Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

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dexter review discussion Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

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As the fourth season of Dexter comes to a close, fans are going into the finale knowing two things; (A) Something crazy is going to happen and (B) We have no idea what that crazy thing is. I have a feeling that neither our preview of the finale nor our spoiler post will prepare fans for what’s to come.

Sure, by now all of you probably know the twist involving Deb and her revelation about her adopted brother’s connection to not only Harry’s past, but also her own. Still, the fact that we know that going into the 52-minute finale has me believing that Deb’s revelation is just the tip of the iceberg – or in this case, ice pick.

We’ve got Dexter facing off against Trinity, Deb snooping around Harry’s past, Quinn dealing with the suicide of his girlfriend (who might still be alive) and Trinity’s daughter, Christine. There’s also Trinity’s family, Rita and the kids, Masuka and don’t forget about Batista and Laguerta’s nuptials from last week’s episode.



dexter trinity Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the season finale of Dexter, it’s to expect nothing. I should have known that a show which has been able to continuously reinvent itself would leave nothing on the table and that’s exactly what happen with this season finale.

So much happened within the first 20 minutes that my mind was unable to absorb it all. I literally had to watch the episode twice as I was riding such a wave of intensity that lasted until the last five minutes of the show. As I finally calmed down, that feeling didn’t last long as the seasons big reveal had, unbeknownst to me, not yet happened… but we’ll get to that later.

There’s no way any show other than Dexter could have pulled off the entire “bad day” chain of events and make it believable. Dexter Morgan is always so in control of his emotions with his methodical way of living – which is great for building tension – but in this instance it was a pleasant surprise to see his character having to quickly deal with things that just didn’t go his way.

dexter police Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

I’m not going to lie, this was a near perfect episode. I have no doubt that we’ll see many Emmy awards because of this season and particularly this episode. Still, there were some things that I’d like to nit-pick: I wasn’t really feeling Deb’s whole reveal to Dexter. I’m not sure if she wanted to tell him because she was being a kind sister or because she was angry, but something about it felt a little “wrong place, wrong time.”

There’s also the whole “we’re taking the case from you” with the FBI walking in. Sure, it’s probably realistic on some level, but it felt more like an easy way to tie up loose ends, and free up the team for whatever or whoever is the “big bad” next season. Also, what happened to the whole Batista and Laguerta storyline? There was a quick mention of their marriage, but that’s it.

Let’s move on to Trinity. For the entire season he has been an extremely menacing individual. On par with any bad guy you could think of and while I so enjoyed Dexter revealing himself as the one to have taken his oil cap, I felt the actual killing was a bit odd and unfulfilling. I’m not sure what it was, maybe it was the banter between the two or Trinity’s odd mannerisms about wanting the train to be on, but something just wasn’t playing right to me. Also, Dexter using the claw hammer as a murder weapon was literally frightening. The moment he flipped the hammer around and swung made me wonder if had “crossed over.”

Dexter hammer Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

Now, it’s time to talk about the last 3 minutes of the show. I think “wow” would be my response. I know that’s what I would have said if my jaw wasn’t open so wide. I know that fans have been against Rita for a while and have wanted her killed, but I believe Rita adds the humanity that Dexter needs not only as a person, but as a show. Without her, he would just go along with his crazy rules talking to his dead father in the back seat (quite talkative he was this episode). I just don’t know what to think. Oh, it was a twist – a big one—and I’ll take all the blame for screwing up the spoiler and misinterpreting what executive producer, Clive Phillips, had said, I just don’t know how I feel about it – not until I see what they do with it next season.

Still, throughout the entire episode I was so enthralled and stressed out that you would have thought it was my life or at least real life, not just a scripted drama. Although, I would say those words could also be used to describe Dexter… “not just a scripted drama.” With a 12-episode season, Dexter has to consistently deliver such a strong story that viewers will not stray during the long breaks between seasons.

…and deliver, it has.

dexter baby Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

Enough of me, what did you think of the episode? Enjoy the “twist” at the end? Hate me for screwing up one of the spoilers? Since Showtime has already ordered a fifth season, what do you see in store for Dexter? What could they do to top this?

UPDATE: Still have questions about the twist ending? Now there are answers (including confirmation of a misstep by the showrunners): Go HERE.

Update Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. I interpreted Rita’s death as a suicide based on her phone call. It really shocked me to say the least. I don’t remember the scene where Trinity was breaking into Dexter’s house, unless you were refering to his old apartment where Deborah lives now. I don’t understand the timeframe of where Trinity could have killed her.. But after reading some season 5 preview stuff it is confirmed to be a murder. In season 5 I expect a lot of nonsense from Astor, understandably.. I expect Dexter to be under investigation as well.

