‘Dexter’ Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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dexter season 5 finale dexter tied up Dexter Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

Last year, fans of Showtime’s hit series Dexter were left in shock. After witnessing an entire season of truly wonderful performances and anxiety-filled storytelling, a sense of calmness set in as Dexter plunged his knife into the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow). But with Trinity’s dying breath and allusive rhetoric, the meaning of “it’s already over” had not yet been fully revealed.

With the revelation that Rita had been Trinity’s final victim, the world wondered what would come of everyone’s favorite blood-spatter analyst. As Dexter season 5 began, a dulcet tone appropriately accompanied the season premiere. From that, the given appearance of this season would be a sense of reflection for Dexter. Given what resulted from his brash temptation with fate, it appeared to be an earnest endeavor.

Of course, as this season continued, Dexter began to show signs of transitioning through the infamous 7 stages of grief, albeit with killing. Through this murderous reflection, Dexter stumbled across Lumen (Julia Stiles), a woman who presented the famed vigilante with an opportunity for redemption.

Now, with companion in tow, Dexter set out to exact revenge on Lumen’s would-be assailants. Unfortunately, with Dexter focused on things ahead, he unknowingly left himself open to attacks. With Quinn still questioning Dexter’s innocence in regards to Rita’s death, he hired the corrupt Stan Liddy to keep an eye on Dexter. Conversely, Deb has once again found herself unknowingly on the trail of her serial killer sibling, as the recent string of murders in relation to the “barrel girls” had raised suspicions about an experienced vigilante coupling.

With Deb inching closer to finding out her brother’s deep-dark secret, Lumen currently awaiting slaughter, Quinn questioning Dexter’s actions and Jordan Chasing having to confront Dexter’s dark passenger, there are only two things that are certain…

Anything can happen and no one is safe.

Episode Description:

Dexter’s situation grows desperate when he discovers that Lumen’s been set up. Despite knowing he’s being baited into a trap, Dexter risks everything to make sure he doesn’t fall into the same mistake again. In the Barrel Girls case, Debra lets her personal feelings lead her instincts once she concludes that vigilantes are more than just a theory. Quinn finds himself in a troublesome situation, which only Dexter can help him out of.


The term “acceptable” rarely finds its way into television reviews. While that particular word represents – for all intents and purposes – an adequate reception, when it is actually put into practice, it often brings with it a notion of disappointment. This disappointment stems from having inflated expectations, especially when it is often unwarranted.

With that, the Dexter season 5 finale was unfortunately acceptable.

dexter season 5 finale jordan chase Dexter Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

Throughout this season, the theme of redemption was extremely apparent. If not with the numerous philosophical innuendos, than defiantly with the heavy-handed grandiose statements that were consistently uttered by many of the characters. It is with this same heavy-hand that the character of Lumen was developed, executed and concluded.

For all the many seasonal story-arcs that Lumen received, the character served no other purpose than to allow the character of Dexter to slightly evolve past his current state. Sure, the implications that Dexter now knows he can be seen and loved for the person he truly is and the notion that his dark passenger may not be permanent will have positive effects on subsequent seasons, the drawn-out nature by which those realizations were acquired made the season, on some level, feel empty.

Lumen, as a whole, slowed this season down. Including Lumen in Dexter’s killing process was an intriguing plot, but when executed, it was generally over-emphasized and drawn out. This seasonal flaw served to replace actual angst that the series is known for with artificial tension stemming from Lumen’s inability to emotionally progress at an acceptable rate, given her present surroundings.

dexter season 5 lumen Dexter Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

If the disposable nature of Lumen’s character wasn’t obvious throughout the season, it was most certainly evident by the manner in which they wrapped up her character. With a simple look and a brief revelation to Dexter, Lumen was gone. While Lumen could certainly return in following seasons, her character served its purpose for this season and is no longer needed. If her character were to return, I would take that as a sign that the producers were unable to adequately development a rich story-line for their current season.

