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dexter finale logo1 Dexter: Season 4 Finale Preview

Following Sunday’s episode of Dexter, I almost ran to the computer to type up a “Review & Discussion” piece because the final moments were so intense and exciting that John Lithgow and Michael C. Hall have guaranteed themselves an Emmy nomination next year. Forget Luke & Laura, we’ve got Dexter Morgan & The Trinity Killer. With the season finale less than a week away, place your bets because next week brings with it the ultimate serial killer showdown.

While Showtime is being extremely tight-lipped about what to expect in the season finale, I’ve gathered everything I could find regarding the season finale. I even watched an hour-long live chat with Dexter executive producer Clyde Phillips, hosted by a horrible “zoo-crew,” in an attempt to find new information. While Phillips had some extremely interesting tales, the horrible hosts were so annoying that they had me wishing Dexter would pay me a visit and add me to his collection of slides.

What we know is that next week’s episode is entitled, “The Getaway,” and while you can take what you will from that title, the official description is as follows:

As the noose tightens, Arthur warns Dexter to back off. But Dexter will do anything to stop Trinity from eluding him, even if that means putting himself on the wrong side of the law. Rita acknowledges the rocky relationship she and Dexter share, but reaffirms her support. Batista and LaGuerta face the consequences of their actions. Debra unearths a deeply-hidden truth, but not one she expected to find. And ultimately, Dexter and Arthur find themselves on a collision course, leading them to a confrontation that will change their lives forever.

Besides the episode name and description, not much is known about the season finale. You’re not going to find any spoilers for this one. Phillips has said that “there are very few people that know what happens,” but promises that “it will blow the top of your head off” as “it’s the best episode we’ve ever done.”

Usually I’m not one to believe hype from those so close to a show (it’s not like they’re going to say it sucks), but this season of Dexter has been so amazing that I doubt it’s going to go downhill in the last episode.

Still, you’re here for a preview, so I’ll listen to Mr. T, “Stop with the jibba jabba!” and get to the promo clip, along with a sneak peek at a pivotal scene from next week’s episode. (I know the preview images from the videos are identical, but I promise you that they’re different.)

The Getaway – Promo

The Getaway – Deb Discovers Laura Moser

How great was that? Sunday can not come fast enough. As we did with the Criminal Minds 100th episode and the Monk series finale, you can expect to find a “Review & Discussion” panel here at Screen Rant come Sunday night. Although, I have a feeling that you won’t want to wait until I finish writing the review to talk about all that transpires, so I’ll throw it up earlier and add my review later. Stay tuned.

dexter trinity Dexter: Season 4 Finale PreviewDexter Morgan vs Arthur Mitchell

What do you think about this season so far? Are you as excited as I am? How do you think it’s all going to end?

Catch the season finale of Dexter next Sunday @9pm on Showtime.

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  1. With all the hype that is surrounding this episode, there defeninately will ne something huge that will happen. First off we know for sure taht Deborah links up the pieces to Dexter’s past as shown in the clip. She is a cop, so she will link Laura Moser to Dexter Moser to Brian Moser (the Ice Truck Killer). It will all make sense. My possible thoughts:
    1-I honestly think that the biggest revalation that will come about is Deborah finidind out EVERYTHING about Dexter. She will likely link up all the pieces and at teh end find him taking apart Trinity and proving that he is just as sick as the Ice Truck Killer and that HE was the Bay Harbor Butcher, not Doakes. She will be torn as to what to do and Dexter will likely runaway and they will leave the season off on a cliffhanger; unlike previous seasons.
    2-Major death(s) occur. I foresee Cody, Aster, Rita, and Deborah all being involved. It could very well be Deborah because she finds out his secret and having that exposed next season would be a big liability. I dont think that Dexter kills her though, which is is what most people are saying in forums. I also dont think that Dexter kills Rita or that Rita is the one most likely to be killed. Killing off Rita’s changes too much of the show and would completly alter the format.
    I think Cody could be killed by Trinity and that he might getaway at the end.
    3-Also,and this is really out there, there is a possibility of Dexter being discovered by everyone and having to evade them and runaway and hide. Leading to a crazy fifth season. If they do that then next season would definately be the last.

    Many, many possibilities here and I honestly am on the edge of my seat waiting for this Sunday to come. This season has been the best since the first one, and Lithgow has been a GREAT addition to the show. I poersonally enjoyed last season, but I did think that it had gotten a little stale and thought that this season would have gotten worse. I am very surprised that this season turned out so well. I just hope they end the show next season and dont drag it on and destroy like most television shows nowadays

  2. Deb won’t die because she’s Dexter’s wife in real life so if her character dies, they won’t be seeing each other every day :)

  3. My guess is that Deborah will find Dexter as he is disposing of Trintys body and then Rita will show up and kill her .