  2. I just finished watching the finale, all i can say is amazing, definitely one of the best shows on TV.
    Some quick thoughts that I didn’t see posted already (or I missed it): Harrison was left in a pool of blood just like Dexter, so does this mean that he will have the killing urge as well? Then we’ll see Dexter teaching the code to Harrison, should be interesting.
    As for the killer himself, it would almost definitely have to be Trinity, since he’s the only one with any actual motive. Timeline fits as well, Trinity was driving while it was still light out and Dexter catches him at night.
    ALSO, no matter how weird this may sound, if you google map the location of Dexter’s house (find the address on google) and Linden Ave (which is a street you can see while Trinity is driving) its only a 13 minute drive away according to google maps. He easily had enough time to kill and leave.
    Then again, it is a fictional story… perhaps I wasted 10 minutes of my life. Oh well

    • That was good work you did there, Even i felt that those scenes you mentioned were missing in the review. And oh, about harrison being taught the code by Dexter, like Dexter was taught the code by Harry, That won’t happen i guess, cause from what Dexter learnt, he’ll never want his child to be like him. (Unlike Harry) He’ll want to preserve his child’s innocence. he’ll want harrison to grow up into a nice kid. That’s what i think. Though, harrison being taught the code will be interesting!!

  3. Rita was not killed by Trinity. There is absolutely no chance on this monkey planet that Trinity would have lay on his death table – with the last laugh in hand – and not taunted Dexter with the death of his wife.

    In contrast to the rest of the season, I found Rita’s death to be coarse, poorly conceived and lacking context, forewarning or transition. If the writers are setting up next season’s plot line, they’ve bobbled it.

    • I totally disagree. He did taunt him; Dexter just didn’t understand it. When he kept saying, ‘it’s already over’, he meant his cycle. Rita and Dexter’s child were two parts of that, his daughter was another, and his own death was the final piece.

      • NO he didn’t complete his “cycle” the bath tub deaths are first then suicide and then the bludgeoning. I agree with the above comment, it was a ridiculous twist.

  4. Amazing show, fantastic season, powerful finale.

    Arthur suspected that Dexter wasn’t doing this for the money. Became almost certain of this when he found that the second Kyle Butler’s door was unlocked (and his pictures didn’t match Dexter). Arthur tested this by calling Dexter from the arcade, knowing that he would hear the music, and if he were after him instead of the money, he would come to the arcade.

    Arthur said to his family that someone had stolen something from him (we think money, but it’s his ritual/life).

    Arthur’s cycle of killings IS completed, but imperfectly, and his life naturally comes to an end.

    1) An innocent child is not protected, but instead his innocence is lost. (Harrison)

    2) A mother (instead of a young woman) is killed in the bathtub, and the blood is left everywhere, instead of being cleaned up. (Rita)

    3) A young unmarried woman (instead of a mother) commits suicide. (Christine)

    4) The non-drinking falsely Christian man with the fake happy family is killed, not with the blunt end of an object, but by the sharp end.

    Although Arthur is very most likely Rita’s killer, Dexter could pin it on the neighbor (to hide his connection to Trinity). Quinn will of course be doing his own investigation.

    • They made Rita’s death appear to be from the hands of Arthur, the Trinity Killer. I bought that it was him. Plus, the timeline makes sense.

      In order for him to complete his cycle, it needs to be a ten year old boy to remain consistant.

  5. This may sound far fetched but I think Trinity’s son may have killed Rita..something just wasn’t “right” with the young man..I believe he knew more “about” his father’s ways than he let on…And Dexter did bail on the family when all hell broke out….Food for thought

    • Trinity’s son didn’t know Dexter’s real name, only Trinity did after visiting the police station

  6. I re-watched the season finale last night, and I think that there’s a good chance that Trinity is not Rita’s killer.

    There was that whole thing last season about the neighbor flirting with Rita. In fact, at one point he was caught being overly flirty. I think that the neighbor was included for a reason. In wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up being the killer. maybe he came on to Rita, she rejected him, and he killed her.

    Time will tell…

    • Thats a really good theory!