Fortunately, the character of Lumen did bring with her one redeeming aspect, Jordan Chase. The casting of Johnny Lee Miller as the character of Jordan Chase was a wonderful decision. While his character started out as simply a wealthy control-freak, the revelation of the character’s back-story and his transformation into an eccentric psychopath propelled Jordan Chase into an intriguing and suitable nemesis for Dexter. Even though Chase’s final moments were brief, they were executed with such emotion that it resonated perfectly with the viewer.

While Deb deciding not to pull back the curtain was a beautiful example of her characters growth, the fact that it was too obvious of a metaphor of her unawareness of her brother’s “extra-curricular activities” left the sentiment moot. On the other hand, the character of Quinn – who had numerous fluctuations in his feelings for Dexter – went through many stages of evolution throughout this season and when the season 5 finale concluded, the audience was left in the dark about how exactly he currently feels about Dexter – a wonderful touch that could easily be missed.

dexter season 5 deb quinn Dexter Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

In this past season, particularly these final episodes and specifically in the season finale, Quinn and Deb had more realistic and rewarding character evolution than Dexter and Lumen combined. With Quinn and Deb having half the screen time of Dexter and Lumen, it shows that the producers are able to still deliver rich storylines. Unfortunately, I feel that what resulted in the season 4 finale forced everyone to attempt a more overt approach with Dexter in season 5. Instead of continuing with the repercussions of Dexter’s activities, the season focused more on the positive consequences that his actions have. While endearing for a single season, it will quickly become stale if continued into the next.

As I originally stated, the season finale of Dexter was acceptable. While there were hints of genius, it was generally not up to the high standards that one has come to expect from Dexter. Of course, one could say that about this season as a whole. So, in that aspect, the finale was exactly what one could expect.

Perhaps the fault lays not in this season’s execution, but with my gluttonous expectations for exquisite storytelling.


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  1. I found this season finale to be awesome, apart from what anyone else says. One thing I couldn’t help but notice though, is that some of the scenes looked unfinished or something – some were out of focus or off-aim, and some angles just seemed like a bad attempt at making the show better?

    Either way, the story was good and that’s what matters. One thing that’s bothering me though is that DEXTER NEVER GETS A BREAK! What the hell!

    Can’t wait for season 6! In fact, I think I’m going to watch the whole series over again…

    • I am too! Too funny!

  2. How about the bullet that Deb shot while she confronted the killers. Wouldn’t that get traced back to her? Too many loose ends

    • Why would it? So, she shot her gun at something. Big deal.

    • Way too many loose ends. I didn’t even think about that one. Like I said before the only way they could have squashed all the loose ends is by having a department wide cover up. Im sure the FBI would have gotten involved and they would have to be incompetent not to find all these clues. Not saying its easy to write all these things out but it seems lazy that they didn’t even try. Not very Dexter-ish.

  3. So here I am, back on screen-rant’s Dexter finale for season 5, after coming here at the start of season 5 for the Season 4 finale rant. I find the change extremely ironic: I came here VERY dissapointed with the end of Season 4, and finding most of the people here liked it, though there were those that strongly agreed with me. Now I return, FINALLY HAPPY with how things went, and it’s the reverse. I think the internet crowd must be the dark/depressive one.

    I was very happy with how the season went, and I thought it was a good balance to Season 4, which went down the extremely dark route and almost put me off Dexter permanently. THIS one brought my faith back, and I found the ending was very eloquent. Yes, part of me would have loved to see her stay and be a part of the family, but at the same time, I know that might have been a little too trite or happy-go-lucky for Dexter, and put the show back where it was before.

    I love the guest actress- I’ve followed her career since 10 Things I hate About You, Save the Last Dance, and earlier- and I thought she did a splendid job. I’d enjoy seeing her return permanently, myself, she’s just excellent, and balances Dexter out perfectly.

    I loved this season- it’ll keep me watching next season. So I lift my voice to content against the haters. God bless Dexter’s scriptwriters- an excellent, artfully done season with great balance!


    • Same here. I was getting tired of the “simply get the bad guy” theme. This show put Dexter on the road to finding some inner peace and accepting himself. It was more subtle than the other seasons, and deeper. I loved it.

    • Completely agree with you. This season finale was the best and most layered and emotional for me. I came online expecting everyone to have loved it, but they all seem to rag on it. Killing Rita ruined Season 4 for me and all these dark, sad, types loved it.