  4. If she died Deborah would be a ghost in Dexters mind as his Father is now.
    She would still be on the show.

  5. My thoughts (if anyone cares)…….
    Dexter will kill Trinity…
    Rita won’t kill anyone… especially deb…
    if someone close to dex dies, it’ll be cody by trinity…
    IF deb puts all of the pieces together, i think that she will help… not with the kills (that is dexter’s dark passenger, no one else’s) but with targets, covering, and maybe even research. To do what harry had intended to do, before he saw what he had created and killed himself.

    Does ANYONE think that maybe, just MAYBE harry could be Dex’s real dad, as he had been sleeping with Laura Moser.. afterall, they never defined the length of this affair….. or did they?

  6. “Does ANYONE think that maybe, just MAYBE harry could be Dex’s real dad, as he had been sleeping with Laura Moser.. afterall, they never defined the length of this affair….. or did they?”

    Not if that episode from Season 1 is to be believed … the one about Dexter’s biological father. Remember that Dex took samples from his father and blood from his own self for the DNA test, which indicated that the dead man was indeed Dex’s bio Dad.

  7. i loveee dexter.. i found the season to have a slow start.. straying away from the natural dexter killer sociopath.. to mr family man with annoying ranting wife rita.. but of cours ei kept on watching .. within the 4th epiosode.. they were back on track and now I CANT WAIT!!! lol.. very enthusiastic .. thanks for the preview clip.. my cable company took off showtime a couple years ago so i kept up on dexter online.. was goin crazy searching for a preview clip of ep 12.. thank yuh much!

  8. Harry is obviously Dexter’s real father, that has been clear for a while.

    The big revelation has to be Deb finding out, she finds out in the books, or it might have something to do with Cody, who plays a much more significant role in the books, due to his own dark passenger.

    I thought there have been some week episodes this season, but John Lithgow has been amazing. The end of episode 11, the way he says ” Hello, Dexter Morgan” chilled my blood.

  9. Unfortunately for me I only get to see Dexter when it comes out on dvd,,,

    Haven’t read any of the comments or this post, but I love the show!!!

  10. Does anyone else notice that in the first video, the scene with the hammer that it really, really looks like a ladies hand?

  11. @Corvus Corax

    That is a very good observation.

    So it is Rita or Deb?

    I had a interesting thought, what if Rita already knows about Dexter, she pieced everything together? Might be a nice cliffhanger.

  12. I would say Debra, only becaue if the books are giving them any lead way, I would think it would be Debra.

  13. Also, on the subject of Deb, did Christine really commit suicide? Odd that it happened completely off camera!

  14. I imagine she did, they did show her pulling the gun out from the couch, so I imagine she did, plus forensic’s would turn up any foul play (and since Quinn rushed upstairs that wouldn’t leave a whole lot of time for any crime scene manipulation)

  15. Personally, I find the official description of the show pretty disingenuous. It’s fairly clear that Dexter will catch Trinity, so to say “will change both their lives forever” is misleading at best. Yes, Trinity dying would certainly change his life forever.

    That said, I would find it a shame if Trinity were killed off. Much more interesting would be if Debra discovered Dexter’s “dark passenger” and he had to flee, but next season would become a hunt across the country for Trinity, who also had to flee. The entire series could be capped off with Dexter capturing and killing Trinity as the dragnet closes in, ending his career as a killer forever. Just a thought.

  16. “Harry is obviously Dexter’s real father, that has been clear for a while.”

    Not really. It’s only been clear that Harry was messing around with Dexter’s bio Mom. The bio Dad was explored in Season 1.

    “The big revelation has to be Deb finding out,”

    The revelation of Deb finding out about Laura is more about Dexter’s connection to Harry’s plaything on the side (mother) AND the Ice Truck Killer (brother). All of this can point Deb in directions that Dex doesn’t want her to go. I really don’t think it’s about Harry possibly being Dex’s father – unless they come up with some REALLY convenient and clever writing to explain away that episode in Season 1. And as clever the writers for that show are, I don’t think such a ‘twist’ would be believable given that earlier episode.

  17. There is NO WAY that Harry is Dexter’s father. No way. I have seen all the episodes many times and I can tell you that it would not add up. In season 1 when Dexter was in one of his flashbacks and was a little boy he remembered being in the hospital and losing a lot of blood. Harry’s blood was no good to him and Harry’s wife suggested that harry go to dexter’s biological father and get blood from him. This will not be the big revalation. Guaranteed.

    Rita is in no way, shape, or form a killer and going down this path will ruin the show. Dexter is who he is because he lives a double life, much like the traditional superhero. You cant have a married couple that are both killers. Granted that Rita could kill him out of self defense and later on Dexter could teach her to cope with it,but this would still not be a good premise for next season and I doubt the Rita’s will go down that path. If they do, they will most certainly ruin the show next season.