      • Yeah, no that’sstupid

  7. Why killing off Rita works is why the show works. The connection many of us feel to Dexter is that we all have a dark passenger. We all would love to seize absolute power over evil but society doesn’t allow nor does faith. Enough can not be said of Harry’s role in who and what Dexter is. In his despair he created a way to circumvent law & religion. His rules are the source of Dexter’s identity and self-esteem. His rules are Dexter’s god. The power that consumes Dexter when evil is on the table before him is the power of self-righteousness. We all thirst for that feeling. Most are not willing to shed blood for that feeling, but we all thirst. What keeps some of us from becoming Dexters are the obvious boundaries. What keeps a few us from becoming Dexters is the acceptance of love and the responsibility that acceptance entails. Even if we had a Harry in our lives, once we’ve committed to a family, a spiritual path or both, our dark passenger is kept far at bay. It may even be possible for the passenger to leave those completely immersed. Rita represented this love, acceptance, responsibility, joy & intellectual enlightenment. As a result, Dexter’s emotional detachment became with his passenger instead of with the world and those in it. The character development in last season was getting dangerously close to contradicting the show’s central conflict of dark passenger vs. societal norms. For one hour each week we tune in to watch the dark passenger prevail. If the central conflict becomes Dexter vs. passenger (which was happening), we will all lose interest because Dexter then becomes boring and defeated old us. Dexter is our super-hero and a super-hero that gives up his power is not something any of us want to watch. So everyone have fun tonight and enjoy Dexter, our hero, as he leaps tall buildings in a single bound with blood on his hands and let’s all hope that fatherhood doesn’t become kryptonite.

    • I do not think that Dexter is truly intended to be our ‘hero’ as you phrase it, though I do feel your insights are among the most accurate and very well thought out. I agree with most of them, but I differ a little on some such as the hero part. In a way, yes, I think he is our ‘hero’- but up until recently, he has been more like the veterans that come back from war. We sent them to fight for us, to become killing machines to defend and save our country- however, when they return, there are those (often many) who cannot ‘undo’ what they had to become in order to be those fighters/killers, whether the cause was just or not. An author I adore, Robert Jordan, may he rest in peace, wrote the Wheel of Time series and had a similar conflict- having lived through vietnam, and returning, his “dark passenger” had taken over completely and he was one of the ‘heroes’… yet, to him, being a hero meant being a man who would sit down and eat lunch next to a pile of corpses of women and children killed in a battle. He spent the rest of his life, back in the US, trying to bury and kill this horrible ‘passenger’ that had become him.

      Dexter is very much like this in reverse in some ways- the difference is that he is not ‘justified legally’ in what he is doing, as soldiers are. Though the question is: justified by what? The greater consensus of our country, or the consensus of those who we choose to govern on our behalf? Dexter’s justification comes from, as you said, Harry’s sense of morality and what is right, and many of us agree, but to legally justify Dexter’s actions we would also be putting many of our own freedoms/rights at risk.

      So instead, we root for Dexter, because he is doing what we WANT to be done, but cannot do, nor can our government do lest that government turn into something most do not wish it to be. Many of the ‘loopholes’ and ‘barriers’ that get in the way of justice are also what protect us from injustice- unfortunately, the guilty can use these to escape punishment just as the innocent can to avoid wrongful punishment, and it is an imperfect system as we are an imperfect society.

      I do not feel the show does, however, try to set Dexter as a ‘hero’, because they wish to demonstrate the underlying truth that while Dexter is doing what we wish to see done, in order to do this he has to be- like Robert Jordan was- the kind of person we don’t want around us, our kids, the kind of person we want in a cell or killed. If he healed from this, like he was, then the show would end… that, or the ‘moral lesson’ of the law of consequences (which I think most large shows feel compelled to show, lest they be ‘encouraging lawbreaking’) would fail to have been given. Dexter, while thankfully free of some of the moral constraints of many shows, still holds itself to some. Dexter’s broken his own rules at times, and so according even to his own code he deserves death as much as those he has killed.

      My feelings on the matter, however, are that they made Dexter a little too black (in a black/white context) in the beginning of the show, and that by deepening him and blurring the lines of “I am a killer and have no emotions” and making him more human, more identifiable… they have in fact made the show better, more complex, and more realistic. We now can identify with Dexter, that comfortable distance that kept us from being too involved with him- it diminished as Dexter began to develop a family, emotions, love, etc.

      Dexter will never be free to ‘kill randomly and freely’ unless they undo all the work they’ve done, which would loose my respect entirely for the show. However, by putting him in this situation, it does 1) make him more fallible, as we see, 2) more human, and 3) puts something at risk. Dexter still has something to loose: his children.

      Sadly, I see the inevitable conclusion of the show being that Dexter’s kids, if left alive of course, end up being given to others he cares for while Dexter is either killed for his crimes, imprisoned, or escapes and runs. I say sadly, because I would enjoy “what should happen” being put aside for a while, and instead, get a ‘what I want to happen’ (since this fiction, a show, not reality, so let’s get some satisfaction here!)- which would be him either escaping this ‘passenger’ for a normal life, OR him being able to live on with his family while still ‘getting away with it’. Of course, we couldn’t get either conclusion until the show ends.