  4. My life would have been made if he had killed Lumen when she said she was leaving… that would have been an ending!
    This season was alright- not nearly as bad as season 3… but where was the cliffhanger? even if Deb found out Dexter was a killer that would have been a great ending. So disappointed
    Also, I don’t understand how Deb “solved” the barrel girl case… they still don’t technically know where Jordan Chase is (even if believe he is dead wouldn’t they be curious as to where the body was?)

    • “Solving the case” and “finding the killer” are not the same thing.

      And there was no reason for Dexter to kill Lumen; that would have been in absolute violation of his code. He fell in love and was loved, exactly for who he is.

  5. The season 4 finale has left us all expecting an ass sklmming in every finale, the show is called dexter NOT miami homicide or dexter & co. so i was quite happy with watching dex grow, yet again… HUGE FAN always will be, cant mcf&@#$ng WAIT for season 6

  6. Save for episode 6 this season was a total piece of garbage.

    One of the things I hated most was how quickly Dex and Lumen slept together. Like a woman is just going to get over being brutally raped and beaten for god knows how long that quickly just because she got to kill someone? Please. It would have been more poignant to end that episode with her simply wrapping her arms around his waist to show that they were now intimately bonded…they didn’t have to have sex, but i guess the writers think that’s the only way to get the message across to a dense audience that they’re becoming closer.

    Also, this show’s just gets more and more unrealistic–how is Dexter constantly using his cell phone (they don’t try to show that he has more than one) to call Trinity and Jordan Chase and never has this lead back to him?

    One thing I did like–the way the camera was completely steady on Deb during her big scene as opposed to the floaty one they use during Dexter’s scenes to show he’s crazy and she’s super stable. I like little
    flourishes of cinematography like that, however transparent they are.

    But overall, a real disappointment. The fact that they even sped off into some tangent about him miraculously discovering some huge udnerground rape club instead of them dealing with the more realistic implications of Rita’s death from season 4 is a shame all on its own. Like how Jonah just stares all bug-eyed when shown a picture of the man he knows could help catch a serial killer was unexplained and rather retarded. Well, I guess this show’s starting to show it’s age. But like Dex said before he killed an innocent man–”Nothing lasts forever”.

  7. Okay,
    I have a very different opinion from most here. I really liked this season and thought Julia Stiles was great.
    I thought last season was the best – far better than ice truck killer etc… but I have few complaints about the whole thing. IN fact I agree that Deb knows it was Dex that was helping out. If she pieced everything together her theory to Quinn- then she knows the timing of Lumen appearing, that Dex was lying to her about the whole tenant thing- and that Lumen who has since disappeared- could likely be connected…
    I think her I bet you are happy now line – shows what she knew…
    She didn’t get them to lie down, or answer she walked away – knowing as a woman- that justice was served- her character wants to be a good cop but has learned that life is complex and not black or white.
    Further to that- am I wrong here, Dex’s dna would only be on file if he were convicted of a prior. more interestingly – again I know nothing of dna markers but don’t siblings share common markers?
    So if they ran the blood in the car- would they find that it was Ice truck killers sibling?
    Just a thought- Deb seemed to cool on finding out about her dad;s affairs this season- I think that would be an easy start to season 6- expecially if Dex gets linked via DNA to Rudy or whatever his name was who kidnapped Deb…
    Also what ever happened to Rita’s first husband Dex was #3….

  8. I loved this season. I thought it was a great follow up to the phenomenal season 4. However, the finale really disappointed me. Yeah there are to many loose ends all over the place but that’s not what got me the most annoyed. What pissed me off the most was the whole Deb situation and her just standing there and having a talking to Dexter and Lumen. I found the whole part of Deb just letting the “vigilantes” free the way she did to be ridiculous. She should have found out, the whole season and her development was leading to her finding out about Dexter and it was a huge letdown to see it be executed in this fashion.

    I don’t have a problem with the Quinn story line as I think it needed to go down the way it did. He knows about Dexter but I think he’s okay with it to protect Deb. It would have been way to hectic and over the top if he straight up knew or stayed in jail.

