Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

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dexter review discussion Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

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As the fourth season of Dexter comes to a close, fans are going into the finale knowing two things; (A) Something crazy is going to happen and (B) We have no idea what that crazy thing is. I have a feeling that neither our preview of the finale nor our spoiler post will prepare fans for what’s to come.

Sure, by now all of you probably know the twist involving Deb and her revelation about her adopted brother’s connection to not only Harry’s past, but also her own. Still, the fact that we know that going into the 52-minute finale has me believing that Deb’s revelation is just the tip of the iceberg – or in this case, ice pick.

We’ve got Dexter facing off against Trinity, Deb snooping around Harry’s past, Quinn dealing with the suicide of his girlfriend (who might still be alive) and Trinity’s daughter, Christine. There’s also Trinity’s family, Rita and the kids, Masuka and don’t forget about Batista and Laguerta’s nuptials from last week’s episode.



dexter trinity Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the season finale of Dexter, it’s to expect nothing. I should have known that a show which has been able to continuously reinvent itself would leave nothing on the table and that’s exactly what happen with this season finale.

So much happened within the first 20 minutes that my mind was unable to absorb it all. I literally had to watch the episode twice as I was riding such a wave of intensity that lasted until the last five minutes of the show. As I finally calmed down, that feeling didn’t last long as the seasons big reveal had, unbeknownst to me, not yet happened… but we’ll get to that later.

There’s no way any show other than Dexter could have pulled off the entire “bad day” chain of events and make it believable. Dexter Morgan is always so in control of his emotions with his methodical way of living – which is great for building tension – but in this instance it was a pleasant surprise to see his character having to quickly deal with things that just didn’t go his way.

dexter police Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

I’m not going to lie, this was a near perfect episode. I have no doubt that we’ll see many Emmy awards because of this season and particularly this episode. Still, there were some things that I’d like to nit-pick: I wasn’t really feeling Deb’s whole reveal to Dexter. I’m not sure if she wanted to tell him because she was being a kind sister or because she was angry, but something about it felt a little “wrong place, wrong time.”

There’s also the whole “we’re taking the case from you” with the FBI walking in. Sure, it’s probably realistic on some level, but it felt more like an easy way to tie up loose ends, and free up the team for whatever or whoever is the “big bad” next season. Also, what happened to the whole Batista and Laguerta storyline? There was a quick mention of their marriage, but that’s it.

Let’s move on to Trinity. For the entire season he has been an extremely menacing individual. On par with any bad guy you could think of and while I so enjoyed Dexter revealing himself as the one to have taken his oil cap, I felt the actual killing was a bit odd and unfulfilling. I’m not sure what it was, maybe it was the banter between the two or Trinity’s odd mannerisms about wanting the train to be on, but something just wasn’t playing right to me. Also, Dexter using the claw hammer as a murder weapon was literally frightening. The moment he flipped the hammer around and swung made me wonder if had “crossed over.”

Dexter hammer Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

Now, it’s time to talk about the last 3 minutes of the show. I think “wow” would be my response. I know that’s what I would have said if my jaw wasn’t open so wide. I know that fans have been against Rita for a while and have wanted her killed, but I believe Rita adds the humanity that Dexter needs not only as a person, but as a show. Without her, he would just go along with his crazy rules talking to his dead father in the back seat (quite talkative he was this episode). I just don’t know what to think. Oh, it was a twist – a big one—and I’ll take all the blame for screwing up the spoiler and misinterpreting what executive producer, Clive Phillips, had said, I just don’t know how I feel about it – not until I see what they do with it next season.

Still, throughout the entire episode I was so enthralled and stressed out that you would have thought it was my life or at least real life, not just a scripted drama. Although, I would say those words could also be used to describe Dexter… “not just a scripted drama.” With a 12-episode season, Dexter has to consistently deliver such a strong story that viewers will not stray during the long breaks between seasons.

…and deliver, it has.

dexter baby Dexter: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

Enough of me, what did you think of the episode? Enjoy the “twist” at the end? Hate me for screwing up one of the spoilers? Since Showtime has already ordered a fifth season, what do you see in store for Dexter? What could they do to top this?

UPDATE: Still have questions about the twist ending? Now there are answers (including confirmation of a misstep by the showrunners): Go HERE.