      Unfortunately, I have a feeling the end will come sooner rather than later- lest we risk the lead actor dying before it does. Not that he will, but there’s always the “if”- just as Robert Jordan died one book short of ending his 13-something book series… but fortunately left enough notes/written parts/etc behind (knowing his death might happen) that someone else could finish it for him. Unfortunately, nobody else can act for him and give us a satisfying finish. :)


    • Your post summed up exactly why Dexter (the character, and the show) is so popular. I`ll add to that: Identifying with Dexter in and of itself is one thing, but what really puts the concept on a special level is that because the notion of identifying with a serial killer is so taboo, we also can believe that we alone feel connected to him. When the truth is, it’s a universal truth that he embodies.

      I disagree on only one point, your first one. Killing off Rita does not work. Not for me. And truly, it smacks of a `top that` sort of cliche to end the season on. I`m just catching up, and a few minutes ago finished the final season 4 episode, so I say this without knowledge of what is to come. But so much of the show is about `getting what you deserve` that I don`t feel it was the right way to go at all. Once you have Dexter committing to family life, you can go one of two paths. One, go all the way with the family/killer duality, which was explored this season, or two, he leaves his family. The only thing this accomplishes is that it leaves Dexter innocent in that sense (though completely guilty of bringing it upon his family), as opposed to a scenario in which he leaves them — which would make us dislike him. So now, having lost Rita, his life comes full circle, which is compelling, but at the same time it puts him back to being alone. And we’ve already seen that. This show has had very few missteps in its writing (but yes, it’s had a few), and it would be a shame to see the quality dwindle because the writers ran out of new ideas.

      And by that I mean, other than killing Rita. As a story device, killing a main character is not a new idea; it’s a cheap tactic to keep us watching when we’ve seen it all.

      • I understand the actress who played Rita was NOT happy upon finding out, in the middle of filming the episode no less, that her character was going to be killed off. My Sister informs me that Dexter is based on a book series: one that, according to her, is more farsicle than the TV show. In the books, Rita is never killed off- but then again, in the books, Rita’s children are much more disturbed. ((book spoiler, not show spoiler)) I understand that her son is a bit like Dexter, and his sister becomes his accomplice, trying to cover for him, etc… and Dexter finds that the boy is killing animals, etc, comes home to find the two kids with a dead animal in the house and blood around, etc. But it’s more of a dark comedy, and comes across in a rather humorous way- the show, Dexter, has taken a more serious turn than the books, from what she says. I also imagine they find the idea of dealing with Rita’s kids playing at being serial killers too difficult to do without breaking the ‘seriousness’ of the show they’ve built up thus far.

        Instead, they bring in other adults.

        I like the way the new season is going, I feel they lightened things from the heaviness the previous season ended on and of the first episode as well.

        Besides, killing off Rita means they freed up the actress, and now she stars on my new-favourite show “No Ordinary Family”… which she wouldn’t be able to do were she still in Dexter. So, good for me :D


  8. Thank you Patrick. I very much enjoyed reading & respect your post. Please allow me, however, to explain my enthusiasm towards Dexter just a bit more. I feel Dexter’s heroism rest in my belief that he really doesn’t want to control the passenger. He only struggles with it because of his sense of something greater (love/responsibility for family). Unlike the soldier that ultimately wants to be made whole, Dexter’s superhuman ability to celebrate his deeds with only the slightest smile and no regret makes him, for me, heroic. The character of Dexter stands as a metaphor for our desires. Each news hour we hear of the daily tragedies of children being violated & mothers being victimized and we want so badly to settle the score & walk away quietly. We want to embrace the tightening inside that we suppress again & again. We want to, but we know we can’t. We are afraid of both what we might become and what we stand to lose. Surely, the relationship between Dexter & his children will be paramount this season. If not, he is not Average Joe anymore and it’s the Joes who are fed up with early release and the excuse of overcrowded prisons. It’s the Joes that are sick of recidivism and rehabilitation. It’s these same Joes that yearn for a hero that our government won’t provide or allow for. We tune in for someone to do it for us.

    • Chip,

      I’m glad you appreciated my thoughts, and I don’t think we disagree all that much. The one point I might continue to disagree on though is that what makes him heroic to most being the fact he can do these things with only a smile and no regret. Though you did specifically point out that this was ‘for you’, and I understand that. I think, though, for the average person, the fact that he does these things makes him a hero. The fact that he does them with a smile and no regret, makes him someone we are torn between admiring and fearing. Someone we enjoy the idea of, but would be terrified to know walks alongside us, and they show this in the show itself and how people react when they find out.