    Lumen just picking up and leaving was really strange and felt real random.

    Overall, I felt the season was very good, almost every episode had a moment that was a real nail biter but the finale was B.S.

  9. I enjoyed it very much .
    and I think both Quinn and Deb know a lot less then people think.
    Debs comments can be interpreted any number of ways.
    and Quinn was just thanking Dexter for eliminating him as a suspect with the blood work.

  10. too many people wanting more… lets face it, the show hadnt been signed up for a 6th season up until a few weeks ago so maybe they didnt want to leave the show on a cliff hanger with no way of explaining… also, people keep mentioning the loose ends? lets be serious, if every loose end was to be followed up, dexter would have probably been caught years ago. stop complaning and enjoy the show!

    • I agree its TV and you have to let some things go for the sake of entertainment, but isn’t a core of the show that Dexter is so skilled at his craft that there are no loose ends. He’s always cleaning up the loose ends and thats where a lot of the suspense is held. This episode was not minor holes they were gaping. I still enjoyed the plot but I kept waiting for them to address the loose ends and then it was a super happy bday party. You know in your heart the writers phoned it in.

  11. I just finished reading the other comments, thinking I was going to find something different on these season finale reviews, and I have to say I’m very surprised. I actually thought a lot of people would agree with me that this season was just as good as the previous ones. Tough, it seems the other way. It might be true that “this Dexter” was a bit different from what we were used to see in the first seasons,but don’t forget what he went through at the end of season 5. If you watch season 1 first episode, and then watch season 4 or 5, you would clearly notice the differences on the character. He slowly evolved through the series. Similarly, in this season, he is not the same he was in the fist two, but his wife had never been killed before either. That was huge turning point on the show and we all knew it. It would have been odd if the wouldn’t have shown that changing period. “Doing something to make up for something else” is actually what we do in real life. There is nothing cheesy or forced about that, and even with that starting point, it had a few unpredictable elements as well. We never saw Dexter “going mad” before. That was something I actually appreciated. He was acting by impulse, just like a normal person would at times. The acting was GREAT, as usual! Michael C Hall has become Dexter himself. Not all the episodes have to be SENSATIONAL, the story has to unfold at its own pace. This season was great, it adds to that variety the show has always had.

    • I think absolutely the same. I really enjoied this season and I think the writers have been really creative.

      I think some points aren’t explained on purpose to make you curious about the 6th season.

  12. Very dissap[ointing season finale. I thought that the whole season thus far was pretty good, and the last episode was good as well up until the Deb lets Dexter and Lumen go without even seeing them. That was a complete tease and very, very poorly written. Everything that was done this seaosn was nearly a waste. Dexter is pretty much out from under the radar with Quinn (if not then Quinn does not look like he will further investigate Dexter’s life), Lumen is gone, Deb AGAIN does not find out, and Dexter gets away again. Nothing to talk about. Next season should be the last because I feel like they just ended this season’s finale in this way was because they wanted to mlik the show some more. The finale really took away a lot of the impact and tension that made this season watchable and just left a sour taste in my mouth and a less satisfying experience with the season as a result. This season was NOT bad, but it was definately the worst of all 5 seasons. Season 3 I thought was not bad either, I mean yeeah the last episode didn’t really have a anything sinister happen but Dexter got married and we knew that was going to change the show because in the next season he would be living with Rita and the kids.

    Next season needs to be the last. No major villain is needed, Dexter gets discovered by Deb/quinn, people around the station start getting suspicious of him, and ultimately some crazy revelation is revealed. End it already and dont ruin a good thing!

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. This season was good but a big tease. It didn’t progress the series in any way.

    • The transition away from the last year took about 3 episodes – then, the odd twist of Boyd Fowler turning into an amazing year of the show. Ooh-rah, Bravo. I went to acadamy[s] … oh, and I’m from Miami. Elmore Leonard’s novels take place in Detroit, L.A., and S. Florida/Miami. This writing and production is top-notch. One can only expect 1 more year – but then, now what? The situation with Quinn looks to be improving – with Debra – maybe it’s time for Dexter to actually become a cop? That way, he gets legit at the end.

