that Dexter has to deal with Cody and Astor as they discover what happened to their mother – with Quinn looking to pin Rita’s death on him (let’s just hope that with all that finger pointing Quinn doesn’t go the way of Doakes (still miss him).

Of course, if Dexter is anything, he’s motivated. So, by the second episode, it looks as if he’s back to his old stomping ground – hunting down bad guys and adding them to his “collection.”

…and then there’s the oil barrel.

Check out the images below:

I’m still not quite sure what to make of the oil barrel but it doesn’t look like the handy work of our dear Dexter Morgan. Perhaps this will be the introduction of the “big bad” (that’s what Dexter producers call the bad guy) for season 5. Well, the first mini-“big bad” since the producers have already stated there won’t just be a single nemesis this season – more like two or three.

Perhaps this is for the best since it’ll be hard to top John Lithgow’s amazing performance as the Trinity Killer in Season 4.

If that’s not enough Dexter to help tide you over, make sure to keep an eye on Screen Rant as we’ve got interviews with executive producers Sara Colleton and John Goldwyn coming up in the next few weeks.

Dexter season 5 premieres Sunday, September 26 @10pm on Showtime.

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  1. I still miss Doaks as well. He was one of my fave parts of the show and one of the few characters I actually liked. Bautistia is ok, but not that great and the LT girl is annoying I can’t stand her and I wished they killed her off like in the books. It’s funny in the books Lt died, but Doaks didn’t at first. He just lost all his limbs.

    Looking forward to season 5 it looks to be crazy. Still said about season 4. Rita was the best part of the show for me other than Dex.

    • What?!? You must tell me how Doakes lost all of his limbs!

      • The big bad from that book…. I think it’s the third. Called DR Danko does it. He was an interrogator that Doaks and Chutsky knew from some old black opp.

        And his MO was remove digits and limbs slowly over a few weeks, Then leave the person alive. With no arms, legs, lips, eyelids or a tongue.

        They called him Danko because there was a tool called the Danko that sliced vegetable’s. And he sliced people and left them like vegetable’s.

        Dexter interrupted Danko as he was slicin on Doaks. So he never finished it. He lost his tongue, his feet and hands.

    • Yeah it’s a shame we lost Doakes… he was the man.

  2. Love the show, I just started the second book and can’t believe how different it is from the series(which I like and understand why they did). So glad they got rid of who they did last season. 😉

    • I believe the producers said that they’ve only read through the first few books.

  3. There are only 3 books at the moment i know the author is working on a new one so the show is ahead of the books in alot of ways, but again the books and charachters in it are really diffrent from the show esp. Cody and Astor i loved last season and was sad for Dexter about Rita and top of it all the show is filmed here in Miami (my city!) i cant wait for Season 5 even though i dont have Showtime at the moment lol

  4. Hate to break it to you RandomMovieFan but the show is filmed in Southern Cali. Mostly in Long Beach. Only parts of the first season was filmed in Miami all the rest in filmed in So Cal.

  5. A seriel killer chops off his arms legs and tongue in the books. The actor who played Doakes said he wasn’t looking forward to playing a stub.

  6. They also refer to the main baddie of each season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the “big bad.” But I don’t know if that’s where it originated either.

  7. oh well it still feels like Miami to me… are u sure though cuase the shots where he;s on the water looks alot like the Miami bay as well when he gets arrested last season got smashing that guy’s cell phone remember? well that was right outside broward comerce bank oh well the things they can do with a camera now a days

  8. Please put up Spoiler alerts on anything season 4 thanks.

    Wow I wouldn’t have liked that ending to Dokes either. His tv death was perfect, and gave Dex a reason to kill what’s her name. She needed to Go!

  9. Yea the show handled Doakes better than the book but inprefered he stayed the only characters I like on the show were Dex, Rita and Doakes now I’m really screwed I only got Dex

    Lila was awful yea she needed to go big time.

  10. I’m watching the first ep of Dexter season 4 right now Daniel.

    I just finished up “Rescue Me” season 3,,,

  11. What did you think of the last two episodes of Rescue me season 2? Season three is seriously f’ed up by the way it’s good but it’s so messed up the things that happen

    Also have you seen more of Californication

  12. Usually, shows about mass-murders resonate with dark, distilled moments caught on camera. When the Dexter show is shot, it is being filmed in Miami, Florida and parts of California. Thus the audience sees a lot of vibrant scenes and their attention spans are held, because it’s imagery that people don’t usually see everyday.

  13. I liked Doax, And loved Rita!! I dont see how Dex can jugle 3 kids, his career, and extra-curicular activities–I just finished the season 4 series, and must say John Lithgow is one of my favorite bad guys! He was awesome at being insane :) Did Rita die in the books??? Or did the actress who played Rita want out?

  14. Can’t wait to see how Quinn’s investigation turns out and how Dex will take Quinn’s intervening…Dex can jugle three kids and the dark passenger i strongly believe…

  15. i’m getting so damn sick of people calling astor a b****, etc. she’s just a KID, and can’t be older than 10 or 12. she’s already experienced the trauma of growing up in an abusive household, with her drug-addict father beating her mother. her parents split up, she has to adjust to a new adult/authority figure in her life when her mom begins dating dexter.

    the two get married, and just as the kid FINALLY begin to settle in to their new life, their mother is brutally murdered. granted, dexter couldn’t help it, but the way he delivered the devastating news of their mother’s death to the kids was just heart-wrenching, and devoid of any and all emotion. “i’m sorry for your loss” … that’s just cold. i don’t blame the poor girl for lashing out.

    also… it’s spelled d-o-a-k-E-s… yes, there’s an “E” in doakes. it’s spelled correctly in the article, not sure why everyone seems to have so many problems with it.

    i wasn’t such a fan of rita, i kinda think the writers/producers made her character so annoying/unlikable so that we wouldn’t be TOO devastated by her death. love maria (been a fan of the actress ever since her amazing performance on OZ), deb, and quinn. hell, i love most of the characters on the show, and the acting is impeccable. this is gonna be a great season, i can already tell.

  16. yeah Astor is a b****, every time she mouth’s off i just wanna reach thru the screen and punch her in the frigggen face, little ingrate.

  17. oh yeah, and the real reason rita was killed off the show is because michael hall’s ugly , jelous wife was getting uncomfortable cause a hotter chick then her got to snuggle up to her man, and mis big and ugly ain’t havin that no way