      I have a medical family, with a father who is a psychiatrist, and I imagine that he would say that if someone sees Dexter kill people violently, slicing them apart- that even if he did it for justice, making sure they were absolutely guilty and that he was bettering society… if they found the fact that he did this, was satisfied and happy he did it, and felt no remorse (in fact, he does this as a way to let out his desire to kill, not for the sake of justice alone)… he would probably say that whomever found this heroic has mental health issues of their own. :P Again, not me saying that, I just know what my father would say. He would find Dexter’s behaviour fun to view but very disturbing on a personal level, because he’s worked with patients just like him. He knows the reality of it.

      Again, I think Dexter is a lot like Robert Jordan became- and like you, some love that. Some love what he calls “the monster”, a lot like his companion from the previous season who wanted to work with him. Others love what he does but not why he does it or even the way he does it. Myself? I enjoy him in a fictitous sense- he is a dark avenger and the guy who does the deed and ‘gets away with it’. But I think eventually it’ll “all come tumbling down”, and they’ve been slowly building to that since day one. This season is the start. I think many of us saw it coming, and were just waiting for it. He himself stated that he knew how it would all end.

      The real surprise would be if it didn’t end that way. :P

      I appreciate your perspective and insights! I’m still deciding if I will be watching this new episode of Dexter or not. We’ll see. It took me a while to recover from the anxiety and irritability that ‘trauma’ caused from watching the last episode of last season. :/


      • IT IS A TV SHOW!!!!!

        • Yes, it is a TV show, and some of us choose to enjoy it by discussing the feelings in evokes in us, and debating some of the things behind it. If you do not, if you prefer it left simply at what it says and nothing more, you do not have to read these posts or even this forum. :)


      • I admire the dexter character for many different reasons and it sounds crazy but a part of me would even be friend with him. Not only was this discussed last season as you mentioned but do you remember the bay harbor butcher in season 2? Many citizens thought he Dexter was doing the right thing. If I remember correctly Db thought he still was a sick ass. Probably still disturbed from the ice truck killer aka Dexters brother and Deb still holds on to the justice system. I like the fact that Dexter finds holes in the system and kills OTHER killers that walk free. I would be one of those ppl in season 2 who sympathized with him. One of my friends said Dexter does have problems and No one would really enjoy being in his company if they knew what he did. I admit it would be weird and I would b somewhat scared knowing I would probably die because I know his secret but it would be weird even knowing someone who does that on a moral level. Im surprised tho that more people don’t empathize with Dexter. If any of us saw our mom get murdered in front of us and left in her blood for a day and get separated from your brother and adopted we would have problems as well. Dexter I believe has a strong case of APD Anti Social Personality disorder. This will explain his no feelings of remorse, or most feelings at all and will explain some of his blood lust. There is no known cure and I’m glad Dexter at least kills other killers (exception the innocent photographer) and tries to blend in (seldomly naturally)Idk what my point is but dexter not only as a concept but if he was real seems cool to me. Yes he is psychotic but he does what the rest of us are afraid to do and what our justice system sometimes fails to do. To me he is like the punisher or v for vendetta a vigilante and a hero. I wonder if the show will ever mention his APD. I think it will shed some light unto viewers that don’t know about this disorder. This is my favorite show. Can’t wait for season 5. My fave is still season 1 but this one will also suffice.

  9. IT IS A TV SHOW!!! relax amd enjoy, if you do not enjoy then do not watch.

    • And this is a discussion forum, where we’ll discuss whether we like or do not like elements of the show, why, and what things meant. Relax and enjoy, and if you do not enjoy, don’t blow a gasket. :P

  10. How did Trinity know where Dexter lived? I know he found out his name, but when he looked him up on the internet, it was his apartment address and when he went there, there was only mail for Debra. A small detail I know, but it’s been bothering me.

  11. Just watched the finale. Wow! It definitely was Trinity who killed Rita, but I think Dexter is in hot water because of his involvement with Trinity’s family as “Kyle”. Lots of questions coming his way regarding that. The writers will have to establish another character to continue the “Humanization” of Dexter. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  12. PEOPLE
    There are TWO new episodes of Dexter season 5 out now… stop guessing things that have already been shown!

    • Ha ha Sunny, you’re right! But some of us have Netflix and not Showtime. I’m not into watching streaming pirated shows on my tiny laptop either. No, the best things in life come to those who wait!! :)

  13. Did the Trinity killer get Rita??? Hmmm? Or was it the neighbor??? The jilted Neighbor…. Just a thought

  14. I just watch stayed up till 4 in the a.m to finish the 4th season and with rita dieing in the bath tub manner blew my mind. I don’t get why she died in the trinity killing style if the trinity killers dead?

    • The Trinity Killer killed Rita JUST before Dexter caught him! Dexter caught Trinity coming from his very own house, without knowing it- so when Trinity was about to die and said “It’s already over”… the Trinity killer knew what he’d done, even if Dexter did not. Trinity’s style altered slightly for his last killings, and it was kind of like a ‘finale’ for him, a closure. THe end of the cycles.