    • So, who’s blood did Dexter say it belonged to? I would think it was Quinn’s own blood, must have cut himself shaving? That would clear him instantly.

      Am I wrong about this?

    • I am glad to see I’m not the only one disappointed with the final episode. This season started off rough with the whole hunt for a nanny. The forst 3 shows were very awkward, but, going further into the season, once Dexter killed again, he said things felt ‘normal’ and he felt normal, so, I thought “ok, cool.. this was a type of 3d writing.. they made the show feel awkward so we knew how Dexter felt.” Middle of the season was back to normal.. and must give full props whoever edited the previews for next week because they kept me coming back. The final episode was so disappointing. Liddy was a COP. You dont think that place wouldnt have been combed top to bottom? Oh gee, look, a laptop close to the shore. Lets see whats on it. Nope… the guy had a kife through his chest in a van and it gets blown off like just another day. So many lazy loop holes in this episode!! Best way to have ended it would have been Deb coming downstairs, pulls back the plastic and she discovers Dexter and Lumen. End. THEN you’d be chomping at the bit for season 6. Dexter on the run.. his sister hunting him down… I could have written a better season finale.

    • I totally agree!! How could they not explain the relationship between chase and emily??? I fealty chases whole character was a missed opportunity. We never find out why he did/does what he did/does, what emily’s part was, why she didn’t die, why she was devoted to him. The line in one of the last episodes that she says something to the tune of “i made you” to jordan was really a red herring it seems.
      This is the kind of shoddy writing that i have come to NOT expect form this show and I am disappointed.

      • THANK YOU!!! SOMEONE THAT GETS IT! When Emily made that comment for a brief moment I thought perhaps she was the mastermind behind the whole situation. She feared Jordan, but wasn’t afraid to take credit for his entire being… VERY poor character development. There were soooo many different ways that relationship could have gone and they left us with NOTHING.

        • YES! THANK YOU! I had a horrible feeling during the season it would end this way. predictable and formulaic…SO DISAPPOINTED! It showed they were going no where when they hired Julia Stiles. Bad actress mixed with a horribly written, (although premiss was interesting), character. Did they get new writers and producers??? This show lacked and of they usual suspense and BIG moments and left nothing but loose ends…HOW COULD THEY NOT EXPLAIN EMILY AND JORDAN’S relationship???

  13. The Quinn story line was super weak.

    1) Quinn did not know he had blood on his shoe and even if he did, he had no reason to think it was Liddy’s.

    2) Dexter killed a cop!!! He was in the van!!! His hair would be there for sure. Easy for Quinn to point the suspicion at Dex.

    3) Quinn has photos of Dexter and Lumen dumping a body. Again, easy for Quinn to point at Dex.

    4) The last word from Liddy was a bunch of phone calls to Quinn about Dexter – and then he is dead? And Quinn is not going to do anything because he wants to protect Deb!? Ridiculous.

    This played out very badly. No way Quinn walks away given his prior suspicions about Kyle Butler — and a now dead cop.

    • @Weak Quinn, agree 100%,the final was a little to tidy for my liking.

      • 1) I’ll give you that it is possible – but I still think it is weak. I was expecting the bloody shoe to be used by Dexter as leverage against Quinn. Something along the lines of – the phone calls to Quinn and the surveillance equipment put him under suspicion and the police search his house – Dexter finds the shoe and uses it against Quinn…

        2) I will concede that point.

        3&4) This really bothers me – Quinn was hot on Dexter’s trail and backed off for Deb’s sake — and then he saw those photos — this had to make him crazy, he must have been torn between Deb and knowing more about the pictures — so he shuts Liddy out so he can ignore the problem and the internal struggle — and then Liddy tells him has has enough to ARREST Dexter and then turns up dead! No way Quinn can walk away from that in exchange for some phony blood work by a guy he now knows is a killer!!!

        I liked the season and the outcome — but there are tons of loose ends and the last 2-3 episodes were lazy and sloppy — more than the usual coincidences and close calls, which I can live with — using willful ignorance and characters acting out of character to let Dexter slip through the net is disappointing.