Update Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. I think that everyone is over thinking the season finale. Let it just be and see where the writers take us next season! Dexter is a great show!

  2. Everyone seems to be looking at the final 3 minutes as a Trinity killing. And who knows perhaps he did do it. Although there didn't seem to be alot of time for him to slip away and kill her seeing as he went to the wrong address first. But again I could be wrong there. The one thing that stands out to me is that the bath tub killings were always of a younger woman. The mother would have fell to her death if keeping with his mo. If it was Trinity killing merely to get to Dexter he wouldn't necessarily of had to do it in the bath tub, and he surely didnt know of Dexter's being found covered in blood as a child. Can't wait for season 5. Maybe it'lll open with him in the hospital from his car crash at the beginning of the season, this all having been an elaborate dream while in a coma.

  3. errr im frustrated about rita its not fair… i wish it was deb instead. shes annoying

    • Are you kidding? Rita is such an annoying wife. She is overbearing, overlly dramatic, controlling, boring and she not hot enough! And had she ever found out that he was a murderer she would never have understood, what with her “morals.” Which is bs considering that her late husband rapped and beat her. I dont know I personally hated her after she “found herself” (after her husbands death)before she was sweet and fragile, now with Dexter she had this sense of entitlement. ugh. I LOVED Lila!!!

  4. I agree the death of Rita definatly opes up some new beginnings, but losing Rita is really heartbreaing. I knew something was up when he came home and listened to Ritas message saying she had come home again. But what a huge shock actually seeing Harrison in the blood and Rita in the bath. Wow! Losing Rita is a huge loss to the show. As Martha Stewart as she was, she was still a wonderful woman. How sad for Astor & Cody that BOTH of their parents are now dead, and really because of Dexter.
    It was inevitable that Trinity would get his comeupance, and Im glad Deb finally connected the dots. We were being teased with that for a long time, and really I thought the issue was dead and buried.
    Im so hooked on this show. Great writing and wonderful acting. Thanks to everyone involved for bringing this into our lives

  5. Whatever happened to Dexter only killing people that had escaped the justice system because of some error? It is not fair for him to interfere with the police department's investigations in order to get to kill whoever he wants. The Code? I am totally devastated that Rita was killed. I think it was a horrible ending that was just done for the shock value.

  6. oh my god. That was…intense. I'm kind of shattered really. No more Dexter the family man. I really liked the idea of Dex being a family man. And Harrison…now what?

  7. I definetely agree with some of your comments concerning season 3, it slightly disappointed me but I was aware of the fact that after season 2 it will be a great challenge for not only the writers but the whole show to stand or even raise the level. Season 4 has again kept me in, let's call it physical and mental state of emergency. I spilled my glas while watching the last episode, and it absolutely took my breath away. To me it was the perfect ending. During the season I though about such an in happening but I didn't really expect it to actually occur, maybe because I didn't want it. But this is what “Dexter” is all about – making things happen in way you don't want them to, but in the end you are fond of the show just because of it! I think in season 5 Dexter will start new, it will be a completely new Dexter Morgan. He will that much have to just survive keep his secret and I can imagine that he is going to ask himself the question what he gonna do now with little Harrison? How is he going to raise him up after he has left his innocence the same way? Should he do like his stepfather Harry and give him a code, will he also get the urge to kill people? Dexter might even see him as a future possibilty to bring his addiction to perfection, as he could become his accomplice. So many questions and imaginations are running through my head right now.. let's wait and see!

  8. I think the show has great writers and it proves itself from all these comments and rants that people are writing. This is their show and they'll tell it the way they want to; it's not up to us to decide how the story twists and turns but for us to sit back and enjoy. If it's no longer enjoyable, then stop watching and stop ruining it for the die-hard fans of Dexter, even though mostly likely than not, all you whiners out there will be back for Season 5 even though you curse and boycott any future episodes. Also, I think people are complaining (more like whining) about the ending because like some of you have said, the finale does not go with the happy-go ending storyline that the majority of people wanted.
    All in all, if you didn't read about what I said earlier…IT'S ONLY A TV-SHOW. Don't get so worked up over it and again, don't watch it if it disturbs you too much.

  9. As I am not a fan of te4levision, I had not ever HEARD of the show DEXTER until about a week ago, as some friends were discussing it on FACEBOOK.

