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One of the nice little surprises of the episode was the return (much to the surprise of Deb) of Special Agent Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine), who’s now retired but is in town investigating (on his own time) the allusive “Trinity Killer.” Although it’s never explicitly stated, we can gather that this is Lithgow’s killer that we saw at the start and towards the end of the episode. With regards to the latter, we had another chilling scene which showed Lithgow’s killer in a shower with the heat turned WAY up, as he looks up and screams. Creepy stuff and excellently played out (without barely uttering two words) by Lithgow.

dexter season 4 premiere episode john lithgow Dexter Season 4 Premiere Review & Discussion

John Lithgow "turns up the heat"

As a whole I am glad to say that Dexter season 4 so far has continued with the quality of the first three seasons, thankfully not degrading over time as happens with a lot of shows (*cough* Heroes! *cough*). Although it was the first episode of the season and thus still “getting into the groove,” as they say, there’s already plenty of stuff to chew on: from Dexter trying to balance his family, work and killing life, to supporting character dilemmas like Deb dealing with Lundy’s return and, of course, the introduction of, “The Trinity Killer.”

And like most great shows, the episode ended with a WHOPPER of a cliffhanger: Dexter, after rushing his kill to get the medicine for his baby and get home in time, crashed his car because of how tired he was. We assume he got rid of his victim’s body parts, so at least Dexter doesn’t have to fret when someone comes to help him after his crash (what an awkward thing to explain…). Of course, there’s no doubt our favorite serial killer will be fine, but it certainly gets your attention and makes you want to tune in next time.

What did YOU think of the Dexter’s season 4 premiere? Do you think the quality has been kept as high as the first three seasons? Tell us your thoughts and opinions on the episode below.

Episode 2 of Dexter Season 4, entitled “Remains to be Seen,” airs on Showtime on October 4th (this Sunday) @ 9pm.

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  1. My Co-worker just got me hooked on Dexter a month ago, and I caught up 2 season 4. When trying to watch it I was iffy on it until about half way through the first season, but now I love it. I love how the first episode has me craving more especially since there are 11 more episodes left.

  2. I randomly rented season 1 of Dexter at Blockbuster when I ran out of movies I wanted to rent near the end of the summer since I had nothing else to do(Except get ready for college). Wow was I hooked from the first episode, I quickly rented season 2 afterwards and then went out and bought them and then season 3 when it came out. This season premiere was a doozy and a great episode, I really wonder how they’ll continue this show week to week as it just keeps being great.

    Michael C Hall FTW

  3. I liked the seasons in the order they appeared, my favorite was season 1, then 2 and 3, and I wasn’t too happy with season three, because at times it was too… sunny? but season 4 seems darker again, which I like.

    I assumed he still had the body in the car btw, maybe I was wrong.

  4. I am not sure he did get a chance to dump the body parts. I am thinking he didn’t and he’ll have to do it somewhere close to the crash scene. Dexter (the show) rocks. While Hollywood chooses to remake slasher flicks from the ’70s and ’80s, TV is making interesting characters and stories. Film is dead.

  5. @Mycroft & Shannon,

    I’m pretty sure he did – remember he had the medicine that he was suppose to pick up. I doubt Dexter would go to the pharmacy, park the car and leave body parts in there while he went in to buy something :P

  6. After the first episode of season 4 I was so worried he still had the body in his car, he might have left it while getting meds, he left his mothers murderer chopped up in the cabin for a few days(i think) before he finally took care of it. But the hatch did pop open mid crash and not lil black bags flew out…
    One thing i was hoping to see at the end of season three was, just before he killed Miguel Prado, it would have been amazing for him to tell Prado that he was the “Bay Harbor Butcher” Prado always thought, like everyone else did, that Doakes was the killer, would have been a great moment for him to find out who he was trying to one up.

  7. I am a huge fan of Dexter and I loved the 4th season opener. I’m definitely excited to see how it all plays out. I loved the dynamic with him and his son Harrison. I was expecting the baby to just be something that gets in Dexter’s way while trying to kill people but he really loves the kid and showed an interesting fatherly aspect that I didn’t see coming.
    And if you watched the preview for the rest of the season, it shows that the body parts of Benny Gomez are yet to be collected and a certain bag has gone missing. Seems to be a big plot point for the next episode(s).