        • Reason why Quinn backed off off Dexter because he didn’t want to hurt Debra.

          WHen he told Debra he has a crazy theory, Debra told him to not to f*** with Dexter ( sort of ).
          Basicly my conclusion out of this is that Quinn wanted a relationship with Debra and if he would bust Dexter his chances would be 0%.

  14. I can’t say that I’m disappointed about the final episode. But I’m very sad about the fact that Luman left. I never expected that Dexter would ever find someone like her, someone who knows who he really is. I mean of course no one wants to live with a serial killer but at that moment I honestley expected Dexter to talk to Luman about it. It is obvious that Dexter fell in love with her and maybe real love would’ve been the cure for his urges.

    Furthermore I expected that something would happen in the end which makes you very curious about the next season. Something unexpected maybe something terrible or..I don’t know. But I think most of you know what I mean.

    On the one hand I don’t think the the whole season is a tease. Whenever the 4th season ended I read a lot about what would going to happen next and I never expected such a elaborated story.
    On the other hand I think, Dexter (finally) is alone again. I don’t think that Cody and Astor will stay forever with Dexter. And Harrison is still a baby which makes him not understand what his Daddy is doing.

    So to be honest I really can’t wait for the 6th season.

    • I don’t understand why everyone is all upset about it ending neat and tidy.

      One because it didn’t end neat and tidy at least not perfectly neat and tidy.
      But the other fact is that every other season besides season 4 has ended that way. Season 1 ends with him killing Rudy and its all good. Season 2 he doesn’t get caught puts the blame on someone else for the bay harbor butcher and then travels to fricken london to kill that english lady (can’t remember her name right now). And season three he gets married.

      I knew from the beginning here it would be a somewhat happy ending. Mainly because you can’t have a twist every time it gets old if that happens all the time. Same goes with any ending, if this season ended on some sort of bad note I would probably be annoyed. It would feel like they were simply trying to top season 4. Which you can’t do at least not yet.

      I don’t think this was the best ending as things did feel like they just stopped for the time being (namely quinn’s whole search for him) but overall it was pretty good i still can’t wait for the next season.

      • Season 1 didn’t end “neat and tidy”, it ended with Doakes being on to Dexter, setting up everything that would happen in the next season.

  15. they never really say and maybe that is the cliff hanger, but did quinn talk to his lawyer and there for the cops before his release?
    i know dexter let him go, but did he let dexter go?
    maybe that is where season 6 heads into? but then wouldnt that be a rehashing of the doakes story?
    i dunno maybe Quinn is letting dexter go..
    i loved the episode and the season no complaints from me.. enjoyable which is what television is supposed to be

  16. I agree about clifffhangers not being necessary but we do need some sort of supspence to keep us buzzing (positively) about the next season. Most people, myself included, here are frowning in acticipation for the next season; which I have not done once in this show.

    I feel that a big problem with the season was that the last few episodes became too absorbed with the main plot (Chase/Lemen) that they completely abandonned the subplots of the season. For example:

    -Batista’s and LaGuerta’s relationship was totally downplayed, after being so intregal in the beginning of the season
    -The tension between Deb and LaGuerta was not properly addressed
    -Whatever happened to the second brother in those crazy ritual murders? Will he be back next season? How did they not adress this!?
    -What happened with Trinity’s family? Still in protection? Isn’t Quinn remotely interested in finding out what Jonah knows about Kyle Butler?
    -What was the point of developing the character of the nanny if she really played no part in the season?
    -What happened with the cop that Dexter killed? The case is over?
    -What was the relationship that Chase had with the first victim?
    -Why did Chase like to watch? Why did he do what he did? What fueled him? Where did his anger come from?
    -What happened with Dexter’s house, wasn’t he supposed to sell it?
    -Dexter just moved on from Rita that quick? I mean I know he is not supposed to have any feelings but she was supposed to be teh exception I thought; didn’t look like he cared much in the last few ep’s.
    -Doesn’t Deb know that Brian Moser and Dexter were brothers now? This was SOOOOOO BIG last season how do they not even mention it this season

    Also anybody notice that Harry was not in several episodes and that his character was used very infrequently this season.