    It sounded intriguing, and decided to check it out , figuring I’d bore of it after a couple episodes. WAS I WRONG – now a week later, I am completely caught up – having watched all four seasons in that time.

    I can’t wait for season 5!!


    • Wouldn’t it be interesting if dexter tried to keep Harrison innocent?! If he coud keep the little guy’s “dark passanger” at bay.. maybe he could cure his own, now he can become MORE “human and Less “monster” Terrific!

  11. They should not have killed Rita. That was a mistake.

  12. Poor Dexter… I dont like that Rita was killed..
    but i guess this tv show is nothing like others. happy family, happy people..
    somehow i like that.. but i feel sorry for the poor Dexter.. first his mother, now his wife.. pfff

  13. wow i am very disappointed by the death of rita why did season 4 had to end like that….I hope we get an explanation in season 5 what happened cant wait for it :D

  14. Julie Benz (Rita) is a hottie that was pleasant on the eyes that’s for sure. I will miss that, but to be honest, for me the best seasons of Dexter were 1 and 2. The Ice Truck Killer, Dexter’s vigilante killing sprees of various victims, and the constant threat of being found out (Doakes, Lundy, etc.). Once the whole Rita relationship started taking off and she became more than just his “broken” girlfriend, Dexter started becoming a little too family and relationship oriented. It was good for the length it lasted, but anymore and it would have become about realtionships and family drama more than the serial killer aspect. Notice that even in season three and four, there was less murdering on Dexter’s part and more tracking and detective work focusing on one master serial killer that eventually Dexter would kill, and Dexter’s family life. Miguel Prado was a good story as well as it was a unique story line and didn’t change Dexter. I never got the same feeling I had in season three and four that I got in seasons one and two. I never really sensed that Dexter was ever in any real danger of being exposed or caught like when Doakes was harassing him and when Lundy (FBI Manhunter) first showed up to find the Bay Harbour Butcher (Dexter). The tension of a Doakes or Lundy character focusing on Dexter or his deeds is the balance and tension that I like. Good vs. evil (Notice, Quinn started taking on a Doakes type role in season four). Even the tension of juggling Lila and Rita, and how both relationships were opposite was much more interesting than Dexter learning to be a husband and father. Dexter to me is about a serial killer masking his true identity from those around him, but ultimately it is the dark passenger that must be satisfied as that is who Dexter truly is. Dexter is not a romance, a family drama, and it is not about finding humanity and making a monster (as likeable as he can be) into a regular human being. We like Dexter, so we want him to be like us and shed the monster in favour of humanity. It’s hard to root for a bad guy or monster, so we want him to be human, but he isn’t. We want to believe love can change monsters into men, but it’s been done before. Dexter is about feeding the desires and needs of his dark passenger. That is who he really is. The family, friends, etc. is his cover. I never wanted to see Dexter the family man, good friend and upstanding citizen. I like Dexter the dark vigilante murderer, who has broken relationships and awkward friendships attempting to have normalcy in his life, only because it makes him a better killer. If anything, I want to see less development of Dexter’s humanity and more development of the dark side. In the end it is the dark passenger, that makes the show interesting for me. As I was watching season three and four, though entertaining, I started thinking, this is becoming more about family, relationships, tracking other master serial killers, and detective work than it is about Dexter the Serial Killer. I didn’t like that they gave away who Trinity was in the first episode and the whole Trinity daughter subplot, I just didn’t buy it and was a little hoaky. What made seasons one and two great for me were the subplots (multitude of characters and new victims each episode), while a larger story and plots unravelled (Ice Truck Killer, relationships, Dexter’s personality). What I found season three and four were getting away from was the premise of the show. That Dexter is a serial killer. There was less focus on the serial killer, his victims and his development as a killer, and more focus on several larger plots, his development as father, husband, neighbour, and the one big kill (Prado, Trinity). Dexter is at his best as a serial killer that knows what he is and does everything he does to beat the odds of capture, while continuing his work.

  15. Mick, paragraph is your friend. no one is going to read what you wrote.

    • I read what he wrote and it makes sense. If someone has taken the time to write something worth while or interesting why not read it? Look at some of the older posts they are just as long. You posted something on the site, but rather than giving an opinion you knock somebody for the length of theirs? Anyway, I agree with Mick, Dexter is much better as a serial killer not a husband, father, grappling with his human side.