      And yes, it really was almost overwhelming for me. I was in tears and sobs- watching it straight through like that really makes it emotional.


  15. I just watched the season finale where Rita was killed off..I too only watch on netflix and not actual showtime. One thing i dont understand was, (A.) how did dexter find trinity/his car to pull the oil cap off? If he pulled it off earlier in the day the engine would have overheated within an hour of him doing so, not until it was night. (B.) Trinity only ever killed SINGLE woman with no kids in the tub, the married mothers he made jump to their deaths. So it doesnt add up that Trinity killed her? If he did, and they dont touch on it in season 5 it was just poorly written/thought out.

  16. Firstly, I am completely in shock over the ending! Because the last three seasons have all ended with “It’s all okay, Dexter got the bad guy and rides off into the sunset”, I was expecting the same resolution at the end of this season. The writing was brilliant, in that you completely relax and let your guard down once Trinity is killed. You are expecting the same happy ending as the previous seasons. Then, when your guard is down…Dexter finds Rita!

    I’ve never felt this way about a show before. I can’t stop thinking about it! I really feel like they are real people. I’m mourning Rita. I’m so upset about the ending. I’m worried Dexter is going to go into a tailspin next season and just be an evil serial killer and loose his humanness. Watching him become more human and starting to connect to people is what gives me hope for him and keeps me coming back to watch more.

    I thought it was interesting that there was blood all over the bathroom when Rita was killed. Trinity’s kills are usually perfectly need and tidy, no mess outside of the bathtub.
    This is ironic because of Dexter’s “born in blood” past, but Trinity didn’t know about Dexter’s past so it’s not like he would have done that intentionally.
    I’m hoping they will tie up some of these loose ends with the Trinity story line next season.

    • I COMPLETELY agree with you, Sara! I just watched the finale last night, and almost 24 hours later, I am still devestated! Granted, Rita could be pretty annoying at times, but Dexter loved her as much as he could love another human being, and she instilled a “pseudo-compassion” in him. He wanted to be “better”, for her, the kids. Which, I guess, is why they had to kill her off. I can’t get the scene, where he closes her eyes and then picks up the baby (“Born in Blood”), out of my head. I really need to stop getting so emotionally involved in tv shows! PS- I would have been able to deal with good ol’ “Deb” kicking the bucket. I find her EXTREMELY whiny, sel-serving, and just generally irritating.

    • I agree but not really. Was I the only one who found season 1 equally actually more heart wrenching!? don’t get me wrong I am pissed off and saddened Rita is dead but I cried at the end of season 1 it was pretty deep for me. Maybe this one didn’t hit me as hard. We’ll see tho I was mad Dexter killed his brother but w Rita its more flabbergasting. I agree w u all I don’t see Dexter taking this to well through out season 5. I really don’t kno what direction the show will take. Rita was a main character. Even tho I heard from every 1 it was a big ending I still am shocked. I knew it would be her or Deb but here I am still thinking abt it. It plagues my mind And that for me is what makes a good show. I hope they can still continue Dexter as good as they have been which im sure they will be =]

    • I know this post was typed 7 months ago but I just started watching in and I too am in shock. I had my guard completely down, I had been watching season four that whole day and it was 12 am and I was so tired and when Dexter calls Rita’s phone and it starts ringing in the house and he goes into the bathroom and Harrison is sitting there screaming I thought it was a dream and Dexter would wake up, then I thought I was dreaming and when I realized it really happened I was so physcially sick and overwhelmed by this, the whole next day I was totally disturbed. This show is the only thing I have ever read or watched that has made me feel is “close” to the characters that I feel like these things are really happening! I keep wishing they will bring Rita back to life but I know this cannot happen and don’t know how they are going to come back from this..

  17. I just finished the fourth season as well Sara and, like you, I find I’m much more upset about the finale than I am about most shows. I wasn’t a big fan of Rita (the character… not criticizing the actor here) but I was devastated when he walked into the bathroom. I literally had no clue what was coming. When her phone rang I thought she had decided to stay home and wait for Dexter… I’m still getting that sick feeling in my stomach every time I think about it.

    Dexter destroys and puts people around him at risk on a constant basis… and I’m not talking about his obvious victims. Dokes, his sister, his father, Rita, Paul (Rita’s ex who was admittedly flawed but not deserving of what he got), Rita’s kids who have now lost both of their biological parents, the innocent photographer…. the list goes on. I have no doubt if he lives long enough everyone he “cares” about will die.