    The more I think about it the more this last episode destroyed the entire season for me. I was really looking forward to the finale and liked where the show had gone. Now, after it all, I doubt that I will watch this season again ever again, MUCH unlike the other seasons including season 3

    • I couldn’t agree more with your comments about Lumen. I was annoyed the entire season, because I just felt it was incredibly unrealistic (b/c a show about a likable serial killer is totally realistic)! I balked at the TV when they had sex and I thought the scenes when she acted like a typical girl on a date worried about her out fit before her first kill. Eye roll!! And just when I try and buy into the idea of well at least Dexter has a “partner” and that should be interesting going forward, they remove her, which is even more upsetting because I didn’t see the point in her to begin with.

  17. I completely disagree with that poorly thought review. In the finale, all the loose ends were tied, all questions answered, and still, Deb has no idea that she almost caught her own brother. That finale was sublime, impeccably written and acted. The only dissapointment for me was that Lumen decided to leave. I wished until the end that she would become Dexter’s permanent life companion, finally a life partner completely aware of what he is and accepting it. That would have made my pleasure complete. But of course, the return, at the very end, to the pain caused by Rita’s death was, in my opinion, the perfect ending for this season of mourning.

    • @Daniel Dalobe -
      i think Deb hinted that she knew it was Dexter- at the birthday party she says to him- “I am happy, you must be too… now that this is all over I mean”
      thats an odd thing to say because he wasnt as involved in the case as her.

  18. Didn’t like the new season at first, by the time I got used to it they ruined it. Its not that it was a bad series, it just departed from what we have come to know as Dexter. The show is not an experiment. The camera angles and the editing in the finale were shaky and awkward. It seemed like a bad WB show instead of Dexter. I am not completely disappointed with the season but definitely put off by the finale. Stop teasing us with Deb finding out Dexter, she knows of his “secret” in the book. Why is it so hard to work it into the show. I realize that she could help him if he does screw up if the situation does arise thus taking away some element of the show. Lumen and him have this strong bond and in the last five minutes she just says that she is leaving? Her character was given some pretty horrible dialogue, I do not blame Julia Stiles. This season was all over the place and they didn’t seem to know what they were ever building towards. I was not looking for a cliffhanger or a surprise ending. I expected suspense as always, fear of Dexter getting caught, and Dexter killing. They killed the Dexter character as we know him, the killing in this season was lame compared to what I have come to expect from this show. Horrible character development, pacing, dialogue, editing. Could have used two more episodes. Give us one more good season and just call it quits because I can not believe I waited a year to see that and I have to wait another year just to see if it can actually be better than that contrived season I just witnessed.

  19. But wishes are for children…

  20. P.S. – Chase explains why she has to leave, their bond wasn’t based on anything but shared trauma, and that’s a very powerful epiphany – and also shows us that Dexter’s ability to let go of his Dark Stranger is much harder as it’s part of his psyche, Lumen’s damage was quite recent – she’ll be back when it starts to haunt her, trust me!

    (and yes, the camera work seemed hand help and rushed at Robocop’s the crime scene) – I could go on, but that’s enough from me –am I the only one who was impressed they didn’t pull another Dokes martyr – RIP.

    • Am I the only one who is thinking that Deb found out about Dexter and Lumen being the vigilante couple?
      In the last scene at Harrison’s birthday Deb said to Dexter “you must be too” as a reply to Dexter saying that Deb must be thankful that everything is over or sth like that…
      What other reason could Deb have to say this?

      • Butcher, nope – check out the previous 2 pages of comments!

        • Ok, now I also read the first 2 pages.
          I’m glad to see that others share my opinion.
          And no comment convinced me of the opposite.
          Deb knows. There is our suspense for season 6! ;)

          • thank you. i was reading all recent comments about this. i am about to check the 1st 2 pages. also did debra not notice that jordan chase file was missing as soon as dex left. also they knew he changed his name, why not seach for propoerty in his old eugene preer or wateva his name was records. i mean reallly.

      • No way that Deb knew. Her character is an emotional wreck. Suddenly finding out her brother murdered a bunch of people would have been followed with a 15 minute Deb breakdown scene.