      • I must say, I am truly impressed with the seasson finale and also slightly irritated with Rita’s suicide. I realy liked her. You’r right, she made Dexter human. I guess another Dexter is born, well history repeats itself.

        • Rita didn’t commit suicide.

        • Suicide? Looked like a Trinity killing to me, he got to Rita before Dexter could get to him. A lot of time had passed between Dexter leaving his house and actually finding Trinity.

          • I thought is was Trinity too, but what confused me is you saw Rita get in a taxi AWAY from the home. Dexter was supposed to met her else where. What was she doing at home?

            • when dexter got home, he hear his voice mail on his mobile, rita let him a message that she has to return because something happend on disneyland with the other kids, it was kind of a small problem but she has to return.

              • No, Rita had to return to her house because she left her ID at the house and she needed it to get on the plane. Listen to the voice message to Dexter’s phone. And yes, Trinity killed her before Dexter killed him.

      • Wow. Just wow. I was mildly disappointed in Season 3, but am a little surprised at myself for not being completely thrilled with season 4 (impressed though I was) until the finale. I just now watched season 4 over the past 2 days (most addicting show I’ve ever seen by far). I have to admit I’m torn, on the one hand I did like Rita (not love, just like) to the point that I was saddened after being so thoroughly shocked that she died (and how she died!) however, being a writer myself I have to admit, it was sheer genius. The writers of this show are my idols and heros. I can only hope to have the imagination and creativity they seem to possess in their little fingers!

        I am just amazed. I cannot wait until season 5! I know the first ep was last night, I am gonna watch that and get a subscription to showtime!!!!!!

        I am pleased that they are steering Dexter back to the character the show was based on originally, I really think the finale was written all in the mind to preserve the integrity the character was made with initially.

        Keep up the good work!

  16. Ding Dong the witch is dead. Never liked Rita, her fake boobs or her annoying “sexy” voice. Brilliant.

    • Amen! It’s funny. I couldn’t really tell if the writers wanted us to like Rita or hate her. But after seeing the finale I realize we were supposed to like her… too bad I was cheering when I saw that they’d killed her!

      But I gotta say. I bet she’s not truly dead. They probably just have her horribly injured and then in the hospital for the start of season 5 or something. Now that would be a true tragedy.

      • You people make me sad. Rita was Dexter’s link to humanity and his hope for redemption.

        She’s dead. And by the way, it wasn’t a suicide. There was a brief shot earlier in the episode where Trinity was breaking into his house. Then the voice mail Rita left was supposed to be the cliffhanger because she said she missed the flight and was going to be waiting for Dexter at home. She left for the airport early and the voicemail said she was only gone for an hour, so Trinity must’ve visited while she was home. Dexter, starting to panic, calls Rita’s phone only to find it in her purse on a stool near the kitchen. He finds her in the bathroom with her femoral artery slashed, one of Trinity’s (Quaternary?) rituals. And worse yet, Harrison is sitting in a pool of his mother’s blood, just as Dexter himself was as a child.

        I think the real twist for Season 5 will be how can he satisfy his dark passenger as a single dad with three kids in tow? And how much does that suck for Rita’s first two kids, as both of their parents were murdered (dad killed in prison).

      • Sorry not going to happen. That was some dark red water, she bled out wayyyy before dexter even got home. If this was some anime or heroes then yeah crappy fake death for sure but this is Dexter… the writing is brilliant, shes done.

        Also probably not trinity considering he needed to kill a little boy… would be a nice lead in and as per usual brilliant dexter writing its easy to assume its the trinity killer but was for sure the jealous neighbour who is probably going to die first episode of season five.

        He only pulled the bathtub killing btw to make it look like trinity as bad serial killers tend to try to pick up where the serial killer left off and the police likely had not released to the public that trinity starts with kids.

        • Why would the jealous neighbour kill Rita? Wouldn’t it make 100x more sense for him to try and kill Dexter instead, leaving him to be with RIta? And yeah she’s for sure dead, the actress playing Rita is only coming back for season 5 as a dead body, not a living character.

  17. I just don’t understand how SEVERAL (not all) of the people that wrote above me seem to be so screwed up on details that may seem minor but drastically effected the last five minutes of the finale. I’m still reeling. Tragically fantastic.

  18. I just finished watching the finale for S4. And i’m honestly, extremely pissed off about it. I can’t blieve Rita was murdered. -_- It really sucks.