  18. I just finished Season 4 a few nights ago, and a couple details about Rita’s death are bothering me. She was killed in the bathtub, which is Trinity’s style, but she was not a single woman. According to Trinity’s “code”, the second killing is a single woman bleeding out in the bathtub, and the third kill is a mother of two falling to her death. As a mother of three, Rita doesn’t fit his code, and the messy blood all over the floor also doesn’t fit. I think someone else is behind Rita’s murder, and Dexter will figure that out and make it his mission in Season 5 (which I haven’t watched yet) to find this person and kill him/her. Anxious to see what happens, but need to give myself time! I am also still getting the sick-to-my-stomach feeling over the Season 4 Finale.

  19. Wow, just finished season 4, im flabbergasted. I have only just started watching dexter from the start of this season. Its reminding me of breaking bad in the way things have been getting worse when you think they couldnt. Im not sure if i was ready for it, i like happy endings.
    The fear of rita and family being killed was everyones concern when dexter found trinity had left the van knowing who dexter was. But the style in which rita was killed not being the perfect trinity style killing was probably to make us question the killer and obviously for a more bloody and dramatic ending. If she was shot or strangled would we question the killer?, yes probably. I dont know what we’d expect as a normal neccesary kill from him. The show has been fairly convincing with its twists so far but it would be a bit ridiculous if it was the next door neighbor or somebody else.But still im sure the writers could prove me wrong as they certainly know how to make things interesting.

  20. All I can say is WOW! I really didn’t see that coming. My mouth dropped open and all I could utter was HUH? That was powerful television. Great job by the writers.

  21. i’m from the philippines and i didn’t understand why filipinos loved this show…that was until i watched my first episode :) i watched marathon from season 1 and saw how characters evolved. last night, i finished the final episode of season 4 at 3am and i wanted to cry. i’m not a big fan of rita’s character in this season but i was greatly affected how she met her death.

    i applaud how the writers keep their viewers up all night wanting to know how the ride will take us! i got my niece to watch dexter and she’s loving it! i’m starting season 5 and i just gave my niece the most spectacular review on season 4 ans she can’t wait to watch it to. btw, i love michael c. hall :)

  22. I’m not sure that it wasn’t Trinity. He did threaten Dexter about getting in his way, which Dexter continued to do. He killed the real Kyle Butler just for pissing him off – that wasn’t true to his cycle. Trinity had seen the details of the investigation of his murders, his daughter’s crime put him in danger, and he knew Dexter was involved with the police. It was only a matter of time for him, so he sought last minute revenge on Dexter before skipping town. Trinity was in a downward spiral. His murder of Kyle Butler was sloppy, and so was Rita’s death.

    • I can’t believe people are still posting predictions… It’s like trying to predict whether or not Y2K will occur or not.
      Season 5 already aired, season six coming in September. Why try and come up with theories about something that we already know…

      • Not everyone has seen season 5, and there is really no reason for someone that has seen it to be viewing or posting in this thread. Having just finished season 4, I was interested in reading the thoughts and comments of others about the finale regardless of whether the rest of the story has already been established. Since this is “Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion”, others will inevitably do the same. Perhaps you should remove your subscription to comments on this page.

        • Actually, I rather understand the commentor’s perspective – it is a little funny, people posting predictions so longer after it has occurred, but at the same time reasonable if they are in the process of watching through the series and want to discuss their reactions. I’d say rather than discussing y2k after the year 2000, it is more akin to discussing “Who will win this season of survivor?” two years after that season is over. :P Yes, some people might be watching past seasons, but the majority of the -active- fan base has long since been there, done that. Nothing wrong with commenting as you go and discussing it though. :)

  23. I just finished watching the last episode from season 4. the words what come to my mind after last episodes…….cant write here , to obscene. They destroyed everything what they build in all those seasons, just to reboot so they have more episodes and earn more money.Has no logic the ending…Dexter was following trinity everywhere, that’s why he was in his car. Trinity was whit the car to paint, and don’t knew his real address. So everything points to the fact that the producers,in lack of ideas decided to make some 180 degree twist just to reboot the series. But u know what..u failed…TOTALLY. I’m curious how many fans they lose and how many trow the Tv out of window, why? because they feel betrayed.The producers use such a cheap scheme just to reassure that the series reboots. u know what, u lost me..for me dexter series ended whit season 4.
    For me and for many dexter character represent the dark side of us witch him has learn and decided to use for good(yes, killing criminals is a good thing in my opinion and many more). the reason i watched was to see how he manages to be a good father and a dark hero, a dark batman so to speak.He was like a soldier who fights in war and comes at home and try to live a normal life, all that without his family knowing, a killer(sorry for the analogy but i hope u understand my point). Now…..whats the reason to watch the movie, season 5-6..n, why…for what. Sorry but i’m really angry because i really liked this movie and watched together whit my wife and many times i said has everything it needs , is a perfect movie, till now.I always will remember this series as the perfect example of some greedy producers who destroy an almost perfect film.
    RIP Dexter
    I already erased dexter s4 ep 12 from my mind and for me, and many many more i bet, is the series finished.