  8. I just don’t understand why Dexter is the one constantly taking care of Harrison. Didn’t Rita get fired from her job? I’m all about women’s lib, but if she doesn’t have other responsibilities, why is she unable to take care of her son while Dexter does his job? Police work (let’s just work with the fact that she doesn’t know that he’s a serial killer) is important, and yet she constantly relies on him to stay up late, not get any sleep, and screw up his professional life. I don’t know, that part just really bugged me. I also think it’s great that Dex is turning out to be a great father – but does that mean that he can’t also continue to at least remain a successful Forensic Investigator? Great show, as always (I’m really glad that season 4 is getting back to the quality of season 1), but really – why is Rita putting all of the responsibility on Dexter?

  9. MSage, I agree with you. I was getting a little ticked with her last season, with all the pressure to buy a new house. She seems to want all this stuff (the bigger house, the perfect suburban life, etc.), but how does she help Dex so he can provide it for her? Even in this premiere, the neighbour is looking after her son in the pool. She’s a bit of a leech. I think this may turn nasty. Maybe Dex is overcompensating because he lacks that certain emotional connectivity that other humans have.

    Something is off about that neighbour, too. He’s either going to make a move on Rita or do something bad to the kids. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

  10. Unfortunity I’ll have to see Dex Season 4 on dvd, really love the show!

  11. He dumped the parts off and was going home after leaving the pharmacy. They have already been there with Dexter almost getting caught and there is too much going on this season for them to go back to that theme again.
    Regardless, I actually enjoyed the season premiere very much. It definately has gone back to its roots after slightly drifting away from them last season. Dont get me wrong last season was good but seaosn 1 and 2 were GREAT and I feel like that is what we will be in store for this season.
    I personally cannot wait till the cat and mouse games bewtween Dexter and the trinity killer begin; we all knwo its coming. They have finally introduced a trully sinister villain with Lithgow’s character. Its looking good so far to me

  12. Rita is clueless which is part of the reason Dexter is with her but yes, I thought the same thing…hey, you aren’t working, why the hay do you need Dexter to do everything. Wasn’t she a single mom??? I am sorry but a former single mom could handle these situations. She is again clueless but I think it will get old with him after a while. I loved last night when he said the neighborhood was going to kill him. His cutting humor makes the show worthwhile.

  13. It seems as though Rita is startin to clue up though… This next episode (5) shows that Rita actually catches Dexter in a lie.. hmmm

  14. the pink house is around the block from me on 1st street, long beach!

  15. I am still in shock, stunned wven!!!! Never saw it coming- looks like trinity got the last laugh. Amazing last episode. Many last episodes disapoint- this ones onw of the best!

  16. I never saw it coming. I am upset that they killed Rita off. Now dexter is a single father with 3 kids if killing was hard before i cant imagine the challenge he will have now. I keep hoping that it was all a dream. I have so many questions. Once he calls the police and they see the way Rita was killed it will raise so many questions. Did anyone see dexter w/Trinity at the police station? Trinity’s family still knows Dexter as Kyle Butler and a man by that name was killed will that come out? The fact that Dexter made it to Trinity’s house before the police did raises questions. Now the fact that Deb knows about Dexter’s past i wonder if she will question the fact that his son was found the same way Dexter was when he was a boy. It wouldve been nice if they showed Dexter crying when he found Rita.
    I wonder if Rita’s husband will be on Season 5. Maybe he will get out of jail and file for custody his two kids especially now that Rita is gone and he always expected Dexter of setting him up.
    I hate that we have to wait 9 months before the next season. Even though the ending was a shocker i still wish that they didnt kill her off

  17. I was shocked at the ending of season 4. I’m devestated. There’s a pit in my stomach. This show is very real. I guess you have to watch this show knowing that these things can happen. But that is why I have to keep watching. The writers are amazing and all the cast are wonderful and talented. My favorite show. Can’t believe I have to wait so long for next season.

  18. Isn’t Rita’s ex-husband dead? I wonder if that is why they have introduced his parents. Astor and Cody will go and live with them, maybe? I was wondering to how they would explain Rita’s Trinity death, but Arthur met Dexter at the police station so perhaps it will just seem like a random choice on Arthur’s part. Or maybe they will think that Arthur was staking out Debra and got the wrong house and when Rita returned he thought she would be good enough. Man, I thought Arthur’s ending was a little too simple, but I didn’t see that.