    • Rita’s death sorta makes sense to me. Sad, but perhaps necessary. The whole time he was thinking out loud on the boat (while dumping Trinity’s remains) about giving up his “dark passenger” and living a more settling life, I kept thinking, “If Dexter goes straight, what fun would that be?” No way you could tone down this show and still survive. I rate it as the best show on TV.

  19. No doubt its a wonderful and very interesting dexter season 4 finale review that I ever read on the Internet.

  20. I don’t think it was real at all. It was just Dexter imagining things, sort of a what if something happens to his kid sitting in a pool of blood with the mom in the bathtub full of blood, etc.

  21. I think the whole episode was fantastic. Its sad Rita died but she’ll live in dexter through the kids. She wasnt the only link to humanity, she was a teacher/lover and that will always be a part of Dexter. She served her purpose and her death only adds more possiblities to the storyline. Dexter no longer falls into the role of husband with a dark passenger, now he is single father of a murdered wife with a dark passenger (a fun,new life to leed). I hope it wasnt a “what if” momment but they could have been hinting at it when they showed the flash of dexter’s family instead of trinty’s (personally I think that would be weak sauce). Rit’s death also connects dexter to his father. They are both responsible for the death of their lover and corruption of innocence.

  22. I’m with Missing Melky.. how did people get it so confused?

    I’m upset she died. I understand why a lot of fans were annoyed by her but like a few others have said – she WAS his link to humanity and to be honest, I felt like he was starting to realize he did have feelings, mostly for his family. Does anyone think that the Trinity Killer knew about Dexter’s past since his son was found just like he was many years before?? I cannot wait for the new season to start.

    • I’m not sure if trinity knew of Dexter’s past, but I do think he wanted to finish his ‘Quanetary’ of death.
      #1 Rita-in bathtub
      #2 Christine’s suicide,
      #3 Himself being bludgeoned and
      #4 The loss of a child’s innocence)
      AND make his legend possibly live through Harrison, by creating another KILLER! But he may have had it planned right form the beginning too.

    • What I am really curious about is…

      Will the police find Dexter’s tools for his killings in the shed and what are they going to do with Cody and Astor. Do you think he may teach them
      “The Code” now since both of their parents have now been murdered. Paul was killed in prison. Plus how does he explain why the Trinity killer targeted him?

      • I was wondering the same thing. How will Dexter explain Rita being targetted and how will he not become a suspect himself. Last thing he needs is people snooping around.

        Dexter has to remain likeable and remain a serial killer for the series to work.

        So will Dexter’s grasp on humanity be his kids? First I bet there will be a couple episodes where there is a custody battle since Dexter has no claim on Cody and Astor (he never adopted them so the grandparents have more rights than him). Then there will be a brand new twist. You saw Trinity’s daughter say how screwed up she was from ‘not staying in the car’ while her father committed murder. Dexter will battle on how he can be a good serial killer and a good single dad. Can’t wait to see how long it takes him to try to go out on a date.

      • his tools aren’t in his shed anymore…he moved them to the shipping container…remember?

      • I think Dexter moved his tools out of the shed, remember? To a storage facility. I too am very curious if Dexter will call the police – he has to report his wife’s tragic death, but Miami Metro will certainly wonder why a Trinity-style murder has taken place against a family member of one of their own.

  23. I am so completely heartbroken by the death of Rita in such a horrible way. I really felt Rita and the kids were his humanity and his saving grace. I think the writers really “jumped the shark”, and next season will be last season. I pray for Michael C. Hall, his fight with cancer, and I hope they continue to give him a well written show and a positive future. They really mis stepped with this ending.

    • I agree with you. I am so heartbroken that Rita was murdered. She didn’t deserve it, she was the sweetest most loving person in this series. I felt like Dexter really appreciated her and that they both loved each other (as much as Dexter knows how to love) and I just feel so bad and like she shouldn’t have died at all. I loved seeing her in episodes, it made things feel … right. And now that she’s gone, I feel like some of the series and of my viewing experience is gone, too. She shouldn’t have died.

  24. I just stayed up all night watching the last five episodes of season 4, and I guess I have the urge to share.
    If you’d rather not hear my personal anecdote relating to the show, simply scroll to the last couple paragraphs.