    • Agree 100%ish. Totally ruined it for me. The series itself left me cold with the normally cold and calculating Dexter getting up close and personal with his prey. Just not Dexter. All those who complained about series 3 and that series 4 was Dexter at it’s best fail to see beyond the cold hard fact fact that series 1 was the pinnacle of it’s power. It hurts me to say it but it’s just my opinion. It’s based on one very simple question. How does the show end? I am not sure the writer’s know. This show has officially jumped the shark.

    • I posted here a LONG time ago, back when the finale first happened, and was the ‘odd man out’ – and I totally agreed with you. I had watched the previous seasons straight through from episode one all the way to season 4, and then watched as they came out. So it hit me perhaps harder than most- I even skipped ahead to ‘glance’ at the ending, to prepare myself, and caught a scene with him on the boat and thought “okay, it ends well”. LOL! Didn’t think they’d suddenly throw in the horrible twist right at the very, very tail end! So I watched through, expecting it would turn out okay, and was totally thrown for a loop. I was left completely, emotionally exhausted and horrible aghast at their choice. It seemed to turn completely away from everything they’d done before. Part of the fun of the series, for me, was the fact that even though Dexter is something of an anti-hero, he always manages to come out on top, and was developing towards a family. Destroying that family took an element out of the show that really made it meaningful to me, and as a Father and husband, it was honestly quite traumatic to watch. It’s hard not to empathise, and thus imagine -your- wife in the same situation and your child (I happened to be a father of a little boy at the same, a toddler) in that circumstance. I suppose watching it straight through got me emotionally very tied in, and so that was kind of like turning the volume up on a quiet show and then suddenly being jolted by horribly blaring noise to the point of pain.

      I said the same- I wouldn’t be able to watch more, they lost me. And if I did, I did it such that they would make any money off me for it. I ended up watching more- honestly, I was a little pleasantly surprised at the direction they took it. At the end of the NEXT season… I honestly could say I was glad for the season, and satisfied by it. But I think they had been working towards something they rather ruined in this. But do think about this: Rita was the kind of person, of character, who never really could have handled finding out Dexter’s other life. She never could be a part of that side of it, and that is what made his life so seperated. She couldn’t have ever accepted that part of him. The next season introduces a well acted character, by an actress I personally admire, who is actually -normal- but goes through an extraordinary (and tragic) situation, and then enters Dexter’s world. She does contribute something Rita’s character never could, and I must say they earned a little forgiveness for their stupidity from me.

      • Your well thought out and articulate post has humbled me. I will give season 5 a go but it will take some time to get over the horror at the demise of rita.

        This post does not take into account whatever season 5 has to offer as in the UK season 5 not available to buy yet, I only buy the box sets as I can’t stand waiting every week for the next episode, but I stand by my original question. Where is the show heading? I am worried we are entering Lost/Prison Break stuff here and that the show, one of the finest ever made, is going to be stretched over 10+ seasons when it could be finished sooner and remembered as a classic instead of worshipping the holy dollar.

        That said I am looking forward to season 5 proving me wrong.

  24. HATED that Rita died. What’s going to happen to the kids? I think it changes Dexter’s role & I was beginning to enjoy seeing him juggle everything. The ending was surprising but I think it sucked!!!

  25. i’m pretty sure i’m in the minority when i say i really liked rita. i nearly cried at the end of the finale, despite having it spoiled for me a while ago. i’ll miss her character, but i’m looking forward to watching 5 and 6

    Stop it or my friends n I will not watch this anymore. There is no need!!!!!

  27. I felt a little bad about commenting on something so old, but it seems like this thread is still getting some love.

    The season finale broke my heart. It was great, sure, but it devastated me as a viewer none the less. I loved the evolution of Rita as a character. She went from someone who was damaged and meek to a person who was strong and confident. You know what I found weird was the absence of her mother at her funeral in the season 5 opener. Where was she during the funeral? I may have missed her presence entirely, but Rita’s death had me in a funk.

  28. I just saw the end of 4th season.
    I’m so glad this pretentious neat and “wise” WASP is out of Dexter’s life. I was so tired of this woman during the whole season. Many thanks to the writers.

  29. Just finished season 4 at 3am (7 hours straight whew hoo). After saying “No F’n Way!” about 30 times I came here to see if Rita was really dead or some dream. Total shocker, sorry to see her go as she was such a looker. Haven’t got so caught up in a show since Lost, and even then I fizzled out in season 3. My precious …