  18. Well, we will all find out on sunday night!

  19. Behold my convoluted prediction:

    To satisfy the “shocking” event, I predict that both Deb and Rita will die. First Deb learns of Dexter’s past and relationship to ITK. Dexter will worry greatly over this, but won’t have to worry for long. In the teaser they show a screen showing the address of D. Morgan. At this point, Arthur (I won’t call him “Trinity” anymore since the pattern is 4 kills and not 3) doesn’t know Dexter has a wife, kids, or a sister. As he is hunting for Dexter, he finds Dex’s old apartment. When he investigates, he finds Deb there, alone. Having already fulfilled the first part of his cycle, and unable to resist such a perfect victim (single, young-ish female) he can move on to step 2: recreating Vera’s death. He takes Deb by surprise, and does the bathtub murder in the apartment. After this happens, and with no signs of forced entry, the police (led no doubt by Quinn who has a problem with Dexter) will pursue Dexter for questioning. This is why the episode is entitled “The Getaway”. Dexter must elude being detained by the police so that he can find Arthur before he moves on to the next phase. Realizing he found the wrong Morgan, Arthur will continue searching for Dexter. He will be led to Dexter and Rita’s house, where he will see Rita, who will fulfill the next phase. Arthur will force Rita to jump to her death, leaving one last kill to complete the cycle. At this point I’m going out on a limb and saying that the male victim is going to be Bautista. They’ve built him up as Dex’s friend, and explored a romantic angle with Laguerta. This can only mean they plan on destroying those relationships… else why build them up?

    The climax to the episode will be Dexter finally finishing off Arthur. While the police frantically search for the fake “Trinity”, Dexter will stalk and eventually catch Arthur and bury him in cement, bringing a fitting (anyone remember how Arthur kept calling the little boy “Arthur” while he was playing with the trains?) end to his 30-year killing spree.

    The episode ends on the cliffhanger that Dexter now has lost Deb, his last link to Harry, and Rita, his link to his human emotions, and will be left taking care of 3 kids. Cody and Astor will no doubt be traumatized by the loss of their mother, and both were already troubled because of their violent father. Will Dexter reassume his role as father? Will he nurture his troubled children into killers with consciences like he is? Or will he, having lost the two most important women in his life and his friend, abandon ‘the code’ and become a threat to innocent people?

  20. Brett – interesting predictions. I’d already made the assumption that Rita will die and therefore Season 5 will deal with Dex juggling single fatherhood with his psychotic need to kill.

    I can’t foresee Deb dying, but then again – if she finds out too much about Dex I can’t imagine that she would sit by and accept him for it. Just like that’s why Doakes had to die. As much as I like Doakes, I also knew there was NO no way he would have walked away from what he knew about Dex. That’s why he couldn’t remain on the show.

    We’ll see, come Sunday.

  21. @ Brett
    Very well put. I could see the final episode unfolding like that although I think that the last victim would be Dexter, not Batista. I also feel that them killing off both Deb and Rita would be a bit too much and I really dont see them doing the whole single father thing next season. If Rita dies, Deb can help with the kids. If Deb dies you need Rita. I also agree that the whole LaGuerta and Batista thing must come to an end in some form. I personally would think that they would kill of LaGuerta following the first book. All this hype is driving me crazy with anticipation, cant wait till sunday

  22. Brett, you have interesting predictions, however Lithgow was last at the carnival or arcade where he picked up that boy. I don’t think he would kill Deb next as she wouldn’t fit the order of the cycle, he still wants to kill a boy. Maybe Cody is his next victim like the others are saying. He never broke from the cycle, we learned that when we found out his daughter shot Lundy and Deb.

  23. Many interesting ideas, I do like the idea of Rita dying though, her character has become highly annoying. The way she treats Dexter really gets on my nerves.

  24. I agree, Sam – Rita has grated very much on the nerves lately … especially this season. I think the worst got started in episode 1 when she called Dex in the MIDDLE of his work day to have him sing a lullaby to the baby. Geez!!

  25. I’m pretty sure that deb AND rita will be back next season. If anyone actually dies it will most likely be leguerta or batista. maybe quinn but I think they are building him up to be in a relationship with deb. In the clip arthur says that Dexter “stole something from him and he’s going to get it back”… I’m guessing he is referring to the 10 year old dexter saved but one thing I can tell you for sure is that either cody or harrison will be involved in arthurs plan. They have been building this family thing up a ton this season and cody is 10 years old… perfect for the kill that dexter let get away from arthur. And they have been showing a lot more of harrison these last few episodes which leads me to believe that he is at risk… especially considering the episode that ended with Dexter promising that he would never let any one hurt him ever again. As far as the shocker that will change everything let me just say this… as a student of marketing I can tell you right now that this is a classic case of getting the crowd pumped up. I’m not saying the ending will be disappointing but come on people… they aren’t gonna kill off the whole cast or anything. and they certainly aren’t going to make dexter morgan into a criminal on the run for the 5th season… that would be absurd.

  26. Debra will not die. Obviously, they haven’t stayed true to the books, but I can almost count on Debra not dying. If anything, she will be helpful in some sort of capacity.

    I also don’t hope Rita dies (although I hate her character), only because I dont want to watch the single dad theory play out. If I remember correctly the Laquerta in the books dies in the first one, so I hope she goes because I freaking love Batista!

  27. You are correct, Laquerta does die in the first book, but I used to hate her and now I quite like her character.