    My uncle accidentally ruined the ending of Season 4 for me. Has there ever been a series, in which case, you personally, had been let in on the ultimate conclusion of a season, and still felt so totally mentally and emotionally taken over by the end?? It was a first for me, quite an experience.

    I thought my uncle telling me would ruin all of Season 4 for me, I was not happy about this. Eventually, I choose to look at the slip up as him giving me a “different perspective” on all of it. I got just as into it as I had any other season and maybe then some.

    Given this alternate view, I began thinking more and more about, “what could happen NEXT??” Often times I pondered anxiously, “Alright, Rita dies at the end of this season…what the hell is going to happen after that??”

    This lead to me thinking more and more about the creation and production of the show. I’ve got to get inside those writers heads, I would imagine myself being there at a big round table, as they masterfully puzzle piece the story together. (I don’t know if that’s really how it works or not, but I’d like to think so).

    So what do you think season 5 will bring us??
    ***There wasn’t much time spent on it, but there WAS a Lila reference made by Masuka to Quinn this season, could we be looking deeper into that past relationship in Season 5?
    ***Deb’s obviously finding out more and more about Dexter’s past. I might say that we could be seeing, Deb and Dex’s dynamic massively transforming.
    ***Quinn cannot be trusted, and the raunchy sexual vibes he sends Deb’s way could maybe evolve…
    ***Miami Metro will have a new confidence since closure to Trinity. Angel and Deb’s detective work has been brought to a whole new level. Maybe they’ll be a little closer than just one step behind Dexter.
    ***Will Dexter really continue his life without ever having another lover…I think not.

    Truthfully, I’m still taking this all in and these are some of the things that I’ve been thinking about. Your thoughts/predictions, I’m sure, are atleast as intersting as mine…let’s hear them.

    • I don’t think he’ll continue without another lover but I don’t think any lover will ever be as right for Dexter as Rita was. If he gets another one (Julia Stiles?) things will never be the same and just not … fit.

  25. Taylor,

    Great post and reminded me how well than final episode will stand up to repeated viewings.

    I think we’ll see Dexter juggling single parent fatherhood, finding babysitters, killing people, and dealing with Deb and the Miami force.

    This should be another great season!

  26. I want to put a different angle on this if I may. I will say sorry now in case this is to far fetched and upsets some peoples love for the character. So here we go….

    WHAT IF Trinity did not kill Rita? Dexter was driving back from his stint in jail at the tail end of the series with Rita and mentioned then that the ‘dark passenger’ has a way of taking control.

    Maybe the dark passenger within Dexter took control in killing Rita and he does not remember just like his first kill at the start of season 4. Maybe the ‘dark passenger’ made him do it this way to keep the code and killings alive. It seemed certain he was going to give it up but now it seems to be conveniently rejuvinated upon seeing his wife dead in the bath.

    Is this such a crazy idea?

    • I can’t add up how Trinity did the killing. I think its possibly an illusion, possibly Christine (who MAYBE didn’t die?), possibly the taxi driver, possibly a suicide. But I won’t rule out Trinity. I definitely don’t think Dexter did it himself. Maybe Rita committed suicide after finding evidence of Dexter as a killer. Maybe its someone else, a copy cat that we will learn about next season.

      • I think that, if Trinity did not kill Rita (I think he did), that the killer is still out there and Dexter will spend part of the season realizing that Trinity didn’t kill Rita and the rest of the season tracking down who did (along with whatever else comes his way.) This would be good as Dexter killed Trinity not knowing that Trinity killed Rita – so there was no sense of vengeance present. If it turns out that’s it’s someone other than Trinity, then Dexter gets big time revenge.

        Again, I’m open to that possibility but still think Trinity killed Rita. I also don’t believe it’s suicide or that Dexter did it when his dark side took over. He isn’t that dark…yet.

        • I think they want you to believe Trinity did, but right away if you follow the episode, you wonder when he could have, the timing is in question. But maybe on his way to get his car? I think its deliberately left vague, so the writers can choose whatever answer fits the larger picture of a good show next season….. Quinn didn’t do it, I don’t think, because they seemed to make him more trustworthy over time, so it would be more of a surprise and illogical at this point if it was him. There has never been any signs before of him being a killer.