  21. I think the finale was not poor, but a disappointment. The intrigue of the show has always been the conflicted emotions. You root for a serial killer! I didn’t really feel that conflicted this season. It was more of just a going through the motions type thing for me. Quinn vs Dexter would have been conflicted, because of Deb’s relationship with Quinn. Or even a closer call with the kids would have worked, to see Dexter’s moon-lighting almost cost his kids dearly would have given rise to the conflict needed. Wow Dexter kills bad guys, there are some close calls, and Lumen chooses to become a part of these scary events that might cost her life, for this show it’s too melodramatic. We need more innocent bystanders that we care about to get hurt, to see a cost for Dexter’s actions and make us question the right/wrong of it, a rapist/dirty cop dying doesn’t give rise to this question.

  22. I think the writers left it open, but I don’t personally agree that Deb knows – she’s so emotional as a character, if she really realised it was Dexter, she wouldn’t have been so care free and smiling at the party! Regardless of her growth as a character, with B/W reality, there is just no way she would have been cool – and her making the leap to assume Dexter is too great a leap at present!

    As far as she’s concerned, she’s been in her own stressful world the entire season, and for her, it’s all over – another wrap in terms of case closed, it’s over – aren’t you glad etc etc! That’s my take – as for Quinn, I think he’s just confused and glad to be out of trouble, no major hidden objectives there!

    Let’s not forget something that happened quite early, Masuka’s is one major tattooed mofo – and we really should explore him a little next season. Now there’s a disturbed serial killer in the making!

    Anyhow, if Deb found out, regardless of the books, it would kill our anticipation, its too kinky knowing they are married in real life, and have a secret in the show!

    So, Dexter – season 6 – that’s a show I need to get in the production for, maybe I need to ask Jeff to pull some strings! Season 6 – the guy with the dragon tattoo killer! ;-)

  23. I think you mean season 5 not season 6: “As Dexter season 6 began, a dulcet tone appropriately accompanied the season premiere.”

  24. The deer in the road leading to the camp appeared to be a young mule deer, certainly not native to Florida. I’ve watched it twice, and I still have that impression, although the scene is very short. Anyone else notice that?

  25. worst season yet. pretty good first couple of episodes, but really dragged throughout and I’m sorry, but the finale was terrible. Complete closure with the case with far too many holes. C’mon, Deb stands behind the tarp with a dead Jordan Chase on the table, and she let them take the body and dump it in the ocean? Yeah, okay. I feel like last season was way more complex with Trinity and they were able to tie things up nicely while still leaving the viewers with the perfect amount of curiosity and excitement for a new season. Right now, I’m not stoked on a season 6. I’m glad there’s one coming cause this show really is phenomenal, but I’m not going to count the days or anything. Seasons 1 and 4 are undeniably amazing. Unless season 6 is officially the last one, I won’t be expecting too much from Dexter, which sucks.

  26. Honestly, I think the writers were distracted by the fact that Julia Stiles was butchering the entire season. Lumens character probably was supposed to evolve more obviously, and also probably was supposed to stay on perhaps for another season. But there is no way they would subject themselves or us to another season of her constipated delivery, plus Michael C Hall is the show, and I guarantee there is no way he would work with that mess again.
    The one thing that Julia did give us was more screen time with Deb and Quinn, who I think had the most interesting arcs of the season. Quinn is in an extremely challenging situation as this season ends, and I can’t wait to see where they go with it.
    And lets talk about the incredible Jennifer Carpenter please? I couldn’t stand her seasons 1 or 2, but once the showrunners realized what she was capable of, and started throwing real writing her way.. she nailed it. It’s not easy to shine in Hall’s shadow, but she does it. Give the girl an Emmy.

    and YES give Johnny Lee Miller some kudos. I bet if you watch his scenes all in a row from the whole seasons, it would terrify you.

    THis season finale may not have been the best in terms of writing, but this season has been pretty poorly written all along. But as far as acting goes? Everyone ( maybe even Julia though I’m sure we would never know it) went all out. I loved the finale just for that reason.