  27. What if Quinn Killed Rita?… He has always seemed like a Killer to me.

  28. I read a few of the comments posted and was really suprised to see that most everybody thought that Rita was annoying and boring. I really liked her and how she affected dexter. I don’t know what to expect of season 5 but i’m really really hoping that Rita’s death was a dream. :) (but i doubt it)

  29. I have heard some reactions similar to mine, but none quite so intense. As I share I plan to share some of my own circumstances and reactions.

    Perhaps my reaction to the Season 4 finale was as intense as it was because I watched the entire series through from start to finish. Literally. Things my sister had said got me to start watching Dexter in the last week or so, Season 1 ep 1, and I watched it literally straight through, spending the last weekend doing nothing but watching Dexter straight through, one season per day just about (12 hours of Dexter!!). So I was carried straight along on the emotional rollercoaster, and also feeling a general theme of building to climax, and then some relief with a little bit of tension for the next season. I also clearly felt and saw Dexter’s emotional development, and being a Dad of a little one myself- and dealing with Asperger’s syndrome, which can make it hard to naturally pick up on social behaviour and reactions or understand them at times- I felt myself particularly close to Dexter on the relational front (completely apart from the whole “dark passenger” thing- fortunately that’s something I cannot relate to, be it drugs, violence, or what-not… perhaps that’s why I’m reacting differently than some?) as well as his development as a Dad.

    As the finale started, I literally had to skip forward to nearer the end before I watched more when I got to the scene where the cops catch up to him at the van because of the ‘fender bender’- it was just becoming too intense for me. So I skipped and saw him kill Arthur and then once he was on the boat with the red moon, I figured “Okay, whew, it ends alright” and went back to watch it through. Which made the very tail end even more shocking and intense, as I thought I knew how it ended.

    As he went home and called his Wife, I began to realise something more was planned, but I thought the worst case scenario was his Wife breaking up with him, perhaps. Then he found her cell phone… and then his son crying… and I cannot say “I knew” because it all kind of wrapped up into one extended revelation. Even as I write this, I tear up, as I remember the experience- when Dexter walked in on his son, and then we see Rita, I was devastated. Many here say that in a more removed “talk about the show” sense- and I don’t personally understand why my reaction was so severe, except that I got very close to the Father/Husband side of Dexter and his development and had watched it straight through. However, when it hit me, I cried- I sobbed like I’d just been told my own family member had died. Just as painful was the child sitting there- I just have one child, a boy, who is about four years old himself, and was a stay-home Dad for his first three years. The intensity of seeing the child crying like that, next to his dead mother… well, it pretty much destroyed any seperational barrier between fiction/reality for that moment. This is a unique experience, as while I’ve been lead to tears by a show/movie/series before, never, ever, has it been like this.

    I just went to my Wife, crying, and told her what happened, and we talked and calmed down together. She doesn’t even know if she’ll watch the rest of the series now, knowing what happens. Perhaps it hit us both because her Father died of cancer (which the lead actor now has) a year ago, and a month ago my brother died as well as her uncle on the same weekend. Both unexpectedly and by surprise.

    So I look at the preview for the next season- and seeing that it seems to turn into a situation of him being pursued and believed to be the murderer… I find that maybe they shot themselves in the foot, at least with me or anyone who reacted like me and isn’t able to keep the same distance many seem to have. Yes, they did the one thing that we would least expect, that was the most intense… but they also did the one thing, and are choosing the one most stressful path, that may keep me from wanting to watch anymore of the show. I literally don’t think I can take a season like the one they show to be ahead- rather than giving any relief, just building up the stress and tension further, with no promise of a good ‘end’ to anything. It sounds more like masochism than enjoying a show.

    One of the little treats I liked about Dexter was that they didn’t fall into the show politically correct side of things- the ‘evil killer’ has to face his consequences. It was kind of fun getting to see Dexter win out despite the fact that you’d expect most shows to ‘show the error of his ways’ by having him meet with a huge fall. Well, the fall came, just a long time coming.

    I’m curious if anyone else here reacted in a similar way? If you didn’t or even find my reaction to be strange, well, that’s fine, just skip on and carry on with your happy life :) I’m just interested in seeing if anyone else felt a similar sort of response, or struggles with the idea of even watching more?


    • I had that emotional connection to LOST when I was unemployed, I felt lost myself. I am enjoying this show too, just on a more entertainment level.
      Its really good though.